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More Art Notes from Then: When [than/?]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 8218

tag[s]: finally, getting r-through that notebook; and to think, while working on another publication is being worked on around all that stuff, art unseen or not recently seen or … always almost unseen: how to comprehend make; i.e. art analysis; contemplations of fiction from uh a beggar of “society”; contemplations of “society” = “that doesn’t actually produce, but may pretense to …” versus society = that produces

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More art notes for the fvp on 2.17.17 : A moment to breathe: a re-consideration of how to add an art to trash:

tag[s]: diagram art, continued; and a fashion’s notes; the art of hygiene, art observation, too; more appropriate sorry not photographed instructions:

ingredients: * a chocolate’s foil wrapper [this one’s gold]

*something like a “hygienically” used tissue

*and with some version of a scented’s flavoring

theme: a crawling spider

*a moment to breathe /> arrow to slanted to the heading

The construction of something like a flat panel tunnel from

Foil: so fold foil with a gap between the two folds of non-foil segment; ¾ of the way complete; and 1/5 of the way complete lift the folds and slightly by a tenth of the fold cuff-one in the opposite direction creating a non-hardened Asian style; central Asian incense holder overall-look; then take … it might also start to look like a kimono and-or such-like robe; then take the tissue and create a drape of the outside of the foil:

theme: oh my god,  but I can’t see it [but if even the photograph isn’t available, is that the only less-an, here]

[t.b.c./Goura, remember … what you couldn’t keep [art, self-art sentiment: enough work, and it’s kept everywhere/nowhere/anywhere … and so goes on]]


[right before the next court] [at night-time, … in the Park ] ]

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[right before the next court]


[at night-time, … in the Park ]     ]

for The Death Project/in/of The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 62218

tag[s]: the screams! of housing, while working on “purplement”, structure cognitions …

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The fun!? of homeless surgery, Basic announcement: Hello, folks; pardon the delay in publishings; I have been hospitalized due to un-relenting pain connected to a gigantic/ large ovarian mass/es in my body, physical for the last 7 or nearly eight years; it’s [it has] been exhausted and just had surgery; I am now in recovery, while uh homeless, … While recovering from surgery I will still aim to have at least some postings up per week; and my next publications out just a bit slower, … Anyhow; onto the post –ing: that was meant to be up already, …


Dates: 61018-61118

Like the moves, pushing cars on a button or vice-versa; actually; paying attention to *connection between the button pushing & the cue of the, what->you hear. I mean the car is an entropy body right? as it moves and that type of coordination. Even if un-spirited; on something as charging coordination: it is, alive; if only in segments.

[To answer why you can’t talk to them]

cited: Transformers?

(for the Death project, the whole thing)

From a house you can walk into death; and also the dead; how s*o? The house has a body: structure as your physical body: structure.

Unlike your physical —body structure; however the relative size [relative




|—[Housing is bigger than[t] you; [why do you have housing issues of any and any all variants including homelessness] to your body] of housing [in physical structure

theme: in a read lollipop is a whole … at least.


and so in rational dynamics; think rations: you can walk in. Additionally; whatever % assumptive qualifies characteristics of something to it something being living; likely most current housing is qualified to dead in the applicable qualities of: living & dead. Likely, if you walk into a housing structure; even a smaller one; even for a short visit; you are walking into a, the dead. And perhaps the same with non-housing structures of similar relative size difference; if they also [qualify] as dead. If you thus walk into the dead; you might find what deadened and-or deadened: killed then appear in a view-able way; and and you might try to comprehend it; and this may, be the way to come into the knowledge of: the great mysteries or a sets; sets of one or two of them: in categories.


Source: The symbolic house

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[also in this form: Source]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: art theory,







theme: things I’ve done foretold by poetry

  1. cited p.1: where to go and how to go about it on pilgrimage in Manchester, CT in circa 2014
  2. cited p.2: a reminder to look at scenery and-or do patrol. A reminder what would be the difference.
  3. cited p.3: where are the limits of knowledge
  4. cited p.4: a shawl’s effect used but forgotten about.
  5. cited p.5: sounds like a death state meditation and-or the experience of death
  6. cited p.6: the organ story of karma
  7. cited p.7: the actual magic of commercial

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Old Notes; Part Before One. Wrong goal in housing instead of getting off the streets; …



|^ look what |^

|    says above|


        | ^ this is a house? 

Intellectual Housing Abstractions: Uh, compare sources and line to housing; uh is a house a source, and what do other sources tell us in in comparison to housing [i.e. about housing and housing problems].




source, cited: Present Company, W.S. Merwin

Part II. cited p. 4 : the phone call really explained [planes]




“sound” the phrenology of what is easily skewed to be the practice of the phone call; but what it seems maybe instead is the utilize-able inebriation, of sound is a tool and not the main focus point of the call; perhaps now obvious; through phone call districting work; or for some other raiSon. The call is done through the tool especially being sound or a nearby equivalent for example if one were such impaired in hearing; and yet the focus on else, other.



The Dead Lady

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[also in this form: UntitledThe Dead Lady]

Today’s art notes in brief: How to stop odor invasion at local Soup Kitchens

for The Death Project in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date: 5418

tag[s]: criminology and art, future and publications on cited: Amazon , trash art, the day of italics, the death project


  1. What happens if somebody sits next you as you are doing a murder investigation or several; and smells really bad; more than a normal body could, … and you are deployed as homeless; so your eating options are not many; … what if it’s not just a regular militia deployment; but an advanced militia deployment which lasts in phases until regular society stops lying to a certain level of component; that could take forever; while you continue to clean up their mess, and they pretend they’ve always been doing that: cleaning up their own messes
  2. Somebody else hands you an orange; and of course it’s the component of non-stench, …

cited: for the next rum’s theory, whenever that comes to work; and cited: voicethread




You squish her the lump refuse form down; and she has turned into a dead lady mummified; who killed her among pepper and salt packets and orange peels just in now my usual cited: rum’s theory tradition, … She is both a casket and a mummy; heirloom-ed by a vine growing near a federal building? known as the post office; you smoke near her, and people still want a piece of her, after and past her death; soon she rises dead and rides on the bus; maybe it’s the bus driver that killed her?

theme: piece of, her

theme music citation: Britney spears, piece of me

  1. See slides 31-40 for speed exhibition made: put together quickly, while mostly at the soup kitchen prior to meal; from this link (cited: voicethread)


Notes: Cues / Criminology / From text

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 32318

[also in this form: Notes]


tag[s]: analysis of criminology cues from text, art form interpretations, movement ideology comprehensions



Source, citation: Nancy Martin, Little Black Book of Murder

P. 1 [The scare of “social” …] results in non-attempt of “murder” second quote [perhaps] reference to main title segment. [for now, anyhow and or at least]

P. 2 As almost as an aside; the definition of “meanwhile” is of course the paragraph or one definition of the term: “meanwhile” is the form of paragraph

From P. 1 to P. 2, we have the trajectory of movement,

P. 2 from the [comprehension] action of movement; we have the application of “meanwhile” incidences of even and or especially form: are clouds “meanwhile”

P. 2 action of movement, example: “Libby dug into her handbag in a search of a restorative snack.”




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for The Fictional VolunTier project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, continued as left off from yesterday’s posting: 32218

tag [s]: reading notes, spiritual development underpinnings, criminology sequence cues? from reading para … analysis, the spirit work out of item-thoughts, spiritual art theory

[also in this form: What if the bag were a Being]



Primary Source Citation: (as brief skimmed of) Sophie Kinsella (by); Shopaholic & Sister

What if the bag were a Being.

“reflection” of bag is compromise or is subjugation for lust; and-or what might be known as lust : instead of staring at another Being ; you are now evaluating the/ a bag.

Basic notes: underline[s] added in quoted text for emphasis

“I lead her off the main high street, away from the pedestrianized shopping precinct, and turn left down a cobbled side road. As we walk, I hitch my Angel bag on my shoulder, admiring its reflection in a shop window across the street.”

Also sounds like an advertisement for cited: V.S.


criminology cues: “lead her off …”

“ … main high street” in the perspective of the perhaps potential perpetrator outside of regular reading context; what is considered by the such it is; “main” part of this “high street”

& the answer: “ … the pedestrianized shopping precinct … ” = (in perspective of …) “ main high street”

Then of course perhaps that is of course we have the sign and or present/current marker of what “off” looks like and or presents as:

“ … cobbled side road …” = (in the comprehended sight of the …) “… off the main high street …”


Other thoughts to consider:

Will the bag/ a bag; work as a subjugation of lust and thus, then further: spiritual development; in the context of cited: v.s. artistic promise; it seems it’s an utilizable motif: conception.

So target marker: killing goal: reforming and or transforming and or correcting: lust

(think of synonymous inklings of lust)

Modality-ized to a bag’s purposed sight;

Perhaps an incision into the reason for art development: examination.


Constellation Chamber II.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 31218

[also in this form: Constellation Chamber II]


[I think still in section I of !! or 2 now.]

tag[s]: art reality; reality therapy, diagrams, housing identities: structures broom-ed


While lid stay-away in blink pace; might prove dangerous ; as might earthquakes; and heavy water/liquid catastrophes

The answer then is what is the semblance most like inside?

A face?

Covered in ash [after a smoke] an animal like head; the animal like moving near smoking cigarettes. To me; it looks most like a woman’s pregnancy

The child[s] having the ability to exit when?

So that’s not enough

I think in almost bizarre representations the ash signifies weight and-or weight bearing [reflections from snow & snow-like trinkets]

Upon a self at least; a self in form; and then the unscrewing of the lid; offers the forced opportunity of self to fall out and transform with the change in weight [like a|wait]