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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 6818

{remember to call & update }{locate free art studio & art storage, too;}


{ad: copy for the fvp: 12.9.16 ad: copy: a place to re-group (from the streets; especially)}


For the fvp 12.14.16 The Solution to the Shelter

Problem is placement

cited: public libraries

… [other notes, et al left behind]

Other things left behind: 2nd, see the “sewer” fort in the drains

3rd but has-been, on-going: seeing open trash-cans

4th seeing variations of Christmas trees associated with criminologie’

{perhaps : the shelter solucion is cion connected to criminologie’ but not in-the: Way of Blasé thinking.}

Arts, obs:

The c-mas tree as a frame

cited: Rockstar energy drink (can)

theme: of usual arte by (this) artist

cited name citation: prince as the artist

cited again brainstormers et al [punc?]

{double, arrow to}

Take the empty can: this one is grene

Put used wrappers and leaves in it [include picture]

Use cited: cracked ritz crackers and soap, water, clean t.p. + toilet seat covers

In form clumps and layer with a few leaves outside + twigs inside

Crush down somewhat to create a “frame” tie with clean d.f. if available that’s where/wear it’s at right now … and leaf on a sill to help it form:

That’s where/wear it’s at right now …

Art theme: the art emblem is upside down on-the, pipe. Ad: tag, line can you read it?


Spirito Diagram


F/C –R1  (potential branches)

PredeC. or [sp?] chronology

Aside: more practice in “divine” love:

Text yourself “hi” from your own number if possible.


Theme: it’s just a can used as a construction structure


The fallen rose bottle, continued

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the 10, June, 2017

tag[s]: death project art + culinary floral art.

In preparation for

[what and rest-safe;]


cited theme advertisement:

preparation H

[and again?]

DownloadsDanger zones of unrest

after a few days of festering

in the non-disease way;

the bottle continues:

with plans of donated

coffee + a few parts

of other dried and

collected flower-things

as photographed;

festering rose pieces + flower diorama


+ coffee

cited: Donut Shop Classics

once opened; inside the bottle: the dead








for additional

supplement: and only! ? what if this were

also a sniff bottle. Once coffee was opened

the bag was tea like so decided to

drink it; and instead use fragrant

and encase-ing wrapper + sugar prior

to flower additions.

on specialized foil theme: of space travel

theme 2: when

trash takes a

vapid futuristic


seal and sugar; sugar the coffee,




two simultaneous ; cookings

meaning preparations;

the stalt of preparation [y]

as an aside: In my tap-water is

the cited: coffee bag;


green tea bag; kirkland

signature ; and sugar.

sorry for the blur?


after the sugar and foil in the

fallen rose bottle tear; no; pilfer

apart the drying flowers in

bag: flower diorama [sp?]

adding drinkable tiny pieces to the c-t-s drink, also.

also I have collected a few spare sticks for

other art ; that I might additionally [be]

inserting into the bottle of rose[s]

or such pieces;

as the flower pieces are pilfered; insert

semi-attentively into bottle and give

the insides a salad twirl grabbing the

lid; at this stage: the fallen rose bottle

is something like an ensulated/insulated

magic scent, wide-stick.

and, that’s where we’re

at now.

– ——————————————–


theme: it looks like grass; out in/from the doors

{for the fvp: the x-mas tree pan; trash can continued.

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{as included photographs for in recent post, more of}

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up on 3517

{ the existential experience of the can } -after sitting around in a brown

bag and then a plastic bag inside

theme : with stains of guacamole [sp?]

and in an owner’s moving storage

it’s (still – not) alive

not yet photographed close to-itself

only outside in its perhaps temporary

ext. covering

is it alone

does it “feel” temperature un-alive

surely, it does

“receive” variation = temperature-


the next steps in-making

lay-out on a trash, hygiene-d

lift for a few hours

outside of brown

but still inside plastic bag(s)

and remove:

rub down with

some amount of

collected cigarette [sp?]

ash ; and

then paint

with any available

nail polish in small

parts ; is available

blackcolor n.p. [nail polish] [in this case is what I happen to have]

notes of observation : as it dires; I mean dries (more) on-the one side the combination of nail polish plus lotion almost like a lacquer tarnish : can’t remember lotion brand but n.p. brand cited is : sinful colors professional ; continue to dry unbound before inserting back into damp

and of course to be two sets of … ]


plastic bags

and brown bag

store with used

cis./cig. butts

& more plastic

as fastening process


continues ; also store if possible with cited silica gel packaging from food next give it a shake bfore storing in

first plastic bag.

theme: blast! – ick 

ba – ba -bas

theme: a how-to monumental art.

theme : the

ash is symbolic

of existing decay


until caught on something

such as art

piece use /

making use. 

tags: new-age?


without shelter



themes, basic: 

close to-one/your



internal , external 

cited, also :


by seligman, m

cited further : as obtained

thru / through





like it (sails) on water ( (or) ) sails like it on water

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{More} notes from a, this; source, text; more reading notes for the Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up: 2.2317

Source, text (citation): “She’s Come Undone” (by Wally Lamb)

where left-off for last set of this / from this text:

p.487 theme: high school

define “flagellate”

another definition of : “Noxzema”

p. 489 cited, theme : The Gray Room

p. 490 wow; so you also become another

person when you die.

theme: dice

theme music citation: Toad the Wet Sprocket Something’s Always Wrong & Fall Down

p.503 cited: theme: Shut Up! … ! {arrow to}

fiction drama play : On a bench;

(for this posting, v blog)

we’re praying; and you

should have known!

then, further down;

{arrow following:} she aborted his poem?

p.509 theme: {wrong applique / applicating / application of Life-Save}

{explain, more?}

p.522 define “swatch;” and a not enormous

art piece can be “home.”

-also; an aside: the pop-culture fiction review

p. 555 of the “van” lettering ; could

you draw it .           [v]  [[[[[[[]]]]]  [a]  [[[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]  [n]

                                                [[[]]]                        [[[]]]                          * *          ***

p. 557 {define “Polack”}  arrow to Polack

p. 564 {define “jai alai”}

p.573 & I thought that was referring

to his illness / the deceased’s illness-

p.589 the weather conditions sound

like the observations of an

outside sleeping homeless


p.590 “chance-” = “paycheck-”

double arrows to (=> but pointed down), with question mark (?)

deal with book renewals!         [synaptic: deal: book renewals! ] [] = the closet almost hidden ‘with’]

theme: in no rain ; reign;

park/reading lights

p.590 it almost sounds like she’s communica        |    ting

ting, door-bell



in a portrait

with him


his death.                                             (

                            (      ‘purple cloud (face) ‘               )


p.591 From-since “Dante” I’ve almost

forgotten the main character’s (char-a-ater: on mis-spellings)

mother was an artist-painter.

(bottom of p. 591)

sounds like a cloud machine

theme : “purple” clouds

“purple glow”(from 591) sounds like

highlights (i.e. in your hair, in the sky, on your skin, and maybe even in the cited: magazine of that name, for kids .?.  ooh freckle are you a highlight, too. )

p.592 I forgot to notice name : Thayer

(like) cited: Thayer medicine  [arrow with diagram after cited then (like) with a back reverse fishing pool arrow to right before cited]

P.600 abstract thought : perhaps

“whales” (wails!) don’t exist.

========== ======= oooooooooooooooooooooooooo============ ========                like it (sails) on water


Notes from : cited text; as identified above.

P. 235 Look up cited: Valley of the Dolls





more reading notes, oh sow.

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from, source text: ‘happy family’ (by) Tracy Barone

p. 232  and how a-scenery can adapt to your living needs; another




supplementary view

” … Tamar’s early-morning piano practice failed to rouse the crashed backpackers but drove Cheri to the great outdoors. . . .

Washington Square Park become Cherie’s de facto study hall/ crash pad.”

p. 235 as an aside : perhaps for connection – artistic conception :

“People are adamant …”

{arrow to}

band/singer (cited): adam ant

p. 236 and almost as-near confirmation “”Screw the snails. That would be a good name …””

p.236 (cont.) “” … for one of your punk bands.””

thematic builder: what do you think about : p. 239 ” … clove cigarettes, … ”

p. 254 Still life artism

p. 263 … so around an accident: “wildflowers.”

p.270 Plant-clothing?

“There was something comforting about her silk blouses with the bows at the top and her fernlike plants.”

p.270 meds, homelessness, and depression

” Why not show a homeless guy sitting in his own feces saying, “Homelessness is no problem since I’ve been on Relieva”?”

=> not sure about the

a) “homeless” and “Relieva”

but        b) “sitting in his own feces” how long corresponds to needing medication?

p.271 Death, thoughts research

           Death, view notes

(for the cited: The Death Project, too in The FVP)

P. 271 “” I can talk about death mythically, religiously, contextually. But when it comes down to dealing with it in a real person ——- my husband — I don’t know where to begin.” ”

(…) “” I identified the body, made the funeral arrangements, coordinated with the executor of his(/)will. “”

p. 281 “Cheri was well aware that in other centuries people had rituals and customs for dying, written guides to (italics) ars moriendi ” (…) ” All Cheri  had to rely on was (italics) A (The?) Caregiver’s (s’?) Guide to the Dying Process. …”

(italics) theme upcoming :  hot dogs – yum!

” … She relished the irony that you would never be able to recall the two largest events of your life : your own birth and death. ”

p. 281 contn. just a tad bit of literary analysis You almost see a levelling / leveling

Does this have something to do with d , b, e & house – lay -outs.

cited: (super) mario brothes rs

the pendulum (holes)

discs are at stasis

F = 1, F= – 2 1/2 … and so on



{ (on) 12.22.16 notes for The Death Project (Research Reading Notes and Design for the D.P.) (look for following bracket in this;)

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before preceding/proceeding to citing the context of the cited, source text (soon described);

a side applied personal art therapy :

If you’ve had a particulare’ traumatic year and it’s coming (we’re at the end of that last one, here in-time)

to-an End; sort-of like an in-action

Resolution Attempt : focus on the months/days of the year

past ; or soon-to-pass; if you don’t have time for-every

of that traumatic year; in an art art-coloring

Book calendar; such is available for-free : at the

cited: local a, lib-rary.

and of course you can color it in;

or sketch ; line/mark along the figures ;

If you have time for those months/days that weren’t  as-

traumatic then you can re-enforce them

with more art, work; to create a better over-all


and the next step; might be to describe some of your

additions to the coloring book’s images.}


(more to come … ?)

Existing While Bleeding , how to: A DAM art

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tags: art + bizarre construction projects , the homeless life, & park writings.

cited: dream catchers , dreamcatchers             


by Goura Fotadar


When bleeding heavily & esp. as a physical part – ed woman;

but this can apply to others’ , and other type of injuries:

& you don’t have any money : ask for sanitary pads/napkins:

large is preferable  : use clean toilet paper from public restrooms + paper

towels if the latter is available ; theme : ladder is available?

and chew some gum ; stick a piece of cloth wrapped around your

underpants or whatever bleeding accompanying areas wrap paper towels around

into–as a tunnel form and then open pad wrappers leaving them attached to the wrapper (plastic)

still and line one slightly or to some extent on top of the other leaving them though largely

back-to-back lined up. and then stick the piece of your chewed gum between one

of the pads and plastic wrappers ; then start the process of tunneling over

the nearly completed dam with clean toilet paper ; (each time,

after; rip free the once-it-has-bloodied              theme: this bottle gives to the … perfect!

enough toilet paper, enough ;

and create a new toilet paper

tunnel ; replacing what parts of the dam surpass to too bloody); not advertising

smoking; but even if you don’t smoke; consider smoking a cigarette [sp?] in-the

days to follow (a-one) (hopefully a-one won’t harm you) (song theme: won’t harm you) wear

a fitted clothing over the entire contraption and clothing garment ; and lunge another supporting

cloth into the fitted cloth near the dam   emotional tags: to aid in controlled flow, thought tags: a place where control is applicable