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Pop Fiction, continues; & The Flower Theory

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Reading notes: 4.24.17

tag[s]: crisis of ed. curri-cul.

source, cited:

cver of source text cited

[accompanying] Dictionary of American Portraits

[edt by Hayward & Blanche Cirker and the Staff of Dover Publications, Inc.]

on cited: p. 235

identified from source text cited in coherent relevant lines of citation

what do you think

of the classic heart

+ accompanying second

necklace + pears, pearls

grabbed; and even

in comfort in

open neck.

tag[s]: art edu. ; theme: ideas; mind channels

In second source, cited:

[main text]: z. smith; swing time

source text cited

[for this segment of reading notes:]

in cited: Prologue

[but first theme to respond,

to:] [your art anywhere

outdoors] [like book covers

in libraries; at least.]

[in the entertainment

of psychics [real?]

search groups +

severe [authentic withins

severe academic] politic

groups] badly there

must be the advanced

of the reading group;

even two-person in video-clip

cited: that special person!

[draw a two person skit with recording.]

to supplement academic

esp. reading

related endeavors


Part One. The text as an art lesson.

in reverse order







of appearance

“dancer” cited p. 4

“I experienced myself

as a kind of shadow.

” … that I had [notes:

never [had] [necessary?

had] any light of

my own. ”


after seeing this text; thinking

of art and-or painting: one

notices text such as:

“coast,” through page already



more reading notes for The FVP: The Flower Theory


cited: p. 16 of

main source text ;

while I was thinking on-the

notes in pin-points:

I was thinking of foreign

culture and not difference

in cultural race: but

within; the main-Land:

possibly: here ? [even].

on p. 16 it is

revealed that the

other “girls” are : “these

white girls”

which of course points

us, to: another race

for the narrator +

the defining sector : race;

other than white;

later on the same

page: ” ‘When your

dad’s white it

means—‘ ”

it seems from cited: page

17 the answer is:

“There were consequently

things you couldn’t discuss

in front of Lily Bingham, and

now Tracey shut her mouth … ”

where “consequence […]”

sounds like cost

and there are “things”

“in front of” [a flower]

“things” cost [

have “consequence .. “]

when [colloquial-ly]

“front … ing ”

to / toward /

as to …

flower [s]

flower in name – ing

is invocation

to species:

flower, too?

from p. 14 of the cited: text [main, text]

esp. breaking up:

“espadrilles” => esp. a drill, es


esp. adrill :

is the description of

the shoe: type! [also]

pesa, drill, es

pesa, drills, e

following the continuation of:

s where it

most makes sense ;

and in this case application

wear : it most makes sense

pesa, e-drills [? -> perhaps]


4.18.17 on p. 15 at quick glance oui-oui!

have: ‘ “Freed” ‘ and here on cited:

p. 14 we have :

” Her hair was yellow,

not blond, yellow like a canary. Her

skin was very pink, raw pink, now … ”

paint a  [plain] painted [white]:

frame [[as contrast; even what

could be missing ]]

and so blinging opposite,

earlier on cited: 14;

“It was disappointing .”

“yellow” versus “blond” could

im-ply real story: tale [paradise,

possible] and in our : cultour at least,

please; The cliché [pah-again] of freedom

through dancing; for that is; for the?

subject matter: fiction; much like

a bird: i.e. “canary”

plummets the intelligence of even

the child main subjector [-er];

and if you didn’t know it;

before on excerpt implies a

cultour foreign to the American [english

language]. at the bottom of cited:

14; “trilby”



or even rt. [foreign cultour?]

as opposed what we

see more often here; though

we do see [rt.]

rt. – liby as a joke: might

mean [way to [public space] library] =>

obs. freedom.


— then from this other source, text:

source, text cited; cover / top

cited: p. 352 , The New York Times,

from source cited; as just identified; and being identified in coherent relevant lines

the Complete Front Pages : 1851-2008

  •  – –
  • what the heck: besides general
  • guesses/know : is :
  • “agrarian socialism”
  • ag – rar – ian
  • [e] -> age [Ian] who is ?
  • -> rare


age, rare: Ian;






and this is p.e. haps

one def. of suicide.

when is I [an] an

in a group

[of specific


(belonging to incident)



suicide implies ?


will oui oui oui come

across more; on a more through

and not thorough read of this article? —-> see articlepic.





Attempted Illegal Homicide: by false persecution …

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Attempted Illegal Homicide: by false persecution of theft. and-or false persecution


for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar

dates starting and outlined in this posting as continued : 5.4.17

source, cited: text; THE ALMOST MOON;

alice sebold

dedicated to fire-try.

from p. 5 (cited):

” ” She steals,” my mother said.

My back was to her. I was looking at a vine that had crawled into the huge fir tree in the corner of the yard …

“Who steals?”

“That bitch.” ”

Using a replacement model; solving first

the false accusation / persecution of theft.


” ” She steals” ”

[2] What; Jan stole your shirt … -> said: say:

expect …

[3] “” [You] bitch. “” & much worse.



The point is who is Jan; and

why does the accuser in this example pf

vortex-sight; whatever actually happened;

is predilected [what does this word mean?] for somebody in this case

using the text’s original language: “She”

has not and-or does not often enough

in pattern steal; and remember the case

in example indices that the falsely accused

in context; because the context stealing

must to sum: extent matter; has not ever;

and may also never steal; in such case

as the latter[s]; it does not matter who Jan

is; only that she by name or he by name

has identified the potential of no stealing;

and based on the actual reaction of the accuser

we have an actual test; a gauge of whether

who is accused stole in that context or not. I think,


tag[s]: knowledge of criminology through fiction, even.

date: 5.7.17

in the context of general false

persecution; the replacement model; in such

brief text is much harder to apply; but

instead of “steals” from p. 5 (cited): it would

of course be something else.

” ” She [isn’t American],” my mother said.

My back was to her. I was looking at

a vine that had crawled into the huge fir tree

in the corner of the yard . . .

” Who isn’t American / Who’s not American? ”

“That bitch.” —–> and a second

theme: nationality

theme music citation: She’s American – The 1975


replacement model 5.10.17?

adjusting it to the new false

persecution, from still cited: p. 5

[1] ” ” She lives in my country; no, our

country, and she doesn’t deserve

it. ” ”

said/ say: [2] What Janny isn’t from around here; but you communicate

with people who are foreign [to here]; all the time.

. . .

theme : a ‘|’ and an underscored  “_” and another “|” is obviously: a hang up =>

which is the same as : hu.

expect : something along the lines of what could variate into a mimic : of [tohere]

[3] ” ” Will [you] listen! or should I tell. “”

we now have to perform a something such as a math translation: to the

scenario based on perhaps this context: [especially in the 2nd case scenario]

next (1) or (a)

stealing has facets of contextual

meanings but stealing something

has-as a shirt which has the option of not

necessarily being expensive and-or costly

within the context of recent-past here’s

modern culture; but when applied to

something like nationality depending

on the most updated law involving

immigration the hypothetical Jan could

have an all-out soon-to-be

man and-or woman hunt after her.

(2) or (b) The 2nd case scenario doesn’t

necessarily state that hypothetical

Janny-Jan is wherever *P illegally

[aside: il : le: gally hahahaha!]

in terms of: nationality status;

rather it is more of that level set-up.

Thus it is false-persecution in something

of either more advanced; and-or

else than theft; involves set-up

and how we know this is because

of its possible consequence;

tag[s]: criminology cues advanced in basic analysis of pop. fiction

(3) or (c) In epoxy; what might seem like

minor and possible false assault;

yes; here assault is a synonym for persecution .

can be contribution to something much larger

in false standing away from : non-contribution

to your frying; crime. When perfected the justice system

can even catch you for crime by what

you say; what you meant ; and how much

you meant what you say; in case not

[aside: The Theory of contribution & non-contribution]

in the most latter; well then you’d still be

in non-contribution away

from your crime-ing. It would

likely also in the first former’s

latter determine if you qualified

for reform and-or progressive

“pen” and-or prison or not.


Just to state the obvious what is: a minor crime

in false accusation can turn into something

grander in meaning of size only when; and-or

when applied in pattern use to larger

potentials. I think but I’m not sure;

that’s almost like basic c. physics. Yes,

quite a different subject matter.

theme: we all started as rejects when there was no subject.

theme music citation: December , Collective Soul





The Art Life in Non-Crime: Dealing with “Cops” and not cops … Looks like the day I was court-martial ordered for being a civilian [which part looks that way]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project;

criminology reports by a civilian

by Goura Fotadar

tags: evidence against some of the cited: menlo park police department; travel theology and what for; criminology as art, obvious.


date of incident: 43017;

tags: identification of a crime in sight; [not for the blind]; under posing as authorities; but sometimes the real authorities eventually show up; after you’ve done most of the work; tags: how to be an effective non-criminal and-or reformed criminal civilian

Except on that day; there were even more “cops” attempting an arrest of me for producing work in this country; and denying my USA citizenship: No! you’re not American why because we said so. Wait, that’s not how it works. No really it doesn’t work that way; I actually am American; are you, “cop;” because you’re badged and armed in my country; and I’m a free-worker; I’m sure you guys,other know what that means in protected wealth. The matter of voice; coming from who, whom.




now backed up; with more vehicles; gosh there’s something inside cited: 7-11 they really want; could it be the stealing of food. Because some of the folks entering vehicles told me just that on that day; yesterday; that they were consuming food stolen by the “cops” for them and the “cops” not the cops. I hope you can understand the difference.

the original property I was resting on; I was removed from through near active assault; for screaming and calling 9-1-1 to of course prevent another person across-the-street from being assaulted: i.e. for meaning the screams and the 9-1-1 calls [in prevention of assault a requirement of every civilian at least]. I was then first told that if I ever called 9-1-1 ever ever again; I was going to be at least arrested. I’m not committing crime and they are; seemed beside the point to most of these “authorities”

1> Take assurance on never committing crime and-or reforming from crime; when you in freedom act out legally to defend legally without weapons those weaponed and near assault of another potentially innocent other; If this one isn’t innocent they will in the reflecting mirror of criminology use this pattern of assault many bodies against one; to create havoc in an non-entropic and un-holy use of power: This unfortunately is not fiction; though I may create fiction like it if you’re interested; we’ll see.

2> Zoom in on any past signs of violence no matter how small; past an incident such as this [the one above I mean incident]; and especially but not just if these acts of violence are re-appearing in the present and-or after the present incident.


this area has the paramedics parked here way too often; it’s not a hospital; and they seriously need to get a life. In other words, they are committing crime I guarantee you by being here predated for hours and days; and replacing all functional homeless people in the bushes; against their will [of these functional homeless]. One of the “cops” attached’s comment was: you can’t own anything; you’re homeless. Hello! have you seen my work; work is owned by not just but primarily the creator, producer of the work. No! you can’t own anything you’re homeless is not a valid statement with regard to certain homeless and or many populations; and is failure in aptitude fulfillment for any militia role. It also disqualifies you for a functional civilian position; I wouldn’t hire you. In more expressive words; these buildings are highly suspect; and you should watch out for yourself and all other deserving others; when either resting here; and or eating/shopping here.

more pictures of the connecting suspect buildings; as enforced by the “cops” and “paramedics”  [not the cops and paramedics; where’s your hospital.]IMG_20170430_181622

it should be peaceful on a late Sunday evening; but the “cops” and “paramedics” want to use their un-godly power against who they can scapegoat like Jesus himself.


more pictures of “cops” in restaurants; uhm yeah; that’s what’s happening:


who’s that under the tree; [internal likely their banter:] it seems like she’s jealous that you’re eating; yeah, but I don’t experience jealousy. [External banter:] I think you’re jealous that I’m doing your job while homeless; and you’re stealing like the most non-reformed of criminals; except you’re not in the pen? why? I don’t want you out on my streets. [reference: civil rights.]

Here’s my homeless petition; I’m not an idiot and I know after nearly two assaults not photographed: I’m sorry I was trying to save my life, and whoever the pattern would approach: I want these “cops” in jail for life; and fired from their “jobs”.


submitted to the authorities: like an art project that they make billions for; and I stag in a bush for.

oh wait, did I include this one:


they’re so hungry that they have to file arrests on every restaurant on this property sector; Gosh I’m starved! let’s do some damage? uh, yeah I’m not a “cop”

wait, here’s another of the paramedics at their one-of usual spot not understanding that they’re not in a homeless bush; and like you can’t just stay here; it’s not the hospital; uh yeah, like that; wait maybe they’re “paramedics” and not paramedics; that makes more sense.

So from one of the above numbers; things to notice of suspect; that night the fake scuse me the “cops” sent through her own admission a heavy-set women with her two disgusting children to our, my safe group’s rest-sleep spots; I guess the “cops” are looking to deride more property; after she stared at me for a while and plagiarized my movements; she attempted to offer me fake charity in exchange for you guessed it: my property. When I said no; she came back the next morning or someone very much like her; and littered in the parking lot or made the litter in the parking lot a lot clearer; seriously housed people just because you’re overweight and don’t know how to like actually walk a couple of miles starved; you can’t have everything; for god’s sakes working for free; means we’re paying a lot of your bills to keep you away from us; you know why because you spend your time with the “cops” and “paramedics” court martial ordering civilians; for futile yet violent purpose.

Here’s the ‘scuse me “regular” signs that have been intensified in focus; past event; in crime any signal escalates things; so keep an eye out for your old eye. I hope you can understand that:



Oh by the way; I was nearly run-over twice in the last couple of days; so any un-necessary vehicles are in my mind; a higher than usual risk; especially when equipped. IMG_20170501_073541IMG_20170501_073733IMG_20170501_073608


a-how to conceal one of that annoying bicyclist’s identity; like he deserves it; but I won’t commit crime with this specific facet. Now let’s take a look at the same street approximately around homeless exit time [images coming up]: a smallish street is bombarded with every worthless car,d and-or housed persons. What losers. Seriously. This isn’t high school; and I’m not prom queen.

my food bag is caught in an un-suspecting traffic jam; if they can only get into the parking lot; maybe they can steal my food; too;  now that they have my civilian identity; now that’s right; you went to Berkeley “cop” “paramedic” not me as a woman.


after my two-four calls to the cited: c.i.a. to stop the malevolence of hate crimes; is when the-that “cop” told me that I could never call 9-1-1 again; ever again; he can tell me for sure that calling 9-1-1 ever again would mean that I am criminal; yeah, because that’s criminology and the legal system. Go to non-reformed pen, seriously. And to make matters worse; how would the inventor of 9-1-1 feel in emergency response; uh that’s who responds: the “cop” and “paramedic” in fifty no five replicated bodies; uhm yeah; you gotta take into accord all of the vehicles and their connecting bodies; dummies; and of course everybody else in those apartment buildings and eateries; and what else nearby. Can we say that you are attempting to legalize hate crime in this country; and I was the only at first active voice saying “no” to that in the area. Lucky me.

Wait; it’s bicycle morning I swear. I promise it is? Untitled

Everyone at approximately 7:30 AM near a park; Welcome to Coventry that homeless chick isn’t really homeless says the “cop” No that’s not what social cause means; I actually am homeless. You’re not. Good now you or rather somebody else gets it. Yes we’re actually homeless workers; and you’re paid workers. Yes, there’s a difference. We’re ending economic injustice; and you aren’t or to a much lesser extent. That’s good very good; onlookers who aren’t stalking; but wait: who said stalking says the dummy monologue but wait look at the coventry visitors:


oh one more cameo yes let’s stalk them; says the “cops” and “paramedics” yes and let’s deny it’s stalking: coventrycameo

on more futile matters; in adult session of the public library; outside of the disgusting pornography no offense! reforming porn viewers; baby time has gotten out of control; their moms nannies or whoever aren’t homeless are they: because I can hardly breathe; video not publicly shared to reproduce and I really mean reproduce confidentiality; but here’s the confidence glimpse of the non-fiction horror of baby gross-ness. there are way too many babies here in terroristic alerts with a nursery walking distance and I mean child nursery from here; why must they congregate with public space working adults; it’s more than scary to think of:



art project [subset]: Coventry [subset];For Functional Homeless and Their Actual non Fake Supporters [Social Cause is Still A real Think.]

When I visit Coventry, I’m not supposed to think about or see my stalkers; I’m not supposed to be threatened with false threats and such accusations; that’s called a violation of Coventry. Really Coventry it’s so much like Existence. A shovel and a drive and a pilfering wage fallinto the ground of Bush. Gosh that sounds like a statement for cited: Vietnam; and so many of them are still in the non-combat Bush. Yeah where the sky’s blue inside. Anyway? This isn’t fiction; or is it; no it isn’t.

Oh! the sun in Coventry is un-believable.

there’s something about the glow we feel on the inside ;

the trees and plants they look anew in Coventry; why they don’t look like that in your house, I’m not sure. Like even in the backyard or uhm porch. I don’t know maybe you’re just not One with the plants; as they say in Coventry: be one with The Sun or something.



Art Project; The Ballet of Emergency Response

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Art Project; The Ballet of Emergency Response


[Big Surprise: A Rough Draft! In the hurry of producting persecutions and not productive persecutions; a definition working of false attestments.]

By Goura Fotadar

Artistic Theme: Don’t you know; I’m the one who approves the hire of all “officers” and all the such.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

To post; 43017

[Log; updates; for a non-worker? Hardly in the U.S.A.][to come later, we can hope I have the time on a public computer.]

  1. Accosted last night by person-people on private property against an actual police order; them.
  2. Reported stalking from an officer; likely false (officer} of cited: sjpd; to both 9-1-1 and the actual department who denied the officer existed despite submitted surveillance of the officer ascribed and confirmed to that police department; likely false police depart. (ment)
  3. New protocol in security and safety: all functional homeless people are expected and required to dial 9-1-1 whether conversing or not; whether reporting or not; at least 3- to infinite times per week. No joke. In accord; report to yourself; in note-taking your purveyance of the aptitude of who answers the 9-1-1 call/ the 9-1-1 mandate is not planned for debacle annihilation in security procedures.
  4. When delineated to cited: SJPD their theft of my work; and lies of my identity; and a court martial order enactment of my work; despite my only civilian status; they hung up on me. I am officially thus firing them; again. I have however in required legal mandate asked them to never ever and their accompaniments non-approved come anywhere near me in a non-civil liberty non-prestigious r.o. Example vernacular from them and their accompaniments: she , Goura Fotadar; claims to have published work on amazon (cited); Below in un-necessary due to public evidence please see the link to my independent with cited: amazon publishings of my work:

In escalated danger; with hope of not: I have a new publishing come-ing up; and the threats of violence and rape have only advanced but with loss of the threateners from roles of and-or accompaniment to false authorities.

  1. In response to the latter portion of number 3; in the event that “things” have escalated past 9-1-1; turn in-to somebody of worth and warrant; an actual perhaps even weekly brief summary of what your belief and evidence is of what occurred during the 9-1-1 call; prior-to: immediate; and such forth in days, months, and moments afterward. Status: Procuring the efficacy [more effective to past history of it] of 9-1-1/ for primarily but not just the U>S>A; its translation then furthered for other parts of the world of populous achieved and-or hoping to achieve in actuality of Truth; as in under Oath; functionality.

Side gauges: define an effect ive  yet rudimentary ultra modernistic modality of 9-1-1. Define an appropriate and functional terminology of yes the repetition “functional”. Do a flip to turn this into an activated ballet; jokes aside[cited: a flyer-postcard spotted at the public library]; the link as you may likely have it to the cited: amazon site. ;  M[m]y definition of a 9-1-1 emergency response to identity theft[s] and attempted repeated assaults; one-of.  Define a working and elongated definition through active brainstorming of “volunteer” work.

Modality Theme: Your denial of somebody’s [bodies’] work[s] existing does not actually mean that it [,those] does [do] not exist. Your perspective of what happened; may not be accurate not just enough; but at all. Your skew of faulty evidence; does not qualify as evidence. Perspectives upon recommendation are unskewed by facts of reality and actual warranted as in worthy evidence.

Side Crises: SJPD (cited) and their accompaniments are now responsible for an additional functional homeless population of est. 400 locally within a 70-mile radius; including academics and many, many non-criminals; but also including reformed criminals who would have otherwise qualified for housing; and or did; working off their crimed debt to society. And this is not the number including tertiary connected effects. Which is estimated at much longer; larger. SJPD (cited): through evidence charge supports hostage situations of the illegal and unjust nature; and so we can estimate that there is a coinciding number of folks hostage under such non-capacity. SJPD (cited) as a public resource and its accompaniment must be asphalt: ended/ as in terminated from their faulty perspective positions of hire-higher [notice pun: meaning] than actual hierarchy. All such faulty non-qualifying authorities must also be removed from their faulty roles.

Other Non-Assuages: Charge them with identity theft; violation of espec ially American freedoms; such as lies of education, work, performance and nationality and ethnicity and health statuses based on the faulty weight of false and not real police work. Based on these evidences they simply have not and never will meet the protocol of being badged authorities. They then are incompetent falses who attest false accusations and enact longstanding waged threats on especially functional members of primarily but not just American Society; post-modern to ultra-modern; societies; et al

Food wishes; is this fiction; how do you tell.

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Food wishes; is this fiction; how do you tell.

by Goura Fotadar

Date: 42917

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


Dedicated to my deceased dog.

For Trauma Recovery.


Tags: communication adeptness; emergency aptitude; computer science theory [abstract]; catastrophe criminal charges; as in emergency response



It used to be; the sentiment of food nearby created an efforted pike to drive away from and not on; like the water buckets or whatever those yellow glazers are that used to be; on the sides of highway. I always wondered about them; were they there for emergency use; like of course to avoid getting injured if you by accident or safety endangerment drove onto the pike; and the water protected you past those bags in some vehicles or not; and those cushions; from physical injury. The sentiment was that you would not be that badly or injured at all physically; and so neither would your mind, internally be injured? But what about the second noteworthy use of emergency; if you were really really hot; and or such in heated weather that wasn’t long-term survivable and you had to stay  on-the road; until … and your a/c didn’t work quite right despite … would you be able to dump some of that water upon yourself soon; and if so would it cause those that might run into the pike again; unpredicted danger; if for example some bucket filler; didn’t get there rapidly enough; to refill the now missing water buckets.



On the second clause; how sure are you that those things when they used to be store water?

On the third clause; there all types of emergencies that are meditated upon; I’m sure without a solution being instead meditated on.


Final Clause? Tricks and gimmicks.


Potentially false assumptions of fiction and non-fiction: it’s the tone of language and not voice.

Side notes: how do you know false.  End side notes.

Potentially … continued: It’s when the sentences are long or short.

Side notes of specificity: how do you know what it’s is. End side notes.

Potentially … continued: re-stating a word right after it is stated especially; definitely means fiction or non-fiction.

Side notes: this is boring. This is not boring. Your opinion matters? How do you know which’s opinion matters. End side notes.


Stages of Supplementary Starvation-Earned Work Compensation To Ensure Stability.

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Stages of Supplementary Starvation-Earned Work Compensation To Ensure Stability.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 42417


Stage II.

Stage I.

between Step I-II; and intermediary: produced work

again for purpose

starvation  alleviation;

sent-out this work; i.e. activism


[active]; strolled

to waiting phase:

brief; and re-examined

information; prior to








Stage II. [Title of Posting; Subject head center.][See Heading; as in.]


through this number [to be described more soon] ; which

is also hearing;


re-en [in]

stated until

next check

in late

October of

this year;

2017 -> ensure that you complete a follow – up online

through link on-card , in case

too; this news as discovered

today is not

stable-y [word?] /stably [thematic and-or non-relevant side note[s]: but now you forget? to think of the: stable as a location; and-or a-s a being force/group? uhm;]

accurate. [So Basic: What is then; stably accurate news with relevance here to local and indigenous wel-fare/translating to wider wel-fare service[s].]

Stage I. Received

notification through

h-less mailing




of delay

to organization; without confirmation;

still completed forms

and mailed in; left messages

updating need situation

keyword phrase: need situation [describe in your mind at least to yourself] tag[s]: comprehension of externalization.

and received derogatory

remarked mail back.

Then proceeded more

in-person cue


until reached a fall-out level



stand-out reference; then proceeded to Step II.

[please provide yourself with externalization definitions of what [as in in ] here could mean: fall-out level and essential stand-out reference.]

aside: from criminology perspective

Label: No office

space; but

public space[s] are … all


things notice:

escalation of

proximity stalking

during phone-calls;

re-examination of

noted information;

and also speaking


while in-distance                                                    ——> from bodies



Wrong with Work; temporal art for the-fvp

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theme: art[basic] why won’t art; no not art, work; why won’t work make money [to the worker, for the worker][intrinsically is explicit-ly]; is there something wrong with work?