Based on Something Like Age

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar





date: June 2017


A pocket manual for identifying Pacific Coast trees 2nd Edition

by Tom Watts


theme: “purplement”


notes from 14, or

relevant to 9th grade

To solve the cited:

blue tree problem;

for which I’ve seen

advertisements; but

stated differently;

and also connected

to fiction conceptions

of mine, at least;

the perhaps; blue

tree; missing its

view; or

sight of such tree;

or at least the hue


pardon theme: there’s

of such shrubbery

turned tree?


the solution presented

in perhaps the obvious;

still de-lineation that

trees and-or shrubbery

with blue; must?

qualify as blue? trees.

First; the obvious;

quotation, I mean ?

from cited p. 1 of

this book, source

The definition to perhaps better comprehend

the existential view=able state of appearance “shrub” … :

“shrubby trees”


“These are trees that often grow as shrubs and become trees only on sheltered slopes and canyons.”

tees r

theme syncing form:

“canyons” looks + sounds

so much like cited:


In an interesting art

figment; r “canyons”

is in the

one sense a:

[collection due to plural

of] “crayons”

so with; each set

of crayon[s]; we have

the at least linguistic

existence of “canyons” …

r “canyons”

“canyons” ,

“crayons”  [breaks down to at least;]

=> r canyons

it’s obviously in

addition to complex math

a childlike learning

recognition of the

power of art in

likely the genres of

draw-sketch +


If you use? a, the, set, of

crayons [cited];

you will at least contribute

to the existence of

“canyons” ? as a

question since

this isn’t fiction but

rather functional magical

thinking; especially and likely

not just; appropriate for

tees, r —-> “trees” or

rather less abstractly for

children and adults. In this

discussion of genre-species;

we once again in our need:

utilisations distinguish ourselves

from for example plants-trees-flowers

and animals; and then

switch in development especially

within species of commonalities

and non-commonalities perchance

based on something like age.

In any case; we

have the relevant knowledge

-in-terms of diction collections

of that stated at near

beginning of what could

qualify as blue tree.

from cited p. 30:

“If there are bluish

berries and red or brown bark,

go to … ”

“If the bark is

brown, and the berries bright

blue, it is ——> ROCKY








The Horror at P.L.(s), continues.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

3.23.17; and other more recent:


[add-to] crime report [notes] [to post to the fvp]

as photographed; horribly so experienced

at the cited: menlo park library at the

photographed station [one of my favorites

to use] [as mentioned]


as I was checking for my soft-copy of something

I’m working on; I came across another public

display porno-graphic video. Probably, I need to

do more to describe my observational experiences

with folks intentionally watching pornos in

public spaces; for example:


[Explain the noise of reading;


tee, T – line

in cues]


Switch- a tation with: no? pornography

continues; as soon as I check

the download[s] for my work-

related download[s]; it has

appeared; see photograph

vanity-non to health theme [wit: jokes]:

with that glowering hook;

rub that packaged o.o. + others

from olive pack near your

work tired-eyes.

then; I deleted it.


[I think these are from the same deletion sequence]

on cues; on the cited [ ^




                                   Desk ]


is the shape of a long desk


| and a line of people

——————————————— [drawn:] long desk

—————- with people behind it :

it promises you a serious “aura” if

you get in

from the bottom of the sign; and the at-least common intellect;


perhaps correctly assumes; that the way

to gain knowledge

might be from what’s available: [tags: another photograph?]

what’s unclear is how you might

determine this from the sign;

without seeing it; since

it’s pretty far into the

building; if the sign

or one nearly exactly

weren’t in front; you might see a long, and

or line; likely perhaps? a  t -line; and

would this be enough for you to believe!

that something worth-it-for you is-was inside.

It might depend on who is in line. Applied

to the porno-scandal at a different library, public:

and in repetition ; might suggest the same?

as opp. if you come here again! theme: I will?; theme music citation: Only If For A Night Florence + The Machine

[I as in whoever is some of staff; who is in this

level of repetition approving this if not directly than-the/n

through sentiment] [and likely it’s not all staff

at all public libraries; ] … [ so if you come here again! & :]


The Whoever

Supervising regular library, public use

will rob you / take of you —

your worth; if you return.

[as if it’s their house.][and as if this were legal in the clause: now it’s their house.]




Move-able Art; today’s art project with no picture

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sorry no photographs without camera

for The FVP


by Goura Fotadar




How to avoid the mash of paper when you are in the reign of rain {on streets, move to resting} {another way}{the quick path to comfort}

cited: brainstormers et al [punc.?]

take a piece rectangle preferred of rain/weather resistant blanket foil; it,ced: in its brand

and wrap it around your underpants, and then take a part of panty-hose and wet it with tapwater and some soap, stick it over the top of the foil, another layer of wrap;

momentarily stuff some napkins in a pocket or pocket-type near the load, to catch the bad scent of good droppings, character: female ; perhaps it will work for other wound, art projects also.

The afterward / maintenance hygiene should be obvious: just wash out with soap and water and dry out under a blow heater / dryer if possible; and use immediately if needed – as needed


The Stalking Situation, interpreted


Take a plastic tea bottle, empty.

A-most? fictional theme: Tea is so mystical hmm. 

theme music citation: fuel shimmer 

stuff in around the neck with wrappers of good-smelling {empty} food products: examples; include: gum and chocolate (wrappers)

in a marker write your name on the front, and “safety” next to it, under it

wrap it with tarness ; assuager, or string, stringer

fictional theme: {notice: who … ” }

theme music citation: candlebox far behind

toss in the r. bin, when you “feel” the carrying of it is complete. {obvious, perhaps, carry this one somewhere in comfort as a move-able art piece; in a bag, briefcase, or something.}

editing notes: transitions between bold and non-bold of near same species in hyper-glyph reflection(s)

Problems with present shelters: rest

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{as outlined here: in source, text: SMART WOMEN (by) JUDY BLUME}

p.4 “spy” ing

p.4 the absence of “reading … deck(s)” and-or paucity of such.

p.5 the realization that there are … (p-m)

p.7 the conceptual-comprehension: that, bath ‘scuse me, that

hot-tubs , jacuzzis  may actually be a part of a rigorous perhaps “exercise” type

p.7 for the shelter solucion: “It wasn’t easy getting him up the steep flight of outside stairs leading to the apartment over the garage.”

other aside notifications & fyi : this library runs a magazine charity

p.8 it almost sounds like you/he is noticing the beauty of birds ; observation to accompany fiction.

fiction line: (metaphors to solve the rape problem) (already posted elsewhere?) : he knarled his teeth. (imagine a line through)

{arrow to} a part of the solucion to sex scene in fiction

notes: of, or must it be of education?

p.11 other

bene’ fits? to shelter, yours {drinking legally}

1-pt. “James had consoled himself by

chug-a-lugging a six pack of Miller’s.”

2nd-pt. “Then he’d passed out on the floor.”

theme: “pass- out”

theme music citation: Island on the Sun, Weezer

p.10 attempting to translate or solve the “sticking out” sex-scene et al {punc?] and related problem:

how would   translate “”awkward””

so perhaps the most, or higher

(theme: hire)

applicable translation would be a

really “awkward” real-world situation and

how you dealt to   sufficient (sufficing).

theme: such a deep study of the

first few pages;

sounds like

a fist.

:::::::::             open circles l’art(e) {schematic?}

[          ]



More per, fume notes: a reflection

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More per,
fume notes: a reflection

date: 91416
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
tags: spiritual art/ metaphors in work-action and/or conception, and perfumery
by Goura Fotadar

see more images; slide 179 and 180 or

they stayed on second – thought and my own energy conservation:
I almost want to say , stay, id; I meant uhm; staid.
on top of the table all night and still today;
with the leather wallet/clutch still beneath

the light for this room,
shone on them during the night,
and at second look today, you think they look different. (art reflections’ notes)
(Know e?)
Nuts to the Perfums to Turn Good Scent Strong and Kill Bad Scent: A Metaphor for Virtue
I was considering the difference in scents,
and trying to make sure in vision reflecting on the testing of the scents a few days ago;
that the one that smelled less good would smell as good as the others; relatively in scale speaking/thinking:
that one of them as a piece or a one nut/ an almond in it; of course even with the air trap there is still the fear of mold, but it turns out;
that it’s the best smelling one.
so when can available to grab a few nuts, without the pervasive persistent harassments downstairs,
it will be worth to add some nuts to the other scents/perfumes to e,hance them; as described thus.

other consideratins
, tions;
the distillation process seems to be furthered by the directed project light (while it cooks)?
do you think that the petals that sink to the bottom for the large part minus the few recently added jasmine in on top, will eventually decompose into sizeable liquid

Art Notes, this death box continued

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Art Notes, this death box continued

for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
tags: The Death Project, The Death Project Art, Spiritual Art, Mental Stability Notes as an Infusion Metaphor, Abuse Staved Off to Function
theme: unwarranted wedding, notes
theme music (citation) : the butterfly lovers on as listened to classical kdfc on 82416
theme: the dressings
theme music (citation): youtube dot com as accessed again on 82416
” *NSYNC – Pop “
see, newer photos of this art project: slides 119 thru 128:

(Part o.) Background forced into “energy” conversion theme’s notes:
Yes! ?
wst terday
there was a near catas trophe,
two minutes on the toilette
and “person” was “persons”
were confirmed that there was a leak in this toilette.
(where are we, reality checks, are always identifiable.)

(Part b.) Given two minutes, the art constructs, couldn’t be maneuvered, and I was still on the toilet but when the abuser calls; you must not ring?

(Part c.) With a non-abuser’s given protocol, I was informed that my workday must start earlier today, since the hallucinations , a theme? are getting a “person’s” controlled, not.  Note: there are two other bathrooms in this house, and only three people regularly residing, here. I was able to squeeze past the bucket flushing, now that the tank must not! (?) work. For how long, I’m sure is the quandary among the rocks of the sill’s art in the bah-room, which of course have been moved into a drawer; but you never know when the local “thieves” may even find a backyard’s rocks rocks’ enticings to steal, and that’s with a surplus of them in background I meant, backyard Back: yard!. Theme: what you touch; work with no matter in how small a quantity, “person(s)” must steal.

(Part d.) I hadn’t gotten to the second stage of cleaning off the tiles dried on art material for the non-abuser use of the “fixing” of the prior-to “person(s)” breaking non-broken bah-room.

(Part e.) After scrubbing the: Flour flower’s material dried, caked onto the tiles planned to scrub onto a cloth/papeur for addition to at least this art piece, cited: clorox sheet, I also scrubbed the dried tea oft the bathtub, but all of this in a rapid minutes, as I knew forewarned by non-abuse could arrive at any time. I then soaked the cited: sheet into a cited: amway zoom and soap solution with more flour and of course water; hence solution further implied for there is already liquid.
please described as founded cleaning solucion: I took the sink solution after the drip-ping of the cited: cleaned with, cited: clorox sheet with and filled an empty cleaned out recycled bottle with it, and dripped it into the newly “fixed” toilette. It made everything more smelled, too; sanitized. so flour, likely any, cited: amway zoom, the remnants of used but now cleaned cited: clorox sheet and soap flower solution cited: johnsons baby shampoo; esp. as a left-over toilet bowl cleaner.

and then I let it sit as I washed my hands.
I next, or prior-to grabbed some hair balls of mine, collected after last few bath’s to add to the “magic” of this box, and in quick sentiment photograf but it didn’t catch that part, there are also pictures, other connected to the toilet experience. The second part, note; in case I haven’t already said it would be, is to scrub with the old brush, the rest of the flour off, and if possible save that caking for the box more, conservation is the key.
then I dropped the cloth on top of the hair balls onto the seat, front now of this death box, and sat it on the sill (quick)
theme: the end of hair?
theme math a for: hair as a metaphor for death, of course? but life, I’m not so sure. Surely you can be without hair, and be newly or just alive; a new-born “human’ baby says.  But others must also be born wihout “hair”.         ?
theme music (citation): as accessed on youtube dot com on 82416
“Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End) (US Version)”
but of course there was an intrusion? in the garage opening this morning, a return from? and so I faked a serious fear, and followed “instruction” and placed the thing on a another new location, with the few seconds on the sill, the one piece of additional cloth had long enough to dry out so as no to drip, too heinously away from.
(here it is photograf ed again at the end of the present set of slides)

The Clean Conception, Further

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The Clean Conception, Further

tags: hygiene modified under a hanger vicissitude, volunteer poetry, conservation spirituality models, knowledge furthering, art, conceptions, education, notes, non-fiction slants of purpose
The dishes done, a new sound premonition
art concept: The Dishes are Being in Done
fictional theme: vicissitude, the study of “yes”!  cultural conceptions of what “no” could mean : proclivity, ingenuit-y furthering, and a ring to the write …
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 71316

Ad Line: Ingenuit-y in Practice, The Value of Goodness. Don’t want to waste … water? What might you come Up with In: Stead!


I hear the chime of silver to plaster?
and the cling (of dirt) has turned to a clang
of clean (the wash)
can you play this instrument;
it’s not so difficult,
you just rub the fork and glass, es
washed/soaked in bathsoap water for days ahead and filled with such, liquid-water as the drain empties a race at conservation. what does the race do.
around their sills, what you think of as rims,
and then chime to the ground as verse to the rim, sill
you have the premonitional music
of a meditation’s end bell
without a bell drop
of dish music.
Dish! music.
r your chakras cleaned.
the dishes are chakras, so yes the chakras have been simulated to cleaning, but can you keep the clean conception (for yourself) further.

other background music: classical through kdfc (radio) on 71316