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Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP

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dates: 6.5.17 – 61317

tag[s]: fiction excerpts from novels of the future in excerpt here; the death project; the news, and civil rights; literary analysis, culture discussions

Part One. Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP


by goura fotadar

I was thinking about;

as in all of but not just;

my fiction; the bar of the

draw cardes, post; and

the arrangements ; the cost of;

minimal would idol go-to in

times of low-coste; think of so’s

brand pandles; eating even more

food; and how flowers don’t. I’d

been vaiting for it for grandiose bibes;

and treats of mides; and blows of

shadow. Once at least; I’d seen it;

at a stage-front that was non-hoax;

and the ox was at the stage with

green stellas. She was a different way

when; dimples on the tilt; the image

of the inside the fixing of precedence;

and the bakes of no! pale. We were

non-bites; and finally I knew it was

a he; about his wife that he didn’t

like; Boy! was she gone.

Part Two. Non-“purplement” or something


In a review of liquor and

flowers; I had started reading “Lotus


cited: L … magazine
I wanted to discuss at this


point; I’ve just now received the “Issue No. 1 -2016”

the poem on page “9”

cited: the poem on page 9 from cited: L … magazine


aside 0: personal notes of real crime analysis and reports received and albeit civilian status
starts and finishes without severe

reading glance; at that vocation.

“bitchin’ ” is not the main narrator, male, i.e., male-identified?

others that are


at some others

“have”  “kitchen … [s]”

not both? see the “yellow


as the “window” ‘s

entire being ; and you

have a baker , … , a pastry lover …

on “dizgotic” I hardly                           | date: 61117

know what dizgote means

w/out a dictionary and a summative

analysis of it, the word; but I wonder

if she were pregnant; and obvious, I don’t

mean the narrator; as described but I’ve

read-glanced ahead: and you have to wonder:

“Snappy” it’s only to say the reference the

obvious that you can as one likely knows

analyze in parses or in parsing as in code;

cited: coding courses in community college;

something you haven’t read entirely through, yet;

as an entry into reading it : sort of like

the fine printed way to understand the over-all

enough-needed function of a vortex.

tag[s]: non-function structures; on-them.

as an aside;

the death project, more source texts as identified

from “ch. 2 of funeral homes”

p. 11

of “My final Wishes” by Bradley H. Davis

is a title so much “Li Qing Zhao’s Kitchen” p. 9 of “Lotus Magazine”

prom: of p.11

“Upon death, the first thing that has to be done is to choose a funeral director. ”

under: “Funeral Homes” “2.”

theme: prejudice

is like unjust homicide


Miss Ms. Goura Fotadar

wishes to acknowledge the

receipt of your

request of a ban of

her from the Menlo Park Public Library (only) [sited, cited:]

on Alma Street from

today June 12, 2017 to two days after her 36th birthday June 14, 2017.

She appreciates the repeated blandishment

of her identity, gender, race, sanity, non-criminal, etc. statusi and work


by most patrons and volunteer-employees of this

and such practicing libraries. She considers

this extreme harassment

under her social cause

of safety through homelessness

and non-cash paid work; to further support this cause.

She requests that such

harassers not be

reciprocated for any

of her works and

identity; and she petitions

for the firing of all

pertaining library employees;

and volunteers.

She notes that out-spoken

un-defended prejudice

and gossip in this

country is illegal; and

that; likely despite

being at a knowledge

stream such person(s)

are unable to comprehend

the civic nobilite ;

that though you do

not like her; this

is certain; not her


dedicated to the service

      of J. J. L/F

citing p. 344

of  The

Amy Vanderbilt

Complete Book

of Etiquette

by Nancy


and Nancy




Missing Scent? The New 2nd & A New Application of Charity: The Reduction of Crime

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{for The Fictional VolunTier Project by Goura Fotadar}


more art-“perfume” notes for the fvp:

tag-s: hygiene, scent, art continues

tag-s: phenomenal tricks of proofing fumes

secondary phase part, tags:

tag: satires of truth

tag: criminology food, street

-first stage post,-

this is another perfume set. Being an outside sleeping person; one of give -aways I received was a small spray bottle. One I received that smelled glorious went missing? and so I also received this smaller one; which almost had a scented strong medicinal qualite. I decided when I’d use some of it; to add to my carrying outdoor collection as my 2nd regular as in non-necessary traditional cleaner scent formula. The first as described on this blog was made from a small shampoo-mini bottle. The second, original which went missing I had already added what I think is a piece of bamboo from around the outside where I slept. So then it went missing. So the perfume notes for this mini-bottle include how-and-when

themes of controversy observation: equal opportunity is not the same exactly as modern-day assumptions of sharing

theme two: the so,s {how else would you plural ‘it’}

to use as I’ve applied it through scent-modification; My notebook appears to be, being dripped on; so I might have to go inside . . . pause for scent. But it turns out that the rain has not reached that level of frequency yet. So the base of this medicinal initial almost but not quite floral scent is labelled : “La Maxima Paris” “Eau de Toilette” But of coarse; [no typo of the ‘course’]; a note caucion in/with/belonging/of the functional-non-traditional homeless population you never can be sure of what you are receiving but you might become pleasantly surprised by the gift. As a non-surprise; the experience is almost religious. So before I explain the applied application ; I must first explain the dissent/descent from true spirituality to cliche’ but un-true and not cliche’ and true (former) cognition(s); of course higher would lend itself to survey that cognition(s) are too difficult to create un-truth(s); so consider this informational; like your mom’s kitty flyer (cited: k.f.) ; so the dissent from actualization (in meaning-significance) 1st of the meaning “Eau de Toilette.” You ‘r’ smart to notice the 1’s and the 1’s and 2’s and the 1 sub-setted; and certainly the clever with penchant learning could diagram in set; now you know! “Eau de Toilette” for me at first look imagines what it might sound like witch is something that belongs to toilet [water]; for you can almost sea? the water … and there’s no significance of whether it’s clean or dirty. So the bottle in instructions not provided reminds me to spray it now in its adapted almost form past initial full use; turning the initial scent “used” into a base formula. Go Steal! [I mean steal bases and not that this is a theft; wrong assumptions are just so set problematic] [theme: bases; theme music citation:

LET”S GO-feat. twista lil jon and Trick Daddy]

Since then or as it initiated in posit it has been stored in an outdoors proof pocket; cap lost; I’ve added a grapefruit cleaner to its varying sizes in volume past use to some initial base; orange juice; jasmine flower I think; a bit of thick bamboo; and of course tea especially green and some distilled water. Next; I’ve found something familiar to my childhood fallen a spiny red almost flower with a band drum like marching accompaniment in green into the proof pocket I’ve placed along with some plastic and I plan to pull it apart and add some to the bottle … in application the added to base I’ve seized to {explain more “hearsay” definitions of eau de toilette} scent appropriately every small radius workspace that either smells-scents inappropriate or could. I’ve also used it to counteract every not-fine scent that comes my way when the working space does otherwise [theme: alleviation by entropy] smell appropriate. A side-note: Sleeping Outside a.k.a. Outdoors; might take a fine-tuned scenter like a piano and-or trumpet and only advance its trick past   immediate notification. Theme: Appropriate Scents/ Theme Music Citation: N. Furtado One Trick Pony

[2nd stage post]

as an aside: 2.19.17 {criminal investigation} at cited: McD’s when the library-public workspace(s) in your walking area aren’t open yet; and your blogged to a specific perimeter to receive a free meal [Mc’D – cited] and to escalate matters you are a street person contingent for your meals [no starvation but still fasting] on local good-to-great charity & also the e.b.t. (cited) if even you work-work-produce. But this is applicable to any people that eat. If you are an eater and have been [cultural hints] for sometime; then you notice-have met others who either don’t eat and confess it; and-or don’t eat and lie about eating. Do you then [feel, made to feel] that eating is a crime even when you used to pay; traditionally for food. Cue practice when you receive 1-2 free sandwich type things procured from cited: McD’s and it’s cold and damp outside; and the “open” public spaces aren’t open yet; should you walk your one sandwich -to-two to the nearby from-it location: warm!

{ more to come, when the public workspace is open again!}