creation art is different from death art?

The T.K. case so far

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[also in this form: The T]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4218

tag[s]: the death project, investigations continued, fiction or not, the laws of dead

theme: the virtual image to the side of my head

theme music citation: frou frou let go

[How is this part possible. You are on Earth;] … and you have an assigned house; that you haven’t yet earned and haven’t yet earned in your long er future.  You are not sure who the real owner is; and so it’s almost like stealing. The house is very large; and likely too large in the future of modern culture for one person that does not also or at least work in it; or out of it.

But you still have a job.  The job offers compensation. The first person that hires you at the job is the opposite of your gender and after you get the job; or it’s your job; so after you start your job; that person disappears. & is not replaced right away.

In Investigation Units: On surveillance tapes; the first thing I would do, since everything else like this so far is hanging aire; is locate where the … that first person hiring is [or went to, was].

Regular awareness: when you get hired; the person[s] in the hiring process; has-have access to all of your information if even they are illiterate; and singularly or singular [one group] plural-ly, especially if you didn’t buy your house or its contained equivalent [that is no other group other than yourself yet in your working time has this access].


Next, the main person: you;  … gets a same gender boyfriend; which isn’t abnormal then or minority relations then; and that he has nothing in common with; his boyfriend doesn’t work, money in access doesn’t exist; his boyfriend doesn’t have a place to live and this is before homelessness has turned to a social cause to clear especially problems of entropy and its mandated ethics.


He stays over some times, and is especially affectionate. Hint: when you [the main lifer] tell him your name he doesn’t seem to understand, but he seems to understand you in other ways.

One day you meet his dad; and he rapes you when the lights go out. The lines are gray [back then] because rape is your form of sexual practice; except it’s not exactly rape. So what does that mean.

Shortly after, you are dead.

Usually as of now, in prediction models of the future: you are dead in an unjust way, and then before you die you start to be raped because you will die; but the death in an unjust way never has to come, and so this is one way to stop being raped.


The day you die, you are wearing a very flamboyant outfit in flamboyant coloring its part of your compensation at your work; clothing and such; and you have been to work. But as all the clichés say you leave early. There is a celebration.


Your death was planned; it’s better put: but I don’t want to take away your power over yourself: your murder was planned without you noticing. The perpetrators all these years later remember you though none of them are particularly attentive to others and in general.

They were so far, collected: Your boyfriend,

Some lady who you saw on your way to work a few days a week; who knew your boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s dad

Your sister who said he was your brother; that you couldn’t recall prior to your death

[and so far other, several other characters]

Research Interests: Memory after death of victimization; what is in significance changed immediately. Of course you might want to define the size of static immediately, first. [or something]


Ethical Interactions of Investigation:

Primary Investigators receive visual recordings that are mildly interactive with their reality function to assess and examine more details of your life prior to your murder; and they then collect pertaining to each investigator relevant observations and data.


Future Continuing Conversations …

How the dead [in dead body or perhaps more sensibly turning to dead body ] through victimized murder are treated after they are killed by their perpetrators and does this transfer to a new recollection?

More evidence for … you have that feeling.



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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up: 8717

other worked on date[s]: 73117

sources, cited: the Lovely Bones by A. Sebold & some version of the MLA handbook [skim of recent]



Perhaps; not alone but a motif of heaven.

notice: the penguin

which looks in print so

much like sequin; the penguin never moves?

[Heaven: [here?] 1. cited:

The Lovely Bones

[by] A.S.

a) pre-page

b) criminology aside: perhaps but [internal external] cited: Christian symbolism [chapter one frame page]

c) (p.6) people your “parents” interact with may not be safe for you.


so; pointing toward         (page five)(or frame page)

the first line in this

page … christian or

biblical may not be;

to see what isn’t just

because otherwise sum: others

think there’s


wrong with you


So with the two combined if you create a non … such

for a such

or find one … and so on

created …

will you

have your

own Heaven


specific sentences and pieces likely referenced here from those portions of the source primary text:

frame page / pre-page:  “… invert it. The two of us watched the snow fall gently around the penguin. The penguin was alone in there, I thought, and I worried for him. When I told my father this, he said, “Don’t worry, Susie; he has a nice

life. He’s trapped in a perfect world. ” ”

chapter one frame page or cited page 5 : [
” … It was still back when people believed things like that didn’t happen.”]


[“… I chose it.”]

[“…. not being some dopey quote from a rock group, …. ” ]




Death Art Notes in {brief} ; the death tin

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… that I’m not too tired to access

by Goura Fotadar typed up 3417

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


the rest should go another, gallery of this so far art piece: or else it just gets to be too much!

I think this is the public link {below where I added the rest of what I have of this tin’s voyage into objectification-righteous and not objectification-non-righteous [aside theme: are your folks keeping you from making art and like you actually want to do that; here’s why; I mean above’s why; they can’t do without un-righteous objectification; so no says the ascetic; [so, again] they are not holy. sorry? but like you like like still like have a chance at that holy or art. holy and-or art. what a blessing! ]  further; i.e. images of the art piece} : cited: voicethread

written up, with more detailed art notes of its making [coming soon!], just when I get the energy to sort through more of homeless notes, this portion on 3.2.17

on the death tin

as photographed:

all those we-aks

later: the cliche’ swan

has still not dried

[reality-based skit fanatic: don’t forget to make

a petitional handout [no me, not you don’t me forget]

for the fictional voluntier [project] additional short arrow down to

about: ? including residences, too. Leave me-us alone, residences! when I wasn’t homeless; I never! abused homeless people on-the-streets. you jerks! ] [can we call a justice clause.]

arrow down to and the nail polish ink

has started to spread past

all of the layers of


it’s like a dead mummy;

what could it mean?

well upon obvious existential-examination : of l’arte death

piece in a-, new interpretation :

[minus of course studio space ;

and art, and other-

things of physical storage ]

is in itself an absence

of verification; well almost

like an incomplete

in acceptance from

something for some reason

asked its opinion about it;

like a stage of Early Death:

but when applied inversely


this stage of death might

be useful as a


theme, art: I’m gonna build with my mind a new world ; like a stable-blue-volcano 

theme, death for? : any closer to my back seated in a public chair with that many repeating; is a hate crime waiting to happen. [to who, again; because I don’t commit crime. even if you lie about that. it hasn’t actually happened.] [can we call a justice clause.]


it doessmell

good.  { I don’t know are cushions supposed to smell good; ? rather I was talking about the scent implying death-like life; hence something [like] if not same as exi-stential experiential states of non-being in its case}

The spread of nail polish ink

in the outdoor storage

of backpacked

compartment ; if even

covered in the rain :

is a sign of either disease

fiction, theme: a friend is a friend regardless of its species if even you are same species; unrecognized it still shows stage non-fake of friend. {or different] }

arrow down from sign to   in art

in art   or life or

diseased life ; but

certainly even death by disease

theme : and his name was …

disease …

he thought that was

a … compliment 


theme : it’s always ?

              greek and latin 

aside -theme:    in reverse 

                                  & upside

                                down [?]

[upside down, will have to draw it at some point question mark] is hi?; 

no perhaps 

better is

[;] [. ,] [but the comma reversed][ is that also a mirror?] [is a mirror also] be?

for this assigned reference 

here, anyway,.

The thing [art tin, see creature appeared indoors, deep indoors]: has given

birth to life,