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Reports of Racial Profiling and Enclave Needs.

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Reports of Racial Profiling and Enclave Needs.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By goura fotadar

Date: 81617

Stage I. The Enclave Need for Stalking, No. The opposite.



Why not consider past that city ; yet another homeless enclave here there and elsew[ear]; where the fake cops and fake authorities and housed non-real kind types can’t enter; because the situation is getting cans; you’ve or they’ve got to have something better to do than stalk homeless and such people around; or pose as homeless. It’s not like they’re working harder than … and pay the way for it … but it’s important to investigate the money trail all the way, and figure who does; because that drops the sharp cord otherwise in the wrong direction.






Stage II. Crime notes: reverse racial profiling: I want you to take a look at what happens around 7 pm at the public library wherever I sit and this man [which one] has repeatedly threatened me with rape + violence is now donning every same accessory as me [which were after the second last police brutality incident; … and-or stolen; but mostly just trashed though still collectable.] And those were not community charity items … aside notes: I think he continues to sleep where I was cited as moving from in rest spots and not housing theory;  I wish I could say … that would help; I’m an a-a woman; and with police aid he keeps calling me: in his repeating words: “criminal, bitch, drug addict …” and flashes his weapon at me.  In the incidence of the near, close-to gang-rape at the estate shelter I was staying at [indoors] all of the gang of men; were Black : and kept calling me : “sis” while they unclothed themselves and grabbed my body parts ->Thanks Menlo Park P.D. et al departments.  At cited the living situation: Menlo Church,








Sure, it’s great for church; but if assigned there for live staying  when the lights turn off; anything could happen to you; and who you have to defend your rights are the local p.d. Nothing can be imaginably scarier than that. Menlo Park P.D. to your defense; yeah, right.



2nd title: get raped or racism? [experience …  may overshadow the “local cops” on safety and security protocols; sorry?]













And then with a few more faces inserted; they all start to leave at [the] same time as me; as I start packing up; sometimes often appearing  [[w’ear]ever] I go.

The man in the beige-yellow shirt; is the librarian doing the committing crime type “set-up”

If I don’t leave then; waiting to leave now to avoid them uh kill-raping me or at least trying to do so; they re-appear sometimes even in the women’s bathroom. No joke. Pretending that I’m not female.


Stage III. Stalking by “local cops”


Every,where I go; includes the local police they are wherever I go; at the train station; at cited: 7-11 again and refusing to leave; at the library refusing to leave and there in uniform using it as a patron [see what images have been captured of this evidence]. Make sure to capture the notice of the defense of the bright light flashing blocking view of police vehicle; and its confession of an aided crime on their part.









Civil litigations of social aptitude uh safety: if even you were-are a, member of the racial community they ascribe belonging to ; they the people attempting … at me, again in stage two; at least cognizantly consciously ; crime theory which one likely states you may still be similarly as me inflicted; so they my attempters … are not safe in general.



Other notes: Within the past few proximate back months: man attempting to grab my breasts at Sunnyvale near now closed down cited: Jack-in-Box and calling me hooker; then following me into Palo Alto Public Library on middlefield and mayview; and yelling that I’m crazy publicly because for like one minute my phone accidentally was hit; the librarian told me to not speak; as if I were speaking [and he meant in general too]; when I hadn’t such spoken. How come he didn’t get banned, a citation, and the accord of general. Which he. Can we say moderated harm; is controlled by me and not the “authority”; and certainly I would be narcissistic to believe I were the only target. Certainly. Another man in the Menlo Park Library telling me that he’s “had enough of me,” and that he’s the sole owner of the library; while the librarians smile on. Pointing fingers at my face, and laughing about money … like I need it as a homeless woman who works for no living wage, and lives off otherwise charity. What use could … have for more than once-in-a while pennies sponsorship of money. Pennies over the course of a year.


theme: I was planning on leaving but alright; I guess I can wait forever while the cops and uh the others do their thing? We’ll just pretend I don’t exist; and they’ve done it all. Wow what hard work; congratulations … heros?





Practice for “Purplement”

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 52817 m. date: 5.27.17


source, cited: Elizabeth Adler, The Secret of the

Villa Mimosa


just as the cover image

depicts for brief but

general, too; art


the “villa” that is

also a “mimosa”

or scuse me

in the shape of a



the “mimosa” is of course drink;

but is often served in as demonstrated

glass; as shown in cover l’arte. [not here shown]



from the inside cover of

the source, text:

“Dr. Phyl Forster first saw

the un-identified young woman

on an early morning TV



Then overall;

to create a good smelling reality;

applying the past source citation book:

“n rockwell” dabbed in a

spread                               drops of prepared lotion.

-> for cited: & thass y …

  cited: rum’s theory [series]


The Turning Significance of Food [part two.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up this group: 5617


theme: carmen-sense





theme 1: it looks like a house:



tags: safety tech; food with-holdings Study : Field, Economics Bio


Basics: aside

the desk with back especially as a flat screen;

but not just for surely even the air is

backing; can be thought of like most

vehicular navigations; such

as the car: and the

obvious ; with flipping

pictures; held up

even temporarily with hand

signals; creates the flat-screen;

if you want to introduce

computation you might cue the

t. b. c.

pictures + time like

a cited: pp + microsoft? and]or such slideshows;

and of course on the brow of cited: garden gate

cited: back cover of source, text 1: garden gate

‘1 ; you must include a view of

what: you might cue into

hand switch; for these basic

counters of cue would be practice

for how long one – you/or they:

theme: visit; [cited;] san francisco public library

theme music citation: beyonce formation


might have to emulate/copy form

of the place in where one-you/or they:

ate? Of course this is also combat modality;

armed or not. But why not be

aware that it’s also ART.

The kettle is so much like the

form of a gowned woman; fragile or not;


but skewed to perhaps standing. Is there

an answer to if women sit or stand

more often [theme: of’ten?] gowned.

And in form art;

the kettle would you

say is stood.

cited: p. 472 &

cited: p.494

cited: page as described from second cited source below identified
cited: page as described from second cited source below identified

[self-notes: look at

cited Tiffany

& co art

on cited. p. 495]

secondary source text cited as identified below

secondary source, cited text: The metropolitan museum of art Howard Hibbard


Art: The Police Department Buildings Actual & Product Connection

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Art: The Police Department Buildings Actual & Product Connection
The Artistic Diagram Commencement for Real Work and Not Some Hoax Pretense of Weakened Pow! cited here: Pow as a depicting cultural, perhaps intercultural phrase.
tags: art career connections and the death project
tag theme word: identified

notes for the v blog posting: from cited: bodytime dot com from this webpage; more eact, exact: as accessed on 31317

[photograph the image when can]

If you have any memory of the cited: rain 
they would point you to the police department; actual and not false; police department
uhm I mean; [art movement architecture benefitting theme: enter the block; any to get out of the rain!]
in artistic conception; each police station; actual even modernistic style; I can only attain their physical status from memory; here; since I”m not referencing a pictured image here;
is a block visit into a new reality more severe than for example the visit to your local public school; just because; and maybe only slightly more severe than the public library as an image block
and interacting space identified even segregated ; and don’t you think this imagery in its block style perhaps even more than other cited: body time offerings captures what it could mean to be an officer-cop;
your work permeating in a scented way the whole of everything you are an effect qualified by the essence of a scenter-set such as this.
In the background you might not miss the case; symbolizing perhaps rest and final rest: such as, death; and the frequent interaction in this work; with death-like states of qualification: violence, and all-violent connectors; phase us into death as a cognitive existence; certainly this is not surprising. With the connotation of smell; so basic; we wonder that in death is scent past crime novels and movies and heresy clauses; an appropriated existence;
and if even a permeator as is likely obvious and just described.
In  more specificity to this product and career diagram, art connection; on utility of placement; what do you suppose th
dedicated music connected theme: can you see the mountain inthe double leaf like wing set? 
what do you think it means that these scented pieces of art product and perhaps I should delve into a deeper analysis here in art product form more; here; or soon;
; hat each piece can possible fit into this mini casket style urn-ist almost case. Symbolised with our now traditionally seen hieroglyphic stem art not missing though the falling or hanging air still of leaves; small as compared to the stem-ery twine themselves almost like an identifier of lesson on how to place these inside and also how-to interpret their use perhaps necessarily the obvious.
& don’t forget to mention the significance of the words: (cited:) “body time”
[Part] Aside: Did consider these forms to be forms-alternative of art. 
Date: 31317
Suggestion from cited: BodyTime in Block Theme to with the cited: The Witch Goura [next one]
By me, Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project, too
tags: police art already realized [in alternative form?]; and so more organized and furthered
cited [image of]: bodytime dot com [cited; china rain] as accessed again today: 31417
  what do you suppose qualifies each piec’ of these products an encasement of scent in this case-set of blocks external and singular: i.e. the case and each; constitutes art. The Flower formation nearby; and as footed and not atoped is apropos of what. a Tree; and a shedding bush perhaps; a seemingly transformation phase.
So we have on quick analysis face, label even within face; punctured color form; a singular scent cause [like a shared family name[s]]; a distribution of light variation in lucid quality  perhaps an ability to see essence of what is it piece [each still individual and-or unique-ish]; and of course  a way-method to form oneself as we and-or you apply to yours -form in the appropriated provided-purca quantity.
cited: brainstomers et al [punc.]
Is in the more simpler translation each piece and more even-so connected to this series publication as cited above; and upcoming: is a building and-or an individual organization functioning sort of alone; and then together in: case the inter-functioning of the entire group of organizations; like a matrix or something you know the number matrix; and then the case-ing of the individual pieces the clasp on case : the support of those that are outside of the organization[s]. Each building/piece qualifying and-or describing the substance of that specific part of the larger group organization; the plane’d flowers could certainly signa death or the basicity of death-like interactions. & I think there are four flowers for four individual buildings/pieces [matching] these bottles in number.
Then cited: “Body Time” cul-de-sac broken down in many ways.
But in context here: [and all caps? as cemented might be applied here] BO DY TIME
and that’s one relevant effective phenograph; and this of course does not mean necessarily that every police member, actual and all actual supporters must expect to see such: days and years of commemorating [more of?] the work-related? deceased; but rather, it might mean that again, death is significant and so obvious to this line of work; an essential method of being? and so encased in this scented urn like depiction.
To do another deeper study: we might want to might into all the definitions, connecting of obituary.
[art demonstration: notice of death] [for the Fictional VolunTier Project]
[Music Suggestions, regular-to-almost-pop cultura]
1. theme: when did we meet
theme music citation: Wish I knew you, by The Revivalists, on Men Against Mountains
2. theme: What gender were-are you
theme music citation: Woman Woman, Awolnation, Run
Part Two. A ‘poor’ girl’s story with cited: china rain, and the significance of the actual p.d. and theme: when did we meet.

Editor’s Note: The Spacial Catastrophe: You’re not imagining; he was special. Maybe now he’ll be more than special. What a chance; not that there’s anything un,perfect about special-being.

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Date, typed up: 31217

Date worked on: 31117 For the Blog: FVP



by Goura Fotadar

theme: art & cited: the witch goura 3





Pre-cluder: In art makings’ thoughts : Something, body

had irked me as I was looking specifically at make-up

for art; and this doesn’t mean only in its possible healing


theme: the danger is on the lurk.

I mean how could can make-up be used past body

application; and-or decorating piece; for example: carrying

an item around while homeless and propping it in your work-space,

temporary; could depending on the piece-item: scent, color, and frame

the space; even without current application; or recent application:

but here I’m talking about one-step layer [more, so]:

and that’s in art object creation. At first mind’s glance

the thought of using make-up unless it’s like mascara or

something like an ink liner that turns into the piece’s framework:

I would be concerned about the for example: make-up

powder from running down or flaking off from an art piece as

it’s forming. Of course then one has to construct a way for the

part powder to form into the piece likely with Some other, addition;

to it: perhaps as usual to save cost: lotion.

In the cited: source text; Norman Rockwell Artist and IllustratorIMG_20170311_152206[1]

we’re provided an interpretation

aside theme: to heal grief: touch bricks in a finger-brushing cited: the spirit work-out (non-fiction)

side notes: also builds, further hand

dexterity including sense-of-touch

as we’ve seen represented in art ; in this cited source, text:

around p. 45 (cited) IMG_20170311_163508[1]we see instructions on how to

build art captures through techniques

such as running of

the potential         make-up.

theme: gender edifiers {as make-up art inhibition-imbibe}

theme music citation [again]: kate bush running up that hill. 


Notes on Current Events, Adult Style:

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A Re-Development of 4th grade; unfinished … here {so far}


cited: San Francisco Chronicle, Section c, on Tues. 01.24.17

Title of Article: ” A ray of hope for mentally ill homeless” (author of article) heather knight

Main-line qualification un-specified: Location: S.F. 

action: argu ment

prodigy: “homeless problem”

genuis: “evaluat  i” on … “ideas actually worked.”

arrow to: qualifier : “Bay Area”

arrow  to l.u. what posits this area against the tide of other areas; therein so establishing

{italics here identify presumed non-quoted from l’artic text; but obviouse’ stressed pin-points; the pin-points are in italics then;}

conceptual area: and qualitative weight each area may have presiding over others. In the case of an un-qualified problem albeit identified “homeless” ; it might be likely that-a weightier area likely economically with a: “homeless problem” might consequentially a/effect even the rest of the world. And perhaps not in any, way that any smoking dope may fail into a belief . Not there? is anything against the least foreign of those present used meanings of dope. Such a basique’ question: (But so complex): How might in difficulty a strategically weighty part of the world with a # of its residents; i.e. homeless, residing onthe streets explain its contribution to work revenue; of-the-world?

The Hearsay: Sociological-Politico Thought; One likely blah-popular? expla(i)nation might-be : that the non-homeless in arrow to such areas esp. street people are saint-like in their enormous work-production-and-giving efforts holding the entire world’s revenue upon their shoulders; & when asked if such supposed saint-like producing workers/and having had produced saint-like now retired: need help through even a clutch courtesy call : the response might-be: You know it’s very difficult (forus) (the cited: h-less population) and we don’t talk about it.

The Progeny; But part of the courtesy call would be to evaluate that likely such work-sainthood were/was/has/is taking place; otherwise : the h-less problem is a larger problem than can be encapsulated in tradi geo-economy revenue; instead; it might signify almost existentia level such as- something as catacly/clas/mic as a pre-emptive dino/saur/sore wattage.

The Final; Qualifier 

If in-fact whether (you) believe it (or not); the work-producers are not seismically saintly is in work-production -and-giving in that esp. imperative such qualified area; it is those on the streets keeping most of the brinking world a-float, until …

The Predictor; what happens?

Page 2. Comments of Observation of the ; on-the : same l’article

date: 1.27.17

1st page. back-to of article : ” … banning sitting or lying on sidewalks and aggressive pan-handling?” {basic questions; what sensibly constitutes non-aggressive “pan-handling”}

quinter quest: theme: occupational space theory what would be the non-preferential purpose other than; the need to walk on, or run on sidewalks ; unless very specifically crowded ; sidewalks in more than specifically designated areas; might be avoided to make rest space for those resting/residing there; unless of course you wanted to join; or else walking around the resting bodies; and only when absolutely necessary, and avoiding bothering resting bodies, there.

The quest of habitual decorum may not longer be utilisable status quo; when there is a bludgeon of actual h-less people who don’t take to the proposed hypothetical comfort of shelter: in other more conunding works : Ew, there are h-less or other people residing on-the sidewalks; where residing might also include temporary a la’ rest-t; may not be effective afffecting synaptic referencing,

A continuing status terminology:  Ew! there are h-less people on these sidewalks , and they … ! … shouldn’t be here. 

Theme: The SideWalk’s Ownership.

1.28.17 today’s un-photographed l’arte’ project for The FVP  the usual “protect me  forever … ” (un-named this time)

theme 1: ooh, the theorie’!

theme 2: the wish-construction motif: blah! continued.

(1)Think of something you are currently struggling with; that you can’t “exactly” control; that you will look past your own prohibiting proclaim – ations if even internal to fix-construct. For me: (no prohibitions? as a joke) it is the current severity of the weather theme: oh whether conditions; while seat(ing)-sleeping outside.

theme: oh magic! 

(2) Think of something you will never struggle with; where control is not currently a factor; and capture it with with a cognate-memento : for me, a chocolate bar wrapper … (t.b.c)

{ (on) 12.22.16 notes for The Death Project (Research Reading Notes and Design for the D.P.) (look for following bracket in this;)

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before preceding/proceeding to citing the context of the cited, source text (soon described);

a side applied personal art therapy :

If you’ve had a particulare’ traumatic year and it’s coming (we’re at the end of that last one, here in-time)

to-an End; sort-of like an in-action

Resolution Attempt : focus on the months/days of the year

past ; or soon-to-pass; if you don’t have time for-every

of that traumatic year; in an art art-coloring

Book calendar; such is available for-free : at the

cited: local a, lib-rary.

and of course you can color it in;

or sketch ; line/mark along the figures ;

If you have time for those months/days that weren’t  as-

traumatic then you can re-enforce them

with more art, work; to create a better over-all


and the next step; might be to describe some of your

additions to the coloring book’s images.}


(more to come … ?)