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Pop Fiction, continues; & The Flower Theory

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Reading notes: 4.24.17

tag[s]: crisis of ed. curri-cul.

source, cited:

cver of source text cited

[accompanying] Dictionary of American Portraits

[edt by Hayward & Blanche Cirker and the Staff of Dover Publications, Inc.]

on cited: p. 235

identified from source text cited in coherent relevant lines of citation

what do you think

of the classic heart

+ accompanying second

necklace + pears, pearls

grabbed; and even

in comfort in

open neck.

tag[s]: art edu. ; theme: ideas; mind channels

In second source, cited:

[main text]: z. smith; swing time

source text cited

[for this segment of reading notes:]

in cited: Prologue

[but first theme to respond,

to:] [your art anywhere

outdoors] [like book covers

in libraries; at least.]

[in the entertainment

of psychics [real?]

search groups +

severe [authentic withins

severe academic] politic

groups] badly there

must be the advanced

of the reading group;

even two-person in video-clip

cited: that special person!

[draw a two person skit with recording.]

to supplement academic

esp. reading

related endeavors


Part One. The text as an art lesson.

in reverse order







of appearance

“dancer” cited p. 4

“I experienced myself

as a kind of shadow.

” … that I had [notes:

never [had] [necessary?

had] any light of

my own. ”


after seeing this text; thinking

of art and-or painting: one

notices text such as:

“coast,” through page already



more reading notes for The FVP: The Flower Theory


cited: p. 16 of

main source text ;

while I was thinking on-the

notes in pin-points:

I was thinking of foreign

culture and not difference

in cultural race: but

within; the main-Land:

possibly: here ? [even].

on p. 16 it is

revealed that the

other “girls” are : “these

white girls”

which of course points

us, to: another race

for the narrator +

the defining sector : race;

other than white;

later on the same

page: ” ‘When your

dad’s white it

means—‘ ”

it seems from cited: page

17 the answer is:

“There were consequently

things you couldn’t discuss

in front of Lily Bingham, and

now Tracey shut her mouth … ”

where “consequence […]”

sounds like cost

and there are “things”

“in front of” [a flower]

“things” cost [

have “consequence .. “]

when [colloquial-ly]

“front … ing ”

to / toward /

as to …

flower [s]

flower in name – ing

is invocation

to species:

flower, too?

from p. 14 of the cited: text [main, text]

esp. breaking up:

“espadrilles” => esp. a drill, es


esp. adrill :

is the description of

the shoe: type! [also]

pesa, drill, es

pesa, drills, e

following the continuation of:

s where it

most makes sense ;

and in this case application

wear : it most makes sense

pesa, e-drills [? -> perhaps]


4.18.17 on p. 15 at quick glance oui-oui!

have: ‘ “Freed” ‘ and here on cited:

p. 14 we have :

” Her hair was yellow,

not blond, yellow like a canary. Her

skin was very pink, raw pink, now … ”

paint a  [plain] painted [white]:

frame [[as contrast; even what

could be missing ]]

and so blinging opposite,

earlier on cited: 14;

“It was disappointing .”

“yellow” versus “blond” could

im-ply real story: tale [paradise,

possible] and in our : cultour at least,

please; The cliché [pah-again] of freedom

through dancing; for that is; for the?

subject matter: fiction; much like

a bird: i.e. “canary”

plummets the intelligence of even

the child main subjector [-er];

and if you didn’t know it;

before on excerpt implies a

cultour foreign to the American [english

language]. at the bottom of cited:

14; “trilby”



or even rt. [foreign cultour?]

as opposed what we

see more often here; though

we do see [rt.]

rt. – liby as a joke: might

mean [way to [public space] library] =>

obs. freedom.


— then from this other source, text:

source, text cited; cover / top

cited: p. 352 , The New York Times,

from source cited; as just identified; and being identified in coherent relevant lines

the Complete Front Pages : 1851-2008

  •  – –
  • what the heck: besides general
  • guesses/know : is :
  • “agrarian socialism”
  • ag – rar – ian
  • [e] -> age [Ian] who is ?
  • -> rare


age, rare: Ian;






and this is p.e. haps

one def. of suicide.

when is I [an] an

in a group

[of specific


(belonging to incident)



suicide implies ?


will oui oui oui come

across more; on a more through

and not thorough read of this article? —-> see articlepic.





The turning significance of food [part three, final part?]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up: 5717

tags: fiction art notes; too

also from a following, and already p additional q cited; source text, : The Metropolitan Museum of art Howard Hibbard


on cited: p. 445

we see a protective glimpse

of forest

as the animal

is eating its

meal; perhaps

also a slight joke;


\/ the art on cited: 445 especially ; on bloody display.

cited: images as identified in this posting [l from cited: gg, r from cited: mma]
but using cited:

garden gate’s


imaging +

imaging description;

the food is being protected

by emulating jungle form

in appearance; in other

words; the food of the

one animal may or not be

a 2nd animal; and it is

in such jungle; jungle

like forests that animals

roam? at least during meal –

time; to disguise their food

as themselves; and is it

in the jungle ; jungle – like

forest where we all receive

food from ? In any case:

the forest is the first

layer of food concealment

and-or dining concealment;

and the 2nd is of course

cited: p 445 of cited: mma
cited: as last posting back of and or “butterfly section” of cited: garden gate

the image of the food looking

exactly like the consumer of

it; and this Would be

contrary to

popular belief systems at

present; such as presents;

that animals are eating

themselves and-or one-another

for nourishment ; and certainly

we have many documentaries

showing us such “truths.”

In an imaginative :

exercise is there anyway

to guess what the

animal is eating imaginatively instead. The forest

jungle; almost seams

seems with a burgeon

of land-fill plant else;

but more importantly

using the Sky as

the primary temperature

influencer; as with the

“butterfly” in/on cited: garden gate


the opening of placement

animal-eater is perhaps

the temperature of kitchen

draw l’arte: temperature of kitchen;

and when you look carefully

at the animal; you remember:

what you know about its

form: the quill like needle

like fur ; the flower

like eyes and

ears ; the stem

like mouth; th’

tree like limbs and

such ; and you see

a clear emulation :

of the forest; forest jungle

from the animal – eater; [cited: little riding hood or whatever; recollections of; anyhow]

we then have to imaginatively

wonder : does the animal

only look forest connected

to eating. In this art image :

as usual the moon and-or sun

is pupil to sky-eye; and

[to draw back from

animal focus;



each slide almost

blade banner looks

like an up-coming actual

that : lettered sign; to/

instructing of somewhere .

and back to animal


simulated animal

matter; the eated has unusual

the not so much for

animal path-like markings;

and we ponder the e/a ‘ffect’

of perhaps the path-ways

walked by even the animal-

eater; in imaginative-exercises;

on the food and-or kill’s

body. Do you find that;

that this is a meditative

exercise; turning yourself

and-or your food into a

form in your mind that

offers it + you protection

as the cited: garden gate

suggests; on a deeper

red-ing [no typo here; for edifying purpose spelling change] ; and

in perhaps or not

the unfortunat – ancy

of the blood in this

art; the killed’s head

gone ; is blood

like the

heated?  temperated

“nectar” ? of

a flower.

So is the “butterfly”

a legal and


permit-ted killer? at meal-time

at least. cited: garden gate


theme: “stacy”

theme music citation: The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name


The Homeless Problem, Contn. A Super-Existentialism.

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Date typed up: 32217

for The Fictional VolunTier Project



tags: death project art, too; class art’s saga [i.e. classism, too]; existential proofs of art

by Goura Fotadar

Trash, off-the-ground: Old art

theme: what is it? 

made at the last place ;

I was at: shelter: [in-doors, in;] [cited: Hotel de Zinc [sp?]]

we were handed outline

designs; made

by somebody else in-print

a fun pre-dinner activity.

Symbolism : A piece of trash;

it turns to;

re-interpreting trash.

I scribbled onto mine with

marker ink : instead

of coloring within the demarcations;

the intention to preserve the

ingenuity of the original artist: I

then filled it with pieces of flower

off-the-ground ; and then rubber-  ->

banded, it.

Of course: I’m homeless, outdoors;

since nearly , then; and

of course it got rained on

in-directly; and housed

buried; the rubber-

band ripped off;

the ink ran off;

and it started

to moss;

burying it in the ground;

would probably generate

some type of past-the-burial: more

of-plant. But is plant/tree = trash;

for isn’t this the process to becoming

trash. What then is trash is plant-

tree? And if you go through this

process : rained on; a piece of your

theme: rained on

theme music citation: silversun pickups circadian rhythm

clothing torn [off?] perhaps a

scarf and not something more revealing;

and your skin changed shade : note :

shade! would you have become

trash and so a plantish existence.



Today’s hygiene product + Safety and Security in-a-EveryDayDress

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Part One. [an art fragmenting thematic slice of scenery]

by Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date: 31817

theme, connector, mainstream: the mall and its wonderfully useful gimmicks; cultural experience, movie’d: (movie) cited: can’t buy me love and the “messed-up”
dress. [hopeful assertion fashion can never be, a sign of how wrong things can go; it must have been something else.]





take a soft scarf; wash it with your hands soap + water; squeeze it out; wrap it in paper towels; seat it on a bench [it’s now part of the scenery, outdoors]; use it and the paper towels to damply clean out as a pat, er; of yourself, your items, etc. While still wet; on a not too hot day, drop on it drops of cited: neosporin or something of its ilk and also a strong smelling lotion; wrap up again, and as it stays seated on a bench; notice the way it modifies the surrounding environment; and continues to do such; wherever it goes; how long will this willful modification last? [the art object’s voyage query into existence]





Part Two. Safety & Security Notes: 3.15.17 Train Station



in menlo park at around 10:30 pm; there’s repeated trash bin back-and-forths ; at least four different trucks at the main bus depot parked with nobody getting out at on that side; drop offs to two vehicles and with so a change-of-cars through the train station; at least one man pretending to be homeless and pissing publicly in an empty parking spot —-> i.e. not hidden or discrete or

anything of that sort. + Caltrain is still running; repeated cyclists nearby; and now a discussion of not really homeless men, “going to be there all night;” they say to one-another; fortunately, that group finally did leave. You still have to wonder; if they have [safe] housing unlike some of us; why are they at train stations all-night long [or nearly so with intentional plan to be there all night long]; when really I could use that space for rest at that time; instead I must work civilian security to ensure that it’s safe enough to rest near-enough to-it. What a basics course in even international safety. Popular cliché: Keep an I on the Train Station; means keep it safe non-criminally and not stalk others through it; just you know basic: f.y.i.


repeated surroundings

of the stop sign

in vehicles and

male bodies, especially.


Functionality Note: The lack of outdoor and safe such toilets past approx. 9 to 10 pm; is highly problematic; on some nights you might have to hold your disposals [at least urination] for something like 13-hours; that can’t be good for you. Of course, safety first means; especially, but not just if even you are female; a disclosed hygienic place to piss may be worth the effort. But you think that public funding would a-lot for not just those cented-cost public toilets a hike away from anyplace you can surely sleep outside safely at-night; and often crowded nearby by non-cognizant stalker types. [the type’s cast may not be a typo.] For example, there is no open public toilet at this train station which is essentially outdoors, that anybody I’ve asked has heard about; and the folks at cited: McDonald’s when it is open give you dirty looks if you use their? toilets; because contrary to informational opinion; and now it’s classified as mis-information; cited: McDonald’s in the area is not open every night, and-or all night.

Editor’s Note: The Spacial Catastrophe: You’re not imagining; he was special. Maybe now he’ll be more than special. What a chance; not that there’s anything un,perfect about special-being.

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Date, typed up: 31217

Date worked on: 31117 For the Blog: FVP



by Goura Fotadar

theme: art & cited: the witch goura 3





Pre-cluder: In art makings’ thoughts : Something, body

had irked me as I was looking specifically at make-up

for art; and this doesn’t mean only in its possible healing


theme: the danger is on the lurk.

I mean how could can make-up be used past body

application; and-or decorating piece; for example: carrying

an item around while homeless and propping it in your work-space,

temporary; could depending on the piece-item: scent, color, and frame

the space; even without current application; or recent application:

but here I’m talking about one-step layer [more, so]:

and that’s in art object creation. At first mind’s glance

the thought of using make-up unless it’s like mascara or

something like an ink liner that turns into the piece’s framework:

I would be concerned about the for example: make-up

powder from running down or flaking off from an art piece as

it’s forming. Of course then one has to construct a way for the

part powder to form into the piece likely with Some other, addition;

to it: perhaps as usual to save cost: lotion.

In the cited: source text; Norman Rockwell Artist and IllustratorIMG_20170311_152206[1]

we’re provided an interpretation

aside theme: to heal grief: touch bricks in a finger-brushing cited: the spirit work-out (non-fiction)

side notes: also builds, further hand

dexterity including sense-of-touch

as we’ve seen represented in art ; in this cited source, text:

around p. 45 (cited) IMG_20170311_163508[1]we see instructions on how to

build art captures through techniques

such as running of

the potential         make-up.

theme: gender edifiers {as make-up art inhibition-imbibe}

theme music citation [again]: kate bush running up that hill. 


{for the fvp: the x-mas tree pan; trash can continued.

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{as included photographs for in recent post, more of}

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up on 3517

{ the existential experience of the can } -after sitting around in a brown

bag and then a plastic bag inside

theme : with stains of guacamole [sp?]

and in an owner’s moving storage

it’s (still – not) alive

not yet photographed close to-itself

only outside in its perhaps temporary

ext. covering

is it alone

does it “feel” temperature un-alive

surely, it does

“receive” variation = temperature-


the next steps in-making

lay-out on a trash, hygiene-d

lift for a few hours

outside of brown

but still inside plastic bag(s)

and remove:

rub down with

some amount of

collected cigarette [sp?]

ash ; and

then paint

with any available

nail polish in small

parts ; is available

blackcolor n.p. [nail polish] [in this case is what I happen to have]

notes of observation : as it dires; I mean dries (more) on-the one side the combination of nail polish plus lotion almost like a lacquer tarnish : can’t remember lotion brand but n.p. brand cited is : sinful colors professional ; continue to dry unbound before inserting back into damp

and of course to be two sets of … ]


plastic bags

and brown bag

store with used

cis./cig. butts

& more plastic

as fastening process


continues ; also store if possible with cited silica gel packaging from food next give it a shake bfore storing in

first plastic bag.

theme: blast! – ick 

ba – ba -bas

theme: a how-to monumental art.

theme : the

ash is symbolic

of existing decay


until caught on something

such as art

piece use /

making use. 

tags: new-age?


without shelter



themes, basic: 

close to-one/your



internal , external 

cited, also :


by seligman, m

cited further : as obtained

thru / through





Move-able Art; today’s art project with no picture

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sorry no photographs without camera

for The FVP


by Goura Fotadar




How to avoid the mash of paper when you are in the reign of rain {on streets, move to resting} {another way}{the quick path to comfort}

cited: brainstormers et al [punc.?]

take a piece rectangle preferred of rain/weather resistant blanket foil; it,ced: in its brand

and wrap it around your underpants, and then take a part of panty-hose and wet it with tapwater and some soap, stick it over the top of the foil, another layer of wrap;

momentarily stuff some napkins in a pocket or pocket-type near the load, to catch the bad scent of good droppings, character: female ; perhaps it will work for other wound, art projects also.

The afterward / maintenance hygiene should be obvious: just wash out with soap and water and dry out under a blow heater / dryer if possible; and use immediately if needed – as needed


The Stalking Situation, interpreted


Take a plastic tea bottle, empty.

A-most? fictional theme: Tea is so mystical hmm. 

theme music citation: fuel shimmer 

stuff in around the neck with wrappers of good-smelling {empty} food products: examples; include: gum and chocolate (wrappers)

in a marker write your name on the front, and “safety” next to it, under it

wrap it with tarness ; assuager, or string, stringer

fictional theme: {notice: who … ” }

theme music citation: candlebox far behind

toss in the r. bin, when you “feel” the carrying of it is complete. {obvious, perhaps, carry this one somewhere in comfort as a move-able art piece; in a bag, briefcase, or something.}

editing notes: transitions between bold and non-bold of near same species in hyper-glyph reflection(s)