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Make-Up: A way to write (poetry)/ I love it: the flower petal, seen; in not exactly a new form.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 61118

tag[s]: tirade[s] & art, sort of breaks from other *work in this *works

source, citation: as accessed on 61118

[also in this form: I love it]

  1. Imagine like the doctor’s office or the doctor’s set; you’ve been sick for a really long time; or just sick; ad: the sometimes occasion; can also be the all times occasion: as you need [it].

& in addition to taking internal medicine or remedy or that type; you can also uh apply external medicine; you know like that medicated version of make-up; or just make-up; whenever you feel like it; or rather, whenever you need it medicinally, …

  1. What would the make-up look like; personally, I’d want to have it caked on my form, face: and least some of the time, … or some days of the week/month/year like medicine that smelled good and healed me, … or something; healed … so much of it that I never worried about its effect: medicinal disappearing [the new version of holy (un) vanity & translated; how we became to start with; not addicts]

Untitled23. Against this sad; story [from the video, the video …] is definitely an art form: had you noticed without this clarification?

[Against the sad] is the Geisha; that you see; and another meaning to the cultural enforcement of something else [so against the sad = Geisha]

and what would you see;

Well, there is/r the masked lips:

Or here they are my favorite, the masked lips:

[a symbol for what? Voice>]

  1. The flower petal; in an almost spray paint type of conceptual look; a metaphor for/or actually like:

[Geisha [against the sad], masked lips [Voice], the flower petal spray paint look [=?]]

  1. The catch of Geisha Untitled6




  1. \ The complete Geisha: a new masked lips [color = class]
  2. The summary uh, poetry/ the summary poetry:

[Against the sad] is the Geisha; [see] the Geisha at first by its masked lips; unified by its Geisha-group Voice …

[Understand] the Geisha through its flower petal sprayed I-s

The Catch of Geisha; that it is Geisha is the glisten of its nostrils and that Such.

See the class of your surroundings by the Geisha’s new masked lips




as on [but wasn’t up then] 10.22.16 continued for The Witch Goura 3: it’s missing

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 41018

[also in this form: 10]


theme: what’s left over

tag[s]: art furthered

With my lap top gone; and most of work materials additionally gone; I’m working on this

source, cited: October 2016 WSJ The Wall Street Journal Magazine.

A gender fashion-review:     theme: of each page                     Page-ick

The front cover : Should I stand like that;

and those clothes look comfortable

Inside: a pear’s font to wear to church;

cited:  “… chrysoprase …”
what’s that {insert word diagram}

chry so prase    theme: adornments at church

the obvious: christ in crytransition so(w) p.r. sae Christ committing it’s own effective p.r. what is it?

outside: it’s a willow, just not a weeping willow

A neck that’s not jewelry


Making the point; much like the cake: the lady and her

(baby) lamb look

very tire, d; citing: the “Love Piana” pages

that cited: B.A.R.T. station is just so cold;

especially when you haven’t slept hanging Vietnam red frolics outside

to replace the weeping; and so they’re not quite whit: missing night

but cream where cream has almost come to mean ; mean, white

the crumple catching the miss of rest but not necessarily the attempt to … it.

cited: page (celine) from main source recently started.


An eating break a spirit l’arte: to see; on candy that’s appropriate and perfect for lunch the cited: Charleston chew

That I chose choco – of opens up like a cross; what a sentiment

cited: the sloped benches in front of cited: keen prevent all discomfort and all you have to do is sit; harder a try harder; they’ve captured the sentiment of cited: yoga chairs out side site of work or not.

Fiction with medicine: two over-the-counter painkillers with coke citing

Coca-cola -à and of course the curbed plants and christmas/year tree lite’s are getting a thorough to back oh’s smoke.

theme: I tried to be understanding that they had a bad fashion sense; at the end os several years I just couldn’t do it anymore

theme: {a sketch} apples

                             for WISE


Part Two.

10.22.16 Reading notes for The FVP

cited: community source: Palo Alto Public Library

cited source text: USA noir edited by Johnny Temple

cited: soul pieces; theme: there’s an orange reflected


p.356 “I guess it was a good thing Phoenix was too friggin’ hot for black trenchcoats.”

It’s a pun; where Phoenix almost sounds like a person cited: River Phoenix; and given the back drop imagine cited: jujubu lights

cited: jojoba oil

cited: Uh.


Bridges : an almost a small line summary.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4818

tag[s]: metaphysical news, art, astrophysics theory from reading the news, reform prison is another militia group

[also in this form: Bridges ]



Source, primary citation: The Daily Journal, Weekend: April 7-8, 2018-XVIII, Edition 197, Bay Bridge construction retraced, …


How to create a bridge in the metaphysical sense or something; in editing non-alienation of art even low level entropy of the art creation or what might it instead be called; and this/these are any mights.

Is to “pair”, the images at least and isn’t the beginning of that a bridge;

Imagine as is sometimes showcased through at least cited: wordpress; a zin-sang repetition or non-repetition of segments of such art pieces except one together as opposite to usually a museum’s hanging or even virtual museum’s and then in congregating virtual museum the speed between the slideshow would or not create a bridge.

Of course this would and could also create temporary bridges; and would this be the answer to how to enter the future or past or some other sequence in the present.

Though I read the first chunk of this article as more stalkers congregated behind my back; pretending all was normal in my … of course abnormal can also come to mean paranormal.

Uh, cited: beam, [me].

I haven’t been able to read the rest; due to time limits meant for non-reforming prisoners but of course on evidence of patrol markers doesn’t always prove what they say, uh: are incorrectly applied to reform/reforming prisoners.




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for The Fictional VolunTier project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, continued as left off from yesterday’s posting: 32218

tag [s]: reading notes, spiritual development underpinnings, criminology sequence cues? from reading para … analysis, the spirit work out of item-thoughts, spiritual art theory

[also in this form: What if the bag were a Being]



Primary Source Citation: (as brief skimmed of) Sophie Kinsella (by); Shopaholic & Sister

What if the bag were a Being.

“reflection” of bag is compromise or is subjugation for lust; and-or what might be known as lust : instead of staring at another Being ; you are now evaluating the/ a bag.

Basic notes: underline[s] added in quoted text for emphasis

“I lead her off the main high street, away from the pedestrianized shopping precinct, and turn left down a cobbled side road. As we walk, I hitch my Angel bag on my shoulder, admiring its reflection in a shop window across the street.”

Also sounds like an advertisement for cited: V.S.


criminology cues: “lead her off …”

“ … main high street” in the perspective of the perhaps potential perpetrator outside of regular reading context; what is considered by the such it is; “main” part of this “high street”

& the answer: “ … the pedestrianized shopping precinct … ” = (in perspective of …) “ main high street”

Then of course perhaps that is of course we have the sign and or present/current marker of what “off” looks like and or presents as:

“ … cobbled side road …” = (in the comprehended sight of the …) “… off the main high street …”


Other thoughts to consider:

Will the bag/ a bag; work as a subjugation of lust and thus, then further: spiritual development; in the context of cited: v.s. artistic promise; it seems it’s an utilizable motif: conception.

So target marker: killing goal: reforming and or transforming and or correcting: lust

(think of synonymous inklings of lust)

Modality-ized to a bag’s purposed sight;

Perhaps an incision into the reason for art development: examination.


What the …. Is this.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 3518

tag[s]: art by the not exactly homeless?, a shortage of my postings while my next publication stays rough and still gets edited by me shouldn’t leave you starving, yes that means the local librarians want you to starve; since I have you know uh also worked in the past … art statements about local deployment cultures and deployment cultures; interesting adjuncts to traditional reports, test for cited: real Vietnam veterans; upcoming publications announced more-so, political theology

[also in this form: What the]



the supposed postal man from cited: the postal office of u.s.a. ?

has been stalking me at all times of night; and day; and who wouldn’t stalk me; yeah right; pretending in various uniforms; that he is an authority figure. Can we say unhealthy fixation; and I’ve always avoided speaking to him.

There was damper environment when along with other local “authorities” he had turned to be a new trashman; who didn’t use trash vehicles like are standard in our country; but instead drives his own van or something; and digs through trashcans near anywhere I am. I’m not sure but I think this is a form of anti-Semitism pronounced; like ew! You uh, can’t throw away trash anywhere you are; and instead the anti-Semite will steal the trash from the can; even in public; as everyone watches; unfortunately, perhaps for this need to be filled in a racial prejudicial method; I’m not actually Jewish; and it is me to start off with who he stalks. Then the local “cops” attempt to gang rape me in the bathroom as local “women” watch. Of course I’m never going to be raped. How paradoxical it is that I was born or uh started with a vagina and uterus in tact.

To the glee of the most dishonest and immoral and unethical pastors groups around but it might not be every single one of them so seriously in the jewish cultural way: good luck to the rest; what like I’m God? Their non-qualifying dreams have come true and the h-less people have gotten away from the rain in hotels that I think I pay for [yes, but I earn no money; good reminder] along with some others; while the people deployed as h-less have been getting drenched when for example, the rain starts, and they have already fallen asleep; not always uh rising to it. In any case, this has created a wonderful flower basked no basket that that the stalker and or stalk-rs is-r sure to take credit for. I’m sure the flower basket which shall turn into what; is worth $16 million dollars.

Who made it.

& more importantly, perhaps how long did it take; and can you see it.




Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

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Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

[also in this form: At first thing]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date considered, 21518/ typed up


concealed reading, for protection, identities of product make-up, reading characteristics, empathy abstractions, business models derived again


At first thing; insert first:

you see in your mind’s design of the insert: a device like needle pricking inside a qualified you/me at that specific let’s call it non wise radio-active spot

proving the significance possibility of the next insert paraphrase; which might mean something like:

uh, whoever can take that tiny prick of that needle to that specific non-wisdom grower spot[s] [inside them, especially] is the

c l i e n t e l e

from the basic business model: does it [designed, designing device] work past this qualification for a deserving

c l i e n t e l e


so in the above diagram is the can elephant the radio, activated by Son-ing or –ning the c l I e n t e l e; perhaps called in this case at least:


In case you didn’t figure despite the tense of my word phrasing I’m aware that such devices [witch ones] do already in time exist; but it’s a consideration to them uh, what’s that called despite, such