The Blue Rubber Gloves have to do with your stuff getting trashed. Just an observed guess.

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The Blue Rubber Gloves like a fiction title. The Blue Rubber Gloves have to do with your stuff getting trashed. Just an observed guess.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: criminology and criminology art


part one.  81317

Location: a 50 [mile] radius from/pertaining to Menlo Park [CA]

I forgot to include on this day; after my stuff was trashed; that the cops also brought blue rubber gloves up to my face/skull [again] a repeat from sjpd but those set weren’t brought close to my face; whe n I asked them why they had brought those blue rubber to my face; they ignored me and refused to answer; the day before; uh this happened, then my stuff was trashed.


In the middle; as already described I was ticketed; and but the cops told me I was actually under arrest; but failed to actually arrest me; will there be a follow up to their repeated attempted violent arrests of me; going on way too many attempts from them to me … ; while I’m not actually committing crime; [and they like; are; like so like]

Highly especially inebriated police departments as briefly evaluated nation-wide: sjpd, palo alto pd, Atherton pd, Menlo park pd [and will others consistently join the list?} Fingers  crossed for the actual real police and not these fake, posers of law enforcement.

theme citation: my so called life

theme music citation: [again] another day in paradise phil colllins


The guy/ a guy of city of Menlo park also told me earlier this year; that he was going to trash my stuff; I submitted a complaint; and uh, it looks like he proved true to my word.


Oh one more report: the guy, or one of the cops; faked crying too; and told me that I had no empathy.


Part Two.  Bible scent quick diagnosis


Observing Church notes, on 81117

cited: Isaiah 5:7 p. 569 18-29 or look at this updated reference check cited:

theme: it seems also connected text line[s] a  religious proof for good scentery in [b] art also; cited: b.a.r.t.

A flip and quick examination:


but does “rich robe”

just mean


and w[h]ether




Learn About the World of Book, this.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up: 72117

p.4 from [main] source, cited: Michael Faber, The Book of Strange New Things





“-hitchhiker” – chiaroscuro around bodies

tells you what that who is

carrying and if it’s its; how do

create chiaroscuro you; like

that not so much swap the location

of the parts; but blur[e] the

like in

that meditation

<— lines with your sight; see and

qualify that smudge; and return

What doesn’t belong. [How.]

p. 5 “the mouth … jaw” – can be a-a starry sky thematic additional citation: v. van gogh and not … night?

p.6 “crisis” – is synonymous with “Christ” one is “blasphem[…]ous” and the other is not.

Vision Notes/

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date completed, effectively: 71917

theme: art notes more of for the v blog

theme-1: door connection


this chopper looks like a reverse front; which is … ; and for art; more; figure out how come. or why.

cited: image from the MCMS [see image]

added to with scribble.


motor notes: it’s also supposed to be a joke the description caption provided soon above; it’s obvious why it does or did look this way / method in photograph captured; up because of the symbol. [That’s the joke; how come; well that’s how come.]

if you see it that far; then of course; you see the m-cycle.

Title: Vision Notes.


2. actually cues and or protocols the library should follow with regard to i.d/

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

fiction line or theme: {fiction continued…} you never know when hear is going to strem again.

date typed up: 71117






cited: dmv

On the precipice of my dmv id expiring; and perhaps not all other forms of id expiring; for me and external?

theme: imagine the pursuit of robberies of such et al

Importantly; the library can be a replacement or at times additional physical existance or whatever it is called; check; and I don’t mean that you should be groped at the p.l. and I mean [it] in any manner of that word,term “grope” .

If you don’t have a relevant enough address; well, then; and such the i.d. also; well then an actual librarian; or librarian-type entity; as qualified by, …

[how] .

first of all; you shouldn’t be denied a library card et al;

but with an actual librarian hello, to actual functioning and not just; but actual definitions;

should be able to get on the phone to an actual police officer; and or the equivalent; in this specific sub-set; of identification; and “hook up” the process-e

of giving you an effective enough mailing address [at least] ; if even you are … on the, street[s]; you need a mailing address; and a subsidize-able identification card; which is replaced as it expires; if for some reason expirations are necessary for identifications et al; honestly I’m pretty worn down from the process-e of the destabilization of repeated identification renewals over the years of uhm adult or near adult like life; … it’s been weary, homeless or not.

these are the errors that come up in functioning when there aren’t actual police officers available and actual librarians available; [where art the actuals?] around some, where; and whilst the fake multiply.

So in sequence; your identification issues |larger| if not effectively received elsewhere; should be handled at least at one public library per city or something the equivalent of a city.

theme: identification as subsidy and not as non-subsidy

theme music citation: Bend Time Back Around Paula Abdul -Time



Leaves are the cleaner [part a]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 7917

worked on from: 6617 onward,

notes of effect …


[see photograph][not yet up, so see it later]

source, cited: discussion attended with flyer last month?

fact recovery:

-there was a semi-recent housing crisis; and in personal experience if even entry into it were sooner or later; it’s on-going, still

-didn’t recall or

another word for remember as know: that banks may receive internal loans for themselves;

-“false personal information” is another motif for pertinent identity theft. and as usual there are almost no consequences.

-this informational banquet seems to answer the quandry [or sp: quandary]; that perhaps there are almost no consequences for identity theft; due to “housing crisis” attempt banked caught.

-this brings up a really interesting question in perhaps not only; bet pertinent financial criminology; how to further catch criminals before you let them know and only when this equals just punishment.

-so as the informational flyer highlights; and what should be usual practice:

-do more thorough and actual “personal” identifying checks

notice; this an interested list in fact recovery.

–based on the information facets, provided: the usual “personal” identity check involves:

“income;” and where there is no “income” there is / or should be list-able compensation and-or trust funds.

[nd I wasn’t referring to this one, or two ]




The Cursor was Frozen

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cited: image 1, in first phone shot
cited: image 1, in second shot
cited: image 2, in first shot

and a repeat right above of my ol’ art because the cursor was frozen

in any case

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date composed: 62517

date typed up: 7517

source, gallery with cited images cited as from-as as:  [image 2 individual piece: “Arc en Fruit”] Michele Chandler

“Reves des Fruits” June 7 to July 6, 2016 —— Gordon Huether

Public art projects, private wine

country treasures

“Stream of Consciousness, Part 1″ July 7 to September 15” ———–ART VENTURES GALLERY


…[image 1 individual piece: Lost III] Klaus Leidorf, Igal Pardo, Photographs, Summer 2017

—- Gordon Huether

Public art projects, private wine

country treasures

“Stream of Consciousness, Part 1″ July 7 to September 15” ———–ART VENTURES GALLERY


notes on scene/seen l’art:

I was walking to something

like my 3rd church

procedure this week;

or is it the start of

the next weak; and I

saw these art pieces along

the road; along with a

few inside; it was a nice

brief visit: due to the rush

of church. or rather to

church; ->

tag[s]: biography film; the real life …

where rarely one meets non-

chloro-form; folks; but of

course rare isn’t never;

and of course church is

a social environment; but

not primarily a meeting

scene; rather a social environ

ment as backdrop against

a learning situation.

what I’ve labelled

(1) and (2) I’d really want

fold over because of the

line on a post card; can also

be a folding point. and build

over a box with these two as

four outside parst to the box;

and of course glaze those

covered outside portions of

the box with something see–

through; and something

see-through, enough.

so that the art can still

be seen; I actually

have two photographs;

for the remaining sides

of this conventional box. ;

but of course the box-form

itself I do not have Perhaps

there isn’t the Time ; to

build such a boxandof

course  these: two scene

pieces on postcards; like so

much else are about


The first looks as

Time in fulfillment; something

such as completion; and

perhaps this can reference

all art; when it is

complete enough to be viewed

is something and-or

somethings also-are

fulfilled. The gold lines

pathways, of course;

and the purple strokes’


and for how focusing; on the

2nd one: of course the

imprinted sway of the water:

or liquid: is something like

the print of a clock; and the

print of time’s movement

as likely it’s experienced.

of course with the word

of internet use; whether it’s

in a 1990s setting or in

the hazard of today’s time:

when most [the hen]

housed people but not all

suck the existence

out -of everything;

while most but not

all homeless people

pay their rape tax.

Stay Away! and

stop posing; only

is appreciate-able with

regard to floral ways.

of course as you

continue to examine

the image of the

1st-nd art image:

the float silver

or boat like

silver is

also a reference

to the word-line: word


; and unless this sliver

of silver unless of course

you consider the liquid’s

color a hominid for silver;

is of some bizarre high worth

. . .

you can “fix the


including speed as

motif’d by the

timed clock . . .

with little

silver; even

a sliver of

it; then of course

you have real proof

of the value of art

. . . which can

get you speed and

is disguised only

by a little; sliver; of silver

or silver-like.

[and what about the second; excuse if the placement of 1st and 2nd were incorrect; but you can easily estimate; which I meant when-if it is unclear.]




l’slop arte





notes from xx-cont.

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mostly quotations and rapid interpretations, from 61617


cited theme product: nad’s

by goura fotadar

date t-up: 61717

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

in quotes citations from lecture:

“Repairing & Rebuilding”

notes from xx-cont. ;


cited: counseling

“why do you drink due to what happened to you.”

“kitchen hot” metaphor;

“selfishness & self-centered ness”

“the root of our problem”

as cited in the lecture from the big book

based on lecture

metaphors how about:

“the roo[f] of [h]our problem.”

“upset with God” => ?

translated and re-interpreted for these notes and use:

“up [:] set with Go[d]”

“Jesus” sounds like soap

to me;

a “higher power” seams [notice spelling]

like hygiene to me.

career counseling :

distributing hygiene


translated and re-interpreted again; obvious:

& you are “hi[red] power”

or “hi[read] power”

“peace with god”

translated and re-interpreted more:

“p[ie]ce with go[d]”

that is .. is

a piece!

how is it “peace”

“go … ”


“[d]istance …”