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The Bath Seen

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theme: how to storm and not stomp your feet; think a shuffle


tag[s]: rapid briefs of rapid copywriting , ad

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 61417

Part Two. cific, incomplete notes of storming 

Spe cific

Why today;

Con, nected to a publication that’s not yet done or is done but not done enough.

Is nectar done or not done enough.

How do you spe nectar

Ad: why is it nectar

And cific

Sounds like a wave of an ocean wave or something or sum, thing[s]

It’s also a near double repeat [cific]

S, p.e. [too]

Other notes; of not completed supposition to note here;

While I pertain in ‘agony’ over conflicting eye movements also known as meditating in the form: of proofreading; and how accurate does it have to be?

ago, ny pertaining to fiction for the day, when it’s posted or: ago: ny

Part One. U Tub

non fiction to consider posting:
u tub, cited: youtube

the mesmerizing moments of cited: johnson’s baby oil
u, tub.

they said about it; it’s not good for your hair; it does something wrong to it; that I can’t remember;

but whenever I use it

my hair is shone as in seen in a whole new … way? feel.



part next moor: the exi condicion …

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by Goura Fotadar

for The FVP

date, typed up: 102716

theme: the short-stop is brilliant

to find that out {brake, break} … Imagine a projecting rocket moving through the

rotating cycle of h-less there’s a very short stop and the rotation

continues, from part (a) we speed through the short-stop ; to remove its experience

(arrow to) and not

because there’s

something wrong with it;

if we could

only transfer

this short-stop

perhaps in

our imagination

to brake the


it would

be easy

to define

in this contented


the short-stop;

would be


you’re not


(arrow to)

theme: the double arrows again

we would have to re-define h-less; basically,

to understand what qualifies at non – h- less.

theme: have to exert extreme discipline (the planes) not to

move the chairs back. The chairs! Oh! somebody else can

move the chairs back!

Basic Definitions of H-Less:

  • No mailing address at where you

“stay” and-or it’s not “reliable”


  • You can’t come and go; as you please from the residence / shelter
  • You can’t practice “hygiene” and all that encompasses at your convenience in a hygiene: {what might be included; in addition to the obvious}
  • – bathing, brushing, laundry
  • – exercise
  • – rest
  • – working
  • – Required medical tests
  • – Required eating and their (meal) “required times;”            (… more to come on another day!)



The Toilet Flush: On Abstract Thought

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The Toilet Flush: On Abstract Thought
Threatening Notes: The Evolution of Water Flush,s
thematic: the fiction, “purplement” coming at some stance.
theme 1: an art conception
theme 2: (inquiry) the toilet r-u-n-s in drought?
theme 3: rough from the exhaustion of abuse, and witnessed abuse
date: 82316
for The FVP
by Goura Fotadar


theme : conservation’s enemies, the reality scape … “you’re only allowed to use this part (only) …!” in sentiment

Part one. The Zena Portions Water, Liquid, and Goods
The zena, who I requested; instead of non-zena’s  non-zena hardly qualifying “posse”
(here), is now in the bah-room in this roam;  with non-zena’s non-zena  declaring there is know zena everywhere; and perhaps you might want to re-consider and non-zena’s non-zena’s yells in non-formulated disbelief.
theorie: you (must) formulate to earn disbelief. Define an enactment of formulation.

part middle. On “secret” communication citing: delusional disorder, of the cited: dsm (some version?), and that one, cited: psychopathology course, in the graduate level.
zenas are in the middle of their w-(zena) days.
and does water have the capacity to alleviate pressure problematics. Yes, yes, yells the 5th year sold.

Part Two. The Non-Zena’s Non-Enterprise / Non-Zena Earnings = Non-Earnings of Zena Value
The Un-ordinary; zenas:  how will it end.

The Soap’s Packaging: The use of “slip-up” in intonation dialect to create “real” depth meaning

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The Soap’s Packaging: The use of “slip-up” in intonation dialect to create “real” depth meaning
Art notes: for the FVP
The Death Project Art for The Death Project
tags: trauma recovery, ” real” wealth building
date: 81516



(to see recent images of this described art, see:

or slides 109 through 113)

theme: “mary poppins” / smog
theme citation: mary poppins the movie as used to be available on television or through cited: vhs
(part one.)
In a sink,
in soap water, clean out paper remnants from meal packaging
my example as cited: is taco bell meal packaging
leave soaking in soap water solution for at least a couple of days, particularly if some of the packaging is harder cardboard, as in of thicker texture.
(take photograph.)

(part two.)
have hot bathwater waiting nearby if possibly to humidize the whole thing.

(part three.)
add corn flour or whatever (flour) is available to the solution in the sink.

(part four.)
start structuring further to add strength to the art object (with your hands and flour solution).
added napkins soaked in the solution over the the several layers of food packaging soaked paper remnants
and also added cited: clorox sheets

(part five.)
at some point propped the piece/art object at this stage upon three glass tools:
two glasses and an empty jar.

theme: flowers, water
theme music (citation): simple song, the shins as cited/heard on: kscu on 81416 or was it 81316 &
cry me a river / justin timberlake (both, again?)

voice, notes:

The Clean Conception, Further

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The Clean Conception, Further

tags: hygiene modified under a hanger vicissitude, volunteer poetry, conservation spirituality models, knowledge furthering, art, conceptions, education, notes, non-fiction slants of purpose
The dishes done, a new sound premonition
art concept: The Dishes are Being in Done
fictional theme: vicissitude, the study of “yes”!  cultural conceptions of what “no” could mean : proclivity, ingenuit-y furthering, and a ring to the write …
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 71316

Ad Line: Ingenuit-y in Practice, The Value of Goodness. Don’t want to waste … water? What might you come Up with In: Stead!


I hear the chime of silver to plaster?
and the cling (of dirt) has turned to a clang
of clean (the wash)
can you play this instrument;
it’s not so difficult,
you just rub the fork and glass, es
washed/soaked in bathsoap water for days ahead and filled with such, liquid-water as the drain empties a race at conservation. what does the race do.
around their sills, what you think of as rims,
and then chime to the ground as verse to the rim, sill
you have the premonitional music
of a meditation’s end bell
without a bell drop
of dish music.
Dish! music.
r your chakras cleaned.
the dishes are chakras, so yes the chakras have been simulated to cleaning, but can you keep the clean conception (for yourself) further.

other background music: classical through kdfc (radio) on 71316