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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up: 72117

p.4 from [main] source, cited: Michael Faber, The Book of Strange New Things





“-hitchhiker” – chiaroscuro around bodies

tells you what that who is

carrying and if it’s its; how do

create chiaroscuro you; like

that not so much swap the location

of the parts; but blur[e] the

like in

that meditation

<— lines with your sight; see and

qualify that smudge; and return

What doesn’t belong. [How.]

p. 5 “the mouth … jaw” – can be a-a starry sky thematic additional citation: v. van gogh and not … night?

p.6 “crisis” – is synonymous with “Christ” one is “blasphem[…]ous” and the other is not.


Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP

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dates: 6.5.17 – 61317

tag[s]: fiction excerpts from novels of the future in excerpt here; the death project; the news, and civil rights; literary analysis, culture discussions

Part One. Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP


by goura fotadar

I was thinking about;

as in all of but not just;

my fiction; the bar of the

draw cardes, post; and

the arrangements ; the cost of;

minimal would idol go-to in

times of low-coste; think of so’s

brand pandles; eating even more

food; and how flowers don’t. I’d

been vaiting for it for grandiose bibes;

and treats of mides; and blows of

shadow. Once at least; I’d seen it;

at a stage-front that was non-hoax;

and the ox was at the stage with

green stellas. She was a different way

when; dimples on the tilt; the image

of the inside the fixing of precedence;

and the bakes of no! pale. We were

non-bites; and finally I knew it was

a he; about his wife that he didn’t

like; Boy! was she gone.

Part Two. Non-“purplement” or something


In a review of liquor and

flowers; I had started reading “Lotus


cited: L … magazine
I wanted to discuss at this


point; I’ve just now received the “Issue No. 1 -2016”

the poem on page “9”

cited: the poem on page 9 from cited: L … magazine


aside 0: personal notes of real crime analysis and reports received and albeit civilian status
starts and finishes without severe

reading glance; at that vocation.

“bitchin’ ” is not the main narrator, male, i.e., male-identified?

others that are


at some others

“have”  “kitchen … [s]”

not both? see the “yellow


as the “window” ‘s

entire being ; and you

have a baker , … , a pastry lover …

on “dizgotic” I hardly                           | date: 61117

know what dizgote means

w/out a dictionary and a summative

analysis of it, the word; but I wonder

if she were pregnant; and obvious, I don’t

mean the narrator; as described but I’ve

read-glanced ahead: and you have to wonder:

“Snappy” it’s only to say the reference the

obvious that you can as one likely knows

analyze in parses or in parsing as in code;

cited: coding courses in community college;

something you haven’t read entirely through, yet;

as an entry into reading it : sort of like

the fine printed way to understand the over-all

enough-needed function of a vortex.

tag[s]: non-function structures; on-them.

as an aside;

the death project, more source texts as identified

from “ch. 2 of funeral homes”

p. 11

of “My final Wishes” by Bradley H. Davis

is a title so much “Li Qing Zhao’s Kitchen” p. 9 of “Lotus Magazine”

prom: of p.11

“Upon death, the first thing that has to be done is to choose a funeral director. ”

under: “Funeral Homes” “2.”

theme: prejudice

is like unjust homicide


Miss Ms. Goura Fotadar

wishes to acknowledge the

receipt of your

request of a ban of

her from the Menlo Park Public Library (only) [sited, cited:]

on Alma Street from

today June 12, 2017 to two days after her 36th birthday June 14, 2017.

She appreciates the repeated blandishment

of her identity, gender, race, sanity, non-criminal, etc. statusi and work


by most patrons and volunteer-employees of this

and such practicing libraries. She considers

this extreme harassment

under her social cause

of safety through homelessness

and non-cash paid work; to further support this cause.

She requests that such

harassers not be

reciprocated for any

of her works and

identity; and she petitions

for the firing of all

pertaining library employees;

and volunteers.

She notes that out-spoken

un-defended prejudice

and gossip in this

country is illegal; and

that; likely despite

being at a knowledge

stream such person(s)

are unable to comprehend

the civic nobilite ;

that though you do

not like her; this

is certain; not her


dedicated to the service

      of J. J. L/F

citing p. 344

of  The

Amy Vanderbilt

Complete Book

of Etiquette

by Nancy


and Nancy



The Book: empty box with presents: The View of; & the politics of art: in translation, reality

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{for The FVP

tags: adv. think tank, art activity observation

by Goura Fotadar

date: 41017



not so random l’arte notes

and a messily decorated tree with empty box presents  (assumingly, right-oar-wrong)

theme: and for what holiday

theme 1: the cited rum’s theory (series) , cited: amazon kindle

and that works; it teaches you how to hand:  (make) arte

cited: decorators et al [punc.] … at local restaurants

theme 2: the toured eat.


like copy-wr

it almost says sale on it; cited: the public library for bag and its makers

a way to store; in present and-or what holiday theme; end copy-wr



when you think of presents; military recruitment art pieces; former dates and so on;

seem like they are holiday phased; what would you say it is about them? [I explain this later and again from the title; well sort-of as ahint think of case, encasement, etc. ]

compared to other forms of art:

here’s an abstract piece as compared to this contemporary piece [above photo and an upcoming photo];

and would you put almost the trashbag full of female hygiene products wrapped in clean napkins inside bag for atmosphere-condition proof; contemporary or abstract art; if you had to pick on an area of these two; one label of these two:


(1) source, cited text: picasso indoor and outdoor landscape; art from:


from the source, cited text (1) I can’t remember the page number; at earnest quick; it looks like a mad tree scene; with seen faces; and out of ordinary sky -atmosphere scenes; I’d put it in abstract art [perhaps this is obvious.] ;

and this based on any recollection of this image-art; and only this photograph [obs. it’s clearer in person-print]


(2) source, cited text: Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator; art from:

the photographs of this image-print are very blurry; but at rapid guess:



we’d likely call this cited; from source text 2 image; contemporary art; because it immediately influences culture at some point in time;

then in third grade style;

if we wanted to convert the images to one another; or to make them more like one-another at this point without changing the images-art themselves, exactly; leaving room for magic; and that’s a joke: and a recommendation of preference; in case you hadn’t guessed I quite like these art pieces; and deeply so … in case you hadn’t guessed; I don’t actually want to change them; but rather to understand them better and at the stage of reality, real [something like the real part of fiction] …

past the invention of the genre-academique art or l’art or l’arte to perhaps realize how one might translate the abstract-ful of reality into solution-art and then back to art:

we’d look for syncing form of images-art: in one sense the trashbag type piece: is art displayed as holiday type art; and-or gift art; changing my experience daily while I use its segments; the experience isn’t quite abstract but more contemporary by its junction: time;

like the military recruitment poster, art-piece: image;

it first points to gender: not at first sign; but perhaps at use: it’s full of tampons; and this then abstracted to this image of second source-text; implies first gender; the abstract is the transposing of tampons; an actual male can serve you tampons; but perhaps might not have above that more use for them; unless of course this service of them; is a job; a design job; and-or other service-welfare job; in the same way: the first image from the source, cited, text [1] is a transposer of what might be abstract not soon enough translated to service and-or use: such as the tampon; interestingly enough shaped similarly to a tree and-or the similar. a pen, etc. When we use it as a tool for military recruitment; it might demonstrate to us; how to draw in women, woman; into the military: correctly and so accurately; and all accompanying militia force; near a military poster you’d have an image; abstract to translate the abstract and or included to remind one-self-others, etc: of the outer aspects of deployments, jobs, etc. perhaps; and why might in cultural notions besides the abstract nature of the image of tree; draw in women? correctly. Is it the notion of opposition with the tampon: we have the absence of the actual form of men; a reminder of such. The plastic-bag [empty] a contemporary piece can be used for either, any gender; even species [perhaps]; as perhaps we hope most occupations of the ilk-occupation might one day appropriately and in-competence demonstrate?

as a second-thought: in a more obvious abstract form is the book as identified in title above; empty in the general sense; with nothing of substance in terms of traditional greed; much like plastic bag; without proper sight; in this case the use, utilisable and the knowledge of such; in knowing-streams; is likely the present; within even an empty bag or box; in the imagination of a-n at least; but not just a, child: full of all that could “fit” inside. Then; what we fit inside the book; and even at some point: plastic; perhaps identifies it as contemporary art; at any point: type; time. [translates it from abstract to contemporary; the abstract only revealing itself on seculsion of analysis … as an existential being or something …  [to stay un-translated as an effort? but abstract enough as a hint of art design: perhaps it stays abstract even when un-empty. that’d be an interesting art challenge if understood at the advanced elementary school level; and of course to beyond. s’tuff it with what: the book even, and the plastic: … bag to keep it abstract; so that if needed you could test out of advanced college; if needed; because otherwise the joy of learning is the best of all meals; and eating them.]

theme: sable vehicles (cited)

theme music citation: jump around House of Pain


So we have;

tree, book, [obs. and even cultural knowledge, mainstream], work-propositions, use, utilisable, and translations by through use (or something of this very rough regard).


Obvs. we could do more analysis with this basic sculpture; when there is time and not so close on the public computer use; and in quick, brief further analysis based on this scheme right above: the public computer is obviously a sculpture.

so p.c. is l’utilisable art?




Thinkings hint: a letter’s purpose

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Ad Builder; for The Cloud


Theme notion: the cliché trumped

For outside volunteer work; cited: outside volunteer work

For The FVP

(By Goura Fotadar)

Date: 1.23.17


Thinkings hint

Thinking stint

Think cited: popular cultural intelligence from the ‘80s? , Think implies cloud: think (eye think)

Think (cloud: think) but there is an ing implies keep the cloud

Thin, then a king and stint (can you sub a t for an-a h or are/can they be same h-t) (a letter’s purpose)

And two many, too many indications of keep the cloud: so thin, King (a cloud) stint

Erratical query appears: being a king even on a cloud is not forever it’s a stint; how do you elongate the stint perhaps or is it as pronounced more regularly not meant to be elongated : i.e. the king’s stint and especially not until forever?



flamboyant falls for the fvp date: 11.4.16

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by Goura Fotadar

tags: art conception beginning dialogue

theme : we c flowers, and we

see flowers

Source, citation: couture confessions

(by) Pamela colbin

(Rizzoli ex libris)

cited: palo alto p. l.

bizo points to pontificate:

(1) varied can also mean


(2) on cited p. 14 :

the mirrored art demonstrates

a closeness between the two

where both are the same.

(how or why (I) came to this)

  • the waves on the face match the waves of the clothes : is it cape or hat or throw-like jacket and hers; and not his ; even the furnishings tools of furniture such as platforms of staircases have waves. but of course the panes of collar though not quite serve as purpose to point the theme: pencil taps on the lips ( a tongue, vocab twister?) windows scene out to have them serve as mirrors. product theme (citation) :  (You) got served (movie?)
  • perhaps also theircognizance  of each other; and if you look closer; of you are now finally ready to notice: “she” is the smoke of “his” pipe. how much are you the smoke of your own pipe? theme: but it will be theme, next: wild-a-beast {arrow to} I mean: wildebeest cited: google defs. as accessed on 11.5.16 themes’ music: (cited) Miguel Sure Thing


Abstract Thought: The Ploy Sci of Politics Is It.

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{as a brake from the other stuff}

for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar

date, compiled: 102716


{further citation diagram, abstracted from at least a page in source, citation}

theme: oh my god; I finally figured it out * It’s a trick.

votes sounds like floats

” … were cast”

sounds like auditions

for a … play?

double arrows to So, basic:

implied knowledge;

in order for

a play to happen …

take place

floats need to audition .


double arrow , arrow in both directions:

votes <=> floats

” … were cast” => auditions?


theme: a floater is a fill-in and doesn’t need to be less-qualife

other, contrived but limitations : a certain

number where

certain is proxy ; floats

must audition for the play

to happen ; otherwise the

(in application) results will be contrived

and-or limited.


theme {word diagram in happening} : “CERTIFICATE OF PERFORMANCE ” single arrow to certain for caliber

The Domestic Violence Definition Issue: Spontaneous Non-Stems

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The Domestic Violence Definition Issue: Spontaneous Non-Stems

for The FVP

tags: policies

on d.v. & assault ;

on qualifying definitions

by me: goura fotadar (obvious)

date: 10.24.16


(a) I’m not sure if I’m qualife to say this: often;

but the course of d.v. patterns are limited in prescription

to uhm; romantic and-or ex-romantique TYPE patterns.

(b) once; we look at d.v. we also look at a variete (with an accent)


unlike asphalt (as: fault) does assault have any

purpose once it’s (it has) been non-medicated upon you/or whom-ever which for some other’s/s’ purpose(s). When you imagine

the conception that haven (not a typo) taken place of any age Being-Person being “victimized”


 theme: there is a vere “scary” h-less woman / group

not … or bent or not letting me … and it’s vere early in the …


… Their clothes pulled off, hit and taunted with a

weapon like “object”  Philosphical * H : Oh pour! objects;

it couldn’t be them; perhaps they fell … “asleep” and wore-were : grabbed


and if the persons weaponizing you/or them is not a romantic or

ex-romantic partner of you/or them; to speak con-cept colloquially

does that mean; oh mean; it’s not domestic violence. And why

might it be bene (with an accent) for qualife under useful and yet generic d.v.


For the obvious you might begin to understand why you share

in common with actual d.v. victims/ survivors;


and so ‘learn’ about yourself; begin anew new.

cited: McD’s Pharrell Williams “happy”