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Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP

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dates: 6.5.17 – 61317

tag[s]: fiction excerpts from novels of the future in excerpt here; the death project; the news, and civil rights; literary analysis, culture discussions

Part One. Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP


by goura fotadar

I was thinking about;

as in all of but not just;

my fiction; the bar of the

draw cardes, post; and

the arrangements ; the cost of;

minimal would idol go-to in

times of low-coste; think of so’s

brand pandles; eating even more

food; and how flowers don’t. I’d

been vaiting for it for grandiose bibes;

and treats of mides; and blows of

shadow. Once at least; I’d seen it;

at a stage-front that was non-hoax;

and the ox was at the stage with

green stellas. She was a different way

when; dimples on the tilt; the image

of the inside the fixing of precedence;

and the bakes of no! pale. We were

non-bites; and finally I knew it was

a he; about his wife that he didn’t

like; Boy! was she gone.

Part Two. Non-“purplement” or something


In a review of liquor and

flowers; I had started reading “Lotus


cited: L … magazine
I wanted to discuss at this


point; I’ve just now received the “Issue No. 1 -2016”

the poem on page “9”

cited: the poem on page 9 from cited: L … magazine


aside 0: personal notes of real crime analysis and reports received and albeit civilian status
starts and finishes without severe

reading glance; at that vocation.

“bitchin’ ” is not the main narrator, male, i.e., male-identified?

others that are


at some others

“have”  “kitchen … [s]”

not both? see the “yellow


as the “window” ‘s

entire being ; and you

have a baker , … , a pastry lover …

on “dizgotic” I hardly                           | date: 61117

know what dizgote means

w/out a dictionary and a summative

analysis of it, the word; but I wonder

if she were pregnant; and obvious, I don’t

mean the narrator; as described but I’ve

read-glanced ahead: and you have to wonder:

“Snappy” it’s only to say the reference the

obvious that you can as one likely knows

analyze in parses or in parsing as in code;

cited: coding courses in community college;

something you haven’t read entirely through, yet;

as an entry into reading it : sort of like

the fine printed way to understand the over-all

enough-needed function of a vortex.

tag[s]: non-function structures; on-them.

as an aside;

the death project, more source texts as identified

from “ch. 2 of funeral homes”

p. 11

of “My final Wishes” by Bradley H. Davis

is a title so much “Li Qing Zhao’s Kitchen” p. 9 of “Lotus Magazine”

prom: of p.11

“Upon death, the first thing that has to be done is to choose a funeral director. ”

under: “Funeral Homes” “2.”

theme: prejudice

is like unjust homicide


Miss Ms. Goura Fotadar

wishes to acknowledge the

receipt of your

request of a ban of

her from the Menlo Park Public Library (only) [sited, cited:]

on Alma Street from

today June 12, 2017 to two days after her 36th birthday June 14, 2017.

She appreciates the repeated blandishment

of her identity, gender, race, sanity, non-criminal, etc. statusi and work


by most patrons and volunteer-employees of this

and such practicing libraries. She considers

this extreme harassment

under her social cause

of safety through homelessness

and non-cash paid work; to further support this cause.

She requests that such

harassers not be

reciprocated for any

of her works and

identity; and she petitions

for the firing of all

pertaining library employees;

and volunteers.

She notes that out-spoken

un-defended prejudice

and gossip in this

country is illegal; and

that; likely despite

being at a knowledge

stream such person(s)

are unable to comprehend

the civic nobilite ;

that though you do

not like her; this

is certain; not her


dedicated to the service

      of J. J. L/F

citing p. 344

of  The

Amy Vanderbilt

Complete Book

of Etiquette

by Nancy


and Nancy



Practice for “Purplement”

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 52817 m. date: 5.27.17


source, cited: Elizabeth Adler, The Secret of the

Villa Mimosa


just as the cover image

depicts for brief but

general, too; art


the “villa” that is

also a “mimosa”

or scuse me

in the shape of a



the “mimosa” is of course drink;

but is often served in as demonstrated

glass; as shown in cover l’arte. [not here shown]



from the inside cover of

the source, text:

“Dr. Phyl Forster first saw

the un-identified young woman

on an early morning TV



Then overall;

to create a good smelling reality;

applying the past source citation book:

“n rockwell” dabbed in a

spread                               drops of prepared lotion.

-> for cited: & thass y …

  cited: rum’s theory [series]


Side art notes; and the mini-dissertation on Salt Upon suggestion

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Side art notes; and the mini-dissertation on Salt

Upon suggestion


cited: brainstormers et al

Date: 51917

for The FVP


Point One for part one: Side art notes || upon suggestion ||

theme: Gimmick tricks on how-to skateboard

in art


Hypothesis: A piece or real art over schematic or rough sketched or wavy sketched art ; transforms both to real art either together; and of course the latter also alone. The former of course has already won that award; and any real work awarded of course cannot lose such work. Metafaces of Enlightenment

Using main frame brief art: of today’s cited fiction posting.

Part two. The mini-di

Date: 51817

Tag[s]: for esp. cited: c.s.u. educational, needs

The salt shaman continued

Source, text, cited: Love Story by Erich Segal

So; on cited page 3

If both “coffee”[s]
“and a brownie

With ice cream

(for her).”

First of all it is

Unclear; if

Both “coffee” [s] are

For the narrator with

Only the subjunct

Meal for the other;

But in any case

Where the latter in

Combination only

Or not is like


Certainly the former

Is; and past

The already counted

Consent as in last

Posting; is

This further

Consent to salt: and

Whether since we don’t

Know for sure whether

The mini-meal and-or

Refreshment[s] in this case

The salt is actually consumed

Or not; we only know that

The salt enactment

Is complete from the

Former consent in the



Most would argue … that

Any meal-type setting

Is an opener;

But perhaps it

Is it as salt:

After the order:

The other introduces

Itself to the narrator

And discovers

The narrator’s family


Cited p. 4-5

But on cited


“    “Jenny, if you’re so

Convinced I’m a loser,

Why did you bulldoze me

Into buying you coffee?”

She looked me straight in the

Eye and smiled.

“I like your body,” she said.”

Where salt is not

Water but in water; “coffee”

Is salt; buying “coffee”

Even when “bulldoze(d)”

Is consent to salt.

“coffee” like salt? Like salt-liquid

Is salt we’re looking for

Something that translates the

Liquid …

Or to liquid

“She looked me straight

In the eye and smiled.”

“ … Look me …” always implies

Mirror and mirror

Always implies water

“straight” implies

Examining image

“eye and smiled.”

Means also I and “smiled.”

Recognition of self-image

Implies with the other

Recognition of another

Image that has

“ … looked me straight …”

Quality of water viewing.

See cited: Sylvia Plath’s mirror

“ “I like your body, “ she said.

The other views “body”

Outside of itself over salt;

Is again

Most aptly

Captured by a

Body of water;

And or liquid.

[other notes: salt near body; “coffee” near a body, actual ]


In fiction analysis of

Salt in this text then;

This is the description

Of entryway to outside and

Inside yourself view; comprehension

: in other words; this

Text analysis seems to imply

Do it over salt, salt-like ; and-or


Do it with salt.


Perhaps one inconsequential

Proof : for long

Days or nights

With salt-kind;

i.e. such as


Theme: who kneads

Lust; when you

Can image comprehension;


—Reality checks.

As an aside: of course;

This is fiction analysis,

And if wanting to apply

This motif to real life;

If you ordered a book

Instead for yourself;

And something like that

For the other:

Not being salt would

It provide the

Tag[s]:  & policias of l,ibrares


Of opening;


Perhaps if you

Got really close to

The salty? Salt-like


Maybe this is one real reason

Some? Library workers?

Never want to anybody to eat

Or drink in the library when

Wit: books; they might be

Attempting to control socialization

And from previous posting

Salt, salt-like’s entry-way [if even fiction][in the reality check?]

Into actual knowledge. Ha!

& in the knowledge stream:

Library. That’s a real time –

Out kicke.

Tag[s]: the culture of several bay area libraries and some of their staff; but not all of their staff.

Part Three. More perfume and garbage notes.

It larger thing is turning into a potpourri bottle or something; or potpourri paper weight or something;

And the other other two are also being added to as photographed.

Oh perfume notes and art notes of garbage: what will happen next.

Will I rub you and view you and you at the same tryin.

and then of course I also rubbed the leftover “grease” of the flower all over my face and stuff. Oh no hygiene.  || know ||





[is it a banner]



On Cultural Edifications: W[h]oa[h]-man

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up: 5917

hygiene art notes  date: 5817

source, cited text: The Metropolitan Museum of Art H. H.

on cited: p.354

cited: from above as identified source text

Before I do anything else; this looks like a view of an older New York Apartment; turned Modern through squalor hygiene; perhaps left-over with some furnishings from its

former more royal past. Even without the existing? past of hygiene help; when

[one: a person, persons-entity, a being] We think of almost in the Ultra-modern era; such as the local ’90s-to 2010s or so; of exhaustion due to . . . leaving less regular energy for; environmental room[s] hygiene time i.e. cleaning but rarely do we hope to picture the unfortunate dip in environmental space of living and use; such as: work hygiene; to what has come to be considered of not just the myth of the holey apartment; here by holey I mean un-rub-able filth on the bathroom floor; and not just a few disorderly pieces and smudges of dirt; a stench that never completely subsides; and not just the occasional smelly cooked dishes and-or a stack of

trash you / one [ … as defined] hasn’t gotten to,  yet.


As someone once told me all assisting outside

hygiene folks-people should pass an actual not fake police-militia

protecting freedom/unwarranted crime check; albeit in the

ultra-modern era. Just not everybody is “safe” enough to

enter public spaces and-or [beings’] people’s rest-work recreational

areas: and perform functions of [hygiene].

IN any case the view of what might have

once been grandeur hence perhaps the label: “palace” of this

piece: view on the previous page: cited: 354;

the other side or part of the cited: page in the identified text, source: kind of a blur

has despite poor non-potential in

hygiene in the observational ultra–

modern world; turned into attire of

decor not just when left-behind-forgotten-speech:

of so you can keep: have it; but of any class’s use;

thus an inaccuracy in compre that even the poor have

access to such use: decor  in the ultra-modern period of

around now; as their own: impless a sense of out-dated-ness

which is not classic. Is the envy of a non-compre societe causing

us not to compre hygiene functions of when there are those;

by those they perhaps; who in their compre in accuracy

and not those for better lack of information: generation/ exposure,

to; who non-compre the cultural appropriateness of palace

grandeur in every one […] of worth.

Spread the wrong functions of [hygiene] than then is combality mask to blind the “common” folk; an attempt to re-blind them in an act of no-longer

effective and-or appropriate  classism.


In an era of modernist where showers and frequent change of even grandeur items are no longer safe; what qualifies : under, within functions of


In an era of such then protected wealth; what qualifies out-lasting and appropriate “classism” belonging to classifications translated to-modern of “common.”


Hints: Actual Definitions in form-function

of intelligence

& The qualification for militia



On Cultural Edifications:

In imagination’s view: +

view : I see

a dimple in a seat; a near

skid off another seat without a

severe athlete’s rigid like control;

a lounging forward and then back;

a jump and or a dented push back;

the inability to recollect it all; and as magic;

the likely at least double meaning of this:

“to “recollect” it all”

and then the cliché gendered meaning

[s] of “the inability … ” in front of

that; and so to aim to actually recollect it all?

if so that’s one’ […] s aim;

theme product citation: aim toothpaste

you must use toothpaste? rather [perhaps] you might want

to look past cliché [when in time period]

in the facet of gender[s].

it’s hue-e , yellow or cited: “marigold”

from cited: “marigold garden” by Kate greenaway (as procured for free through amazon, cited)

green; and is

that near ivory?

there’s curls and


there are wings

and on


there’s paving

I think and

rulers I think.


as an aside: some of [a one bottle & the other bottle] the perfume as been re-filled with lemonade as the current main liquid addition; and more flower stem without petal.


While sort of cooking in the sun.


the spray bottle is not stuck and on press has turned perhaps temporarily into a roller scent stick.

The Turning Significance of Food [part one.]

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On the back of cited: Garden Gate

[this one]

We have temperature


regulation and-or

cultural concept: Heat;

a scene; of maybe

cooking and-or

kitchen opening;

to think of the kitchen

as a cooking centered flower; is

quite the abstraction modifier of

architecture. And when the

pot-stove-oven is temperated

by S/olar [theme: heat]? i.e. right term? the “food” is temperated

to edible-view and so [the …] arrives. Perhaps the

emulation of petal-floral form like sound

is another concept: self + food [form] protection;

before, during, and after?



The Book: empty box with presents: The View of; & the politics of art: in translation, reality

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{for The FVP

tags: adv. think tank, art activity observation

by Goura Fotadar

date: 41017



not so random l’arte notes

and a messily decorated tree with empty box presents  (assumingly, right-oar-wrong)

theme: and for what holiday

theme 1: the cited rum’s theory (series) , cited: amazon kindle

and that works; it teaches you how to hand:  (make) arte

cited: decorators et al [punc.] … at local restaurants

theme 2: the toured eat.


like copy-wr

it almost says sale on it; cited: the public library for bag and its makers

a way to store; in present and-or what holiday theme; end copy-wr



when you think of presents; military recruitment art pieces; former dates and so on;

seem like they are holiday phased; what would you say it is about them? [I explain this later and again from the title; well sort-of as ahint think of case, encasement, etc. ]

compared to other forms of art:

here’s an abstract piece as compared to this contemporary piece [above photo and an upcoming photo];

and would you put almost the trashbag full of female hygiene products wrapped in clean napkins inside bag for atmosphere-condition proof; contemporary or abstract art; if you had to pick on an area of these two; one label of these two:


(1) source, cited text: picasso indoor and outdoor landscape; art from:


from the source, cited text (1) I can’t remember the page number; at earnest quick; it looks like a mad tree scene; with seen faces; and out of ordinary sky -atmosphere scenes; I’d put it in abstract art [perhaps this is obvious.] ;

and this based on any recollection of this image-art; and only this photograph [obs. it’s clearer in person-print]


(2) source, cited text: Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator; art from:

the photographs of this image-print are very blurry; but at rapid guess:



we’d likely call this cited; from source text 2 image; contemporary art; because it immediately influences culture at some point in time;

then in third grade style;

if we wanted to convert the images to one another; or to make them more like one-another at this point without changing the images-art themselves, exactly; leaving room for magic; and that’s a joke: and a recommendation of preference; in case you hadn’t guessed I quite like these art pieces; and deeply so … in case you hadn’t guessed; I don’t actually want to change them; but rather to understand them better and at the stage of reality, real [something like the real part of fiction] …

past the invention of the genre-academique art or l’art or l’arte to perhaps realize how one might translate the abstract-ful of reality into solution-art and then back to art:

we’d look for syncing form of images-art: in one sense the trashbag type piece: is art displayed as holiday type art; and-or gift art; changing my experience daily while I use its segments; the experience isn’t quite abstract but more contemporary by its junction: time;

like the military recruitment poster, art-piece: image;

it first points to gender: not at first sign; but perhaps at use: it’s full of tampons; and this then abstracted to this image of second source-text; implies first gender; the abstract is the transposing of tampons; an actual male can serve you tampons; but perhaps might not have above that more use for them; unless of course this service of them; is a job; a design job; and-or other service-welfare job; in the same way: the first image from the source, cited, text [1] is a transposer of what might be abstract not soon enough translated to service and-or use: such as the tampon; interestingly enough shaped similarly to a tree and-or the similar. a pen, etc. When we use it as a tool for military recruitment; it might demonstrate to us; how to draw in women, woman; into the military: correctly and so accurately; and all accompanying militia force; near a military poster you’d have an image; abstract to translate the abstract and or included to remind one-self-others, etc: of the outer aspects of deployments, jobs, etc. perhaps; and why might in cultural notions besides the abstract nature of the image of tree; draw in women? correctly. Is it the notion of opposition with the tampon: we have the absence of the actual form of men; a reminder of such. The plastic-bag [empty] a contemporary piece can be used for either, any gender; even species [perhaps]; as perhaps we hope most occupations of the ilk-occupation might one day appropriately and in-competence demonstrate?

as a second-thought: in a more obvious abstract form is the book as identified in title above; empty in the general sense; with nothing of substance in terms of traditional greed; much like plastic bag; without proper sight; in this case the use, utilisable and the knowledge of such; in knowing-streams; is likely the present; within even an empty bag or box; in the imagination of a-n at least; but not just a, child: full of all that could “fit” inside. Then; what we fit inside the book; and even at some point: plastic; perhaps identifies it as contemporary art; at any point: type; time. [translates it from abstract to contemporary; the abstract only revealing itself on seculsion of analysis … as an existential being or something …  [to stay un-translated as an effort? but abstract enough as a hint of art design: perhaps it stays abstract even when un-empty. that’d be an interesting art challenge if understood at the advanced elementary school level; and of course to beyond. s’tuff it with what: the book even, and the plastic: … bag to keep it abstract; so that if needed you could test out of advanced college; if needed; because otherwise the joy of learning is the best of all meals; and eating them.]

theme: sable vehicles (cited)

theme music citation: jump around House of Pain


So we have;

tree, book, [obs. and even cultural knowledge, mainstream], work-propositions, use, utilisable, and translations by through use (or something of this very rough regard).


Obvs. we could do more analysis with this basic sculpture; when there is time and not so close on the public computer use; and in quick, brief further analysis based on this scheme right above: the public computer is obviously a sculpture.

so p.c. is l’utilisable art?




Doin’ the dishes … more notes for

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book diagnosis for the FVP,

tags: literary frameworks

tags: fiction writing education, too

by Goura Fotadar

date of this one: 11.29.16

Source, citation, text: “She’s Come Undone”

p.293 near bottom of this text, source {previous, other? writings, too}

It sounds like they’re doing the dishes. also theme: on homelessness (when do you really see it?)

also note on the same page: the gender twist trigger.

p. 294 So in the main character’s main mind: she knows exactly who she wants to do the dishes.

{Draw doing the dishes}

p.302 top of descriptions of candy with a contrast perhaps to how the main character perhaps not necessarily sees herself; but says of herself.

theme: main pipes

and with the conception of how-to candy; we would hope not that one makes the other.

{uh, I guess under book writing research; for purplement: there’s a thing that a man falsely accused [sp?] and served time completion for a crime: child molestation; must know a thing or more about / of the Truth: maybe it’s different for a woman.}

p.304 (top of) a real police’s question is killing tank fish in such a circumstance of near-rape: considered a criminal action.

P.309 and have we forgotten about “Heidi?”

p.318 interesting art conception  arrow to in a tunnel form: On Suicide Growth for (cited) The Death Project

“Post cards, suicide notes.”

p.321 define ” “pinochle””

around p. 340 : finally! and how-to per/form psychotherapy.

p.353 So instead of college a psych house; whatever that could mean ; and while she’s (young) she’s almost done.

{so cliche’ but draw a psyche house?}

[side notes to use for fiction writing too: opening up the mind in parallel experiences, if affordable?][please define affordability (more exactly). Hint: I can’t go into the psych house for intrapersonal research; I have to finish my sophomore year! Gosh now I’m never gonna get enlightened.][Speed Speed cited: (the movie) Speed]

college or psych house or college and-or psych house; how indelible how deliciou-si

P.354 (top)(of) that’s a good question ,

and perhaps it is political; and it is

certainly about leadership.

p.361 “chasm” define the commonly used.

p.363 “Tepid” (s) the citing: The Death Project of The FVP

as an aside: new shelter situation

tall walls partial roofs, no open

windows in tall walls

arrow to like the



patio of





theme: I’m allergic to



back to the “Tepid” (s) – interesting personal self-

therapy idea

theme: think about applying?

p.372 (top of) The power of art!

p.375 (bottom of) a definition of happiness

aside : Query : question & answer : How to Avoid Being Situationally Hostage

what happens if you accept

a career-directed

job that doesn’t

provide any

wage – compensation?


what plan of personal

welfare – would

you enact?


p.376 we’re at a pivotal point in

the book.

try the exercise on yourself?

What do you get? (share)


p.382 Is Vermont mentioned a-lot in novels?

esp.                              cited:  (in text, source “”) White River Junction


aside, intel’d self notes: just as a f.y.i. : Go to cited: Fair Oaks Community Center in Redwood City for cited: SamTrans bus passes check-mark done on 12.5.16 second check mark: received on same date

p.420 (at the-bottom) So “beauty” is a way of becoming; –  poetically . . . “twirl” perhaps has to do with becoming.

and she has thus become.

p.424 Is swearing that bad?

-p.424 at that age: are teachers allowed to dance  with their students?

-on the bottom of p. 439 – the abortion she didn’t quite want :

theme: oh quiet : turned into hatred for “him” ?

– p. 442 of course one of the developed not from start stand-out themes

is: baby. { as quickly outlined on this page.}

p.444 (top of) when did they move into the same apartment?

p.445 theme: ties to real life

                           should be a drawing

p. 446 theme: on tracking / (perhaps they haven’t moved into the same apartment)

p.452 Theme: The solution

                            to the housing situation.

even with a “normal” “”house”” there’s something

geographical spiritual about the situation . ” … the abyss.”

p.454 so it’s the imaging ; and sounds like theme:

neutron physics

p.459 {define “shellacked”}

p.467 theme: dangerous?

p.468 I hardly remember the “Fickett”s

but I remember “Tepid”

p.472 but wouldn’t he be in jail?

art; theme: in the plastic-glass? {no camera}




a double of top and side

and then another double two more vector horizontal shifts; perhaps I’ll draw past the note-paper sketch again, pu.



Why would you

care; reading notes?

p.480 define

“whipping girl.” {accultural concept.}

for fiction {art statement, fiction; performance art}

your romantic skit with yourself

p. 483 So the main character has inferred that her current husband is suicidal ; accurately, so?