Notes: Cues / Criminology / From text

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 32318

[also in this form: Notes]


tag[s]: analysis of criminology cues from text, art form interpretations, movement ideology comprehensions



Source, citation: Nancy Martin, Little Black Book of Murder

P. 1 [The scare of “social” …] results in non-attempt of “murder” second quote [perhaps] reference to main title segment. [for now, anyhow and or at least]

P. 2 As almost as an aside; the definition of “meanwhile” is of course the paragraph or one definition of the term: “meanwhile” is the form of paragraph

From P. 1 to P. 2, we have the trajectory of movement,

P. 2 from the [comprehension] action of movement; we have the application of “meanwhile” incidences of even and or especially form: are clouds “meanwhile”

P. 2 action of movement, example: “Libby dug into her handbag in a search of a restorative snack.”





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for The Fictional VolunTier project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, continued as left off from yesterday’s posting: 32218

tag [s]: reading notes, spiritual development underpinnings, criminology sequence cues? from reading para … analysis, the spirit work out of item-thoughts, spiritual art theory

[also in this form: What if the bag were a Being]



Primary Source Citation: (as brief skimmed of) Sophie Kinsella (by); Shopaholic & Sister

What if the bag were a Being.

“reflection” of bag is compromise or is subjugation for lust; and-or what might be known as lust : instead of staring at another Being ; you are now evaluating the/ a bag.

Basic notes: underline[s] added in quoted text for emphasis

“I lead her off the main high street, away from the pedestrianized shopping precinct, and turn left down a cobbled side road. As we walk, I hitch my Angel bag on my shoulder, admiring its reflection in a shop window across the street.”

Also sounds like an advertisement for cited: V.S.


criminology cues: “lead her off …”

“ … main high street” in the perspective of the perhaps potential perpetrator outside of regular reading context; what is considered by the such it is; “main” part of this “high street”

& the answer: “ … the pedestrianized shopping precinct … ” = (in perspective of …) “ main high street”

Then of course perhaps that is of course we have the sign and or present/current marker of what “off” looks like and or presents as:

“ … cobbled side road …” = (in the comprehended sight of the …) “… off the main high street …”


Other thoughts to consider:

Will the bag/ a bag; work as a subjugation of lust and thus, then further: spiritual development; in the context of cited: v.s. artistic promise; it seems it’s an utilizable motif: conception.

So target marker: killing goal: reforming and or transforming and or correcting: lust

(think of synonymous inklings of lust)

Modality-ized to a bag’s purposed sight;

Perhaps an incision into the reason for art development: examination.


Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

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Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

[also in this form: At first thing]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date considered, 21518/ typed up


concealed reading, for protection, identities of product make-up, reading characteristics, empathy abstractions, business models derived again


At first thing; insert first:

you see in your mind’s design of the insert: a device like needle pricking inside a qualified you/me at that specific let’s call it non wise radio-active spot

proving the significance possibility of the next insert paraphrase; which might mean something like:

uh, whoever can take that tiny prick of that needle to that specific non-wisdom grower spot[s] [inside them, especially] is the

c l i e n t e l e

from the basic business model: does it [designed, designing device] work past this qualification for a deserving

c l i e n t e l e


so in the above diagram is the can elephant the radio, activated by Son-ing or –ning the c l I e n t e l e; perhaps called in this case at least:


In case you didn’t figure despite the tense of my word phrasing I’m aware that such devices [witch ones] do already in time exist; but it’s a consideration to them uh, what’s that called despite, such


Derivations of l’arte

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Derivations of l’arte


Date typed up: 21218

5th grade basics

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

[and also in this form: Derivations of l]


tag[s]: event translations or attempts at translations uh


Date: 21118

“design” : how about just flowers as units

“how  to … carry out” : each complete even bud

theme: a complete bud

used as the / an ingredient for something.

“draw a graph” :


“label” : your hands, perhaps your sense of smell, your eyesight,

theme: what if you were disabled to this regard /\ |


close similar known with different “fingers” and could be for the disabled especially adapted with a  something like a one-push button or its equivalent:

cited: the sewing machine

Instead of the last three, translated to another utilisability

using, the first prop: [or source, citations upcoming in titles, names:]

access -> location

announcement -> the postcard

what will happen there -> details of event.

of source, texts:

p.96 from (2) from “Head First’’ “Physics” (Heather Lang, Ph.D.)

(1) postcard of “Wafu School of Ikebana”


Part Two. I can’t get here for appointments, anymore.

Wednesday/11:15 AM, 9.27, 1885 Bay Rd., [Ravenswood Clinic]

Try: [cited: googlemaps or something I think]

Menlo Park Library-> Ravenswood Clinic.

  • Head s.e. on Alma St -> Burgess Dr.
  • Slight left to stay on Alma St.
  • Left onto Willow Road
  • Slight right to stay on Willow Road
  • Same as [4]
  • Continue straight to stay on Willow Road
  • Right forward Saratoga Ave.
  • Turn Right onto Saratoga Ave.
  • Left onto Bay Road.


Part three.

Significance markers:

[message to “postmaster”

With another location]

[“free admission” but with suggested “donation” amt.] è implies not fee, r.

personal connections

[art, artists]

[location familiarity and past regularity to location sphere]

[incident history of being denied public service at this though location and such like locations]

[can’t miss those days of my work schedule]


On/of the front of postcard upside down:

Like some recent made/post-ed art, and a past posting; connected to: this is the basic where you might be, is where is the vase

A tunnel up to this spread of flowers,

Stars in mass sky and-or it is constants, …

How long they

Will stay like

That without plummeting

To their it is here dried

Breakage and or being

Trashed on the level of

Where you are

Habitually/ you? Might

A temporary incomplete

Fix be to dried breaking [take]

flowers from the/a  plane/planes as in flying variety if even beneath stars still at least at sky; [and to do what with them at that level? Deliver, dump out, freeze or some: form ?]

In any case: think vases as pregnancies perhaps your womb/ i.e. such it, is like the sky, stars, constants;

a longer pregnancy?

the longer the baby[ies] stays[y-] star-like?






Summary for / of … reading; on his, palm

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[and also in this form: Summary for another reading]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

theme: Which one is it.

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2.41  U n: February 11, 2018

Untitled drawing


In response to,

Source, text citation: E, Stone on 2.11.18 in general non-persona specific email


tag[s]: unions as combat art, elevated analysis, technology information streams, logistics, culture, bike-ick? tools


>. Combat hints:
“ … pulling away …” is want you what when in combat … so let go, I think

and the boring but useful reminder: it’s really a boaring: then, when it seems, right? Re-assess from a distance:

from, “… confrontation”


>. Define for yourself what it means actually, that is for (you) U (your actualized group-s) and this in case you didn’t catch it might be the actual asexual definition and derivation of polygamy; i.e.

(you) U (your actualized group-s)


first reference it in this clause: from, “… “next level” …”


>. In general expansiveness; this is the obviously a shared with (you) secret. What doesn’t suck for you to do that you can the opposite of bare doing when such and such has taken place: I think that’s called the actual functioning of survival as perhaps opposed to survival alone or rather as opposed to sir vival, regular.

from, “ … they’re scared that if they don’t “do something,” to bring their … closer then nothing will change but there is a better way…




Summary Notes for another concealed reading: In such selectivity

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: why the concealer, concealing, or concealment; and summary briefs, and summaries, and content non-blunders influencing group tactics and pertain-ment

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2918

[also in this form: Summary Notes for another concealed reading]


Brief, starting point read; summary:


Hierarchy, actualized to general group selection.

General hierarchy actualized decision about general purposing tools and accessories such as schedules and locations.

Overall voting in actualized general group selection of skew elements that are still proving mostly functional; but skew to less accessibility especially i.e. how to proceed.

Resulting daily impact: highly socialized and well-adjusted expansive group; with filtering contacts [as approved and re-assessed and-or re-evaluated] with a same and-or similar internal-external effect in gradient accomplished equivalents.

b> at this stage review and or start with a working outline of:

why so and so qualifies as a worthy of faith

and then re-visit and test this outline without necessarily unnecessarily involving so and so



review when necessary for whatever purpose and reasons

to include imagining, images



theme: I have to include at least basic art because it makes [actualized] me and actualized us wealthier; wealthy enough to safe haven safety ; what about actualizing m and u





Tree also means outdoorsy Part next.

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By goura fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Date typed up, this part: 11218

[and also in this form: Tree also means outdoorsy Part next]


Date: 12.11.17

I’ve definitely seen such imaging at at least one candle store I shopped at; where I was fortunate enough to have the gift I bought packaged such. I suppose in terms of rest: the brown of the present wrapping is to signify the outside, outdoors ground or perhaps the ground to rest on; the piece part of greenery tree; as a living stem is perhaps to conceive that sleeping outside, living outdoors, even in homelessness is still a way, a method to live- Exist. Where in normal housing or pseudo-housing: security, stability may come from a certain type of roof and or physical quality of the structure; the string tied to fern/tree figment + box creates a concave view of an outside rest-live spot: with standing tree, brown/mud or something such ground: the string that ties the package (you, or scuse me the outside resider/rester)



(in identity)

(as in the placard of gift/present)

would the string

represent the ingredients that would be the tie of the spot:

a comfortable sleeping-bag type; a rain-proof tent or something; a temperature

sealing something ; a spare bag of extra clothes; an extra|space area for necessary for other things [temperature proof]; [would all of these equate] … to a string; in this sentiment homelessness is a gift for another; i.e. one’s homelessness; their homelessness ; your homelessness is a gift for another.

[examine the package in a to, from conception][to expansive [make] who it’s for] [consider how the tree is an address much like ahouse if even not accepted as one in  a regular way][definitions of address]


Source, citation: “INTO THE WOODS” from Better Homes & Gardens, 2017, p.48