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The-something like “Krause” Murd-res

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 7218



tag[s]: criminology, criminology investigations, say I’m nuts and you go to non-reforming jail forever … ha! , homeless shelter/homelessness assessments … fire marshal warnings … of catastrophe; regular world to irregular world combat realizations/ sides clearly demarcated.


!. Primary phase of investigation: 2013-present

citing: There’s something about Mary

Theme: and yes, that’s what I think it’s about on first watch a long almost ago.

Something like siblings and-or siblings using the name Krause or something like it; which may have not been exactly their legal name; living at home with folks, … The Krause siblings lived at home especially between the ages of approx. 20-40 [for them]; and not normally in childhood; where / when they were somewhere else?

Sometime at some point between 20-40 they were killed in sequence; during a family gathering. Bizarre recollected recollections is/r that one of the siblings was wearing red at that time; on the top likely; such as a Christmas red. The other was seated eating, at a dinner table, … and when the red wearer witnessed sibling eating;  was killed; likely a smack from the left direction of the head but from behind; how do I know? I have been extensively attached to their image, … digitally for at least this above period of time; uh investigating the uh their murd-res. To the point; that some folks think I am them; like both of them in one body.

The general vision of their appearance; is a similar blond-like hair color that matches heavier white gold jewelry in color; yet one has long hair and the other short hair [though both are described as having short hair, at that time]; and both are experiencing gender differentiations that aren’t standard in the years of living at home. Both are also described as being the same height; and this is incorrect; there is a large height difference between the two; something like nearly eight inches [that doesn’t much change in that period]. In this m case; actual appearance modifications and actualizations are for some reason? that I have not identified [yet] to recollection; important.

Everything in the investigation of this murder is hush, hush; and it is very hard to discover what actually happened in the steps preceding the murders; As no surprise many false officers are involved in this cover-up and this method to cover-up means involved unjustly in these murders. And yes; right now; the ruling is that these murders were unjust and shouldn’t have happened, as is.

Theme: what palm are we on? & what palms are we on.

Theme music citation: The Night That The Lights Went Out In Georgia, Reba McEntire


Part Two. Bathrooms in the homeless shelter situation …; and in homelessness; in general; are reaching a severe catastrophic level of detriment in physical health functioning and just plain ol’d threats of unjust violence; … there are many useful efforts being made by [ a-ctual] militia and or militia like folks; and the main [perpetrating] problem seems to [be] threats of false arrests for freeing up the use of bathrooms including showers by [threats and actualizations of these threats by] false officers; so think bigger; and comprehend that this is a more expansive less dangerous [albeit only slightly less dangerous] method to catching in the limelight those that are posing, as officers even in / with uniform; … if I were a regular or such regular and not irregular actualized militia person I would turn in at least a one summary report to cited: n.a.t.o. about what the effort [in something like outline] has been to make sure that everybody who so deserves has access:use to the bathroom; and what has happened [by the opposing side] to attempt to stop this effort.


K.K. homicide

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[also in this form: KUntitled]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 6618

tag[s]: investigation notes, prayer sharings


Date: 6218

-a predominant stalker follows K.K. around at specific venues and wears one-type of wig of specific color variety, especially

Theme: God, Man!

and pretends to be helpful … but isn’t actually being helpful; victim seems to be … feeling that this perpetrator is threatening him for requesting help which just means education for this victim/K.K.

-at least one of the venues victim visits is a religious organization [in the jewish tradition]; and is a form of education for victim,

Part Two. To post: theology of recent circuit of phase: “PRAYER” [as of at least 2017-2018]


[for] all militia members

[for] especially actually police officers

[for] the actual homeless & those deployed as homeless

Canada hate-crime, continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 6418

tag[s]: basic reporting in segmented briefs, criminology, investigations, … cultural over-comings and under-shadowings

[also in this form: Canada hate]

date: 060118

[part one.]

-regular rumored as cited [in this case: …, as a reference to] LGBTIQ culture

(theme : ) a smile means  … stalking with a group cut-off  leading to immediate even public r-pe

theme music citation: smile like you mean it the killers

-who-ever “mom” is pretends not to notice when-ever “mom” is near but acknowledges knowing about it; & refusing to do anything to stop it. [the cognition from the outside that: you must know what it is, and this seems to imply not talking about it happening or having happened]

-one set of this victim’s initials is/r J.P.


[part two.]

Aside: from cited: lecture [a&a]

terminology: “working addict” versus terminology? non-


[part three. regular intel]

cited: which, what,

Where the

[cue checks] heck is [call it, is possible?] t.c.; it is for sure connected to “s.k.”

DJ homicide notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 53018

tag[s]: homicide investigations, … possible identities that are deceased.; LGBTIQ hate crimes, continued; continuous mortem

[also in this form: DJhomicidenotes53018]


… has a tumultuous relationship with mother, and remembers having many parents; but can’t remember them all that clearly; primary mother at time of homicide kisses D.J. on the lips repeatedly; and D.J. feels  D.J. is cheating on somebody

-However D.J. can’t remember who D.J. is dating; and of what gender the person is.

D.J. is unsure of her own gender, and sexuality; but mostly identifies as a man or as a he, and as being attracted to other men; but vaguely recalls being told she is female in some type of clinical setting,

-Mother identifies D.J. as both a romantic partner and also her child.

-D.J.’s main identity feature that she or he can recall is adhering to racist principles; and is unsure of his race; and so starts, telling his mother, that she/ D.J. is White; D.J. is afraid of others finding out what her /his real race is or might be, even if it is White.  [Mother believes D.J. is lying about race, and on purpose; and is not D.J.’s regular mother … escalating matters of danger.][How might regular be best construed in this context ]

-Has more than one set of initials similar to the C.C. case; … or perhaps which may not be abnormal: another set of D.J.’s initials are K[i].P[a].

-Doesn’t remember having any identification forms or cards or that sort of thing;

-investigation of hate crime/D.J.’s homicide leads to false arrests throughout time; where regular protocols are ignored of crime clearances; which back-dates D.J.’s actualized attempted [s] homicide … to back to before when there was an actualized militia response even alongside imposters of militia; D.J. has nowhere to uh “call” for help, when in actualized danger

D.J.’s racist ideology at the time of her/his death was at least: don’t mix with other races, …; stare at people who have a different skin color than oneself; look down on others’ housing situations especially when they don’t look like yours … D.J. recalls learning these “principles” from some:person who was like his/her father; and D.J.’s primary parent … and this father don’t demonstrate to D.J. that they know one another; his/her father is also something like a serious romantic partner to D.J.

-life/lives seem really long to D.J. in perspective of D.J. like centuries long; in known or guessed impairments to functioning: D.J. feels that he/she is missing words in hearing as others are speaking, … and a portion of such words; sound a foreign tongue that D.J. can’t comprehend; he/she also has a hard time recalling certain things from memory; … however; it might be the case point in criminology: that D.J.’s hearing might be changed by the point of death/homicide; and so then death point: date, period can be caught through such change in hearing. Nevertheless; D.J. is able to hear, most portions of conversations; as long as the environment isn’t too noisy, … or loud; not just competing loud

New Insertions {But tracked} :The Hint to another form of Time-Travel

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Sub-heading: C.C./T.K.  m. investigation, basic communication notes

continued to 52618

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: |^

tag[s]: bile notes

[also in this form: Ct526]



Evaluated at L-Q social gathering re-enactment/non-re-enactment i.e. memory engagement:

-Unspoken staring again; like those around C.C./T.K. know something about especially C.C. [what is it, if it is]

-if could go back in time to more directly communicate with C.C./T.K. and tell to avoid those that stare that way & steer toward those that don’t. [like back-in-time [from actualized, actually actualizing] militia voice-over.]





Part Two. Lecture pinnings

“drunkenness” versus drinking

Basic literary difference: describe in utilis-ability

paraphrased: missing knowledge -à equivalent to “drunkenness”   ?

“ritual” linked to habit of substance

Query: where does “ritual” become like its cousin virtual





The People of the Horizon …

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The People of the Horizon …

The New cited: Mormon Story … Review Notes from

Untitled (2)

cited: Dawson’s creek in brief segments; & cited: My So-Called Life

theme: without remembering or remembering but re-seeing or seeing the rest of the shoe; sorry? Show.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 52518

tag[s]: show reviews … sexuality peekings, and reviews from culture of another constellation?, criminology through the movie/show stream … , fashion innuendos , regular enough reality inclusion to personal connected narrative for comprehension through personalization which is further development of personals such as; personas … ; cinema explanations of divorce ; like from like almost like like that like fictional like

[also in this form: Review Notes from]


Source, citation: [through youtube], as accessed on 52518


in the beginning; is it a far travel? …

with a whole universe in just eye’s view; my god; is cited: Dawson, or Shiva ?

he says; he doesn’t want her to get m:  “the wrong idea:”

and then the trigger memory; is that they are already having Sex? or not; and do you think that isn’t just a cover not for Sex …, but for … uh? [who is they and how many theys relevant are there]

She and Dawson are more than , that …

Then brunette returns to Old Lady that looks very manly … no offense: or maybe it’s not the brunette that returns to Old Lady …  is it the matching in incest like appearance Blonde and is that those two or three live together? Uh, can’t recall that Well; as in draw a well.

So the main objective is: even when it is a location?

Who is cited: Dawson [Creek] of the already seen list; or the upcoming seen list: it’s

The blond Dude;

and can you see the signs of LGBTIQ love; because I can; and what are they … besides the manly appearance of the old lady; how about the clothing … I mean sure I dressed that way as a young girl or adult lady; but I was born gender deviant; and like all deviances that’s how we got men in robes; so thank me or this fashion demonstration of cross-dressing. Bug, you can wear pants underneath.
and what about the romantic closeness for however old they are supposed to be: sure that can happen in childhood; but as a usual habit; that seems at this level of closeness in uh romance; inaccurate as a depiction of childhood; …

the Old Lady is at least! wearing a skirt … what do you think about Brunette: Joey’s name combined with her movement form in running … ? what if we looked deeper and this were concealed portions of a surveillance video from Constellation like uh … G [what is that]

the language hardly sounds like English tho’ we do hear spoken English; the house looks just like the set of that cited: Maverick thriller … of course; there can be re-usings of set or something; but that’s a large piece of Universe connected in movie cues to war service, and all the when; bet especially Bert escalated around this upcoming war holiday.


The most interesting thing in this review brief viewing access: is how un-interesting the adults’ lives seem [even unrepresented adults and in this segment brief]; I don’t know about you; but my life has only become more interesting and not less as an adult; although my childhood life was heavily romantically induced and I’m not sure if that’s really what made it that interesting …

The Main Characters as basic drama review [in this brief segment]:  [please the obvious; correlates to identity recognition without necessary regular personal characteristics think is this really how his expression manifests]

Old Lady or Old Lady Skirt

Brunette “Joey”

Blonde appearing almost like a sister in appearance and appearance interaction but not interaction to main Blond “Dawson”  [“Creek”]

A mystical backdrop universe   … “dawson” ?


The Main Effects in Criminology

The Environment around (cited : )Dawson’s house is important even considering wealth; it’s too encompassing to mean wealth; rather it means entropy in catching crime … no joke;

Markers to look for: incest? Hate crimes toward adults who aren’t that elderly or are elderly; picketing wealth despite earnings …

theme: uh, how do you get that; … catch unjust crime.

theme music citation: cheryl blossom teen idle


Part Two. The Correlative Relational Theory of how regular romantic even rumored uh “love” is not in sync with criminology according to this brief segment of … cited: My So-Called Life

Source, citation: [through youtube] as accessed on 52518


He loves her despite the “flaws” her “flaws”

How about you; do you love all of here; despite the many injustices that have existed and or do exist; and hopefully not [my opinion] will exist. [all of here can also mean expansively the horizon-s’ interaction with you, the people of the horizon, etc.]


Literature Review from 17: In personal empowerment from the direction of him: and the feeling of his “love” toward the object “her”

Uh, Drama Theory: His reality interaction [like even in his mind is a reality and reality interaction]

seems to imply that a “her” or even anybody can only be loved if they were “flaw” –ed. In reality interaction; we always? have the diving Divine intersection; and so try telling whoever is God-Divine that; a comparative “he” will only let those be loved [applied more expansively] in his personal spectrometer attempt at existence trajectory if they are “flaw”-ed and possibly in romantic relationships [at least!] that’s we have …

Divorce. & that does not mean, that Divorce is illegal. Instead; if you aim to become non “flaw”-ed in actuality; you may not be uh … according to this “him” or others like him: people of the horizon or rather current, past [most] people of the horizon … able to experience my god “love” like even holy …

Self “love”

Where personal empowerment meets assessment of actualized and actualizing time-traveling reality: the travail.

That Canadian Homicide, Continued …

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[also in this form: That Canadian Homicide]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 52318

tag[s]: criminology notes, and brief notes … , poverty crimes



Date: 51818

theme: like the movies  …


-a body of water

-stuff (personal) stolen prior to his homicide

-feels forced to date

-reminder: strongly identifies as “religious”

-seen trains

-family of dated is from California or claims to be

-someone in dating family; in that family; somebody has some type of developmental order

-is not comfortable with women [why?]

-in a paucity of wealth