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Summaries, continued.

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Summaries, continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 72618

tag[s]: stream analysis and criminology and patrol through streams, removed [as in from a removed distance], abuse analogies: public welfare,


Source, citations: black dahlia & I, Tonya

This, is a landscape view; and the voice organization matches this hypothesis of vie,w.

Connecting dot; to current politicals.

Then the entry of the actual dialogue of political pieces.

[Sounds like a translated version; though in our uh here’s primary tongue][Especially [sounds this,] noticeable at the insertion of the opposite gender]

So far; repeated cue is: fight

Another connecting dot: to current culture, at present.  There are a lot of folks in the park; even for a scheduled event; at this level of people in a park; perhaps at any-time; think the modern-euro novel, patrol cues; tell you for sure; that (everyone) is or will be, homeless (on, the street). No matter, what anyone says; criminological confirmed cues; are unbreakable in knowledge. It’s for sure that it will at least happen; will it be cured?

At the point that it is frozen, the cited: dvd, look at what this image reveals. Though dressed similarly, uh, almost implied; perhaps they will change the bottom half [to matching style]; don’t the two women by comparison look in a different, numerically earlier time? And this romantic like interaction almost looks brother and sisterly; foreshadowed by her earlier conversation by cue hints. And likely the “common” view-r would ascribe their slant in difference of attire to class; but is it. IN an another connection, the speech of cost connected to police work has something like just passed/happened. Couldn’t tell you this for sure, though since this cited: DVD skips in function.


At this point; the cited: DVD, stopped working.


Zdr: second movie [so far]; cues: marriage, and child-rearing, specific culture form, matching cue from the previous movie: killing animals, … and then, the correspondingly like love story [cited: love story] and then the matching financial cue,



Back to this movie’s cues; since the last one cut out:

Beating, reports and corresponding denials, …

So we have a circumference of abuse, … based on footage within the scope of the movie

Which correspondingly connects the abusers; the abusers [so far] are: mom, boyfriend, the rest of the skating community, … and also includes all of the rest of society (through time? not sure about this [the time extent] part)) and coach, who doesn’t do enough to stop the abuse.

theme: I love mom, for how long? (until) it’s a different mom, and-or

theme music citation: Foster the People, Houdini




The Dead Lady

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[also in this form: UntitledThe Dead Lady]

Today’s art notes in brief: How to stop odor invasion at local Soup Kitchens

for The Death Project in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date: 5418

tag[s]: criminology and art, future and publications on cited: Amazon , trash art, the day of italics, the death project


  1. What happens if somebody sits next you as you are doing a murder investigation or several; and smells really bad; more than a normal body could, … and you are deployed as homeless; so your eating options are not many; … what if it’s not just a regular militia deployment; but an advanced militia deployment which lasts in phases until regular society stops lying to a certain level of component; that could take forever; while you continue to clean up their mess, and they pretend they’ve always been doing that: cleaning up their own messes
  2. Somebody else hands you an orange; and of course it’s the component of non-stench, …

cited: for the next rum’s theory, whenever that comes to work; and cited: voicethread




You squish her the lump refuse form down; and she has turned into a dead lady mummified; who killed her among pepper and salt packets and orange peels just in now my usual cited: rum’s theory tradition, … She is both a casket and a mummy; heirloom-ed by a vine growing near a federal building? known as the post office; you smoke near her, and people still want a piece of her, after and past her death; soon she rises dead and rides on the bus; maybe it’s the bus driver that killed her?

theme: piece of, her

theme music citation: Britney spears, piece of me

  1. See slides 31-40 for speed exhibition made: put together quickly, while mostly at the soup kitchen prior to meal; from this link (cited: voicethread)


The T.K. case so far

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[also in this form: The T]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4218

tag[s]: the death project, investigations continued, fiction or not, the laws of dead

theme: the virtual image to the side of my head

theme music citation: frou frou let go

[How is this part possible. You are on Earth;] … and you have an assigned house; that you haven’t yet earned and haven’t yet earned in your long er future.  You are not sure who the real owner is; and so it’s almost like stealing. The house is very large; and likely too large in the future of modern culture for one person that does not also or at least work in it; or out of it.

But you still have a job.  The job offers compensation. The first person that hires you at the job is the opposite of your gender and after you get the job; or it’s your job; so after you start your job; that person disappears. & is not replaced right away.

In Investigation Units: On surveillance tapes; the first thing I would do, since everything else like this so far is hanging aire; is locate where the … that first person hiring is [or went to, was].

Regular awareness: when you get hired; the person[s] in the hiring process; has-have access to all of your information if even they are illiterate; and singularly or singular [one group] plural-ly, especially if you didn’t buy your house or its contained equivalent [that is no other group other than yourself yet in your working time has this access].


Next, the main person: you;  … gets a same gender boyfriend; which isn’t abnormal then or minority relations then; and that he has nothing in common with; his boyfriend doesn’t work, money in access doesn’t exist; his boyfriend doesn’t have a place to live and this is before homelessness has turned to a social cause to clear especially problems of entropy and its mandated ethics.


He stays over some times, and is especially affectionate. Hint: when you [the main lifer] tell him your name he doesn’t seem to understand, but he seems to understand you in other ways.

One day you meet his dad; and he rapes you when the lights go out. The lines are gray [back then] because rape is your form of sexual practice; except it’s not exactly rape. So what does that mean.

Shortly after, you are dead.

Usually as of now, in prediction models of the future: you are dead in an unjust way, and then before you die you start to be raped because you will die; but the death in an unjust way never has to come, and so this is one way to stop being raped.


The day you die, you are wearing a very flamboyant outfit in flamboyant coloring its part of your compensation at your work; clothing and such; and you have been to work. But as all the clichés say you leave early. There is a celebration.


Your death was planned; it’s better put: but I don’t want to take away your power over yourself: your murder was planned without you noticing. The perpetrators all these years later remember you though none of them are particularly attentive to others and in general.

They were so far, collected: Your boyfriend,

Some lady who you saw on your way to work a few days a week; who knew your boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s dad

Your sister who said he was your brother; that you couldn’t recall prior to your death

[and so far other, several other characters]

Research Interests: Memory after death of victimization; what is in significance changed immediately. Of course you might want to define the size of static immediately, first. [or something]


Ethical Interactions of Investigation:

Primary Investigators receive visual recordings that are mildly interactive with their reality function to assess and examine more details of your life prior to your murder; and they then collect pertaining to each investigator relevant observations and data.


Future Continuing Conversations …

How the dead [in dead body or perhaps more sensibly turning to dead body ] through victimized murder are treated after they are killed by their perpetrators and does this transfer to a new recollection?

More evidence for … you have that feeling.


Bell & Brother

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Pretend all the variables in this death project exercise are fiction

tag[s]: the death project, interesting patrol notes, and writing assessment completions.

The David Bell & Lily Hawley, Incident

for the death project in/of The Fictional VolunTier Project.

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 3.27.18

[also in this form: Bell]


Upon the incident of a flyer labelled “David Bell” with this information released to the generic public it was scene in the public setting where the flyer with David Bell was released in knowledge to the public; the Hawley family from Uranus, showed up in relational time connected to the release of the flyer: and then started acting peculiar.

Though it, the scene is in a public setting: but privately owned; the Hawley family showed up piece-by-piece pretending not to know each other; but each distributing a projection onto the other un-related to him as if primarily it is/was his wife.

When the other projected upon this way, doesn’t respond in a familial-type relation; because for example: it’s not related to the projector and-or unfamiliar with; each Hawley demonstrates threatening behavior. To use Father Hawley, also known as Chrissy Hawley; publicly, as an example: if one in such a David Bell triggered response denies Chrissy Hawley his hallucinated, non-usefully and projection relation:

Chrissy Hawley begins to stalk them; calls a pseudo police of his relatives on the person[s]; pretends they have warrants out for their arrest, tries to rape them; forces them to undergo virtual torture of carrying excessive weights on each of their limbs and belongings; essentially forcing them to pull and push every body in the world’s belongings and bodies around; as if the person projected onto were a trans-mutative escalator; and-or an old school slave.


Of course what is claimed by them to be an entirely racially Black-Jewish family by itself: the Hawleys; dna tests verify the addition of also other non-navajo & non-asian varieties in this family; is known for the murder of their daughter Lily Hawley; who was murdered at one of her friend’s houses on Earth by two boys; both of she planned to have sex with in a highschool type orgy. It turns out the two boys were her two friends that were presenting as girls to Lily and used a virtual program to conceal their gender to Lily; with the consent of her parents. Lily, who was reported to be 15 at the time: her death; but looked much older non-virtually, was hit over the head by one boy; when the other lost his temper as she was smoking a cigarette and grabbed her wrists in a violating way, so the surveillance videos demonstrate.

She died shortly after being hit; and afterwards both boys sniffed her underpants; it turns out when questioned by a false police force; they believed that killing Lily would result in them becoming a new gender : non-virtually, female. Neither was arrested; but both were charged a singular gender unjust homicide; and including Lily the entire segment of that Hawley clan is charged with unjust societal rape.

It turns out that one of the boys was and still is named David Bell.

At present David and his brother are stalkers of the cited: C.I.A. around that public released trigger scene; and believe though charged that they in actual: killed the leader of the cited: C.I.A. because she is betrothed in rumor to somebody (as named in at least Saturn) from a different Hawley rumored Black-Jewish clan. Their interaction cues are then used to penalize more unjust crime.

Perhaps the reason Bell & brother have not been arrested; is because it’s believed by the rumored betrothal party also known as the head[s] of the cited: C.I.A. ; that Lily Hawley’s existence just wasn’t particularly anything.

In asteroid and or astro physics you might: still Lily either through virtual semblance and-or in the moments prior-to and-or built by the prior-to actions of her life [prior-to] [her murder].



The Intrinsic, Part Two.

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[and also in this form: and though]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 32618

tag[s]: criminological investigations and communication, deployments partially undercover revealed, more on art theory, mathematics advanced the rest of the solution, verity of investigations






and though [from the 1st scene – drawing] intrinsically to the scene-[1st], the question is rather a director.

Primary Source Citation, again and its belonging to it photographs of problem: Primary source: HOCUS-FOCUS, by Henry Boltinoff, Daily Post, Thursday, 3, 22, 18 p. 33


[photograph of primary source citation]


[photograph of primary source citation]

Part Two. Person Number four, identified; in pornographic image.

We might want to re-examine the definition of what constitutes a, pornography [at some point].

It’s the “librarian” [which one] that stalks a bunch of operatives around and works at the main branch on Alma Street of Menlo Park, CA. I know you wouldn’t believe me if I told you; but at first I thought it was someone else who I saw during my deployment in the Hartford, Connecticut area; following someone else around; he’s often in the Menlo Park, CA Alma Branch library; announcing he’s the owner [perhaps especially to me and other owners of it]; and I believe I’m one of the owners and not him; in any case that’s a long haul to follow me around in all the way, from the deployment in Hartford, CT to here my bay area, home area: zone [i.e. longest residing thus far, zone]. In any case, I’ve often caught him viewing and saving pornography as I’ve already reported [doing such that he is in the public library]; and trust me it’s not for investigation that he’s been viewing and saving it on public computers.  But instead it’s the, that “librarian” disguised as a woman; with a revealing top.

So for the extent of this posting’s context: what constitutes pornography: you are [in:] not in personal sexual activity; and you have revealed not on accident; but in a consented photograph to the image of the public: &or such recording variety: an opening of into extended appearance of the parts/proportions of your own body [only that which you can consent to] that are most often witnessed in use of sexual activity of any binding sexuality. I think that’s enough of a qualification context for now.

Communication regarding pornography investigation that just happened to come up: for verification, provided such:


theme: boat markers

theme music citation: filter take a picture


Recognizing people, continued.

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[also in this form: Recognizing people]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 32518


tag[s]: pornography investigations, continued …  semblance connections of identity, actual militia law and not some hallucination that martial law isn’t a person: being, art form


date, started or something, regularly dated: 32218 to today, and irregularly dated I think 2013 till now


Part One.  What to do

When  you see a rest-spot  stalker-in public; and more  common-sense  approach; you hear the stalker describing an assessed and highly skilled group can’t for example complete a basic [and on average outside of any other exempt or special conditions] task; and making such announcement repeatedly in public in front of a comprehending group.

Especially; when the local “police” and “militia” don’t work in exacting the comprehension of assessment.

Create a system of law: legality; that stays un-tainted in the verity of the announcer and or rest-spot stalker.

The idea of the stalker is that he/she stalks people who are deployed as homeless; and during especially their rest times, and so he/she has come into a power; like a non-useful hallucination; and can thus speak up; because there are people resting on the street.

So deployed as homeless is not the same thing as homeless for another reason; and in either case harassing others of such existence circumstance when actually in such circumstance;  is illegal;

But why is it illegal especially with a nonsensical local “authority” force that is unable and incapable to do a thing effective.

Well, in order for one to speak against such a combined population; you must be able to out-perform it in all such exact circumstances; that’s where the level of speaking against comes from; and-or the beginnings of elite criminal immunity.

In the same case by:  saying that another and or overlap group who has an executive skill ability over the differentiation of some basic societal need; is instead a defunct non-functional deformed unreliable group; you must be in your lie able to actually replicate their skill performance under their same conditions of performance. Otherwise, you are headed to the actual form of illegal stalker charge; whose voice will never have any valor like recognition in actualized non-hoax militia.


In addition; deployments such as those encumbered in asset in the fact of homelessness; though perhaps or hopefully,

[yes, that’s what this asset is called]

Only temporary; offer others the housing they have; it’s great in hoax to assume that all such stalkers and such types are actually earning their way of existence; and-or have; but it’s more worthwhile to consider the only reason there has ever been a housing, basic needs and or such type of problem in society, is because not all of those in such habitations are actually meeting the criteria for the completion of the earning of such entropy; as in even with inheriting trust funds; they haven’t done much.

The conception of a church’s day that lord is all bounty; is fanatical when dealing with compromises of modern day physics; and the pretense; that your parents are actually producing what they have spent. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be the wealthiest person in the world at 36 years and a half years old [never living off of the inheritance from my real family]; in the part of the economy now phasing out cash and deployed as a homeless person; while the very church that I own falsely accuses me of theft; and refuses to follow cited: c.i.a. mandates regarding feeding and all such conceptions of that term from the church donation bucket.

Raul or whatever name you are using today and bald-dude and old lady; as I already told you you are under international federal arrest for not complying with the mandated law and not some made up hoax law by some hallucinating wannabe “militia” force. Back then, there was no safety in the world. It’s not like you have the experience to prevent all unjust crime.

And incorrectly bold speaking stalker you are also under federal arrest.


Part Two.  I had to study the pornography mailer again; to do my job … uh, and assess who else in that firs- list I know, and it’s better put don’t know but was assigned to knowledge of as part of my job and this is then further assessment;


Two more identified: [delayed reports; not exactly I just received this mailer]

One is my ex-husband’s at least then main mechanic disguised I would presume as a woman, with an opening front top; as all four women feature in this mailer,

The other is the publicly announced wife of a man that was on staff at the  strict catholic supplementary graduate school I went to; and where several people including myself had to report him, I however did not have this information then ; I had to report him for threats of rape-like homicide and general yet divisive non-regulated unethical gossip which of course can lend itself to heightening and escalating unjust danger from an “authority” figure;  the woman posed such was reported to additionally attend another graduate program at this school; and also to work with children,

… [with the third identified yesterday, I have yet one more to identify]

Part Three. To recover in art form,

Meet my new friend “Natasha” who I couldn’t afford to buy a meal before; or not quite I could; well, who I couldn’t fit into my life before when following a budget for the same cost I could have afforded a much larger regularly utilizable bag; and so I would have thought of “Natasha” later, when my budge-t expanded upon a paid promotion;

In any case, she might make it to the clothing closet: where she will fit inside all of my homeless bags; holding exactly what I need in that size; in the homeless life; and others like “Natasha” do make it there; I guess she might meet more friends like herself or of her type of persona.


cited: TJ Maxx [accessed on 32518]

theme: martial law

theme music citations: st. lucia elevate / Eminem my name is




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for The Fictional VolunTier project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, continued as left off from yesterday’s posting: 32218

tag [s]: reading notes, spiritual development underpinnings, criminology sequence cues? from reading para … analysis, the spirit work out of item-thoughts, spiritual art theory

[also in this form: What if the bag were a Being]



Primary Source Citation: (as brief skimmed of) Sophie Kinsella (by); Shopaholic & Sister

What if the bag were a Being.

“reflection” of bag is compromise or is subjugation for lust; and-or what might be known as lust : instead of staring at another Being ; you are now evaluating the/ a bag.

Basic notes: underline[s] added in quoted text for emphasis

“I lead her off the main high street, away from the pedestrianized shopping precinct, and turn left down a cobbled side road. As we walk, I hitch my Angel bag on my shoulder, admiring its reflection in a shop window across the street.”

Also sounds like an advertisement for cited: V.S.


criminology cues: “lead her off …”

“ … main high street” in the perspective of the perhaps potential perpetrator outside of regular reading context; what is considered by the such it is; “main” part of this “high street”

& the answer: “ … the pedestrianized shopping precinct … ” = (in perspective of …) “ main high street”

Then of course perhaps that is of course we have the sign and or present/current marker of what “off” looks like and or presents as:

“ … cobbled side road …” = (in the comprehended sight of the …) “… off the main high street …”


Other thoughts to consider:

Will the bag/ a bag; work as a subjugation of lust and thus, then further: spiritual development; in the context of cited: v.s. artistic promise; it seems it’s an utilizable motif: conception.

So target marker: killing goal: reforming and or transforming and or correcting: lust

(think of synonymous inklings of lust)

Modality-ized to a bag’s purposed sight;

Perhaps an incision into the reason for art development: examination.