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Reports of Racial Profiling and Enclave Needs.

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Reports of Racial Profiling and Enclave Needs.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By goura fotadar

Date: 81617

Stage I. The Enclave Need for Stalking, No. The opposite.



Why not consider past that city ; yet another homeless enclave here there and elsew[ear]; where the fake cops and fake authorities and housed non-real kind types can’t enter; because the situation is getting cans; you’ve or they’ve got to have something better to do than stalk homeless and such people around; or pose as homeless. It’s not like they’re working harder than … and pay the way for it … but it’s important to investigate the money trail all the way, and figure who does; because that drops the sharp cord otherwise in the wrong direction.






Stage II. Crime notes: reverse racial profiling: I want you to take a look at what happens around 7 pm at the public library wherever I sit and this man [which one] has repeatedly threatened me with rape + violence is now donning every same accessory as me [which were after the second last police brutality incident; … and-or stolen; but mostly just trashed though still collectable.] And those were not community charity items … aside notes: I think he continues to sleep where I was cited as moving from in rest spots and not housing theory;  I wish I could say … that would help; I’m an a-a woman; and with police aid he keeps calling me: in his repeating words: “criminal, bitch, drug addict …” and flashes his weapon at me.  In the incidence of the near, close-to gang-rape at the estate shelter I was staying at [indoors] all of the gang of men; were Black : and kept calling me : “sis” while they unclothed themselves and grabbed my body parts ->Thanks Menlo Park P.D. et al departments.  At cited the living situation: Menlo Church,








Sure, it’s great for church; but if assigned there for live staying  when the lights turn off; anything could happen to you; and who you have to defend your rights are the local p.d. Nothing can be imaginably scarier than that. Menlo Park P.D. to your defense; yeah, right.



2nd title: get raped or racism? [experience …  may overshadow the “local cops” on safety and security protocols; sorry?]













And then with a few more faces inserted; they all start to leave at [the] same time as me; as I start packing up; sometimes often appearing  [[w’ear]ever] I go.

The man in the beige-yellow shirt; is the librarian doing the committing crime type “set-up”

If I don’t leave then; waiting to leave now to avoid them uh kill-raping me or at least trying to do so; they re-appear sometimes even in the women’s bathroom. No joke. Pretending that I’m not female.


Stage III. Stalking by “local cops”


Every,where I go; includes the local police they are wherever I go; at the train station; at cited: 7-11 again and refusing to leave; at the library refusing to leave and there in uniform using it as a patron [see what images have been captured of this evidence]. Make sure to capture the notice of the defense of the bright light flashing blocking view of police vehicle; and its confession of an aided crime on their part.









Civil litigations of social aptitude uh safety: if even you were-are a, member of the racial community they ascribe belonging to ; they the people attempting … at me, again in stage two; at least cognizantly consciously ; crime theory which one likely states you may still be similarly as me inflicted; so they my attempters … are not safe in general.



Other notes: Within the past few proximate back months: man attempting to grab my breasts at Sunnyvale near now closed down cited: Jack-in-Box and calling me hooker; then following me into Palo Alto Public Library on middlefield and mayview; and yelling that I’m crazy publicly because for like one minute my phone accidentally was hit; the librarian told me to not speak; as if I were speaking [and he meant in general too]; when I hadn’t such spoken. How come he didn’t get banned, a citation, and the accord of general. Which he. Can we say moderated harm; is controlled by me and not the “authority”; and certainly I would be narcissistic to believe I were the only target. Certainly. Another man in the Menlo Park Library telling me that he’s “had enough of me,” and that he’s the sole owner of the library; while the librarians smile on. Pointing fingers at my face, and laughing about money … like I need it as a homeless woman who works for no living wage, and lives off otherwise charity. What use could … have for more than once-in-a while pennies sponsorship of money. Pennies over the course of a year.


theme: I was planning on leaving but alright; I guess I can wait forever while the cops and uh the others do their thing? We’ll just pretend I don’t exist; and they’ve done it all. Wow what hard work; congratulations … heros?




Review of art charity;

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date: 61617

date typed up: 61817





instead of what recent

materials; I’d made

of; and were stolen …

take a few paper towels

+ soap ; see photograph

layer the towels;

notice the sandwich

to the left; and

anyhow place floral

pieces grabbed into

the paper towels

if possible;

stick a gum

wad in the

mix; then

forms of

refuse; that

are available;

in this case a

gum wrapper:

empty ; and

in a shamanic nuance

something that has;

or still has negative

energy connected to

it; torn up in pieces

then a tad; of lotion.

start the wrapping process.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  using

gum as tape; then

start the sketching

process; In this

paper towel variety’s

case; following and

or coinciding along the

dotted points.






“Shelter among

the Rain”

then place nail polish

around the front;


the sketch

and lettering.

then similar

to the d.v.

clutch; crumple

up the plastic: and

place; as the jar or

bottle past; toothpaste

in its backing.

then because in this

thing’s case:

toothpaste leaked on-the

front rub a tad more with

your finger onto the

front as you

continue wrapping

with left-over

plastic. In

this piece’s case

there is also:

a left-over gum case

that is now turning

into the piece’s back.

dip in the left-over

case a tad more


for good scent.

and other hygienic

refuse scent aides.

tie with dental

floss; and

a reminder that

this is a motif

for starvation;

and effective

“shelter” and-or

rest-work spaces,


then paint over back

at least with a bit

more nail polish.

cited: double mint and or wrigley’s

of course

from the backside:

it looks like a growing leaf.


cover with found: gold ink; in a tad.


then; who was it given to.





The Bench: Scenarios of … madness, not mine; explained.

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The Bench: Scenarios of … madness, not mine; explained.

for The FVP


Tag[s]: Thinkers of action for the fictional voluntier project, is this fiction, and the difference between fiction, non-fiction, and lying, and lying in truth; criminology by gf; copy

… jewels

Date: 6117

By goura fotadar

Theme Modifier: But I was doing nothing! But I was doing that nothing!

Theme: how to provide accurate protection without violence from your internal self.

Theme Art: Vietnam was different. Where’s your proof.


A few weeks ago I was sitting on a bench that I’d sat on earlier that day;

And I was coughing and smoking; men I didn’t know starting talking very loudly about me;

They came up to me; and asked me if I were-was a cop;


And I said, the truth: “no.”


I didn’t answer?


I pretended not to be able to speak … “English” “english”


They got really close to my face; and I waited as they nearly of course assaulted be-me in sequence before the evening hit night in the sky;

I waited to:

To not reveal the way I move, why?

To protect others; although nobody but their supportive onlookers were around

When I stood up finally un-harmed I backed away from all three and my belongings on a bench;

Shortly afterward some of my other belongings were stolen; nowhere near where I sat, then.

I then shrieked repeatedly and they propositioned me in the size of gang, now; for prostitutional sex;

I’m not and so

I said,

“I’m sorry about the screaming I’m a Vietnam Vet and a little bit wonky in the head.”

Oh they said,

Stumbling back away.


Do I look old enough to have served in cited: Vietnam? Basic Aptitude Test of those who at non-random threaten others with …  ; and lose? At attempted hate crimes.


Part Two. this jewelry feature. the shelters of so easy and less easy; how much do they vary


how would you take this piece

and turn it / make it fiction

| so easy |

how would you make it to at least yours [elf]

acceptab,lly non fiction

| less easy |


cited: as accessed on 6117

through fb


This side angle photograph see below is quite vase-istic; I can imagine flowers or none; and it’s still an art piece; collected in a can on your see through view; or in your no sorry on your or their body, no bodies.  or. or. or [to catch all the views.]


Security in through Art

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posting for the FVP

by Goura Fotadar


date: 41717-|1817

additional to the fvp of

soon-to-come, postings:

In the cliché conceptions

of perhaps traditional all nationalities

of race: White art; how might

you see a lockit: scuse me

in jewelry : locket upon

number in a path: as its setting STAGE.

Why a walking path; or

entry path perhaps because

most if not the majority: a voting scene [basic] is a lockit;

locket, too; and don’t forget the things shaped locket

without the locket actual

such as the [old school] non-stigma

-tizing heart be-friends necklace




fri                   ends

be fir, st[.] ends.

[almost to prove

the point]

[I once received for a birthday; cited: Sanrio [from]]

–> special application: for the jail-reform, progressive popu.

unless on p.p. don’t have lockits;

what would happen in your art’s

-gaze: if you walked on a

path that wasn’t necessarily

p.p. and saw sum, many

lockets; and uhm; you

noticed them.


Art to Stolen and-or Missing

Property: Insert thoughts

and-or psychic premonitions

+ signs on what you see;


if in truth: you notice the

locket and-or lockets and feel

safe picking it-them up;

[The Housing Model] examining it.

[remember: the hush of singing



ur, ch-ch[?]

or u, r, ch-ch]


Practicing Charity with Sentiment: & Trash, exact; today’s art project in posting: 41417

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Safe? from the inside shelter; today’s art project made months ago.

tags: emblematic art, volunteer art

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

accompanied with bizo. poetry.



made with bamboo and left-over clean-enough good-smelling wrappers;

the spilling extra coin-age;

in the street found not empty [which one … s; is perhaps not the most appropriate cultural question] ; but nearly empty powerful smelling ch. tobacco [can];

[poetry, line … s]

keeps them from stair-ing themselves falsely in; on that religious espionage  illicit on th’ choirs of forted; effort.


take those ingredients and save pieces of penny; to give forth in perfect? and-or remembered sentiment; to housed people while you work homeless-ly on the outside; safe? from the inside; oui can hope. [smile indoors on the holidays, in non-efforted support?] [and I’m out of time.]

the art project continued … no photograph, from yesterday

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the rest typed up on 1.29.17

theme, new: cake us ; green


(3) insert into it empty in a layering : thing(s) that no longer work – that you will need; things that work but parts that are complete; something you like; and a memento of preferable generosity combined with the conception of struggle as outlined in (1) (yesterday); let lay out; open for whatever is an affordable period of time

theme: oh my god! I knowthat guy, I think I do! 

(4) in mine is: an empty liter box, two-three used cigs., a used so empty cited: warm hands wrapper , a leaf , and a used charred matchstick

(5) wrap up with dental floss; and either use the outside desige (n) of the c.b. or turn it inside out; the chocolate bar in my case here is actually named; as I just got re-informed cited: LILY‘s as at cited: WholeFoods

(6) then cover with available nail polish; and dust with a waiting cig. public tray’s ashy-charcoal

(7) place on the ground or wherever to dry out enough to carry

(8) the intentional art: since I don’t know “LILY” I can’t give it to her; unless I send it to the wrapper’s address with an envelope : which I don’t currently hav’

theme motif, continued: “LILY” birds, black; flavor: “blood orange”


                                              –>     —>                                     —>

an empty parking lot (to, a; above relational diagram) 

(9) don’t forget to paint the back, too

(10) The mystery’s puzzle of where this ware went.

Part two.

(11) wrap in a wax food’s left-over wrapper; and place

an available piece of plastic as a placeholder so as to disguise the art

(12)  place under your feet; and set an intention as you hold it there

12 1/2 {arrow to} etch loosely protect me for-ever around the front in this case where the name: “LILY” is, over and over again to create a print { an also how to create; a print}

12 1/4 {arrow to} take the nail polish and smear on the back once the front is dri-enough and then use the plastic placeholder to create a wave-mash onto the back of l’are-t

(13) then remove and walk to toss it in a: trash ; I found a dump with a hanging cable so I did a loose wrap.


CAKE, A-OAT! Part I.

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CAKE, A-OAT! Part I.

Children’s Art Knowledge Enhancement Activities : On Adult Things

By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project;

and for the … (1)

and for the … (2)

and for the … (3)

cited: specific volunteer work; volunteer lead initiative

cited: “Purplement”

Sandwiches :

(1) Describe and-or detail a sandwich

you would make using 4 ingredients .

tags: child

art conception,

performance art

sub-tags: how to, write / how-to write

A-Loud in a-circle : why you would pick these/those (these / those) specific 4 ingredients

(2) ( Created once for another volunteer project, but not VolunTier Project   (?) (.)  Scent Cards

Now, a new version of Sent Cards)

Theme: charcoal  

Smell : Describe three smells (note-of-them(e): grammar/punctuation thinkers: 4 versus three, why could this be?)

you like or think are o.k.

Draw  these smells on an index card;

or what they belong, to;

example :

so if you like the smell of chapstick, cited; you would draw the chapstick. With a line underneath it; or above the drawing (why above or below is your choice) ; you would write: I like the smell of chapstick.

If you’re an adult focus on the smells you liked / thought were

o.k. as a child (as a childhood exercise)

Cited: push pops circa esp. late ‘80s? & bubble tape (also cited)

Cited: (resources) books from the cited : palo a. P. l.

Theme : I have to try ; I have to check this out

(3) Imaginative Exercise

Using the upcoming source, text’s back book cover image/art; turn it upside down and imagine it in a frame. Now imagine the frame hung – up on a Wall.

Theme : to me it looks like a bracelet