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Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

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Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

[also in this form: At first thing]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date considered, 21518/ typed up


concealed reading, for protection, identities of product make-up, reading characteristics, empathy abstractions, business models derived again


At first thing; insert first:

you see in your mind’s design of the insert: a device like needle pricking inside a qualified you/me at that specific let’s call it non wise radio-active spot

proving the significance possibility of the next insert paraphrase; which might mean something like:

uh, whoever can take that tiny prick of that needle to that specific non-wisdom grower spot[s] [inside them, especially] is the

c l i e n t e l e

from the basic business model: does it [designed, designing device] work past this qualification for a deserving

c l i e n t e l e


so in the above diagram is the can elephant the radio, activated by Son-ing or –ning the c l I e n t e l e; perhaps called in this case at least:


In case you didn’t figure despite the tense of my word phrasing I’m aware that such devices [witch ones] do already in time exist; but it’s a consideration to them uh, what’s that called despite, such



The non-profanity of Sunglasses in shape.

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[and also in this form: Onprofanity ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

Date typed up: 11618

tag[s]: the education of cliché writing, and profanity in terms of [expansive] use, racial riots-rites.


theme: it’s an architecture art piece



Date: On Martin Luther King Jr. Day – 2018

cited: an art piece, Triton Museum-SC

Before I saw it, I drew something like it. [it, [saw] this one piece; and not [not ever seeing] any  [other like it:] shape and or utensil like i/t] Of course it’s closed for the holiday; the blue-lamp shade hue points to water and of course light use: dip and swim in: that’s where we get? [this art piece exhibition] cliché swimming recreation even in social familial ties from? The lamp-shade from or shimmer reminds us of the 70s if past the 60s? who knows I don’t have a history book here where we hoped civil rights were already exuberated but regulating stories tell a different fighting perspective.


theme: why don’t [homeless] people have accessible un-indentured storage; is there a shortage of free locking cabinets with basic surveillance and bomb[-proof] like amenities; or are all [the:] local false authorities stealing down to it all, for their unearning selves. Oh shelves. I’ve almost been arrested by groups how many times, petitioning and rioting for small and basic storage that’s free; and handed numerous strikes of legal trouble. Will I head to jail soon, for the same reason as more men and women in “uniform” approach me with batons; and will I receive more court orders for power of authority over my doj clearances? What are they, I’m not even sure of all of them or if they exist.  And when did they start. Can my clearance-s put you in non.reformed. jail forever for approaching me ever in any: way, that I don’t appreciate. That sounds like too much power, I don’t deserve; right.


The two dimples stand together spaced out by the handle-bars a stand; procreation for how-to place swimming and-or dipping pools.

In the vicinity of our habitation; where we might locate the glasses: that tell us where to place our pools and so perhaps in the habitat of our environment: how and when to approach is recreation and-or rest? And what might this have to do with civil rights; & cited: Martin Luther King Jr., Day/day.

Perhaps a reminder that civil rights give us a rest and-or opportunity for recreation … and

[the dimples as eye slots]

Yet until they are perplexed into normalcy we may not be able to seize all the rest and-or recreation: that we have earned. And how is that one knows for sure it is a corrected, correct participant of civil rites.

Tree also means outdoorsy Part next.

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By goura fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Date typed up, this part: 11218

[and also in this form: Tree also means outdoorsy Part next]


Date: 12.11.17

I’ve definitely seen such imaging at at least one candle store I shopped at; where I was fortunate enough to have the gift I bought packaged such. I suppose in terms of rest: the brown of the present wrapping is to signify the outside, outdoors ground or perhaps the ground to rest on; the piece part of greenery tree; as a living stem is perhaps to conceive that sleeping outside, living outdoors, even in homelessness is still a way, a method to live- Exist. Where in normal housing or pseudo-housing: security, stability may come from a certain type of roof and or physical quality of the structure; the string tied to fern/tree figment + box creates a concave view of an outside rest-live spot: with standing tree, brown/mud or something such ground: the string that ties the package (you, or scuse me the outside resider/rester)



(in identity)

(as in the placard of gift/present)

would the string

represent the ingredients that would be the tie of the spot:

a comfortable sleeping-bag type; a rain-proof tent or something; a temperature

sealing something ; a spare bag of extra clothes; an extra|space area for necessary for other things [temperature proof]; [would all of these equate] … to a string; in this sentiment homelessness is a gift for another; i.e. one’s homelessness; their homelessness ; your homelessness is a gift for another.

[examine the package in a to, from conception][to expansive [make] who it’s for] [consider how the tree is an address much like ahouse if even not accepted as one in  a regular way][definitions of address]


Source, citation: “INTO THE WOODS” from Better Homes & Gardens, 2017, p.48



I’m so stupid

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 11118 [and also in this form: I]


Date: 11018


cited first word? of front cover



(cited: images of cited: book, and the re-sketching of the first letter of first word or something, … was done from memory so pardon the discrepancies)

Of course

[in reg-her e English order]

Looks most like an/a

flowering [think petal]

5 or run-around the track: S.

What could flowering 5

Mean; it is in this case

[for me] to reference the

presumptive culture:

I am currently in and primarily from/of:

Flowering 5

Might sensibly

Reference the beginning

of kinder-garten

Which of course

Sounds so much like


Which/witch might mean

(no mean!) a variety of things including: this will be the start of a kinder experience, then no sorry, than:

And it almost sounds like a card you might give to any old adult, and that here just means any adult: that went to kindergarten or could have

[The any card business]

A kinder experience, than:

[might be on the card]

(and so in catches)

Of importance the in this case thing to take away is card.

and so it may not be surprising that [s] or something also like a reverse hook cited: peter pan is found to be symbolism for card.

Title continued: The Syntax of form [perhaps next part]

Why might you guess is based on above.

o is

Is one way to

Open and see a

Traditional card: and

Here of course traditional

Means reed [play] and-or

See front, which

Might be the twist at

The left side, and then

Follow the path obvious, correlating

Each segment of the


Parts of the card,


With the the rest

Of this apparent:

Ly? Symbol.




The Key of Elevated Development , Rough Notes from where:

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[also in this form: Rough Notes from where ]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121517

Tag[s]: criminology, computer science interface, reality creation/art



The first stage of the criminal investigation; where the gender was unclear but not in a derived way: point to the fact that the perpetrator is a male, is cognized either through self-exploration and-or through education/in formation

even from the reverse

side of combat enactment:

i.e. enforced awareness

into actually knowing

what has been done wrong

… is cognized

Of the perpetrator’s gender; cognized by now the perpetrator itself; yet this is not the gender the perpetrator wants to regularly portray despite identifying with the gende[r].


Identification here of course

is based on development context; and so may not always be connecting to sign of elevated development.

[The Key of Elevated Development]

   On feeling reflection

The interactions of investigation process: reminiscent of former work.


Part Two. Library Studies, continued


[a] One, having discovered definition: a slight difference for from example reading comprehension, and or book, material comprehension-analysis; in library studies: noticing the material at least contemporary and application, significance.

Advisor Comprehension Source Citation: Klee (art book) describe the front cover in regular analysis

Jose Maria Faerna, (cited, additionally p. 5 from text), Paul Klee’s Parallel Universe


Why define “Library Studies” when a definition already exists or might exist; or more than definition.

Citing the Advisory source above redefining something to add at least one additional definition to perhaps an already working term: creates perhaps as referencing again the citation: a Parallel … (something),

Next; main source citation: Save as Draft, Cavanaugh Lee

Things to notice:

[image above from main cited text]

cited: image from main source textg

p.4 (main, source citation):

in most normal and normal here just means regular email programs:

the “Re:” would be added onto each time [at this point in time; which of course includes library studies as a noticing into the conception of actual history, and her[e]  the history of computer grammatics and reality creation] the email was responded to, after the first “Re:”

Considering that

Prompt response and entry into system; an email system being a reality that an objective Being interacts with and to some extent directs; email script and interaction with is an almost an alternative reality with/as a pseudo-hosting to who might be communicated  with; and this is only in usual context of email; may be similar to inviting somebody to dinner: and asking them only a few questions regarding a specific context:  [the generic usually starter of email communication; until perhaps another not necessarily sequential climb stage in familiarity is reached]

While interacting with the atmosphere space of dinner for some, time to enable … ?

An example, includes:

Instead of your own home; you’re at a restaurant where you’ve invited somebody ; the area you’re seated in: perhaps rather your table: is a prompt within certain limitations, until you order or something; aligning

That space of reality to meet your needs, rightful, preferences, etc.

Once before or after who you and now the sub-space of the restaurant: are hosting; you order

The wait-staff or who-ever receives

The order is

The equivalent

Of hitting

The “send”

Or “send”-like button in email alternative reality.

Mr. Y I

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Mr. Y I


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121317

[also in this form: Mr]

tag[s]: computer science with art, editing conceptions overall, communication, information research for “purplement”



Library Studies: Why among so much seriousness a perhaps not.

  • editing font notifications: interesting font, note-worthy in dedication
  • technology review: for folks even though at this stage, I presume this book is fiction: this internal technology review is also a communication reminder from the real – world about texting like communications used recently, and in the recent past: and how not just children and to especially teenagers reference non-business acronyms in such communication: such as cellphone texting programs, cited: googlechat, cited: facebook,

what used to be pager texting, and also consider specified work texting programs, et al


In the barely first couple of pages, this book as even a temporary part of the library: seems to pay attention and significance to artistic expression through digital font or perhaps (and-or) self/creative/creative made-up expression through font; and to communication through texting.


Why library studies:

(here instead of reading analysis)

Well, in this area of the fiction part of the library; a lot of people hang-out; and in the other sections, not so much. Also it stuck out.


theme: yes, this is also a side proof in this subset defined; of criminology really might be connected to everything and not everything, and the quandary of what other distances …

theme music citation: John wick “In My Mind – M86 ft. Susie Q” Soundtrack / Song




The tree itself, part (three?) .

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[and also in this form: thetreeitselfpartthree]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 121217


Source, citation, continued as in last posting: Better Homes & Gardens, December 2017

after that event; and so


As almost an aside:

With the sense that such time

Has been unjustly deranged

And-or lost; in trauma

Recovery we may work

On an equivalent experience

As early class coloring; instead

Of pretending that

Such experiences worth

Of trauma non-reformed

Criminal charges, are

No big deal; and suggesting

No actual support of them and the


Mirrors in ornament-

Ation with child enactment

Connection: may as a guess

Signify the experience of

Trauma so entrenching

the child even adult

Unable to notice its

Own growth, even development.


And so where-as for other

Beings, people: the mirror

May signify how they’ve grown: developed; and-or even stability of stasis; for the traumatized child

Or even adult; the mirror may signify the process of being traumatized so entrenching that literally a mirror be of no sight; … .

(The mirror may be a place of no sight.) As opposed to victimizing the traumatized by asking them to look in the mirror and observe what they’re too traumatized to look into; the symbolism of a drab cloth over a mirror; with the trauma victim at any appropriate enough stage for he/she/and-or gender identifier to describe in an exercise of self-reflection perhaps what is seen when looking at the drab-covered mirror.

In any case the trauma non-reformed criminal charge would be something like: development/growth trauma inflictor non-reformed criminal charge,