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Right away from the other stuff

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura Fotadar

on: 11918

tag[s]: stream analysis, rough drafts,  derived to criminology, cultural worship



(parts of) Reference Citation: HBO, GIRLS, the complete fourth season

Sounds reminiscent of a speech I gave to uh myself, (in the beginning of the video)

It doesn’t really seem like she the main character knows her uh significant other or whatever you might call it; instead it seems an introduction from another part, and entering into this disposition to the knowledge of the uh parents; so what I’m seeing whoever this significant actually is and or who they are represents a completed crime, toward the main character [the real version translation]

Normal cues: the completion of “college,”  “iowa,”  “Connecticut”

Internal importance perhaps:  the main character “Hannah” is wearing nearly the same outfit as the that librarian I despise; and don’t want living off my trust fund; while I’m nearly on the street; and this is at a convex (outside of regular time) (quarantined by a counter of some, time … the clip) (and the obnoxious interaction with the librarian in real time (as in interactional, witnessed time))

Gendered cues: connecting with the title of the series, now there is describers of the significant other being the incorrect version for his job; and if he is the wrong type for this, what else is he the wrong type for … ? usually this is/these are referenced conversations for women; oh maybe in for example romantic relationships: maybe, you’re not his type … or something; but it is switched connected to the name of the title, … to men, a man here

Aside Note: the same turn-over of sexual partners that is often described at a heightened level of interest, … is expressed here as is usual in culture: it’s almost symbolic of rape present in society; it seems the spin is that each sexual partners is earned as such because each is just so interesting and no matter how short the turn-over (is it saying there is hardly a difference between what?)

Accompanying music citation: the new kids on the block, the right suff


Illicit Weapons in Action

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dates typed up on: 82418, 82518, 82618

tag[s]: societal perspective norms and societal perspective norms intel as compared to actualized norms, patrol in stream analysis

combat review [from where]: “pay attention” and disregard those that don’t “pay attention” to you unless it’s demonstrated to you for a reason of comprehension such as in cues of who to disengage from: [as also demonstrated from recent real life cues]

and on such determinant cue: when to actually ” … pull- away …” as the title cue command suggests and directs

The “pull- away…” implies use of a weapon which also implies use of a weapon illicitly in what the actual meaning of illicit is [and perhaps not what might be defined in public or elsewhere as illicit; as a review, … how to actually qualify and validate what is illicit versus not so.]

There is also the reference to implication of deeper combat applications: such as, criminal fixations; and then how these are directed in the direction of reform; and those that can’t reform


The problem on-going that doesn’t match especially my generation: is the desperation presumed that women in this generation and not just women pretending to be in this generation through digital enhancement experience for romantic relationships; especially straight romantic relationships; … so this implies instead a different fragment: gay romantic relationships and-or asexual [i.e. non-sexual] same gender friendships and-or a double, and even triple and higher quantity fragment: a gay romantic relationship from a previous generation is perhaps more likely given the lack of connection to this actualized’s generation


The obvious review of the incorporated video as cited below:

the main emblem is the option of rape is now part at whichever actual time corresponding cue to these versions of romantic relationships [and this is not meant in homophobic meaning but and and also translates to the now straight or seemingly seen straight dynamic and also asexual (non-sexual) dynamic]; and this is cue to how to catch such attempted and-or sequentially attempted rapes which is translated to “text” exchanges that are used as cues of either completed rape caught; and-or initial and sequential attempts

theme: I’m highly offended by what you said, especially about Elsa.

[and this is where I left off]

Source, citation: Email list, E. Stone, He pulls away when he’s lost this…

as accessed on 82418 & also this video as accessed through the same citation: as also accessed on 82518



Cue Command & Sci-Fi Purposings Uh Reaction

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


[sorry no attached form today and too]

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 82318

tag[s]: analysis, stream analysis, fiction versus non-fiction, combat intelligence i.e. how to think uh that way, fiction building, trauma perspective, the area of counseling psychology

“Salad” is linked to “Outbreak” and the re-directed and on-going target is cited: McDonald’s

usual combat antagonism: review and-or be clear about re-directed from what [useful analogy] [= fifth grade basics]

[useful might imply this presumption:]

from what circumstance

[useful internal and discussion interrogation: family dinner, eating times, etc.]

[applications to habitation and habitation [on purpose, repetition] how to turn such situations into necessary function]

[Why? because if even rumored to be functional they cause disease or at least “outbreak”s]

[even if that’s just a hypothetical]

Based on stuff in [] especially sci-fi interpretation to the actual “outbreak” thing

… “parasite” can be seen as an enemy combatant who refuses to reform

but from a reverse application [from sci-fi] how to kill, or otherwise eradicate, a “microscopic parasite” away from general medicine? where symptoms may be “treat[ed]” [ad: when does “treat[ed]” mean to kill, or otherwise eradicate because at that point … ]

So as in article and a perhaps useful integration of the beginning step [again, review]

would be a “report”; and then to verify the validity of each “report” … , [and discover/find] the reason[s] for non-valid “report”s, …

then brainstorming based on the situation of parasitic entry and its compilation or comparative situation might help/ aid in prevention and treatment

If people are getting sick for consuming such-and-such at so-and-so sure (aside) from the food, what quarantines their habits as connected to this framework situation i.e. history of trauma, neglect, the opposite , etc., that could also result in such type of uh reaction

Source, citation: 

as accessed on 82318

Murder Investigation, Notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

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tag[s]: cited: stonewall murders, crime catches, lines of detail crime, combat counseling specs,




Date: 072018

-known [has]; as N.M.

-has many impostors way past er; her death

-was known as a beauty queen in especially the area lived in

-was always unsure about her gender; and reported it.

-felt that she was in a different country than was reported to her; and felt there were clear signs of this around [in public]

-felt some of her body parts were missing; [had this as an intra-personal biological experience]

-relevant [ou] counseling suggestion from the future [as compared to the moment of the murder; and future doesn’t always work in sequence of numbers]: if n.m. could see an actualized doctor; and at least get her gender experience assessed and; treated if necessary; this would be an additional funnel to the / her [unjust] homicide and its coinciding rapes [prior-to].

scary theme: completed homicide entry to rape; so become immortal?

[stages of immortality]

-the name she was primarily known under: N.M. [initials]; was a name she was changed into using

[notice change, mild of write-up dialect] [coinciding with this investigation]

because her former name was difficult to pronounce for others. As her name was changed she was afraid that it was going to cause her to be violated in her body.  So the change was enforced, and not optional. The name changed to, was the name of somebody she had heard of; who had an identity she, N.M was uncomfortable with.



Digital Programs in Militia Roles

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar


tag[s]: martial? reviews & discussions, the economics of intellectualism, & combat , reflections on who should be talking shit*

Date typed up: 7818


Date: 7718

     A review. I was horrified & disgusted when I believe a digital program that has been used & operated before showed up again; this time operated differently: This is where we enter considerations of reporting: perhaps the way it was recently publicly operated a demise from its former operation is the only way to send a report; that is not traditional report; but rather a report of this one operator’s inappropriate interactions during especially somebody else’s militia job hours; while the other is a P.O.W. The assessment: Perhaps it’s time to|actually reverse justice persecute; as in justly persecute P.O.W. holders; i.e. those that held P.O.W.s and [justly persecute them/] to do so in public; instead of in secret hide-outs that nobody, regular knows about.

Reality Interfaces: Reports of Age & Time.

tag[s]: working transgenderisms

Part Two. A supposed, my, I et al that isn’t the author of this; do you get that. Theme: During my work-shift; somebody chose to take me as a P.O.W.; wear my uniform; and move through time in all the crime cues that I would effect posing as me and-or posing as [in] my job; if this somebody couldn’t rape and continue to molest the 1,000 persons this somebody had captive. This is exchange terrorism; and though not un-predicted and not un-planned for; reports are appreciated maybe received and-are not mandatory though: depending on the circumstances. The Levity of Report: perhaps, the report whenever fallen even into unholy hands; has the ability to change the original circumstance of the 1,000 captives and so they can see it; such as, a magical formula. One moment they are captive; and before the next moment comes they are released in and are free; in the middle they are becoming/are they becoming free? Accompanying music citation: U2, stuck in moment;

Even if it the change is …  were a myth; outside of traditional religion: the practice of self-sacrifice should not seem so fictional in the tradition mind term; as it appears in the action of exchange terror-sims.

& perhaps for the general non-lethargic public; it answers the question of:

“Sir, how did it come to P.O.W.s” I’m hardly not a Sir, though of course I am whatever that means, female. It’s one to intellectual transgenderism; how do you study hard & stay female in intellectual statistics: I haven’t worked to answer; and if you don’t try that way: will your intellectualism in practice morph your body; I’m not sure; but the ovaries in my body did swell bizarrely engulfing my form; which is now replenishing itself after surgery; does the entropy say: that women [who study hard perhaps regardless of measure] don’t benefit from ovaries?

   So back to the point: no they weren’t / aren’t weak; incapable of balancing their fears, etc. wasting training wealth; with a bit obscurity: it’s the sacrifice of exchange terror-ism.

The People of the Horizon …

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The People of the Horizon …

The New cited: Mormon Story … Review Notes from

Untitled (2)

cited: Dawson’s creek in brief segments; & cited: My So-Called Life

theme: without remembering or remembering but re-seeing or seeing the rest of the shoe; sorry? Show.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 52518

tag[s]: show reviews … sexuality peekings, and reviews from culture of another constellation?, criminology through the movie/show stream … , fashion innuendos , regular enough reality inclusion to personal connected narrative for comprehension through personalization which is further development of personals such as; personas … ; cinema explanations of divorce ; like from like almost like like that like fictional like

[also in this form: Review Notes from]


Source, citation: [through youtube], as accessed on 52518


in the beginning; is it a far travel? …

with a whole universe in just eye’s view; my god; is cited: Dawson, or Shiva ?

he says; he doesn’t want her to get m:  “the wrong idea:”

and then the trigger memory; is that they are already having Sex? or not; and do you think that isn’t just a cover not for Sex …, but for … uh? [who is they and how many theys relevant are there]

She and Dawson are more than , that …

Then brunette returns to Old Lady that looks very manly … no offense: or maybe it’s not the brunette that returns to Old Lady …  is it the matching in incest like appearance Blonde and is that those two or three live together? Uh, can’t recall that Well; as in draw a well.

So the main objective is: even when it is a location?

Who is cited: Dawson [Creek] of the already seen list; or the upcoming seen list: it’s

The blond Dude;

and can you see the signs of LGBTIQ love; because I can; and what are they … besides the manly appearance of the old lady; how about the clothing … I mean sure I dressed that way as a young girl or adult lady; but I was born gender deviant; and like all deviances that’s how we got men in robes; so thank me or this fashion demonstration of cross-dressing. Bug, you can wear pants underneath.
and what about the romantic closeness for however old they are supposed to be: sure that can happen in childhood; but as a usual habit; that seems at this level of closeness in uh romance; inaccurate as a depiction of childhood; …

the Old Lady is at least! wearing a skirt … what do you think about Brunette: Joey’s name combined with her movement form in running … ? what if we looked deeper and this were concealed portions of a surveillance video from Constellation like uh … G [what is that]

the language hardly sounds like English tho’ we do hear spoken English; the house looks just like the set of that cited: Maverick thriller … of course; there can be re-usings of set or something; but that’s a large piece of Universe connected in movie cues to war service, and all the when; bet especially Bert escalated around this upcoming war holiday.


The most interesting thing in this review brief viewing access: is how un-interesting the adults’ lives seem [even unrepresented adults and in this segment brief]; I don’t know about you; but my life has only become more interesting and not less as an adult; although my childhood life was heavily romantically induced and I’m not sure if that’s really what made it that interesting …

The Main Characters as basic drama review [in this brief segment]:  [please the obvious; correlates to identity recognition without necessary regular personal characteristics think is this really how his expression manifests]

Old Lady or Old Lady Skirt

Brunette “Joey”

Blonde appearing almost like a sister in appearance and appearance interaction but not interaction to main Blond “Dawson”  [“Creek”]

A mystical backdrop universe   … “dawson” ?


The Main Effects in Criminology

The Environment around (cited : )Dawson’s house is important even considering wealth; it’s too encompassing to mean wealth; rather it means entropy in catching crime … no joke;

Markers to look for: incest? Hate crimes toward adults who aren’t that elderly or are elderly; picketing wealth despite earnings …

theme: uh, how do you get that; … catch unjust crime.

theme music citation: cheryl blossom teen idle


Part Two. The Correlative Relational Theory of how regular romantic even rumored uh “love” is not in sync with criminology according to this brief segment of … cited: My So-Called Life

Source, citation: [through youtube] as accessed on 52518


He loves her despite the “flaws” her “flaws”

How about you; do you love all of here; despite the many injustices that have existed and or do exist; and hopefully not [my opinion] will exist. [all of here can also mean expansively the horizon-s’ interaction with you, the people of the horizon, etc.]


Literature Review from 17: In personal empowerment from the direction of him: and the feeling of his “love” toward the object “her”

Uh, Drama Theory: His reality interaction [like even in his mind is a reality and reality interaction]

seems to imply that a “her” or even anybody can only be loved if they were “flaw” –ed. In reality interaction; we always? have the diving Divine intersection; and so try telling whoever is God-Divine that; a comparative “he” will only let those be loved [applied more expansively] in his personal spectrometer attempt at existence trajectory if they are “flaw”-ed and possibly in romantic relationships [at least!] that’s we have …

Divorce. & that does not mean, that Divorce is illegal. Instead; if you aim to become non “flaw”-ed in actuality; you may not be uh … according to this “him” or others like him: people of the horizon or rather current, past [most] people of the horizon … able to experience my god “love” like even holy …

Self “love”

Where personal empowerment meets assessment of actualized and actualizing time-traveling reality: the travail.

C.C./J.R. investigation, continued [3]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 42318


tag[s]: weird aspects of crime, and criminology and investigations continued, combat maneuvers in at least just walking



Four people [with a possible replicate]

[1-2 making it 3 people]

of the/this dating partner “hooked up”

against will [of C.C./J.R.] and by parents [of 2nd family system especially]

3-4 members stalked C.C./J.R. around without

C.C./J.R. noticing who recalls partial

normal/partial m.r. diagnosis received through

school district; simulating the 3 members [are]

‘80s [out of-planet, culture]

gay bar

in escalated

homophobic variety:

i.e. [culture of] much too

promiscuous sex;

unequal advantaged

maneuver equating

public rape of C.C./J.R.; [how many incidents of such, before C.C./J.R. noticed?]

this further establishing

the pattern of unjust homicide

toward C.C./J.R. resulting

in homicide

unjust death.


Is there a 4th in the incident

So such these 3 perpetrators  [at least] will be charged.


Combat skills obvious: what would these maneuvers look like: how would you [un-weaponed] circa-ambulate through them;

reducing physical contact with the perpetrators