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The Swan Can, part II & [left-overs] The Rain.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up on: 72518

tag[s]: art analysis, art making, and  left-overs in fashion and fashion theory, referencing and help with publications as others are being worked on … duh, doldrums of the public computers

[also in this form: fvppostingon72518]

It’s also a:

Part [something]. A hygiene w[rag] as you work; preferably use something that you’ve used as a soak cloth and then cleaned: First take the cloth wash it after-ward? Under tap water + soap [squeezing out] [as much as doesn’t take too much [of] effort] then blow dry or public bathroom dry but [quick]


for such immediacy. Don’t forget the competent “lady’s?” tip theme: don’t spread “false” [implied meaning] stereo-types; to spray the cushion/case down and-or its inside with something [humidi-fyingly?] smelling.


and even hang dry outside shortly if necessary and-or if the weather conditions, permit. Then take to any area you are working out-of and hand-glide [joking]; fold up if not already folded and place in a fit-able non-disturbing to functional others [spot]. Re-fold to damp spaces of the w[rag] as it starts to dry out. It’s also a watch: clock to keep your work segments more ap[propriate] in size. The vague vector: size!



Part two. of part two  The Rain. [Left-over and left-out form; from “another” work] Please refer to cited: the witch goura series on amazon/kindle [especially if confused about references]



Look at the crystal bloom: a tree is like a crystal, it seems; where the bird conveniently steps among lines of crystal you k[how]n a hanging crystal looks like; steps killing all-any bad

karma: how! It’s called being a savant: a blew tal, i, con.

to incorporate the texture of this specific

theme: in case I should mention again: no pincher mosquitos stick to cancer’s deadening  parts like the foot’s nails; the feet; and the arms: uhmm yum! cited: as I eat valentine’s day theme colored Hershey kisses and drink cited: TAZO tea; and this where the cliché culture-al traditions of food turned to fashion

art scene notes: o.k. this is getting out-of-control; the truck scene is getting out-of-control next; how to turn [the turn theme] [shape samurai blow fish[es] out of cited: h-kisses; named: kisses.] cancer into work-out & temperature control fashion. In California’s mild winter [the bay area] take a comfortable ripped pair of leggings; they can be ripped nearly everywhere wear except around the waist wear a second pair of leggings but not necessarily of the same length or variant underneath dump the conception of the bra not; but quit the bra for now: wearing a comfortable tank top hats + scarves a light or two sweaters; and to create the accompanying rain temperate seating sucking the moisture both ways; perhaps humi-difying the area; take the garbage bag previously cut and worn as a drapery-dress and tuck into the waist and not waste of at least one layer of pants covering what [port] portion of skirt situation scenery design on self and-or body you feel appropriate at time, that using the-the tank top as over-the-top hanging leverage; you may also of course wear a

jacket; but remember if you can to add: aromatherapy notes: such as tucking in a scented wipe cloth (light into the waist) also. In higher fashion: notice both the utilization of something easy to-access that adds texture texture-change to the on-set of clothing; and that it aids the convenient squeezed in work-out. Fashion-Sport Inquiry: Why might this layering alleviate a leg top in the middle or as a translated interruption to your work and-or study time. And couldn’t see or have seen such an ensemble in the 80s as fashion in magazines; sprea[n]d the comfort to the present period.



Simulating D.A. Stream of Consciousness type: cited: Target, trip; analysis on cited: target & [you, how?] verifying *facts in “personal” stories, …

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date typed up/done: 7318
Note: there is not that function on this version of the public computer; and so you can’t access from … a cited: pdf version; today, sorry!
I was over at the sunnyvale public library; months perhaps a year ago or longer; and doesn’t mean that I haven’t been back since; sense
and two impersonators of two people I knew back in new york, …
recommended no, sorry those two people brother and sister through their impersonators who digitally savvy, cited: target; for the food purchases on your food stamp card; and for me on my cited: e.b.t. card while it lasts; and I continue to work as a starving artist; uh, to keep me from starving; I figure I starved long enough as a child;
when my “mother” couldn’t hold down a job; and her boyfriend didn’t think we [hint: we does not include “her”] deserved a penny of charity; but as soon as I could work for pay I did; and that sure stopped the starving; of course you can’t give up all of your art-work production;
just because society won’t pay you for that works; and that’s where the cited: e.b.t. comes into my life; a bit new in my adult life; keeps me from starving along with soup kitchens and beggar’s cash; which now buys me burgers; I didn’t eat much fast food, ever until
now; and it does really fill the stomach; like even when my tortured hand cramps up on creating digital art and plugging away at a keyboard; and especially I say; making the digital art … uh, but I could never give that up
I finally couldn’t get in the cited: target; because my body limp from exhaustion being a homeless artist; much like my parents, the real ones; and not “mom” and her boyfriend now husband; before me; and hey, maybe that’s how those real parents got so rich; … because they are and own-e everything in this society; which people think is free, public [just because you don’t pay everywhere you go, doesn’t mean it’s free somebody else is paying your way in some:form of wealth that’s obvious in the actual
definition of freedom; I hope for at least the college-educated and its equivalent population]; and or others think that I didn’t inherit [hint: no access other than general access doesn’t mean not labeled as inheritor]; as their premiere child; and what does that mean; it doesn’t mean my siblings and cousins and even actual friends et al didn’t inherit stuff from them; it means that
in asian culture at least sometimes there is a premier[no e?] child [who does inherit despite your uh racism] and it’s not really offensive like it is in for example in white or non-asian families; but we do have white people in my asian family; they are just though tribal white; or asian white; so the
cultural components are a bit different … premier inheriting alongside the others, isn’t uh for example: offensive.
In any cause: my body swollen from [as compared to] its standard adult component of near emaciation from excessive work-outs [but you could lose focus and not actualized perform on your job, and somebody could unjustly die; especially when you work without a gun] and no matter how much eating; necessary dieting due to excessive and exacerbating physical illness,
                        had peaked by large mass protruding from it; which wasn’t pregnancy but sometimes I joke about that; my work schedule was exhausting also before hitting homelessness about five years ago; in-and-out of captivity or hostage by “mom” and “her” boyfriend-husband;
among their conceived many infidelities of uh is it union
Soon; the mass took over when I stopped not working out homeless; because like how is that possible that didn’t happen; but you know; so instead: the mass took over by eating grain once again; oh my god, and sugar; the mass nearly expunged itself by paining me to death; and so cited: target became
un-reachable on my homeless, walking path
finally a couple of weeks ago; it was cut out: thank god! at least that physical health problem is on its remedy;
and did I mention that a year ago; for the first time I started smoking in my life; and it is exciting while homeless; although I couldn’t stench their stand in my 20s;
those are the only changes: in my lifestyle connected main: to homelessness: I now drink soda, smoke cigarettes, and eat regular candy bars; … I started the regular candy bars just outside right before homelessness; and
before that almost never! except on childhood halloween
But with cited: e.b.t. I still get to eat though grain included at whole foods;
theme: cited: whole foods
theme music citation: spacehog in the meantime [again and again]
After surgery I had gotten the chance to actually cramp walk-in surgical recovery to cited: target; and while my medication was being filled
I could uh, look around,
Here are brief analysis recommendations: cited: choker, gadget a lost forlorn present from my own childhood; is a needed useful art device and of course jewelry for both genders of today’s actual child, too; children, too.
all of the hanging sweaters that almost look and hang like shirts; which I wore around as spare non-boutique clothing additions to boutique clothing [prior to homelessness] are a still useful accompaniment in any season’s changing weather conditions [Oh, Whether]
and so are the hanging dresses; of a specific modality form: that I used to buy at other stores in that font. And when we are lucky show up in the hands of cited: handlers and or at clothing closets
And then of course; all the food-stuffs; and all of the education framed what are usually considered fashion magazines; and then also the dis-arrayed reading arraignment
and in consumer theme: notice all the bottles,
and I think that’s enough to notice which is the what this recommendation is for;
it’s more like a consumer utilisable art basic analysis: under art modification: Bottle,
hanging dress; hanging shirt like sweaters, choker gifts and practicers [and this includes self-gifts, too]; and the reading flash of like cards in appearance; et al

{the shelter solucion for the fvp} 12.16.16 as described further …

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[also in this form: the shelter solucion for the fvp]

[again: for] The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 62518


tag[s]: art diagrams, word diagrams, & shelter  , the death project




as of 12.16.16

a working [maybe: work sing] space somewhat [maybe: wombat] un-seen

already existed; the point to the stack of three backs [yes I mean actual books stacked in a frame structural/artistic model]

cited: UC Berkeley (main) stacks; where the conception of accurate shelter is certain in the aptitude of the structure.

Premise: {even when affordable} rest shelters just aren’t working out for the work-producing populous.

aside: don’t forget Open Sky roofs/ceilings [see lings]

cited: the death project

morbid expressions of being

aside: Jud, y Blu, me?

side-a-lign-ed  proof/ana-ly-sis: by (cited) JUDY BLUME


equate –ing the two aside, and this: july is a morbid t-o-year?

; where you get to see others (incorrectly) judge you, you-akin in your actual wear.

kind-of like a thematic set-up, for: appropriation of rest shelter;

significance: with whom

share; with

whom neighbor

with whom …

and how you identify derivations

of what is that whom; a-quite


The next, in the stack are the titles: (of the books by the author (cited:) )

cited: (titles;) ForeverSmart Women, In the Unlikely Event

quickly: “smart” {in all of its contrast: definitions}

women; it is “in the Unlikely Event,”

that you consent to “Forever …”

next; describe the {rest: appropriations} shelter solucion:

Make-Up: A way to write (poetry)/ I love it: the flower petal, seen; in not exactly a new form.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 61118

tag[s]: tirade[s] & art, sort of breaks from other *work in this *works

source, citation: as accessed on 61118

[also in this form: I love it]

  1. Imagine like the doctor’s office or the doctor’s set; you’ve been sick for a really long time; or just sick; ad: the sometimes occasion; can also be the all times occasion: as you need [it].

& in addition to taking internal medicine or remedy or that type; you can also uh apply external medicine; you know like that medicated version of make-up; or just make-up; whenever you feel like it; or rather, whenever you need it medicinally, …

  1. What would the make-up look like; personally, I’d want to have it caked on my form, face: and least some of the time, … or some days of the week/month/year like medicine that smelled good and healed me, … or something; healed … so much of it that I never worried about its effect: medicinal disappearing [the new version of holy (un) vanity & translated; how we became to start with; not addicts]

Untitled23. Against this sad; story [from the video, the video …] is definitely an art form: had you noticed without this clarification?

[Against the sad] is the Geisha; that you see; and another meaning to the cultural enforcement of something else [so against the sad = Geisha]

and what would you see;

Well, there is/r the masked lips:

Or here they are my favorite, the masked lips:

[a symbol for what? Voice>]

  1. The flower petal; in an almost spray paint type of conceptual look; a metaphor for/or actually like:

[Geisha [against the sad], masked lips [Voice], the flower petal spray paint look [=?]]

  1. The catch of Geisha Untitled6




  1. \ The complete Geisha: a new masked lips [color = class]
  2. The summary uh, poetry/ the summary poetry:

[Against the sad] is the Geisha; [see] the Geisha at first by its masked lips; unified by its Geisha-group Voice …

[Understand] the Geisha through its flower petal sprayed I-s

The Catch of Geisha; that it is Geisha is the glisten of its nostrils and that Such.

See the class of your surroundings by the Geisha’s new masked lips



Constellation Chamber III.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 31618

[also in this form: Surely some of the ash goes with]


tag[s]: the spirit work out further done, art reality, while the next publication gets done



[I think still in part one [of 3].]

Surely some of the ash goes with: at output screw and so is it a challenge to hold the same effective shape, too [well assuming there’s a substance environment change] with less ash on this self: might where the rests and lands be assistant to almost through certain weights [of] disfiguring selves.


The Proclamation:

Entry to the structure is a re-comprehension of body development.

Reminder: if the entry is not specifically for that channel; then, can it be re-used for such entry [exit] or do you need another entry; so a window must be designed as perhaps such in a reverse lid; for safety; hence most window designs.


theme: So change the doors to screws and-or screw equivalents.


[I think in part two [of 3].]

A meditation exercise or something. The Transposition of the [-hildhood] light exercise

Are you having a problem with the rain? Imagine a bright [the obvious] yellow sun and radiate it into the sky as if it’s a real thing outside of your body; like for how long? Then move the sun large into your body sphere; next turn the sky the color red; and then further transpose the two. Sun in the sky or the sky red; and-or sky red with the sun in the red sky; and move into your body perhaps even in compartments. What happens; if anything.

What the …. Is this.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 3518

tag[s]: art by the not exactly homeless?, a shortage of my postings while my next publication stays rough and still gets edited by me shouldn’t leave you starving, yes that means the local librarians want you to starve; since I have you know uh also worked in the past … art statements about local deployment cultures and deployment cultures; interesting adjuncts to traditional reports, test for cited: real Vietnam veterans; upcoming publications announced more-so, political theology

[also in this form: What the]



the supposed postal man from cited: the postal office of u.s.a. ?

has been stalking me at all times of night; and day; and who wouldn’t stalk me; yeah right; pretending in various uniforms; that he is an authority figure. Can we say unhealthy fixation; and I’ve always avoided speaking to him.

There was damper environment when along with other local “authorities” he had turned to be a new trashman; who didn’t use trash vehicles like are standard in our country; but instead drives his own van or something; and digs through trashcans near anywhere I am. I’m not sure but I think this is a form of anti-Semitism pronounced; like ew! You uh, can’t throw away trash anywhere you are; and instead the anti-Semite will steal the trash from the can; even in public; as everyone watches; unfortunately, perhaps for this need to be filled in a racial prejudicial method; I’m not actually Jewish; and it is me to start off with who he stalks. Then the local “cops” attempt to gang rape me in the bathroom as local “women” watch. Of course I’m never going to be raped. How paradoxical it is that I was born or uh started with a vagina and uterus in tact.

To the glee of the most dishonest and immoral and unethical pastors groups around but it might not be every single one of them so seriously in the jewish cultural way: good luck to the rest; what like I’m God? Their non-qualifying dreams have come true and the h-less people have gotten away from the rain in hotels that I think I pay for [yes, but I earn no money; good reminder] along with some others; while the people deployed as h-less have been getting drenched when for example, the rain starts, and they have already fallen asleep; not always uh rising to it. In any case, this has created a wonderful flower basked no basket that that the stalker and or stalk-rs is-r sure to take credit for. I’m sure the flower basket which shall turn into what; is worth $16 million dollars.

Who made it.

& more importantly, perhaps how long did it take; and can you see it.




Constellation Chamber I.

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[also in this form: Constellation Chamber]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date, typed up: 22718


tag[s]: political theology, art reality, structural stuff, beggar’s worth



  1. housing diagrams
  2. colors especially for the next publication


One of the frenetic problems for housing; is that I have no exact architectural-diagrams

theme: problem entry? identified

that I can look at on the fly.

theme: after an hour of begging; when I was denied a $20.00 from the church bucket; I was sponsored a $12.00 from the begging: where-to: cigarettes + extra cheap food. I thought it was uh sanctioned for those, needing it!  Plus I had like 4 left-over from last sponsorship. As a result I want to cut all budget from all non-militia [actualized militia qualified as regular and irregular] programs and fund-s, now.

I just haven’t had the time.

A Beggar’s Journey Jars for Art

Remember when I was hostage, and I couldn’t procure jars; because the hostage holders would steal even ones that would have been trashed that I washed out at empty.



jargon;  No! those are only for recycling!

jargon 2: well, they might? still be recycled

[depending on art piece][a hill in a sentence] like

after art exhibition …

Today after begging and seeking basic sponsorship: I found such caught? rather exact described jar [just cleaned] [washed]

[oh scent] at a spot.

[spelling]  Nea-[b][ry] were fallen

petals; and use-able.


A house is a cigarette’s ash dish

& like those trinkets

When it turns over ash falls down the petals. :

What does it become when compared to a snow or such falling trinket jar-box: hmm?

[Perhaps create a basic analysis of comparison:]

-against the blue its clear color: seeing color or gendered color: stability. Bought at the store/a store

the trinket box might be tainted by a non-clear container hue

creating a decoupage [spelling]


theme: I don’t c[h]are

how they define it.

-ash fallen is it residue

as not a fire but a fire

in a fire place; of course is like the excess of it curbed around the space: place and upon near petals inside space it creates, what: ?


The main intention as a back aside of course the obvious: the jar a house; it’s etched on label; makes all such structural houses have the same address; which one could belong to? or perhaps which ones.

It could smell good inside if with ash and petals that’s what I have available in the homeless life.

Banter: If I had a window the good scent would be lost; and sure it’d spread to the environment; but what if they didn’t want that.

The Cap-Shot: On examination the entry to the jar is the twisting of the lid; and or screwing the lid:




and so unlocking a doorway would not match this jar.


theme: why use the jar structure; cause it’s what I found.


unless the door was lid enough like and unscrewed on-and-off. [like cited: tmt? ]

the jar though as inhabited house would need to be ventilated and lid opening closing might not be enough,