Forests, everywhere

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 01/28/23; date worked on: 02/28/22

cited text: [Bridge to Terabithia (by) Katherine Paterson]

grade: Perhaps review from 5th

[cited pg. 2]

“Of course he was going to run. He had gotten

up early every day all summer to run. He figured if

he worked at it — and Lord, had he worked– he could be the fastest

runner in the fifth grade when school opened up. He had to be the

fastest — not one of the fastest or next to the fastest, but the fastest. The very best.”

/ \



[why.] “run”[1] “run”[2] .

“runner” [1] .

“fastest” [1] “fastest” [2] “fastest” [3] . }a

“fastest” [4] “fastest” [5] .

“worked” [1] “worked” [2] .

forests, everywhere: “of course” “early” “every day” .

“all summer” “school opened up” “very best” . }b

answers one at [why.]

order b preceding a

order b, a

(cited pgs. 6-7) [To notice a flower/flowers]

“His body was begging him to quit,

but Jess pushed it on. He had to let that puny

chest of his know who was boss.”

“his” “body” un-ordered 1

“begging” corresponding [sp?] order 2

“Jess” un-ordered 3

“pushed” un-ordered 4

“puny” “chest” un-ordered 5

forests, everywhere: un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 3

corresponding order 2, un-ordered 4

un-ordered 5 half

un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 5 half

forests, everywhere: “his” “Jess” .

“begging” “pushed” .

“puny” . everywhere (a)

“body” “chest” .

forests: “to quit” identifies “it on” ordered (b)

“who was” ordered

considering switching order to b, a

[cited pg. 11] using flowers as index:

“Ellie jabbed her with a spoon. Jesse saw

that look Brenda shut up her whine halfway

out of her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth. She

wasn’t as smart as Ellie, but even she knew

not to push Momma too far.”

forests, everywhere: shape: “a spoon”

such as expression: “that look”

such as, characteristics: “her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth”

such as distance: “too far”

unordered 1 ordered 2 ordered 3

everywhere: “spoon” “that” “Rose Lustre lipsticked” —

“too” ordered 4 | (a)

forests: “jabbed” such as to appearance — ordered 1 —

“whine” such as to noticing | ordered 2 | (b)

— —

so here: b, a

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the meaning of cupcake

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date posted on: 10/16/21

tag[s]; analysis

this time, only what I could grab hearing, 

“16 in … days … time to make some changes”

“every year … a party … the same two people”

“… we hangout alone …”

” … expand my social circle and my horizons …”

” from now on I am identifying my goals and … “

” … that cheerleading squad …”

” … a real boyfriend; get married …”

” … starting with you …”

” … you tempt me and then … “

“I hate myself” 

” you are so seductive” (entry of appearance of cupcake)

act. mi. application: and after calculated potential eating period replace with a substitute for example a flower in image is enough

“ok one more quickie and then we are over” “forever”

cultural notes: the cupcake looks very large compared to most but not all current cupcakes and the frosting looks messy even for homemade variety; points to a different time; such as the past or future past,

“friday night at …” is now the name of the cupcake; connecting personal meaning/s and its: personal meaning’s (at least) parallel procreation act. mi. application: consider a replacement procreation step and non-parallel procreations

now mention (including in attention and or focused, appearance in this context)  of products in this sequence and-or product types: cupcake/s, sleeping bags, 

” … being strong and fighting back …” verification of act. mi. here and also motto for act. mi. (at focus but can spread and be pervasive to others) in this case of … 

why not ask cupcake about this by designing additional / s … ?

“sorority … pledge week” now “cheerleading”, “sorority” and “pledge week”, spread it by making lots of cupcakes from act. mi.

and perhaps don’t mention that or do; and soak out where as in hand out where and when

internal citation: seventeen magazine “plum lip gloss” (here: in products and-or product types in attention)

“hello kitty purse” (products and product-types, continued)

(cited: “POPULAR” Episode 1.05 Part 1/5 as accessed on youtube dot com on 101121)

so the meaning of cupcake in identity procreation matching product and or product-types demonstrated against others such in a certain specific way goes from cupcake: “sleeping bag/s “–> “plum lip gloss” —> “hello kitty purse”

and this is a translation of this cupcake’s identity procreation in this brief-ness but how might you consider reaching the cupcake back at each stage of product and product type


theme: what to do now and why

“sleeping bag/s” (cupcake) implies activity such as: eating in sleeping bag or right near that time

“plum lip gloss” (cupcake) implies activity such as: put it on after eating 

“hello kitty purse” (cupcake) implies activity such as: (strangely,) can you eat cupcake while wearing the variety you use of this

” … purse” (it doesn’t have to be the same as in the episode)

Part Two (b). New land …

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(part one not yet up) Part Two (b). New land: Leg parts versus and with eye glass parts

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: 72620, date worked on: 7320 (I think)

tag[s]: analysis

theme: I hate t.b.! & violations of d.v.


untitled (5)

untitled (8)




Part Two. (Part one not up, yet.) New Land …

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Part Two. (Part one not up, yet.) New land: Leg parts versus and with eye glass parts.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: 71120; date worked on: 7320

tag[s]: analysis

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (56)

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (57)

an old land: R, R varied, … etc.

to new land: ?

[assets of new land: easily affordable, forever, easily accessible, functionally safe …]

  1. R varied, R … [rest the same)                                            ans to: new land
  2.  V (empty)                                                                             ans to: easily affordable …
  3.                                                                          MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (58)


[t. b. c.]

Review as of 10919 for cited: VHP; while the homeless thing goes on

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: 21120


[also in this form: fvppostingon21120]



tag[s]: for cited: the death project



reference, citation: too much heat?


concrete-of up-coming death as in a listed, guess-to primary stage   [draw concrete

war.                                                                  [re-drawing of tombstones, gravestones,

[ etc. ]]]

-length of size-able

at which time in

history stanza; life-years

and onto-ward

predisposition to gathering of

what this collects circulates

to something such

as earnings of earned-to-point: (of) death;

which then assists knowledge of

how to correct death/ and potentially



The Fishing Diagram again basically useful

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[also in this form: fvppostingon2720]

for The Death Project in the/for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

on 01/06/20


tag[s]: reading notes, reading analysis, identity procreation


|| more notes on the cited: vhp, for the fvp. ||


[source, citation: cited: is ask …?]

[2 sets; each set represents life]

1st set

F M L – the sequence

what catches

the attention

most may be ordinarily

difficult to seize;

but in this referred to set;

the last letter in

the sequence grabs most possibly relative attention. Such as

a relational cue; here knowing the relational cue from the brevity

[of what?] how to share it; but concealed. I’m not sure but perhaps this is review as developing from traditional representation of traditional gender.

So perhaps now it’s time to jump to the next relevant cue in the lines of this set so diagram model



-Identifying sets

-name-ing a relevancy sequence in identified sets

– examining sequence per set for relevancy; outstanding cue: then aligning outstanding cue with relevant loop? filler in lines of set.

In this case of cultural history application; considering criminological time cues as actually in variation from referenced time  numbers and-or digits; notice any fittings into loop-hole grabs; perhaps as such


Most Noticeable


through a tie of cultural historical mentioned cue verified only at the level that it has been mentioned repeatedly. Example description  of how-to identify the fit:

What is sometimes to oftentimes mentioned connected to tradition of traditional gender

1st set



So let’s call what goes into the loop-hole the usual x [as burgeoning for growth] So L has been able to



into loop-hole and now what the actual ideation belonging as L in meaning is furthered in explanation

Now a trajectory of

the life is explained by the sequence’s content end especially latching to get.



developing from traditional

representation of traditional



(system that is considered tradition + positive of traditional gender)





One commonly brief and thorough examination

is; calling every person such a

last item in sequence term if not the

exact same term [as much as possible] and

then a more fair chance may take place by the, this

mutating system per individual in set representing life.

rumored example …  every person in a class referred to as “officer” in a military training period; the hope that … exposed to this system with such reference mutates to completion + activity by being accessed through such content term: “officer” i.e. mutating also hopes to have the prognostic of access through time + non-time. In hope.

Another important fact to consider; is that this source demonstrates an intellectual adept brazenness; which is an attempt to qualify a life stream however than through knowledge of mutation accessing it from the present at different points of for example: time, non-time; (what else …) trauma significants? … and such on.

And so hypothetically; if we wanted to start to access trauma significants through the same sequence and mutative action; we would examine the correspondence


and perhaps

the middle in this sequence

connected to something such as

cultural trauma; such as: crucifixion

so then we look for a similar

type of hook:


has found the end point

as stated of the life stream. So we have

something such

as crucifixion  of Jesus

(point where someone else can no longer continue on, conventionally)


[and then what; what next …]

Another dimension with adjoined[s]

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[also in this form: fvppostingon13120]


for *The Task[s] of Words  in/ for The Death Project for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: 13120

[rough draft]

Include basic 1st name diagram; as has/is included in general … her … here;

tag[s]: uh company -en, word diagrams , reading notes, …,



[same [source, citation: ] Valerie by Sara Stridsberg]

Same as

title of book


obvious  Val: ERIE

as in Lake Erie

considering options

Val is missing


“Val” (ley) “ERIE”

So; “Val(ley)” Erie

notices not just possible

uh a specific valley aroun- Lake

Erie but especially its at [V= ke or rather V, ke ]

least double use.  since (La)

is in double use.


Like; such as

here’s a valley to live in; and also as uh …

where the college town

of … is;

and-or that large company is …


Valley Lake Erie


V, ke as

an order is adhered to; obvious [e].

so we have

another addition to the forced

equal V = ke


V … (-ley) = ke … (?)

taking a brake

what [e] else

can also go onto /adjoined with

Lake that is such

as (-ley) and


the entire



before Erie

perhaps it’s time to conside[r] (-ley) again.

le  y

el y

one thing is the derivation

of a more complete name

Valley LakeLow Erie

or maybe better additional

instruction + identification of this valley even if it’s time

to construct it: Valley where the Lake something/a water type

is of low(er) what? Version of Lake Erie;

such as another dimension .


Connecting objects

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[also in this form: fvppostingon112719]

by goura fotadar

for The Death Project, too in The Fictional VolunTier Project

date, worked on: 112619

[Source, citation: Wake Up Little Susie (by) Ed Gorman]

tag[s]: reading notes, analysis, art analysis, for cited: The Death Project


skim, reading the first few pages


cited p. 9 “Henry is a duck, and as far as I know he’s been a duck most of his life, though sometimes you have to wonder, the very human things he does.”

cited p. 8 “She pushed the cone at me before I could say no. Being her slave, I took it.”


“duck” + “cone” connected by objectification:

article: object;


both can experience

death; etc.


In the more ordinary sense: do “cone”s inform

one; people to “duck” in irregular

sense; the two connected start to consider meanings

of esp. “duck”

witnessing a “cone”

on ground will one; you;


consider bending at the

knees a little

as a form of “duck”

to I’m not sure

be more careful

with the slippery

possible floor?


Incorporating the

Potential of

Death from this

art type of symbolism

The head piece [ex: “cone”]

of a grave

converted to a marker

of how-to avoid injury,

and even death.




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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up on: 11619

[also in this form: fvppostingon11619]

tag[s]: reading notes, analysis



[Source, citation: Like Water, and other stories (by) Olga Zilberbourg]


on cited p. 112 of “Ambition”

“The writer walked Maxine partway to her apartment and, on impulse, Maxine invited the writer in.”

Instead of  “… on impulse”

what if.

“and …”

; “the writer” didn’t seem to want to leave without meeting …

story on

cited p.64     on 102019

“shelter” as obvious cliché

reference implied by

pregnancy as a form of “shelter”

this form of shelter corresponds to; in this

context analysis: “chores” temperature “covering”s

implied to sight mirror effect


From mirror effect we are at positioning and-or

body positioning-> which un-surprisingly

looks to turn to constant

movement involving

The *object inverse of

[theme: cliché: (in italics) appearances can be deceiving]

the mirror effect

; the

described mirror effect of course

comes from

only? carrying *child?


Usual: get rid of the *object inverse; and the *object is better off.

In this context, however what are other cues of how to respond to the

*object inverse.




Fashion Small

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: 102119

[also in this form: fvppostingon102119]


tag[s]: reading notes, analysis

[source, citation: Cecily von Ziegesar, Cum Laude]

cited p. 9 [2nd paragraph]

“eccentric” à “small”

theory of expansion that seems placed in this paragraph:

to expand this character,

this quality “eccentric”

consider positioning this

theory of expansion as described in

this paragraph to exert the “small”

in another way; at least

covering up the “eccentric-“ in the literal art sense

by a small relative covering

such as: ?

using correlates; considering

qualifying female esp. adult characteristic appearance

such as the breasts; as opposed to the usual sense,

bra; the binding like sports bra; worn would/might

convert the “eccentric” t . …? perhaps female gende[r]

being “noticed” and this “notic-” might be/could be purposed