The fallen rose bottle, continued

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the 10, June, 2017

tag[s]: death project art + culinary floral art.

In preparation for

[what and rest-safe;]


cited theme advertisement:

preparation H

[and again?]

DownloadsDanger zones of unrest

after a few days of festering

in the non-disease way;

the bottle continues:

with plans of donated

coffee + a few parts

of other dried and

collected flower-things

as photographed;

festering rose pieces + flower diorama


+ coffee

cited: Donut Shop Classics

once opened; inside the bottle: the dead








for additional

supplement: and only! ? what if this were

also a sniff bottle. Once coffee was opened

the bag was tea like so decided to

drink it; and instead use fragrant

and encase-ing wrapper + sugar prior

to flower additions.

on specialized foil theme: of space travel

theme 2: when

trash takes a

vapid futuristic


seal and sugar; sugar the coffee,




two simultaneous ; cookings

meaning preparations;

the stalt of preparation [y]

as an aside: In my tap-water is

the cited: coffee bag;


green tea bag; kirkland

signature ; and sugar.

sorry for the blur?


after the sugar and foil in the

fallen rose bottle tear; no; pilfer

apart the drying flowers in

bag: flower diorama [sp?]

adding drinkable tiny pieces to the c-t-s drink, also.

also I have collected a few spare sticks for

other art ; that I might additionally [be]

inserting into the bottle of rose[s]

or such pieces;

as the flower pieces are pilfered; insert

semi-attentively into bottle and give

the insides a salad twirl grabbing the

lid; at this stage: the fallen rose bottle

is something like an ensulated/insulated

magic scent, wide-stick.

and, that’s where we’re

at now.

– ——————————————–


theme: it looks like grass; out in/from the doors

i-minutes, newsed notes

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cited: npr dot org news email news

newsed notes




for the Fictional VolunTier Project

date, opened: 6417


by goura fotadar

dedicated to the actual kids approved in my old complex. And a dirt few adults. Nearby or in.



pertaining to this section … what does that mean.


turning into the same olds:



still new:



Grade school basics of olds:

“Science writer…[s]” still exist

Advantaged grade school basics of olds:

New translations of deux es, de machina macchina :

In [some of] art images .



Anthologies of knowledge are significant ; or are still happening in quotas; and quotes of grade school journalism: sorry about the opinion inclusion.   Or ?  why not review editing policies while we’re at news reviews.


Somebody died. [at least a one: somebody.]

Good, under [another opinion]


They’ve captured “social mobility”

But what’s progressive and here progressive only means  actually intelligent about “social mobility” or what will be as in making it turn to a higher change.

I really mean higher change; as in spare change; as in higher education.

As in strike out education for a moment and spare for a moment; and you have in reverse order the first order higher change. And before that lined include is ion: ?

You know like higher education. \\\ never mind, or nevermind; not under refugees but just under  “americans’ l scuse the missing second ‘  and the first missing “ “

Or smoething of that direction; cited: the simpsons



so what does “social mobility” using the mistakes of effect have to do with “refugees”



That’s all you need to re call.


Is that enough; and remember the title of the subject matter of the email sort of like a title line:

Because after-all it is still publishing.

“How your mind manufactures your feelings – and how to control that process”


[section][refugees][art as translation comprehension][facts][science writing a career][careers][knowledge collection = anthology][social mobility is an “American” tier such as a tiara approved for wearing and actually approved]


Good; but good be better organized; well it’s been not that long in i-minutes?


Asides of non-re-re-re: checked

Occupational past, passed, no, hazards:

Are non – hazardous;

Except for being out of time

cited: “out of time,”

I hate commas inside quoatation no quotes no quotation marks; but since you’re sure that’s the most proper seminal way of typographing “things”

Excuse the cursory second set of quotations.

First set from the cited text;

Second set from external to cited text citations also.

You’re not a …[first set interjections]

But “c.b.t.” is apparently is or is also?

Has to do with memory?

And memory has to doe with; no do with no sue no due no do with “emotions”

A better question would be the cliché [second set]

“how emotional are you?”


How important are your [actual] emotions to you.

Hint? Now you know … ?





X is addicted to make- up; fiction inscriptions in non-fiction

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: less cliché “shamanic” aides, studying addiction models past graduate counseling school, uhm.

by goura fotadar

date: 6317


X is addicted to make- up; fiction inscriptions in non-fiction

if you were male and …

you wanted to store a part of make-up;


and you weren’t an actor or something other of a performer occupationally or something;

might you scratch and or ink on its front “energy charge”

then of course it would just be that such aid.

Which one would you pick.


draw it; no actually screen shot the image of the one you pick and with that word over it: no phrase over it


what’s the context of singing … uhm.

for Bums: carry it or store it in your storecase, or d’ storecase moveable?


cited: palo alto city

sing? pt alo

pt alo

pt alo

[or] alo




theme music citation:

Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get over You

part two. The Punt: Y works too much; and this is addiction … X ?

theme contrast: but work, even any keeps us , Y , and us Y, SAFE.

store-safe … ?

the alcoholic proposition;

based on observation during

DINNER : music might cure —->

actual alcoholism.

On why folks thing [think] [thing think you][think thing you] you’re an … when

you’re just [hungry].

more importantly does in

cliché terming “heal” actual

alcoholism[s]. What’s it. Where’s [it].

notes from lecture attendance, semi no slightly interpreted: “above x”

power : Him? or Solidarity;

how to; or should x …

“give up” and “give up” what? [theme: my go[-sh …], give up Solidarity? and lose what it actual is, it.]

background: book, cited: E. Kurtz “Not God”

addicted to work of any sort: why

what is work, define. Using example:

of lecture : “stick a need, sticking a needle” “in arm” is

actual work …

theme: adjunct [or] chin? no, I meant adjunct on chin. Sorry, I have … … as in costume make-up-ry . sounds like a graph; yeah well make-up application is a graph, right. [collegiate culture]

theme, progresses: maybe you just want a different job. or a different translation of that job [action].

What is ts?

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

cooling the bench

date typed up: 6217

theme: sorry for the blur? of photographs

safety card or religious card:





slide cards:

Number 1:


Source, text: Prodigal Summer

Barbara Kingslover


Ac: know : led : g : men : ts

a/c? : know => led? : g-men

=> gender-men? :

ts =>

Slide 2:


What is ts?

for me; at present:

ts is – are


has to do with hair, safety, & wetness in environs

=> so

slide 3:


In relational,

self theory -> what is?


ts -> ties

the next basic step . . .


slide four – 4:


ties : relational self theory


at present ties mean:

creating transferable connections


[applications of safety:] what’s the

easiest way to create [experience]



slide 5:


[experience, involves : …]


the explanation / proof of :

“oh you’re interested in pragmatic

theory ; maybe you should read a

book or take a class on pragmatics.”


What the heck is pragmatics.


slide 6:



Un-necessary Sheet –

I’m constantly using books and the such;

perhaps I should work near books

and the such; perhaps for further

ties [self] … I should walk also to

these books and the such … and-or to more books and the such.


slide 7:



Apply it to sty living; an experiential

way of being above? old tie:


from page x of “acknowledgments”

“I’m pretty sure I owe

my particular way of looking at the world,

colored heavily in greens, to my parents’

choosing to rear me in the wrinkle on the map


slide 8 :


that lies between farms and wildness, … ”


slide 9:


from cited : xi

in same section :

a look in context, no! In context support:

Psychic Tools? While reading this what do

you see, also:

“Steven” -> t, seven ->

shirt seven, tie[s] seven, shape seven as a t.


slide 10:


theme: uncomfortable order


slide 11:


slide 12:


after (enough) seven t analysis;

shape structure will we know:

“acknowledg[e] …”

that t seven also

is, means a gun.


“Steven” transposed at least one-way

[sectioned] can be a … that named.



slide 13:






The Bench: Scenarios of … madness, not mine; explained.

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The Bench: Scenarios of … madness, not mine; explained.

for The FVP


Tag[s]: Thinkers of action for the fictional voluntier project, is this fiction, and the difference between fiction, non-fiction, and lying, and lying in truth; criminology by gf; copy

… jewels

Date: 6117

By goura fotadar

Theme Modifier: But I was doing nothing! But I was doing that nothing!

Theme: how to provide accurate protection without violence from your internal self.

Theme Art: Vietnam was different. Where’s your proof.


A few weeks ago I was sitting on a bench that I’d sat on earlier that day;

And I was coughing and smoking; men I didn’t know starting talking very loudly about me;

They came up to me; and asked me if I were-was a cop;


And I said, the truth: “no.”


I didn’t answer?


I pretended not to be able to speak … “English” “english”


They got really close to my face; and I waited as they nearly of course assaulted be-me in sequence before the evening hit night in the sky;

I waited to:

To not reveal the way I move, why?

To protect others; although nobody but their supportive onlookers were around

When I stood up finally un-harmed I backed away from all three and my belongings on a bench;

Shortly afterward some of my other belongings were stolen; nowhere near where I sat, then.

I then shrieked repeatedly and they propositioned me in the size of gang, now; for prostitutional sex;

I’m not and so

I said,

“I’m sorry about the screaming I’m a Vietnam Vet and a little bit wonky in the head.”

Oh they said,

Stumbling back away.


Do I look old enough to have served in cited: Vietnam? Basic Aptitude Test of those who at non-random threaten others with …  ; and lose? At attempted hate crimes.


Part Two. this jewelry feature. the shelters of so easy and less easy; how much do they vary


how would you take this piece

and turn it / make it fiction

| so easy |

how would you make it to at least yours [elf]

acceptab,lly non fiction

| less easy |


cited: as accessed on 6117

through fb


This side angle photograph see below is quite vase-istic; I can imagine flowers or none; and it’s still an art piece; collected in a can on your see through view; or in your no sorry on your or their body, no bodies.  or. or. or [to catch all the views.]


About Reflection

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source citation text: love story [by [b-e]] erich segal


Date, worked on: 52717

Date, typed up: 53117

cited pages: 102-103

“I pursued the matter at dinner. We had bought great Danish china.”

purse – ud : the matter

bought great Dane-ish : china?

Where dinner = reflection [ … ?]

other upcoming pre – dictions

for purchases include :

at least [1] great Dane and

as a purchase not another way. [gifted for example; as another way.]

theme, cited: animal rights, rites?

and going to china; another purchase.

at the bottom cited p.103:


“Christ, hopefully Jenny would

keep Bozo from destroying me.”


“me”  -> “the” original “matter” : “Danish china”


tag[s]; real theories of finance are self-knowledge.


“destroying” “me” toward

the ease? in/of breaking … “china”

“Bozo” sounds almost like

a dog and or pet animal’s name;

love-able, or like-able “Bozo”

preserves the worth/value of “purse”

“china” if even it breaks; “me”

is still left-over?


Further “we” is now

who & who & even who … and so on.   [uhm; is this family planning explained through “china”]

+ “china”

+ “Bozo”




the usual and even cliché – our

buys and

not bias?

are oui ?


theme: is-r purchased dishes; and-or gifted dishes and-or donated dishes; a safety system of even self-preservation. in SAFETY

theme music citation: michelle branch all you wanted


Infinite Death

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 53017

side notes of non-fiction

on page cited: 65

of primary source text; as identified in fiction today


as number one: The Supermodel and the Brillo Box by Don Thompson

tag[s]: for basic educational purposes, research, journalism pseudonyms, memorials, the death project, briefs in rapid, book’s indexing, books indexi


The 2nd to last completed paragraph on this page describes a

purchase[s] on “average … of 800 works … ”     [“(per) day”]

based on typos while handwriting see photograph:


-> art modality scratch out

first bracket + comma

also called racket :

the combination

[basic art technique : primary is?]


from source, text [1]

and within

it from

” Mugrabi, Saatchi,

Sandretto, and

The Vogels”


Two lines down on / in the same paragraph:

” ” more art … in than most bricks-and-mortar galleries ” ”

& switch to economics by the essay’s subjugation in book, text:

perhaps the didactic of “most” pertains the suggestion

that rather than in competition

with one, another : the “bricks-and-mortar galleries”

are themselves in existence

countable i.e. numbered “works” of art.

of – made by [somebody, somebodies]

and the convention of of death: jokes in

(italics) (different source) popularity:

[Your days are numbered]

only exist in the séance of real Death when there

are no infinities, infinites : infinity[one] … infinity[infinity]

cited theme vehicle: infiniti


part two. images in chrono; how to edit in summers


theme: memorial day visas at the recession[s]

tag[s]: museum creations from museum like visits of grating significance, the death project, and the death project art, on the rapid off quick, and editing diagrams you hadn’t guessed

cited; the funeral home, that


font face


segments of face pace


how to recall glyph


That worn skirt at the function of death? how …


accessory provided self-burial composed package look for research notes later?


the fiction purposed piano and pottery; flag[s] in editing theme comprehension


no disrespect; what is dis, respect actually. Nice hone front.

|_| but the other way


between the eye blinks; I blanks, I need some seated bench = rest; at a cemetery = seated artistic rest


all the indexes and stacks is-r so much like the phoneme letters



I dream about being crumpled up this way; it’s gotta be the grotto of rest.

and everyone / body knows that bodies know ones know that grottos are like typeface for another ghetto[s]?


near this I played the fictional music. in fiction blog.


no doubt the flowers point, there are dangerous people now nearby. Bye. It’s not attached [like it should be  ?]  . Like the hope of death itself. or my hope [of death itself unattached] .


They are alive and so real. They smell so good. Are letters dead and so unreal? how about letters together like words. Are those not alive and so dead; oh sorry I mean so unreal. are words unreal?


the musical instruments appear; as inscription[s]; and now they are alive? or dead in sound.



the zoo-t of traditional art



that’s a long life to the the to the to the left top or am I adding wrong. Or how to compose words sentences and the such    in affect


the cemetery’s fallen flowers look closely to catch errors [in-by not seeing them] it smells good



after the visit and ornate; I found these trashed; how app, prop where would you swing the trash, that trash.IMG_20170529_124938

ooh you saw the scratch of yester’s notes ; notes from the date of the photo[z] exhibition