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That Canadian Homicide, Continued …

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[also in this form: That Canadian Homicide]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 52318

tag[s]: criminology notes, and brief notes … , poverty crimes



Date: 51818

theme: like the movies  …


-a body of water

-stuff (personal) stolen prior to his homicide

-feels forced to date

-reminder: strongly identifies as “religious”

-seen trains

-family of dated is from California or claims to be

-someone in dating family; in that family; somebody has some type of developmental order

-is not comfortable with women [why?]

-in a paucity of wealth



C.C. investigation case, continued & the new species: of adults who never moved past functional childhood in any facet of function [which is not C.C./J.R. but this former of the former is brought up by this investigation]

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for The Death Project in the/for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 42218

tag[s]: f.b.i investigations, and the death project funeral reality notes, security notes, criminology


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[also in this form: CCJR42218]


[perhaps not un-connected]

  1. to f. r. are all reporting encumber-ment by at least person who is not clearly noticed as either main gender, approaching them from behind or the side behind; before they notice. & at times even when they remember to check; switching to checking other sides, the person suddenly appears; smiling at them in an unfriendly way; and sometimes asking them obvious questions.  theme: c.i.a. modality each individual and or such like being even a tree might benefit from all around sight surveillance and alarm

Examples of obvious questions are not: Is today Tuesday; do you think it’s about noon?

Examples of obvious questions are at a marked bus spot: Are you waiting for the bus?


[2] || [back to main case:] Some-what like tribal style but not really of it; C.C. had sequential families some of who knew about one another; and others that did not. C.C. was taught this was normal to the recollection of C.C. through C.C.’s  first family.


The second family is Mormon; and not in biological and or biological adopted relation to C.C.

[to C.C./J.R.’s memory]  C.C./J.R. is actually of another non-Mormon yet more functional family.

At present, … know: that C.C. belongs to roughly [at least] three families: the one as described last time, the Mormon lowly functional family, and C.C.’s actual family.

The second family:  has changed C.C.’s name and hidden any sign of C.C. identifying with the female gender. At this point, C.C. is not sure if C.C. still feels male [review investigation’s previous phase notes]. The name changed is more traditionally male and is qualified as J.R. in initials. During this period C.C. is told to stay in h.s. [high school] permanently and to keep lying about age; because that’s how the first and second families, but not the regular family qualify for shelter. [Told by relations in the 1st and 2nd families]

Main stand-out societal themes from this investigation: what does gender have to do with the murder,

and it the murder is tied to current on-going deployment group status of deployed to cure non-functional homelessness [esp. on the streets, but not just]

Death theme: Perhaps if you desired to be traditional you might cue charge and connect the C.C./J.R. murder to homelessness; and see what you discover, this would be a method to commemorate C.C./J.R.’s past life; which at present time qualification is just below functional [and so far]; but this could change; how so? Think quantum physics.

[3] |||

As a result of the compliance of the lie about age; at now a sequential in graduating order h.s. in the same rough area, the second non-functional Mormon family; has assigned J.R. a dating partner; who J.R. does not like. They are sexually active; and both are genital males. J.R. is forced to pay for the dates entirely, and also to hang-out with the dating partner’s family at their house. During these hang-outs J.R. feels threatened by especially the parents of the dating partner; and often excuses himself to leave.


At present: so it seems that these  [are some of the] were additional relevant events preceding J.R./C.C.’s death: homicide.


Red flags: J.R./C.C. is unsure where the money for the dates comes from; since J.R.’s second group of parents don’t have much; despite living in a higher income area than J.R./C.C’s first group of parents. J.R./C.C. is handed a card on date nights; and is requested to withdraw a cash amount from something such as an ATM; with a name on the card; that J.R./C.C. can’t remember or recall.


The fact that J.R./C.C. can’t remember or recall the name is not the red flag; but rather why he can’t remember is the additional red flag or internal red flag to the red flag[s].

After 2nd Triangle brief analysis: Rumor Notes: Rumor that “Mormon” communities hand-out housing for free only while they have people in high-school;  and where do they go next? After all the kids/people finish and or graduate? [Request to provide a validation check that this has happened; and is still happening]

Why might this be problematic? Despite the regular practice in society of religious benefits.


What are general quick notes that should be assessed of what and how might this be fixed:

Even within tribal families with multiple parents and parent-types: children must pass a regular cited: D.N.A. test or something of that nature to be in qualified development category of children and-or young

Housing must be assigned based on need access however to not just children; as adults too need housing

With regard to H.S. [high school] other people despite and beside children may be attending h.s. curriculum at any point; and even in repetition when development of this curriculum needs more burgeoning but perhaps not alongside children in most cases; and also not within the restriction of no housing; and as a result must pass a development needs basic external assessment by qualified authorities.  The point is that unless physically retarded to the point of still looking not young but as children; does not qualify and  does not pre-qualify one into a cited: Peter Pan like unending child benefit syndrome; where of course it is rumored that the fictional character received almost no such benefits of being a child, and then developed at the same time paranormal supernatural qualities; because he had not or was she anything wrong done.


[You should consider yours …] [My connected / to the victim’s at least 1st and 2nd families] Personal Factors and Triggers: When I was a child as a child deployed, I had to non-stop work of/f society’s collected debt without living off of my trust fund; and while starving because adults around me just felt like never growing up and that their children from some past and non-historic generation shouldn’t have to do too much or anything at all; those same people hold this same attitude today; just with a lot more non-reformed criminal warrants out for their arrests based on sequential torture actions; this is known now as the child P.O.W. code and is the real life version of cited: Peter Pan not syndrome but re-told fictional experience in the regular reality version.

The story of “cop” [part two]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41318

[also in this form: In the vortex of time]

tag[s]: combat cues, investigations, and … investigations of pornography and “local police departments” how much is the contraband connection

In the vortex of time; or seeing the vortex of time:

Imagine you had met this, then people as [in lifetimes]

They had moved into a many new houses for such a small number of people … perhaps they seemed “off” somehow in a way that kept you thinking: how odd that at this exact time such people would get so many houses.

Perhaps you wondered who approved this or such; and when you asked; as I did at approximate 7 years old newly deployed in the Bay Area: how does one deploy as a 7-year old? Before it was really known as the progression which it finally established an approx. just short of twenty years, later:

They said the U.S. Government gave it to us or rather, them; in your, or rather my, name; …

yeah, right.

You mean they took a bunch of P.O.W. [s] or more than a bunch of P.O.W.s

hostage and-or as P.O.W. [s] and then took their housing.

First of all in exchange terrorism; and one way to convert terrorism to holy terrorism; what are-is the converting group willing to temporary+ly bargain with.

Second of all; how does anybody take any capacity actualized warriors hostage and-or as P.O.W. [s], otherwise. It isn’t.

So the answer is exchange terrorism.

In any case, they went on; attempting to make other foreigners to this country … what? [look bad?]

They said … the government was so happy that they were in this country now [and so was giving them everybody’s housing.]

In any case: when I was doing my brief cited: f.b.i. investigation as the covered up image shows [upcoming, or soon]; the “cop”

note again for here at least cop does not equal = “cop”

was all layered up in weapons eating alongside

the non-uniformed wearing militia forces in regular terms of uniform …

theme: while I chew gum

Street signs on cross-sections

are currently not in such; because of the severe threat their impersonators have put my life in [uniform];

theme: oh my go! I’m significant?


while the actualized militia was eating during their sanctioned eating time.



Just today [the day after] I found this “cop” in what you might as well call case files …

and disguised as a woman; and here’s the image covered up [upcoming].

What do you suppose is the charge? If you are an actualized militia member what if parts of your body-image/image are used for societal testing; I think this testing would likely provide those deserving such in society: more protection. So how could you be charged. You couldn’t.

But in the case of this “cop” disguised as an over-sexed female; we would rather need to test how much protection such an image provided; or more likely how much it: the image of this “cop” distributed in this variety, stole from those deserving protection in society [and, yes it was a male “cop”]


The 1950s reputation-game widens in attack: It’s shocking to consider that people would be posing as militia members to live off the actual reputations of real militia members.

So in conclusion; I’d bet on it: this is that “cop” location witnessed.

Here’s the “cop” not too disguised impersonating being a woman.




Q: What? There are cited: C.I.A. operatives with your name and image?  The Demise of Society, Announced.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also in this form: Q]

theme: [bad art? Is still art?]


theme music citation: lady gaga born this way

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: aptitude building for those interested in operations and operational structure performance; space ops. in non-fiction?; and is this fiction?; criminology complexities; filing reports; hiding tactics

While the publishing work goes on;

& that just means; that lots of people are trying to kill me while my next publication is working on getting done [why? So they can keep pretending they are its author as the usual pretense]; I have limited computer use hours; because the librarians would rather just pretend what they aren’t: librarians.


It’s interesting today I got a report that somebody had died named?

The report showed me that at the time of the person’s death; the person wasn’t sure if my name and work were really mine and then decided that; the person didn’t want to believe that my name and work were mine; or his dad: incidentally who helped kill him.

His dad started to follow me around threatening me with murder and I had to put a bunch of people under arrest in the severest form of arrest currently available from a real-life vantage point; while his dad kept threatening me assuming that none of the people under arrest including the person dead in the report before the point of time of his death: who is now under arrest; then, were him [the dad].


He then called me retarded and showed me printouts of somebody’s work with my name and image who has the highest iq I believe it’s reported to ever be and uh started/born this iq with; which he was convinced was him. He then rode around in my private transportation and continued to insult me; as somebody who looked like me called out uh cited: c.i.a. calls; while local “bus drivers” laughed; and old ladies told me no, don’t do that & fake cops hid out from their usual false patrols. The man then; or the deceased’s dad; then proceeded to call me the Cheesehead Budd-a; and I’m not sure but I think the first part of that refers to anti-Semitism and in his case is anti-Semitic [from him] toward … ; I’m not though Jewish other than culturally; but in any case the Jewish part is hardly relevant; believe it or not at this point; another man then started following me around and told me that I was a cited: Marine and I should go to jail [and as if the two are the same]; while I told both men that I had never spoken to them before [now]; and that I wasn’t exactly a cited: Marine. It’s possible I presume to complete cited: marine corps and other deployments from outside militia standpoints without most ever find-ing out that you are not actually a cited: marine. I think that sounds like that movie. But I’m not sure. Which one is it.


When I looked or rather glanced at the work he showed me; it was some of the work I produc-ed every=day;

He then shot at me repeatedly in case there was a match between me and this work of mine. I however didn’t die or need to go to the hospital for the shots.


He didn’t recognize like most of low aptitude and this is different from those attempting to [be] functional in mental retard-ism that if there is a cited: c.i.a. operative with your name, additional names, and virtual images; it’s not you.

& it’s a confession of this such operative’s identity and wealth you are living off of illegally [my gosh even using their name/names and other identity factors? Like photographs of them saying through the mail or email that’s you …]; while the operative is enmeshed in especially real-life deployments and enmeshed means temporarily constrained by the semblance as to be has real [or has been the case]; the same goes with or to all such deployed similarly even if they are not operatives.

What’s the point: if an operative is repeatedly threatened with arrest for their identity [you or a bunch of those people thinking it’s your and or their identity]; it’s confession of the above.

If an operative is repeatedly threatened with something else; a form of violence; it might be …

(a) The knowledge [belongs to … ] of the perpetrator completing an unjust crime


(b) The knowledge [belongs to … ] of the perpetrator completing a just crime


a) & b)



Instead of Gossip, Personal or rather work-related Crime Report; to be adjunct, ed in my next upcoming publication and-or book. [i.e. if I don’t get arrested for being uh, what is that they are saying: wrong for society]

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————————-by Goura Fotadar for The Fictional VolunTier Project on 12918———— [also in this form: Instead of Gossip]


Addressed Now: To the Superior Court of Santa Clara County

& also to the Attorney General & Civil Rights Unlimited Containers

& regarding the death of my primary deceased brother, and others like him; [send to, places where his identity is still being used illegally]

theme: are eugenics projects real; can the dead be revived? [non-fic? reality, sci-fi advantage]


  1. Eviction Detainer

First the eviction detainer is illegal. I left the property I was held hostage in; as is reported and caught in a report:

Here identified


While hostage still as of late 2016; when I called the court, they suggested that I stay on property longer since I needed to be handed a legal document to actually be evicted. IN addition I was not a renter on property; where I was nearly raped and also repeatedly threatened with violent death. Instead I was a no living wage worker; hoarded mostly in one room, where those who held me hostage, repeatedly requested my consent to the use of my brother’s identity, who was at that time verified to either be deceased in combat and or missing in action; they had however been using his identity in a form of heinous identity theft since he were a young child; and now as a member of the united states military likely dead, they were even getting married in his name; and honeymooning so. The situation of his identity theft had become very public with imposters of these hostage holders and their family and terrorist connections such as the cult they adhere to: known as Satya Sai Baba; repeatedly publicly arrested for using his identity and not just in the years that he deployed overseas.  Next the hostage holders reported to me that they were living off of compensation for my no living wage work and my birth trusts as they were also child kidnappers of me and my brother [at least as the reported and identified to me; apparently convicted that no consequence Correct existed for their actions Wrong]; and wanted power of authority over my identity also along with what they believe what were my doj clearances. They attempted a seize maneuver of me with the local corrupt police department in Santa Clara County; but I think it has been verified that I have criminal immunity or something; it’s not like I have the clear ability to verify this any longer[?] And or if such thing existence exista.

IN any case; the man that is named on the eviction detainer; attempted to rape me with his coordinating “wife” in the household in exchange while he used and dealt illicit drugs with his “wife” and their contacts. He then interacted repeatedly with an imposter of my brother’s identity as if it were still my brother and the imposter’s as reported by them newlywed wife; requiring that I also identify this imposter as my brother. I filed paperwork using the same name of my brother which this imposter I believe is still using; years past my brother’s death and pretending of all things to be a non-civilian militia member who served purpose of service in action to our country. Perhaps due to this and or due to the fact that I was being held hostage; the hostage holders especially the one of were put on repeat one day public arrests and followed around by a white vehicle in the neighborhood where they held me hostage; the other whoever the real cops are were looking for; but for some reason could not find? IN any case, I put myself on a protective hold indirectly by filing those papers and instead was informed that I was going to be court martial ordered for my service to this country as a veteran. I am however not a veteran of regular military service in this generation of regular combat war that was the brother they are still impostor-ing. The police were unable to seize me so they forced me to go with one of the hostage holders to a hospital where I was placed on the protective hold for protection to my own life; and additionally court martial ordered without my consent and illegally; the hostage holders then tried to claim that I was an alcoholic who suffered from bipolar disorder along with the main staff of the hospital and that I deserved to be institutionalized for life my career ended. Otherwise, the hostage holders wanted to change my career from leader of the cited: C.I.A. to a caregiver for them and others as they chose; somebody they described who could wash them or others. Though I found this suggestion to be preposterous; the hospital staff and their conductors believed this was a very reasonable request. They also believed that I was hallucinating that I were a writer; and that I had no self-established with company support of any such writing career. They continued to deny that I had attended college and or graduate school; and instead continued in a form of unjust retaliation that I were had been institutionalized my entire life; and that I had perhaps only been held hostage; because clearly I did not know how to hygiene myself. They evaded the situation of my brother’s identity theft; or that these hostage holders were child kidnappers of mine, and in fact not even my actualized and or in other variety real family. At the end of the c.m. I was let go; and found myself to an estate given five years of estate: church living for the homeless needing protection and or otherwise disenfranchised from mainstream society in some way despite the height of their performance or not; and the child kidnappers and the san jose police department followed me there; despite it says in your court record, giving me an eviction detainer [which I never exactly received in legal form; and only recently checked to see if anything such bizarre were up based on a feeling; how absurd] mandating me to leave the property I was on hostage on; and they [uh. who is.] attempted to have me gang-raped. This was very non-entertaining to me and I fled to the street for sovereignty in my own country in essentially victimized refugee status; where they police continued to barbarically manhunt me cross space from food stores and yes I’d bet you’d like to know using my now cited: e.b.t card; of course in hostage, I was starved to the convenience of my hostage holders. I forgot just one necessary criminal mention, that the hostage holders also decided to let me know that they had some of my original relatives and members of the military also hostage; in locations I wouldn’t guess; of course I could hardly remember most of my original family; since I had been kidnapped with my brother in final attempt at a very young age to my new assignment, you might call it; or ours.

IN the last many weeks to months [in reverse order], the police have attempted sometimes five to 10 seizes of me per day; and this is from city to city in a proximity distance. Many onlookers knowing that I am obviously not an internationally known unjust and otherwise qualified unjust terrorist have not understood why. Well, here is the reason why: I am born into the position of acting leader of the cited: C.I.A. along with some other organizations; I am responsible for all militia enactment since the time of my birth through the mystery of being a cited: C.I.A. operative. I for example must decide who actually makes it to staff on courthouse, fire departments, libraries, and police departments, and anywhere really. So you can see that I did not consent to hiring such “police officers” and want them fire-d and charged with genocide of my identity: race, education, career, other training, actualized family and relations, and my general efficacy in for example the world; something it is clear to every surveillance video where they especially stalk and harass me with all of their unwarranted weapons simply outperforms them. I also want your courthouse shut down, permanently; and all of your staff to never be re-hired anywhere. You have demonstrated in my opinion severe incompetence and unjust support of an unjust and faulty nonsensical “police departments” and such bogus “staff”. Their performance is a laughing and public joke; which I do not find funny at all; and an enormous insult to actual police officers and not just alone.


II> [1.24.18] Criminal Citation for being a “Public Nuisance” and-or also known as homeless outside.

On the early morning of one of the recent days after a thanksgiving feast for the homeless; the weather had turned back to rainy start season. Having been forced from my former two rest spots by the cited: Menlo park police department and and their defense of two people pulling a gun on me; as I mentioned I’m a cited: C.I.A. operative since birth and also hold other militia titles; though I am by practice a civilian and do not carry weapons.

I was under the front part of the roof of the post office on Hamilton [Palo Alto] due to rain conditions, and the “police” approached me twice under these circumstances. Officer Enborg/Enberg also approached me earlier at the cited: Palo Alto Public Library’s park while I ate my soup kitchen/charity soup at one of that specific in location library’s park benches. He said that somebody had called the police about a woman yelling near some bridge that I had never heard of; and his partner said to him that they needed to strip search me because I was too tall to be a woman.

It’s true my height has varied drastically throughout the course of my life; but I’ve had many severe violent injuries during the course of my life [I grew up in a heavily violent home where I was regularly violently beaten with weapons and jumped indoors]. When I thought of how absurd this was; the request of a strip search of me while I ate soup in the park, and as a homeless woman who earns approx. $0.10/year for my 10-15 hour workdays approx. 7 days a week; the “cops” continued with Enborg/Enberg wanting to know if I owed any money.

The police identified themselves as being exactly like the cited: Menlo Park Police Department; on that night and then on the night of Post Office Incident; the main cop: Enborg/Enberg admitted that he clearly believed and understood that sleeping in front of a Post Office meant that it was a federal building and this meant that I had lodging? He was so sure that this qualified as lodging that he wouldn’t stop yelling in my face at is it 1 something in the morning; while a small group of onlookers watched; when I negated his false definition of lodging; i.e. he attributed that he was sure that sleeping outside that I had my own property in that rest spot; and surely he was more intelligent than me; along with this time his two other partners.  When I told them that this spot absolutely did not qualify as a house as he was describing and that I was not indoors in rest-nights anywhere and with accompanying inside placed storage, he moved away, and continued; with the other homeless people in the area. But first him and his two coordinating staff were absolutely obviously sure in the dimwitted ness of what does not qualify them and or disqualifies them from any militia role inclusive of police officers; that there was an essence matter of my height to be determined and that the only thing that mattered in this interaction were if Enborg/Enberg were taller than me. If you don’t believe me check the surveillance tapes. It was among the most absurd police interactions I have ever not just witnessed but also been enforced to interact in. I don’t think the police officers in the area and authorities understand that despite being homeless on the streets, I work about 10-15 hours a day and for pennies per year. This is a major and significant issue when you disturb not just my life, but also my work and sleep schedule to tote your own ego in an intergender beauty competition with me; that first of all I have not consented to. Your local cops have a localized extreme version of non-focus and something like lustful attraction crush on me; when they can’t get me to provide them with sexual favors; for god’s sake I am not a hooker; and if even I were their solicitations of me in the many variety are getting out of control; with “Officer” Mazon’s [M.P. but since Enborg/Enberg claims you to be the same p.d.] attempt to get me to give him a blow job in public and I just ignored and moved on from that situation; otherwise he was going to issue me another citation. [If you don’t believe me listen to surveillance.]

I understand that I have been signed up for modeling since birth as an operative; some of the many public images of me reduced in variety to assemble to the regular public; and others displaying my exact appearance; with my name disguised most often; but you must understand that these revenue to charity for the public and are not my fault that my image is used to pay for uh things; and never actually my own expenses. This I believe is a situation involved with the regard of the local police officers who keep calling me other names as they approach me; and literally won’t leave me alone.  It’s dangerous when their lustful conditions term them to cite and stalk me as if I were a non-reforming criminal on-the run. Instead I earned California state sheriff several years ago; on my old job in emergency response dealing with suicide and homicide; and this was my last regularly paid position with low pay soon before I soon deployed myself as a homeless person and such; and all of this as a civilian-like and with no weapons. I think you don’t understand that I was told from a much higher up outside agency that this position goes with me; and I am non-sanctioned though actually hired in this position; that means I don’t carry a weapon. This makes me the boss of all police officers in the area especially; and not the other way around. I was further told that I am the only singular CA state sheriff; and that this will likely not change; in any case you are driving around in vehicles with literally one of my job titles on them; and without my consent; while you attempt to charge me as a criminal and arrest me. I wonder if you organized-ly understand the tier system of work; and how beneath me the local police are in work competence; and how much off of my work and identity they are living. If you don’t believe me about making this qualification and working this title alongside my other work; why not check surveillance recordings from my old job.

Back to the night of the citation; the night continued on with the three officers from where I could see slamming one body over and over again of somebody sleeping who were homeless outside that night; attempting to slam another body, and attempting to molest the third body. As a result, I got on the phone and called the local police station; who told me that I was not allowed to call the police station; and hanging up on me; I made the cops stop molesting and slamming bodies around me; and they then issued me a citation. [If you don’t believe me check surveillance videos.]

Additional charges for these “cops” and their phone response team: are requesting my brother’s identity for their work; now deceased my brother was in a militia role at the time of this death; and his identity has been severely experiencing severe identity theft for the past several years; and on-and-off his whole life. Days before another “cop” from your force was present asking me if he could use my brother’s identity to do a job that he didn’t deserve. I said no. In addition; I must add; that I was kidnapped repeatedly but as an operative and not as a regular child who experienced kidnapping taken away from my regular family in cited: c.i.a. operations; with one of my brothers to go into my assignment family; but the others including cousins went to other families. All of my relatives are in militia roles whether as civilians or not; and more than one of them of the regular militia in addition to higher militia have had and are still experiencing,

Identity theft; along with of course lots more victims and in general.

When I called the police station to ask them to please ask their cops to stop harming and harassing homeless people unjustly; they hung up on me as I might have mentioned. The next day they said that they were going to put me under arrest for using a police number at all; the same story as the Menlo Park Police Department. I don’t think you understand that my position puts me at the highest level of power of authority; and it goes the other way around in terms of arrest:  I want them under arrest for their unjust violence, stalking, and in general harassment of various freedoms. It has gotten past absurd. I also want you to understand that this form of power of authority is non-transferable. It means that if I were to for example die; it would go with me; and not to some local low level barely functional police department stealing from the public and Society, at least American in general; that I have never consented to hire as anything especially for god’s sake, cops.

I also want a work charge against these “police departments” and connecting “authorities” since they continue to infiltrate my work and hinder it; in addition to doing the same with my existence and identity.

Perhaps of even further scrutiny all three “officers” admitted to me on the night of citation; that they were on illicit substances; I am already attending recovery courses for other illicit drug users; and these are actually mandated to recover from addiction, unhealthy and-or illicit; I can’t be harassed by people posing as officers and not qualifying while they are on illicit drugs in the middle of the night and especially while homeless on the street; it is ungodly to start with and is highly criminal of them in the variety non-reforming to end with.

I am livid that despite these infractions from them and their coordinatings; that you would further request me to once again to show up in court again to deal with yet another faulty police department in another section of the faulty justice system, and while I receive no payment for such reporting work. How much of an infringement of my worker’s rights.


Signed Under Oath to the best of My Recollection,

And must be affirmed and verified by actualized consented to checks of all surveillance pertaining to the incidents disclosed here.


Goura Fotadar

1.25.18, 1.29.18



Part Two of definitions of sur …

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Part Two of definitions of sur …

[and also in this form: Part Two of definitions of sur]

Dedicated to the identity theft and misuse of my brother and brothers identities, identities


Theme: sur … is now short for surveillance how society has been changed by moi.

Theme 1: Where’s my badge and field office; uh, aren’t you using it the singular version, illegally. Who is you.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, this part: 12218


His excessive time; sometimes seven hours past the mandated limit has forced me to put him under public arrest.

The rotation of especially but not just the cited: marine corps assigned to keep an eye on him while holding him under arrest, public in rotations: he greets as if they are his closest friends and while he steals their belongings and attempts to steal their identities.

Unfortunately in the culture of our society the term pussies [plural] does not refer only to cats.

Based on the fact that he is often accompanied by another man who might be hi- romantic partner; and who depicts himself as a woman and often stands for extended hours in the front of the women’s bathroom mirror; and they otherwise gather around bodies, especially bodies using public computers: moaning and masturbating; while the former goes to the bathroom in his pants and not due to a lack of access and-or medical emergencies but in a publicly admitted-form of anti-Semitism toward anybody “he feels” deserves so:

the stage of marked dining table kill of enacting combat is coming up.

But first on today’s specific surveillance routine: the couple is parked extended on public computers; as my shift of surveillance has started: the bodies in between them and beside them have emptied out: proving my arrest rotation point. Since any surveillance rotation has started there has been no movement from the enemy-combatants; I of course am receiving no salary for this work;

the “librarians” are still false efforting in their fake breezy methods, attempting to surround every body and not quite everbody [can you understand this in physical differentiation] in the vicinity they might want something from, in more historic illegal court-martial orders of yes civilians, too. You know, anything: they make-up, in the defense of the art of make-up won’t make them beautiful or at all.

If you ask, they’ll say it wasn’t it was the military and the police and the fire departments; but if you were a cited: C.I.A. official you would be suspect of such blamers. First of all, where’s the evidence; in times of escalated terrorism unholy in the form of identity theft this beauty believes

[beauty : think knife sharp but old and cutting; and old doesn’t have to but could mean age, please refer to my recent fiction postings  if this is euphemistic meaning is oh so confusing on the actual meanings of such uh term]

uniform even if it says: “M.C.” (cited) on it; hardly proves any actualized role.


Free Phones, Here. [Part One.]

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[and also in this form: Free Phones]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 111717


Date: 11.14.17

   Criminology Review

; from the:

cited: Daily Post

[perhaps brief]

The story titled : “Gunman … robs in her car downtown” on/from 11.13.17


At brief read:

it was unclear to me

if anything were actually



at a 2nd beginning read:

I discovered from the

story; that at least a

“cellphone” had been

robbed. Beginning

here refers to location

of text, …

In any case,

the odd connotation is

a “cellphone” being

robbed: is a tad bizarre

given the time: as in

year; and location.


The Presumable why?

free phones

are provided

as a sign-up, service:

on specific days,

of the year in the

Area; and have

Almost most advanced

Cell capabilities, for

Free.  Stealing a

Phone, at gun-point, then

Seems criminally absurd;

For even a common

Regular thief.


This of course out-dates

the crime; to when

cell-phones could be

valued to something

Like an easily

sell-able diamond

bracelet; and in

The current notion of

culture; this might

have only been

starting out around

the 2000s or so