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DJ homicide notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 53018

tag[s]: homicide investigations, … possible identities that are deceased.; LGBTIQ hate crimes, continued; continuous mortem

[also in this form: DJhomicidenotes53018]


… has a tumultuous relationship with mother, and remembers having many parents; but can’t remember them all that clearly; primary mother at time of homicide kisses D.J. on the lips repeatedly; and D.J. feels  D.J. is cheating on somebody

-However D.J. can’t remember who D.J. is dating; and of what gender the person is.

D.J. is unsure of her own gender, and sexuality; but mostly identifies as a man or as a he, and as being attracted to other men; but vaguely recalls being told she is female in some type of clinical setting,

-Mother identifies D.J. as both a romantic partner and also her child.

-D.J.’s main identity feature that she or he can recall is adhering to racist principles; and is unsure of his race; and so starts, telling his mother, that she/ D.J. is White; D.J. is afraid of others finding out what her /his real race is or might be, even if it is White.  [Mother believes D.J. is lying about race, and on purpose; and is not D.J.’s regular mother … escalating matters of danger.][How might regular be best construed in this context ]

-Has more than one set of initials similar to the C.C. case; … or perhaps which may not be abnormal: another set of D.J.’s initials are K[i].P[a].

-Doesn’t remember having any identification forms or cards or that sort of thing;

-investigation of hate crime/D.J.’s homicide leads to false arrests throughout time; where regular protocols are ignored of crime clearances; which back-dates D.J.’s actualized attempted [s] homicide … to back to before when there was an actualized militia response even alongside imposters of militia; D.J. has nowhere to uh “call” for help, when in actualized danger

D.J.’s racist ideology at the time of her/his death was at least: don’t mix with other races, …; stare at people who have a different skin color than oneself; look down on others’ housing situations especially when they don’t look like yours … D.J. recalls learning these “principles” from some:person who was like his/her father; and D.J.’s primary parent … and this father don’t demonstrate to D.J. that they know one another; his/her father is also something like a serious romantic partner to D.J.

-life/lives seem really long to D.J. in perspective of D.J. like centuries long; in known or guessed impairments to functioning: D.J. feels that he/she is missing words in hearing as others are speaking, … and a portion of such words; sound a foreign tongue that D.J. can’t comprehend; he/she also has a hard time recalling certain things from memory; … however; it might be the case point in criminology: that D.J.’s hearing might be changed by the point of death/homicide; and so then death point: date, period can be caught through such change in hearing. Nevertheless; D.J. is able to hear, most portions of conversations; as long as the environment isn’t too noisy, … or loud; not just competing loud


The completion of the cover; continuing on from the circa of personal operative time; in at least around graduate school;

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[also in this form: The completion of the coverUntitled]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar/Yahuwah Law/Martial Law/Darth Vader/Tara Khuslaya/Batman Christ

date typed up: 5718-5818


tag[s]: old investigations with perpetrators made to present; the banned “librarians” are back ignoring the law;


source, citation: ?

criminal non-fiction protagonist cover: the great outdoors,

federal regulation checks: too many cues edifying to past veterans and past veteran service; outdates their attack; pre-eminents past veterans as the re-directed then target; who was main target,

… then?

The most recent of today’s date connected images have a striking internal effect; stating the obvious that it’s a cover; and nothing such was actually happening; and are virtually made-up

amidst reports of l’ostage = hostage?


  1. Cue-check on regular main non-re: directed target: people that are religious, actualized members of the LGBTIQ community, especially practicing LGBTIQ folks who are also intersecting with religious,

crime maneuver/perpetration maneuver, example: “you need to get out of town, …” “we do it …”

signs of upcoming perpetration/ unjust/non-just perpetration: unsuspecting deemed as regular unsuspecting population starts baring its skin: i.e. “children” start revealing their extended body parts in an inappropriate way or circumstance


  1. What circa date this pre-posed major crime happen in: (first) in scenery mention; looks like Canada, on cue checks perpetrators seem to think it’s the 20s; and yet we are almost in the 2020s … uh, so on clothing verification … the clothing cover-ups started around the 1950s [as an approximation]; …

… whenever dating of another race maybe considered illegal; though in actuality of course according to actual law this was never mean to be the case … The main perpetrated against; or the starting perpetrated against; was a different race from the rest of the family; the family belonging to main intersecting perpetrator

Same-sex: couple, …

t.b.c. ?  …

  1. On digital verifications; primary perpetrator following/stalking (aside, hello staking laws) the perpetrated against, using another prior image; and attempted to talk to him; at times that seemed in-appropriate [means what]; before finally approaching him with a new image, … main perpetrated believes it is only? around the 1900s


So far, Main flags:


-inter-racial dating considered illegal; but is it in actuality of the law?

-1900s crime showing up now; in the same patterns habituating to the era of this progression

-LGBTIQ affiliation

-Religious practice

-re-directed targets: past of today’s date: war veterans

-escalated stalking, and no adherence to actual stalking laws,

-there are changing images of the primary perpetrator until relationship is finalized, …

C.C./J.R. investigation, continued [3]

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[also in this form: CCJR3]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 42318


tag[s]: weird aspects of crime, and criminology and investigations continued, combat maneuvers in at least just walking



Four people [with a possible replicate]

[1-2 making it 3 people]

of the/this dating partner “hooked up”

against will [of C.C./J.R.] and by parents [of 2nd family system especially]

3-4 members stalked C.C./J.R. around without

C.C./J.R. noticing who recalls partial

normal/partial m.r. diagnosis received through

school district; simulating the 3 members [are]

‘80s [out of-planet, culture]

gay bar

in escalated

homophobic variety:

i.e. [culture of] much too

promiscuous sex;

unequal advantaged

maneuver equating

public rape of C.C./J.R.; [how many incidents of such, before C.C./J.R. noticed?]

this further establishing

the pattern of unjust homicide

toward C.C./J.R. resulting

in homicide

unjust death.


Is there a 4th in the incident

So such these 3 perpetrators  [at least] will be charged.


Combat skills obvious: what would these maneuvers look like: how would you [un-weaponed] circa-ambulate through them;

reducing physical contact with the perpetrators

C.C. notes starting using name: W.S.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41418

tag[s]: criminology and investigation, phases of investigation

[also in this form: C]



Investigation notes at this sub-sinked phase; is dead as of like 90 years, and people are still trailing him in the present

[Is male]

Has a serious boyfriend / dad dressing as a woman; including wearing a wig

Wears clothes that are considered not socially accepted form of weird even among the same sexuality population

connected to cited: a.a. recovery

was doing a substance that was illegal and likely was not alcohol [the substance misuse]

associates with spiritual image of “Nephi”

went to W.H.S. and lied about age by 30 years/mother is a woman who; puts other people [even people she doesn’t know] down in front of C.C. and lies about credentials [and also in public to their faces, uh both the put downs and credential embellishment]

not immediately obvious but obvious soon enough, that  C.C. is / a / male [why, and how so.]

Another “romantic” killing:

boyfriend broke up with him: C.C.  and found a new life [how far did he get, the boyfriend, if not far based on his desire of distance from C.C., squeezing freedom can result in tertiary homicide of the one who is doing the squeezing; it’s like some type of entropy thing | \/]

another dating partner killed C.C. [why?]


[cues of investigation of c.c.’s murder and accompanying investigations result in repeated legal trouble, with false/ and by false authorities; at an escalated level and as compared to other investigations; for the investigators/ why and especially why as compared to other cases

One catch-all: give yourself and your team expansive a general mundane irrelevant legal problem that’s made up as a cover and has no consequence, and see how the two groups: the legal trouble and the other investigations match or un-match up compared to C.C. homicide investigation[s]?]


[Based on Triangle Analysis]

Hypothesis a: even if deceased and or victim is gay  sexually/ romantically / only if the non-reformed crime of their victimization and or death were connected to that specifically: their sexuality,  does it result in escalation of false legal problems of investigator[s] and investigating groups

Combat Strategy, start marginalizing gay populations while integrating them into “regular” functional society; examples of marginalize:

Status quo non-hateful didactics of straight relationships

and also of asexual non practicing regular sexual relationships [at this point, we haven’t much done anything here]



The story of “cop” part one.  [Criminal notes. Identified … ]

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[also in this form: The story of]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41218



  1. First, I forgot to mention they lied about my race again on the extended citation. When I checked it at night; I hadn’t caught this in the 4 seconds that I had to look it over; I’m not White; and I’m not sure if they are citing me as White because they are unjustly racist toward Whites.
  2. Yesterday, I was at cited: Whole Foods in I think L.A.H; and of course “local authorities” won’t leave me the heck alone. Most recently according to my actual militia job; I’m not supposed to attend court for this extended citation for [or for any reason] for being deployed as homeless; of course this still falls within actual police my deployment, but not within “police”

The quotes here imply false.


Just this morning I was given to under my job’s order [uh, which job; the one I was born into] to assess “local authorities” again and of course they failed again on un-adulterated greed and [it] un-controlled.


The situation was something like imagine people in the military have just run like a bunch of miles not having eaten much. You invite them for an all-day breakfast that is something like free; they don’t exactly pay for it; but their work generates the production and distribution of some food; and this breakfast was part of that some. In any case, [imagine] parting with the run; they showed up within the time limit: to receive something like a couple of [not full] but half [of a] granola bar[s]; and it hardly qualified as a breakfast.

In exchange the people being assessed requested something like 500 large houses for a total of 10 or some equivalent number of people, only [themselves, only]; and in this country.

How did they receive this fund to distribute;

well they used my militia clearance without my consent in the period of my re-enlightenment.

I hardly know what the [second part of the] last [sentence] means.

In any case: I wasn’t asked at least that part makes sense to me; and by the time I witnessed this almost large turned debacle; they were now undergoing a brief patrol assessment by me to make it to authorities; and they failed severely.

Note here: “authorities” does not equal authorities


The T.K. case so far

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[also in this form: The T]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4218

tag[s]: the death project, investigations continued, fiction or not, the laws of dead

theme: the virtual image to the side of my head

theme music citation: frou frou let go

[How is this part possible. You are on Earth;] … and you have an assigned house; that you haven’t yet earned and haven’t yet earned in your long er future.  You are not sure who the real owner is; and so it’s almost like stealing. The house is very large; and likely too large in the future of modern culture for one person that does not also or at least work in it; or out of it.

But you still have a job.  The job offers compensation. The first person that hires you at the job is the opposite of your gender and after you get the job; or it’s your job; so after you start your job; that person disappears. & is not replaced right away.

In Investigation Units: On surveillance tapes; the first thing I would do, since everything else like this so far is hanging aire; is locate where the … that first person hiring is [or went to, was].

Regular awareness: when you get hired; the person[s] in the hiring process; has-have access to all of your information if even they are illiterate; and singularly or singular [one group] plural-ly, especially if you didn’t buy your house or its contained equivalent [that is no other group other than yourself yet in your working time has this access].


Next, the main person: you;  … gets a same gender boyfriend; which isn’t abnormal then or minority relations then; and that he has nothing in common with; his boyfriend doesn’t work, money in access doesn’t exist; his boyfriend doesn’t have a place to live and this is before homelessness has turned to a social cause to clear especially problems of entropy and its mandated ethics.


He stays over some times, and is especially affectionate. Hint: when you [the main lifer] tell him your name he doesn’t seem to understand, but he seems to understand you in other ways.

One day you meet his dad; and he rapes you when the lights go out. The lines are gray [back then] because rape is your form of sexual practice; except it’s not exactly rape. So what does that mean.

Shortly after, you are dead.

Usually as of now, in prediction models of the future: you are dead in an unjust way, and then before you die you start to be raped because you will die; but the death in an unjust way never has to come, and so this is one way to stop being raped.


The day you die, you are wearing a very flamboyant outfit in flamboyant coloring its part of your compensation at your work; clothing and such; and you have been to work. But as all the clichés say you leave early. There is a celebration.


Your death was planned; it’s better put: but I don’t want to take away your power over yourself: your murder was planned without you noticing. The perpetrators all these years later remember you though none of them are particularly attentive to others and in general.

They were so far, collected: Your boyfriend,

Some lady who you saw on your way to work a few days a week; who knew your boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s dad

Your sister who said he was your brother; that you couldn’t recall prior to your death

[and so far other, several other characters]

Research Interests: Memory after death of victimization; what is in significance changed immediately. Of course you might want to define the size of static immediately, first. [or something]


Ethical Interactions of Investigation:

Primary Investigators receive visual recordings that are mildly interactive with their reality function to assess and examine more details of your life prior to your murder; and they then collect pertaining to each investigator relevant observations and data.


Future Continuing Conversations …

How the dead [in dead body or perhaps more sensibly turning to dead body ] through victimized murder are treated after they are killed by their perpetrators and does this transfer to a new recollection?

More evidence for … you have that feeling.


Mission State. [for the next upcoming publication]

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Mission State. [for the next upcoming publication]

[also in this form: Mission State]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2,17,18


tag[s]: for upcoming publication, the death project art, publication connections, art notes

Untitled drawing-1


Date: 2,16,18

Of course the aim is to ensure any publication,

is completed as to complete

enough. The engine of art takes in my usual demonstration of let’s say existence state, personal;

or state; trash and perishes into art. And what might these have at all to do with this publication: guava; and not another mine of: candy like juice of that variety: uhm, my favorite. To do with this publication; well the culture of c-ettes is contained at least some: wear; and not contradicting some research.

I read back in college: woah! That was long ago … I just started smoking (minus a couple of c-ettes in my before  life) (though I can hardly remember those early year, s; early early years ; and who knows if I did then) (so early regular to now) despite, just starting to smoke, and not having the cash for c-ettes now; when-then, I’ve struggled with cancer-like my (hole) life. My brother [of this publication]; started smoking around approx.–>entry; and didn’t have this.

donated, sponsored ciga-boxes filled


are my coffins

The death (cited) project art

for “regular” love and replaced with non-incestuous brotherly love.

Hence heart crossed to a new horizon to my brother, and brothers

[actual = actualized]

then left covered up; so

Un-recognized but likely as trash; uhm, for protection in expressed in sentiment.

theme: where is the art? Well, this public computer has a gadget attachment issue; and so maybe you’ll see it in the publication,

When it’s out or maybe I’ll post it later