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To solve the problem further into how to have faith in something, appropriately;

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[and also in this form: To solve the problem further into how to have faith in something]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 21018


Date: 2918

tag[s]: after yesterday’s post, connected to …; grammatical syntax forms to understanding criminology and all that stuff, art reality

without using regular culture bias-trigger:

here’s a daddle from the right side of this interface [oops I meant source, text cited]

: “[ … ]” is quite the remark with at least one explanation; being non-regular culture that this “[ ]” represents a picture, an image, a physical and-or computer version frame; and can you imagine where in category within following a picture of a physical frame would go … ; and so on; and what it speaks of: “ …”

within the limits of the image or what is apparently here, known as “[ ]” to follow exact unless we flip the image when we flip to [we get …]


we must in exact order, unflipped-

read or hear whatever

the the frame says

in its usual [in this part of the world at least]

as we read words, order:  “ […]”

to use the example of this picture would you have

faith in this man using not

your guess to regular culture bias –


“ [ … ]”


[review reminder: the basic interface of reality art with fiction representation art; the yellow is a symbolism of prior to actualized and verified knowledge prior to looking at this picture and the gray is the application of how to look at it; or rather, how it will be looked at; ]

reading from left-to-right the block from the desk I’m sitting at demonstrates in this image that his body positioning states to [me] he’s been sitting there; which in my case I know for sure he hasn’t [so I have one checkmark in the direction of I don’t trust him] ; next when he walks by I smell a horrid smell and I’m homeless but my smelling sense could/might be off [so no qualified checkmark;] I’m unable to read his shirt with my current vision; the letters look almost a blur and with all the virtual programs running about: this makes me suspect something off about him but it’s not confirmed [so no additional verified check mark]; At a close up his left-hand it seems to disappear into the stacks of books of course this could be just a dip in the phone’s photograph the resulting response is no it would not be wise to put your faith in him with the one checkmark demonstrating such. In addition: this person is one of many dangerous stalkers in the the area; following me across any even large library I’m at …

to stare at me as I work; he

also calls me “baby …” and refers to me as his girlfriend. Though I don’t know him personally; he also follows me around at soup kitchens I attend and pretends; that we have been fighting. It’ s dangerous and absurd.


Source text citation learning images in brief examination:




Source text, cited: Hannah Hoch





So-fa = Couch? The Building of Hypo-thesis

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[and also in this form: So]

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 12118

tag[s]: bizarre abstract beginning comprehensions diagnosed, historical research for the cited: vhp, psychic oddities


source, cited: [again] Vietnam The Real War, cited: p.83


Date: 1.19.18


“coffee table”

artifact like study?

[how accurate from even a biographical book is not the point here, now]

[can it create even an inaccurate-r reality diagram]

[what might be the convening point]

theme: perhaps notes connected to the cited: vhp


[why artifacts and not articles]


“The” “Quiet” “American” where “Q” sounds like “C” and “c”

because they sound start similar [in sound, again] should they be placed near one another.

In almost like a bizarre psychic theory:

if x’s name

belonged to the sound

is it “cu” –like

then x could be near the same sound belongings for what purpose: relic placement/article placement, recreation modeling?


how about reality diagramming

even an inaccurate reality diagram collects the information a hypothesis might;

at each attention directed … ->

An easy start

placed sounds belonging

similarly in at least

one sound bracket

with a minimum

of three article-relic-variables

[including actual persons]



recorded or not, attended

to [as in attention]



The truth of reality and-or the truth of how to design reality comes about.


Examples, that might be cured:

or could be solved:

(examples hypothetical like fiction but art they to wha-s  extent)

When I go to the department store: I look for red chiffon but only find it once per year? So I usually settle for blue and not green.

After “Vietnam”

veterans that came home had to leave housing behind almost immediately: were dropped at the side of-the: road with trash thrown on-them; something like mandated to never [theme: how long is never]

stay in indoor housing and-or shelter too long; a consequence for/of fighting for freedom: and now how many years later other groups suffer the same fate; is it for the same reason? =fighting for freedom


[theme: cited: freedom fighters]

only now any such group is expected to not exist

in any way; and so is repeatedly given unjust legal trouble, such as: repeated citations concerning rest.


Of course in the consequence of mandating non-justice if even by lying about enforcing it or its name; the consequence in entropy of justice peaks up and gears toward the enforcers of non-justice, and eventually all enablers, and then all left-over participants of … t.b.c. ?




I’m so stupid

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 11118 [and also in this form: I]


Date: 11018


cited first word? of front cover



(cited: images of cited: book, and the re-sketching of the first letter of first word or something, … was done from memory so pardon the discrepancies)

Of course

[in reg-her e English order]

Looks most like an/a

flowering [think petal]

5 or run-around the track: S.

What could flowering 5

Mean; it is in this case

[for me] to reference the

presumptive culture:

I am currently in and primarily from/of:

Flowering 5

Might sensibly

Reference the beginning

of kinder-garten

Which of course

Sounds so much like


Which/witch might mean

(no mean!) a variety of things including: this will be the start of a kinder experience, then no sorry, than:

And it almost sounds like a card you might give to any old adult, and that here just means any adult: that went to kindergarten or could have

[The any card business]

A kinder experience, than:

[might be on the card]

(and so in catches)

Of importance the in this case thing to take away is card.

and so it may not be surprising that [s] or something also like a reverse hook cited: peter pan is found to be symbolism for card.

Title continued: The Syntax of form [perhaps next part]

Why might you guess is based on above.

o is

Is one way to

Open and see a

Traditional card: and

Here of course traditional

Means reed [play] and-or

See front, which

Might be the twist at

The left side, and then

Follow the path obvious, correlating

Each segment of the


Parts of the card,


With the the rest

Of this apparent:

Ly? Symbol.




The Key of Elevated Development , Rough Notes from where:

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[also in this form: Rough Notes from where ]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121517

Tag[s]: criminology, computer science interface, reality creation/art



The first stage of the criminal investigation; where the gender was unclear but not in a derived way: point to the fact that the perpetrator is a male, is cognized either through self-exploration and-or through education/in formation

even from the reverse

side of combat enactment:

i.e. enforced awareness

into actually knowing

what has been done wrong

… is cognized

Of the perpetrator’s gender; cognized by now the perpetrator itself; yet this is not the gender the perpetrator wants to regularly portray despite identifying with the gende[r].


Identification here of course

is based on development context; and so may not always be connecting to sign of elevated development.

[The Key of Elevated Development]

   On feeling reflection

The interactions of investigation process: reminiscent of former work.


Part Two. Library Studies, continued


[a] One, having discovered definition: a slight difference for from example reading comprehension, and or book, material comprehension-analysis; in library studies: noticing the material at least contemporary and application, significance.

Advisor Comprehension Source Citation: Klee (art book) describe the front cover in regular analysis

Jose Maria Faerna, (cited, additionally p. 5 from text), Paul Klee’s Parallel Universe


Why define “Library Studies” when a definition already exists or might exist; or more than definition.

Citing the Advisory source above redefining something to add at least one additional definition to perhaps an already working term: creates perhaps as referencing again the citation: a Parallel … (something),

Next; main source citation: Save as Draft, Cavanaugh Lee

Things to notice:

[image above from main cited text]

cited: image from main source textg

p.4 (main, source citation):

in most normal and normal here just means regular email programs:

the “Re:” would be added onto each time [at this point in time; which of course includes library studies as a noticing into the conception of actual history, and her[e]  the history of computer grammatics and reality creation] the email was responded to, after the first “Re:”

Considering that

Prompt response and entry into system; an email system being a reality that an objective Being interacts with and to some extent directs; email script and interaction with is an almost an alternative reality with/as a pseudo-hosting to who might be communicated  with; and this is only in usual context of email; may be similar to inviting somebody to dinner: and asking them only a few questions regarding a specific context:  [the generic usually starter of email communication; until perhaps another not necessarily sequential climb stage in familiarity is reached]

While interacting with the atmosphere space of dinner for some, time to enable … ?

An example, includes:

Instead of your own home; you’re at a restaurant where you’ve invited somebody ; the area you’re seated in: perhaps rather your table: is a prompt within certain limitations, until you order or something; aligning

That space of reality to meet your needs, rightful, preferences, etc.

Once before or after who you and now the sub-space of the restaurant: are hosting; you order

The wait-staff or who-ever receives

The order is

The equivalent

Of hitting

The “send”

Or “send”-like button in email alternative reality.

The tree tis self, part two.

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[and also in this form:orna The tree tis selfdrumol]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date, typed up: 121117


by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: design analysis, advanced think tank magazines that you weren’t sure were such, art, counseling diagrams, and criminology research, trauma


globes in ornamentation

or otherwise to children

or perhaps anybody represent

in trauma: limitation

in access to possible

desired and maybe even

already gained location;

usually for living. I suppose

for a child or a child’s

story this could even imply

kidnapping or having been

kidnapped; without having

the chance to tell your

neighborhood? School?

Community? Even your

Family members? That

You were taken; and imagine the worse almost sci-fi type addition:

That you were replaced by an imposter that was nothing like you. I.E. using your name, identity, etc.


with the exchange of trauma criminal charge

would be: child kidnapping trauma and identity theft and impersonation trauma .


the object I’ve been un-able to identify and then called wand’s end: perhaps

demonstrates the power

of the magic of childhood,

observed; but not available

for experience; unfortunately

replaced with trauma;


this with trauma criminal

charge, might be called

something like cited: a

precious moments (find figurine)





As might be

Obvious; but is worth

re-iterating : the cited: precious moments, charge has to do / does with the moments of not just childhood but especially experienced perhaps then; moments such as coloring with your 1st grade class only to be ruined by someone like your teacher-like lead molesting …




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Notes connected to “purplement” again.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 11.22.17

[and also in this form: Perhaps]


on: 11.21.17

What’s the similarity

Between a wrist and

Entry; and company

and tea

[theme = age-olds]

theme video citation: on cited: youtube, from cited: The Dark Night, 2008, current accessible link:

as of today’s first above date,


Wrist  , entry

Similar, how?

Commonly: the wrist

Is the entry to the


And-or hand


As a]



An entry shouldn’t

Take wrist

To get in;

Because then it

Doesn’t quite,

Work [entry, as



Then; more


Worn on a wrist is

The entry or opposite

To the wrister …


Such as in:

I believe but am

Not sure

In recollection

“The Fountainhead”

By Ayn Rand; [but it could have been another cited: Ayn Rand manifesto]


An entry

Is usually

In connectedness

Clearly depicted

A wrist is fragmented

Into shape

Similarly to

An entry


So the two have in

Common this, perhaps




More basic: how, so?

Perhaps you blow

Up a wrist

Or shrink

An entry;

And so it is.


What about

‘company’ and ‘tea’


Well, you notice tea

esp. in tea bag form

Is often packaged like

Other products such;

As a company.


And in consumer production


Acquirement or something

: perhaps everything


That is packaged similarly

[shapes] is similar

To learn; even If you didn’t think





It perhaps might

Just be to work like

(of / a …. etc.)

‘’company’’ you

Need tea or its



tea goes along

with things that teach

You how to cook, cook it,

And goes along for

Tea means … similar

Where similar

Is belong, -ing


Com[y], pan : tea; y sub for e,

and you can cook tea

in a …










The trap-box, continued.

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[and also in this form: The trap]

for The Fictional Voluntier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 10-27-17



where these two had sat

last time; the shrieking

of these two this time

involved the cited: sats

and as if to verify their

simulated age at least;

because it might be true

that these two were-

are presently teen agers:

were cited: sat books on

them; however there were

clear like near reportable

signs on them of adults

posing as children; this

along with the non-sequential

shrieking ; and that only

means that the shrieking didn’t

seem to match the, that

two-some party

plus, their collected recognition [see today’s fiction posting to see a fiction exercise of potential displays of use of this uh, term; after uh it goes up, is posted]

of the last time I sat

in the trap-box; and

where I sat; extenuated

by the fact: that compared

to this incident it was

some while ago;


the distance of my visiting the

trap-box had been too long

for them to coincidentally

still effective; be seated there.

As a result I hardly

would trust my belongings

with them, and if [those, they] alone

with my belongings I would

chalk up-any items un-stolen to


be due to the fear of the

consequences of stealing

while under audio +

video surveillance

The other two seated at the

/ in the trap-box; were

seated at the former seat;

just even with something like

five options it happened to be

noticeable of the previous

trap-box event of the unbelievable [uh, absent, -ly]

two teenagers. These two

comprised of what appeared to

be a different and noticeable


component: while being

Either or something

Like a grandmother, grandchild

pair.  – Of elderly –mid

teenage variety. The grand

mother seemed to be yelling at

the grandson by her body

gesticulations, but her words were

not audible.


They seemed to be having a conversation

that was hushed; from public hearing;

but the “grandson” ‘s words seemed hushed, only after he spoke? ; hers were just

not-audible at all. Her gesticulations

were bordering a-on violent; and hard

to go un-noticed; the couple of

other supposed older teenagers

nearby seemed to find this treatment

gesticulation nothing extraordinary

and even appropriate; this furthered

my distrust of them and the “grandmother”

Due to the son’s [“g’son” ‘s] facial

expressions and reflective body stances

though seated; I trusted him most

of the four alone temporarily with my

belongings in the trap-box. Shortly after

I re-entered he donned a backpack and left the trap-box. His “grandmother” stayed a little longer; followed by the older “teenage” pair leaving, also. Soon I was alone

with my belongings in the trap-box.


-the logic: non-preferentially

The external use

evaluation of

something such

as “belongings”

[this set; existential]


-establishing a “trust” fund + job decision tactics.



perhaps the actual meaning

he-she-they-who “I” trust here “I” trust with … “I” trust to …