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The Ethics of The Mind; Crime Notes, Brief: Suicide versus Homicide : Please don’t waste our-my time.

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poetic theme: what a versus.

art theme: badgers of truth; and why shall so-and-so and so-so complete so-so deployments against their-own will so your momma can pretend she really is a cited: police officer; cited: crisis counselor and-or cited: navy seal


for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar


date: 32417

While short on-time due to gaggle-ing in non-pleasant ways of case-managers et al [punc.], poor librarians and I’m not referring to poverty and else to performance; and a highly likely false police department[s] and their members.


Think deeply, again; about the level of competence; it takes to perform such positions actually; if they aren’t performing; they were logically not that type-of-worker; what a fake badge; says does not matter. [To get smarter, applicably so: define all medium basic to cognitions of fake, and you don’t have to worry about memorizing.]


Once again; I had to interact  bizarrely with the incompetent aptitude of death threats, false p.d. s, and badly providing for the functional homeless false authorities.


If you say, “somebody threw themselves in front of a-train” that is then suicide.

If you say, “no” (that exact description however limited)  “is a description of homicide.” and you work in any law enforcement, case-management, and all the connected positions; and especially for pay; you need to go to non-reformed and non-progressive jail.

Please don’t test me and pretend you know more than me on the subject matter and legality of especially, suicide. Please.

Please don’t try to kill me because you know you know less; and please don’t have your relatives attempt to gun me down. because you purpose-fully mis-define publicly at-large misinforming and endangering countless beings.

This then is the brief, rough; beginning and-or further beginning; is the petition to imprison in non-progressive and non-reformed methods those that on-purpose endanger others’ lives [in all ways, including their uh, un-advanced cognitions: believe me; there is the ethics of the mind with its, severely entropic unjustly caustic consequences]; and attempt to and-or kill anybody who does not consent to mis-information; and its demising spread.

Criminology Basics: {S versus H}

Suicide is the personal kill of your personal self.

Homicide: Is the non-personal and-or personal non-just and-or just kill of another.

{Combat Militia is supposed to include only; just kill [one phrase: not just a kill; but a just-kill][a just-kills] of another} [theme: how’d I know?][negating theme: she! doesn’t know what she’s talking about; I know better.]

Medium Basics: {S versus H}

(now the computer isn’t work so, no posting of image)(next time, then.)

(nevermind, now it works: updated: )IMG_20170324_165229[1]

Euthanasia is Homicide; it however; might be legal homicide, as every 5th grader knows; depending on the circumstance-scenario. Just as killing most often but not always under combat militia is incorporated undo legal kill.                   -I- is outside of the homicidal just-kill; it is incorporated into the mind, after; I-after the just-kill [homicide].Criminology advancements, observations: if you notice too much I in death threats; you know in case you were confused; it’s an illegal planned kill.

Extra note: if you however had somebody else deploy for you; run your marathon; and then you pull a gun to my head; with their badge; even if it has your name on it; you didn’t actually complete any of the work-training; you are not, ever even close to legally killing. If you make-up after I for example die at your hands, or somebody like you’s hands; that I killed myself due to for example: mental illness; you are mentally sick; and have just committed illegal homicide. Further; your attempt to likely misdiagnose people as suicidal and mentally ill; puts those that are either or both at again illegal homicidal risk (by you; and should I say it: those who think like you.)

The librarians are very loud; and I’m almost out of time; so I’ll get to more posting material, later. For now, I hope this is so basically; informative enough.

Kind Un-Kindly.


the scene of a crime, and evidence collected

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

theme: I’m short of time; and for once; I’m not talking about death.

Heading (Sub): Real Cops versus Fake Cops & Real Authorities versus Fake Authorities; The Gross Saga, Continues.

theme: the woman are getting uglier and uglier -en; and I’m one of them?

[While the next reports get put together, here’s  a quickening; and yes, I actually mean quickening.]

  1. 1. Last night a “librarian” stalked my back and I will provide more detail without his name; and timed my turn [of the] off the public computer; fornicating himself into a scream. [description coming] [The man’s name preserved to protection others, and myself;] Incident on 31617 at cited: Sunnyvale Public Library Library is a Librarian? who repeatedly stalked my back-draft; and yelled at me publicly about turning off my computer after-use; though I did not mention this to him; and as if it could not be turned back on [his incompetent and un-required yell, demonstrated]. Other patrons well-behaved and not illicit-behaved patrons have also complained about his behavior to me. Quite honestly, I see his repeated engag[e]ment of my backside; incompetent technical disbursement upon my not seeking computer advice from him; and the stalking like knowledge of my computer-use time to be near if not a direct threat of rape. I am homeless and work for no living wage; which is public knowledge; and such yelling bizarre attacks in-front of many patrons in public libraries can put me and other patrons well-behaved in great danger; esp. functional homeless patrons; who need likely more than others: public work spaces to further produce & record work. [Theme: Paid or Not, work pays the “bills”] I’m sorry I turned off the computer at-night-after my use of it? and that deserves me a pubic rape threat? and-or a rape threat? I hate to be a snob; but I’m not an idiot; and it took me nearly sixteen years of straight through [nearly so school] + work experience at-the same time [and this is past high school] to learn how-to be able to work for-free; and I feel that an effective librarian and-or library-staff person should have at least that many years of experience or approx. library-work involves actual security competence and-not-just discriminating targeting upon patrons ; who are completing their own work; and mind their own business.  In number three, you will see what starts to happen; when incompetent pretend authorities who likely have lied about their knowledge, competence, and experience cause … You may not care about public spaces; but crime spreads external to internal [so you’re only one step away if you work and-or rest away from public spaces from being inflicted by dangerous and non-reformed crime].
  2. Scene of a crime this morning: IMG_20170317_093117[1]IMG_20170317_093110[1]
  3. IMG_20170317_093105[1][proof notes, on-the-quick:no three, three below; but there’s an editing issue.] A supposed police officer hardly fit the bill; and not at all fit the bill: was scared when I stated my name, and also when I pulled out a pen though I described and demonstrated to him exactly what I was doing right before I did it; had approached me at a public space eating my breakfast regurgitating to me segments of my pilgrimage cross-country; and demonstrating severe police and security incompetence. I clued him into his culture and body placement incompetence; and told him the truth: that if he interrupted my breakfast again, he was going to go to jail. Can we hymn: another civil rights infraction. Further, Incident notes: on 31717, Friday; at approx. 10 in the morning; but not quite: interruption by a police vehicle circling me on public benches; and threatening my physical conduct on such bench. I was seated and eating [as described.] Fake officer’s Fear at approach but supposed officer continued his descent into non-reformed crime; by daring my safety by suggesting I enter the shelter situation; again. I suggested he try entering the shelter situation as a non-criminal un-armed civilian and he shut up; for just a moment though. I also requested that he describe to me the actual inventor of the protocol he was following; and he didn’t know. Big Surprise, there. He identified himself as an officer, police of the city: Menlo Park, CA. But is reminiscent of nothing like an actual police officer. Near Middle Ave. & Safeway in Menlo Park, CA. {Theme: How are cops hired; and who makes those decisions?} I am keeping his name out-of the scene; notes, here: to protect myself and others again such inhumane civil right violence; and all the connecting.

2.3.At this library, I’m at now; cited: Menlo Park Public Library; this station number 13 is equipped with an accessible porno as I frighteningly discovered upon my actual work through this station. We need no more crime proof of what happens among; fake authority posing violent guidance. Here’s the evidence:IMG_20170317_122412[1] Further, Incident notes: on 31717 at Menlo Park Public Library at station 13 and-or the one in-the corner; unfortunately; one of my favorite public stations to work from. Time of video discovery is about noon.

2.1. And yes, they are connected. Feeling cold on the ground; while homeless for social and-or spiritual ethics; why not try a parked and not a park? bench. You might be as in a concealed shrubbery  false-busted with flaring like weapons but the bench does provide extra warmth with just a few pieces of bedding armory. Theme: housed and fake authorities/fake cops enjoy feeling pouting non-reformed envy at viewing you at rest after hours and hours of workday; and did they do this too when you paid rent in the conventional method. They don’t want you to have storage and-or actual quilting. Why because they work so hard night and day; that all they do is stalk you non-stop. The proof of their long work-day-night hours is in the blare of their stalking?

[as a criminology assignment in-case you didn’t see why don’t you figure out how close they were to the bench and me (after I got there, and not before); the art photographs at the end; of; my mid-early morning to morning sleep site and accessories; I slept under the white thing.]















and they lit[t]er.

2.2. On way past the sleeping outside yesterday; this man approached me within seconds of my entering the trail while I sat on the ground in the bike trail before riding the bus and-or so to another public library; he pretended he knew me; and that we were the best of friends. I have never in my life seen him before; and he then approached a stair-set near me even so; and climbed? into the ground and opened the door as his stalker like maintenance, unlikely job?

pics from where I was seated: essentially blocking me off: from escape of the bike trail? These park fake authorities don’t seem to understand a basic competence of the actual job: one-ness with the outdoors; hello! can we introduce you to basics of esp. california culture! across the street, from where I was nearly assaulted by fake cops in the middle-of-the night. A terrible introduction to an otherwise wonderful bike trail; for other outdoor enthusiasts, too.



Further incident notes; of this truck incident: I believe on 31617 approximately 10 AM; bike trail in an intersection from cited: stanford shopping center; and across-the-street from bamboo type outdoor wreckage; again where I was nearly assaulted.

Greeting Spray Museum. Like the Mall, Sort-of.

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Greeting Spray Museum. Like the Mall, Sort-of.

H[heart i] I’m greeting Spray Museum

How-To: A Warrant for Arrest! in Art Aptitude

est . Time Process at this phase: 45-minutes to 2-hours, only.

[self-dedicated from old jjl to upgraded jjl]

tags: tor-ward; this is sort of a truth/satire brief review as a reminder toward something[s] else I’m working on;

tor, word?

tags: l’arte criminology

tags: Locators are …

tags: The non-ill sickness of incurable unclassy and uncomprehensively inaccurate diagnoses

tags: Art as Reality Builder[s]


A recollection barely visible of Quantico, VA.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 31517


[The Stage Interview]

I Saw an advertisement for the relevant (cited) telev-sion series or something in title.

I Am aware that Quantico, VA is one of my favorite cities in this world; and that I’ve only been there to the recollection of myself; once in my adult life.

[As a child I travelled outside of my control due to a [X a lethality of upbringing environment esp. past the age of approximately 4 years old. no need to include; the obvious; can’t remember everywhere I was as a child due to severe then trauma connected to enforced travel.]


When at Quantico, VA as an adult; I was witness to certain aspects of the military culture; esp. in one branch of the US Armed Forces circa Modern Day.

Brainstormer/Brainstorming Theme: upgraded day will be circa?

I Am aware that my preference for Quantico, VA may seem un-modern considering its non-mainstream in pun terms culture; back then a few years earlier; but in terms of spiritual terms [theme: oh terms and terms, the terms!]: mainstream means something entirely so different.

theme I think: A Main-Stream is An Easily utilizable Entry Point to Higher Ways of Being for You [of you become]; but may not be an easy stream [only easy in-accessible; meaning here; someway that’s possible.]

[The Word Diagnosis]


War-rant in combination with preference-location is connected to War-rant itself but not necessarily and-or in a different way necessarily to warrant.


[The Logical Justification for Preference, this One.]

I have been to many parts of the world [that I can actually remember], and also to many parts of this country. I am thus exposed in living circumstance and visiting circumstance to interculturalisms from esp. my civilian stand-point. Things that I look for are / for a place I like: (are, again)

-weather conditions at time of visit as witnessed because not all visits and-or new sequences in living can be controlled in time-fall.

-manners and non-just versus just discrimination of the place.

-if there’s enough to eat.

-if enough of it is accessible.

-any but not necessary unique type qualities.

-societal forms of incurable deprivation or not.

[Perfect Whether] The hyphen diagnostic applied to Quantico, VA.

Manners excellent, art semblance powerful if you only have also the non-obvious eye; unique enough as compared to our modern day; no incurable deprivation spotted other than intentionally and purposefully enacted and these states are rather spiritual non-chaosers as witnessed. I was there in August I think; but who can really be sure; it was sweltering hot and rainy-hot: an experience in perfect weather for me and-or one experience in one option of perfect whether. Enough and accessible food, and basic to advanced necessities. Of curses; there is also that wonderful at least one? Museum or more nearby [enhancing accessibility non-remotely.]

[The Product and-or Site Associations.]

The Museum that I’ve already described somewhere on this blog: is a major keeper; and also is major. [You know the name.]

-The War Path; I mean The Notable Walkway Museum and-or whatever they call it in this country, nearby [enough]. [You know one of the names for it.]

-Enough Diners, then at-least.

-Good Air-Conditioning in the motel-hotels.

-Roads that are drive-able and the forest nearby.

-Hydrating drinks on-base; and a new phase of Southern Accents also on-base; and at least one viewable live canon-cannon.

– [for you more than for me.]  Haircuts; and a place[s] to wear it-them. The outfit; like art practice in effect, at least.

Theme: art can be “powerful” art means [basically [it hint: means in definition], as the qualifier] …?

The Product Art Piece; What A Center Art Piece and Almost Disguised; cited: bath and body works as accessed on 31517


The dress, haircut and museum connecting theme; connecting to weapons, too. Isn’t she [the product cited] pretty.

theme: She’s yours! The Necker. theme music citations: bootsy collins; I’d rather be with you and stevie wonder isn’t she lovely


tags: re-establish the worth of your own gender.

[More information Misc.]

-Small town online pics [as an art banner in double placement][if you can help it in-between no space.]

cited: as provided on google search for Q, VA> on 31517


-connected Music : Lessoning Gender Theme, Music Citation: Stevie Nicks Stand Back





I suppose the Art proof.

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More Notes on cited source, text : Address Unknown (by) Kathrine Kressman  Taylor

date, typed up: 31117

date, worked on [more]: 31017


(1) Art * Cultural Notes, Continued … I suppose the Art proof.

Why on the cover is the symbol of crucifixion [sp?] posted differently in cultural

interpretation as compared to American views of crucifixion [sp?]; If you observe

the image closely ; and this is a good time to go over how you in basic

without exactly any specific education to-it; analyze art:

a) of course there’s the 1st view: whatever you catch and

as usual non-romantically clings to your mind ; and

of course I’m past this point now: in this art image: but I

think I recall the boulders and specifically their color-form.

(b) then there’s of course the close-up view {and it doesn’t have

to go in a sequence of order; i.e. that is, this specific order. of a, b, etc.}

This obvs. can be done through close eye examination ; and-or

theme: we’re gonna continue on any variant real version of academic path; and

see where it goes.

a photograph zoom in; with note-taking examination. citing: recent, past volunteer work on cited: storycorps[u] ; even an audio-recording(s) connected to a diagram[s]; would be. and is connected to up-coming

if I remember



(b) but here (b) on close examination: again; and perhaps what I had noted down: (before)

is the predated affect on likely predicted choiced avenues of-the; what would become

the main [if even temporary] culture of crucifixion;

and as a manner of cultural affect: how

would you guess to correctly affect cultural direction[s]; [theme: sports theology]

[further] ensuring that culture progresses

and certainly not


[notes: of

static in

cultural change;

static can be

signs of.]

[noticing eye, the:]


the mental 

measure of

texture; is 

also a meditation

technique. [duh?]

is the package of letters and matching here the brief of what I’ve

seen inside the book. And with the 1st recollection ; the obviousity

of the strength of the rocks, large ; these then identified further as

strength supporters/enforcers by the dapper of almost clothing-like

electric wire to them ; and from the plaster of the cross as a symbol alone ;

a grabber of regular-here meaning specific interpretations of severely-painful crucifixion. And what do you suppose this cross is made-of in material; I mean this specific one. For me; it’s a hard guess; almost like the image doesn’t

theme: this is perhaps as a surprise to … this is a majorly

artistic book. 

really exist; and of course as I check the credits of the book I can’t

find it; thus ; I am stating even the source of the image; I’m not sure

who – is the creater, -or; and of course this book’s text is mostly? in another

foreign-to-me language to me; and so I may have just missed it.

The grabbing of the crucifixion, then: is a way to;

through grabbing into a sustained strength :

theme: your flaking 

skin caught in

the un-falling 

inside of your

clothes is likely

good for you :

in energy charge

healing ?

[similar to … ?]

theme music citation: Cage The Elephant  Cold Cold Cold 

turn the already occur – ing crucifixion into hopefully with enough strength;

a painless experience.

ad theme: the strength of a legal pain-killer; which one

works best; and-or those that work well for you in a-specific


Hence; in this analysis we have proven a perhaps ; a different cultural take on …


Part two. Hygiene Notes arrow to The Advance-ment of Bath. I’m so sure this is so obvious but like being near water this size even; for a while removes all over-flow of filth. Essentially, from your, body & items near it.

tags: hygiene of criminology; economic policies of security

theme: I just saw half-the-face of somebody, from:

stupendous: shrink, expand; shrink, expand; like a balloon 

a reason not-to-hire: That person really wants to work in sales; because that person doesn’t want them to have anything. 

So in addition to your proximity ; let’s say for twenty minutes to this water

piece; let’s say it has a 50 human per day to cause cleaning, hygiene in.

[How-to Create Safety for Those that Bathe: Make it a sale-like in the opposite sense; have some-? stand guard who doesn’t want anybody to bathe; and create this scenario in a preferable public yet [concealed enough] bath-setting; pretend to show up for a bath, and create a sale interchange; but don’t bathe or don’t bathe there.]


Use Hygiene Notes, to advance your bathing skills, when threatened such; and while security takes a heed to hold; at a high stable enough level.


Roug. D. Death Tactics, and Reported to … You? The Battle Between Real and Fake Authority Continues, How …

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tag … s: I’m nuts? and the criminology of identity-theft; with a focus on high-clause identities; hint: look for authority-ship, too.

tag: identity combat

tag: reading notes

tag: better cultivated death records

tag: what comes next (as usual the cliche’ of death); maybe some “you” should invent the next? (or have or is-ing)

tag: counseling psychology the logic reporting process of death et al.

tag: The Death Project : afterlife Brainstorms

tag: Psychology as a major; it’s worth it at … ?

tag: the further ascent into non-criminality

tag: the actual politics of arrest threats

tag: Believe it or not the real authorities are a-lot smarter than you might “know.”

tag: in punctuative grammar editings : on opposite ends? 

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, 3.1.17


Part One of This Post. This is A quick, ish rough draft (parts one to … ? are); Perhaps it will be edited later ?

Scenario: Basic; Explanatory:


You either have a very clear memory of and-or a still existing record and-or a still existing connecting record of some evidence-based situation documenting with confidentiality somebody you know (reasonably well), i.e. their death. (without it: actually being called and non-basic: cryptically identified; as such)


(Immediately or not) Prior to when they have disappeared? you have received some form of communication from them perhaps in response to your own communication with them; and from their pre-dead identity as you had known it; and the follow-up never happened. (the follow-up to the communication)


As most relationships go; their was should be had been some level of stable reliability; and this (the former non-mishap mishap in communication) would have been an impossibility.

theme: the reality of what is likely & burying the dead, in actuality

theme music citation: shontelle impossible 

Either and-check the communication or go over the facts of, as you remember.

If somebody appears after months or so (or not that exact time) of non-communication and-or non-transformative for such identity; communication; differing  but not-solvent-transformatively from your dear one and is using their identity; suspect reasonably and non-para -ly that your dear one is gone. In spiritual-or not terms, don’t be self-centered; and (instead) think of what could come next; for the deceased. Think also of three steps you might take to protect the deceased’s identity; and why the communication to you prior to their disappearance or while-in-stage: their disappearance was likely confirmation of their death; why did it come in such confidential-type terms.


Part Two: The Death Project more, of: Grief, Yours. 

{So  basic and cliche’ the cited: (their) favorite things}

{To confidant yourself and transform your own grief create a e-mortuar – e list even with one item of their, above}

  1. The Babysitter(‘s,s’) house(s) and the memorable juice of childhood in the non-sick way of youth.
  2. Kidnappings and The Fight for What An Actual Child Deserves, Rightfully : Also this is how you recognize an actual child

theme: it’s not what you think

theme music citation: beastie boys sabotage

Part Three: More Criminology Notes.

Perhaps in your functioning and-or sanity you forgot to notice that the new; i.e.,  identity thiever had interacted with you in this context prior-to the confidential communication. Could you tell the two apart; and would you call them different names; if for example you didn’t know the thiever; is that what it means; name, actuale.

theme: thiever of identite’

theme music citation: the prodigy firestarter 

Part Four.  on  12. 21. 16 Re ^se\arch Reading for The Death Project (more of this reading, notes, too; as in, too.) for the FVP. 

theme: wouldn’t it

be cool if 

the bricks

wore yellow. 

source, text : Helplessness (on D, D, and D) by . M. E. P. S. at, as offered for free

at the cited: m.p.p.l. (in the free donation pile, I think it was; it’s been so long can hardly … before of course false authorities made me throw away me free stuff) 

  1. Overview thoughts : Certainly the experience of “helpless … ” can be like experiencing Death ; and is resistant to existence if even in-the : absence of “Depression” .
  2. After opening the-book : theme: I found it! Death-like assertions: The factition of possibly never actually coming into “knowing” p.3

aside: punctuations: what the Heck is that word? I mean . 

theme :

the stroke



theme’s art :

 a clock ?

interpreted : a punch 


{The Ad: For the Real Baby (Babies) theme: if even you don’t like them; they are still different from the fake variety in a better than way }

aside: ‘scuse any non-communicative typos; babies, real? doubt it (so virtual? non-babies ah-eh so disguised and we are almost at fiction where it doesn’t quite meet robotics oh the love of engineering) were screaming in the public library; barely at midday, and a woman actually attempted to claim the work on this screen as being composed by me for herself; i.e. physically claim it; the overt attempts of plagiarism of non-living wage work likely at the end of this criminal investigation house nearly all  but not all anybody that is actually housed; by their pretense of your, mine, who-ever, … belonging work being uh, produced by them. And I quote as said to me by false authority-ies minus y, “if you don’t toss out your ‘free stuff’ that you earn through non-living wage work … I will falsely arrest you, attempt to, and also toss it out instead by force in this free country; and also additionally wrongfully malign in report the characters of others;”

oh just how awful, god. 


A new application of Charity: The Reduction of Crime, cont. in the third? part so far. & more definitions of, … & “captured” & Obs. how-tos

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up, further: on 2.22.17

” … I’m using that for something. ” Other notes: I nearly witnessed a drug deal today near the bus-stop; but there were no drugs, and no deal happened; so there’s nothing to report in this criminology: crime anthropology observation; at that point … Thank (God!) … !

Q: How do you tell a criminal lookout from a non-criminal lookout?

My answer is you position a non-criminal similarly to find out more about the situation of Lookout. Why? Is it the food, transportation, etc. inhibiting such functional if functionings are acts of terrorism and not just regular crime. Well; after the Buddhist service; it’s now time to go to Church; other theme tags; inter-religious/intra-religious self-dialogue, at least; but spirit-intra-inter; there is contradiction?

on, 2.19,17 theme, fictional: my pants are a repeatedly cleaned toilet that now smells like a flowering scene of happiness; how is this possible , toil, ets.

uh, non-fiction: more definitions of “eau de toilette” [Should make sense, i a b i a hurre’ so guess to sense, till a toll check]

of course at first brake for me now; I notice

the toil [ and because I’m only using English in this parenthetical sit;]

toil – et / te , tete is almost I believe an eng lish

partition nowadays; but I’d have

to look it up —

so back to toil et te , there’s also toil teet

or toil tee’t

the extra can go nearly

anyw(ear) though (arrow curves to, —-



eau de t

eu date

double arrow lines

ue date toil tee

eu  (makes most expansive so)

eu'(accent as apostrophe follower?) date toil tee

expect : your shirt to

be ruined when you are in europe?

or in a specific european associated meeting or day

=> and how does this almost imply perfume and-or scent : perhaps the first thing (arrow to) people / folks observe

is the change of scent upon the toil and-

or ruin (but that would be obs.)


the : informational religious 

            read analysis

Religious Research Reading for the FVP: 2.19.17 to answer questions about situational-hostage-hostage-hostage inquiries withing reading: coming across the cited: Holy Bible Menlo Park Presbyterian Church New International Version I further once again flipped to cited: DEUTERONOMY and under heading : “Marrying a Captive Woman” I couldn’t help ponder at 1st overview of the small paragraph : from my own whence religious -citational experience that the description : matches closely the ascent into monkhood of at least certain Buddhist disciplines; at least used to be, recent – ish, though; but certainly not only; recent – ish.  … it goes in the paragraph … “12 Bring her into your home and have her shave her head , trim her nails and put aside the clothes she was wearing when captured.” though the instructions/ (p.191) summations, the extract continue to figs of “husband … wife.” It begs! us to ponder what may

theme: translate again church means gathering

                                                                         (arrow down to)

                                                                         gathe – ring

include … “capture … d” . Perhaps it would be best to examine the rest of this section to get a more succinct – ness of this term: situation. Aside, note: for some might enter phase : capture much after the onset of a relationship – connexion: living situation; popular examples if even fictional might include the movie: “Sleeping with the Enemy”  where necessarily the “wife” was not on onset assumingly exactly “captured” but then so “captured, ” until … pardon the nuanced, pun-like meanings here; but they help enunciate the complexity of this criminologie’ and at chance through religious literary diagnostic, also. 2.21.17 more, notes, observations, and other how-to’s for the fvp: theme, observation: there’s a woman nearby me dressing/dressed in in-appropriate fashion application touching herself: and not in an appropriate aromatherapeutic method/ way; and now almost there’s a man-and-a-boy doing the same thing: under, oh my god! A brilliant inventor has solved the wet; not whet? book [store – age] problem in a perfect way ; who knows where else/wear else this invention may in addition resolve issues; I know it specifically lends itself to a whole new way of seeing/seaing [describe more later] the invention is a plastic umbrella bag at a local, public library to complement even other library, local gifts : like cloth bags, pens, and chocolate; not to mention pervasive in-depth free to-keep/toss after consumption reading material, and note/scratch paper and pens. cited: brainstormers et al [punc.] the umbrella design-print (cited) for some raison d’etre reminds me of meal-time; and more accurately the right time: as, (in) gosh I’m hungry [under] … it’s time to eat. On fashion notes: Sure you may have water-proof mat, er, i, al; but the book(s) checked out could-likely still get wet while you move around, covered or not (your-self) from the water;

[ more to come, with more public (work) space time … ]



A new application of Charity: The Reduction of Crime, cont.

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by Goura Fotadar, typed up on 2.21.17? (haven’t checked date)

{art that was missing for last post, oops, here is; hear is:}


tags: tactics on the ascent to high non-criminality ; to use, for reformed criminals, too;

for the Fictional VolunTier Project; with the … more to come, included here

to further non-crime toward yourself on those necessary days [it’s too cold to survive the outside for that long without a break.] [and no blankets on you.] [blankets are too heavy to carry around] . If you are a street person or Somebody else that’s worked out-of McDonald’s (cited) while paying some amount for food; you’ve noticed the stares from staff-like incorporates despite even open space; in the 3rd hour of work and despite numerous needing purchases, usually. Then as your next external cue pattern ; perhaps you should take your free meal again [on edification; refer: to last posting, here for free meal descriptions, brief] [and leave the wrapper out] for at least or near or necessary 3 work hours; touching the open wrappers {a real performance art?] anytime any-body “threatening” walks toward your now working table. It wouldn’t be wrong; since the pay-work pattern has happened likely to other honest , working-hard , others; to use any relatively “clean” such wrapper(s) for such association; for boldly: creating your own legally-bound through now charity; temporary but warm and-or temperate work-space. Notes: If somebody particularly offensiveasks {one word, here: offensiveasks} you about the wrapper touching as they are attempting to “threaten” you ; just say “oh it’s habit;” and if they offer to throw it-away, (say) “no …

{more to come, time limits of exacerbance in public spaces … }

such as being molested, raped, etc.  … pardon my fortuitous, and next pardon the sarcasm, a set within a set on truth-experience; how philosophical:

being falsely accused of crime is like experience-ing an un-warranted un-desired death; so re-translated: cited for The Death Project, too; {l’arte}