also fictional skits and semantical art re-appears here in absence of photographing tools essential norms

A Sailor’s? View [part one]

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A Sailor’s? View [part one]


Work more on,

“the three incestuous sisters” by “A.N.” [source, reference cited text]

[no photos provided in this posting of the reference text; and also as with yesterday]

Date posted: 72917

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar


This page:

“The house … “  is

Obviously ;

A ship; and on

ship you must

still be able to


Don’t forget to look at the portrait

to the right of this, page:

and describe its art-display;

and in thematic: cited: soul pieces

The words on this page;


or better def. of

re; additionally

interpreted: (at, least 1st line:)

“T’he hou’se mt-us b[e] s’hut …”



T: he, how, se[a] mt-us



Mountain, -> us b               s [as] hut


Might …              2nd use

or something

as such derived.

Hence; we in reverse

almost proof:

the ship

from the


and as sub-standard review:


[a] use; house.

[b] use; ship.


and in construction theory:

Describe the: [a] to [b]

and the how; and you have

at least the metaphysical phase-shift.


Now describe portrait.


It’s flat panel-ed

like a dio-[a]-rama; I’d

want to hang it up;

applying the cited:

CAKE-O-ATE or however it

was spelled [I spelled it]; [acronym example]

you would at least turn it

Upside down

The bird-cage of course becomes

Even more cognizant as

A ship motif specific-ably

. . .




How to keep “it” safe.

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How to keep “it” safe.














for The Fictional VolunTier Project



Exercise: Is This Portion Fiction or Not.  A rough draft.

Theme: Homeless life

Tags: understanding authentication better or for the first time [better]; understanding the query of problem: shelter; theories of non-crime; advocacy: is the real deal; when is plagiarism plagiarism; queries on identity formation in non-fiction.

Level: Easy, basic.


Here’s using myself as example and my work such; example representation:

The Person / People report such and provide an example; the display of the example once you become and-or are familiar with their work is different from its usual display: manifestation. They say it’s to spread its wings wider; and you’re still not sure or are you [… if this is true]. What’s the process of being sure that it’s true , for you [… and not for them].

[next] Pages from “& thass y …” by goura fotadar

[this fiction work labelled to some extent roughly; right above in quotes; is again fiction] is used as art manifesto

Man-If-Established [o]

Tags: emphasis

Theme Inquiries: Emphasis Implies Truth; Emphasis Implies only fiction. How dumb are … .


Safety in the outdoors is much different and-or in the outside redefined and-or translated here to prevent tarnish; to include the outside.

[Define Inappropriate Authority.]

Most officials of inappropriate authority cannot comprehend the functional adventure in resting, retiring and sleeping outside.

Side Copy: Mission Statement: Real Adventure Precludes Spirituality. Look Up The Definition of Preclude; No Look Up the meaning of Precludes.

They don’t miss the view of the sky; that they claim you can’t see outside anyhow at night; and also they have an open-drop or such window tops no panels on roofs or is it rooves. So you consider retiring outdoors at during the day; if public space affords such freedom expanses of schedule for you. They think you are a public hazard for resting outside; and they are much more hygienic for resting inside. But if you’re not just [as in only]; but especially if you are part of any modern homeless movement; and this of course the officials; inappropriate authorities

[no that’s not the definition of officials, official that’s just the contextual meaning here]

might not understand does not imply that you have a safe choice in not being homeless outdoors. How might you use common conceptions of danger I think mistranslated from resting indoors to facets of resting outdoors; such as sleeping under the ground,  against the walls; and covered away from most; that view and-or open in view from, to outside consumers of your rest;


experiences of , such as … that are still afraid of and-or uncomfortable sleeping in tents; and this isn’t

A criticism;

Clobbered up like that sometimes lends itself to something like news stories;

Reminder? : the, this writer seems to think that experiences affect the news; and=or change [more so: effect?] the news, case example:

“A homeless person was thinking that he Alice Q was safely asleep in a bush; and there were an onslaught of housed people who do not support homeless rights; and so think it’s just to pose and receive benefits as homeless people; they see that it is [in] their right[s] to trespass on the homeless resting anywhere especially hidden in bushes in this case; and since they are actually they believe paying all the bills for the homeless; they are also glad they were able to get Alice Q stabbed nearly to death. As the local police in badges have stated: “there’s nothing you can do when the homeless believe they are standing for social cause; we have just right under oath to remove them from all of their locations; because quite simply we work and have worked so much harder than them. That’s the only reason they are homeless; and they by the way do nothing for a living; except drink. I’ve already advised them to consider selling their bodies like the folks we have ‘undercover’ posing as homeless and posing as staff to end charity toward such homeless. We hope to deport them to our countries of origin and away from what is obviously not their home country: the Free United States of America.” 

thinker: is this culturally racist and-or |just| culturally proud.

And the point is homeless or not when there are … like this speaking for … how would you protect your even hallucinations of what might happen for are hallucinations always a falsity of what might could happen in the bush and-or against the wall or on that slab of concrete the only place or one of a few around where you feel  safe enough sleeping / resting / retiring around. Including the indoors by-the-way: where maybe if you were lucky? Enough to live for some time; Oh those luckies who live indoors; that’s why all they do is stalk us in our rest spots. Good logic. Really you should win a medal. Is that medal the restroom; especially the public restrooms.


Is this a proof for the possible application of safety in art; or excuse me; art’s safety; in at least attempted safety.



theme: resting outside is a public hazard according to how aptitude qualified authority

theme 2: Oh shut up! Everything you say or think is fiction and that’s a crime. Or no that’s not right, that’s the truth. [And two are the only options; only two!][?][for everything; only two options; you have only two options.][?]

theme music citation: Homewrecker Marina & The Diamonds

theme illness citations: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Post Traumatic Disorder [levels of cited: DSM …]

Death Art Notes in {brief} ; the death tin

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… that I’m not too tired to access

by Goura Fotadar typed up 3417

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


the rest should go another, gallery of this so far art piece: or else it just gets to be too much!

I think this is the public link {below where I added the rest of what I have of this tin’s voyage into objectification-righteous and not objectification-non-righteous [aside theme: are your folks keeping you from making art and like you actually want to do that; here’s why; I mean above’s why; they can’t do without un-righteous objectification; so no says the ascetic; [so, again] they are not holy. sorry? but like you like like still like have a chance at that holy or art. holy and-or art. what a blessing! ]  further; i.e. images of the art piece} : cited: voicethread

written up, with more detailed art notes of its making [coming soon!], just when I get the energy to sort through more of homeless notes, this portion on 3.2.17

on the death tin

as photographed:

all those we-aks

later: the cliche’ swan

has still not dried

[reality-based skit fanatic: don’t forget to make

a petitional handout [no me, not you don’t me forget]

for the fictional voluntier [project] additional short arrow down to

about: ? including residences, too. Leave me-us alone, residences! when I wasn’t homeless; I never! abused homeless people on-the-streets. you jerks! ] [can we call a justice clause.]

arrow down to and the nail polish ink

has started to spread past

all of the layers of


it’s like a dead mummy;

what could it mean?

well upon obvious existential-examination : of l’arte death

piece in a-, new interpretation :

[minus of course studio space ;

and art, and other-

things of physical storage ]

is in itself an absence

of verification; well almost

like an incomplete

in acceptance from

something for some reason

asked its opinion about it;

like a stage of Early Death:

but when applied inversely


this stage of death might

be useful as a


theme, art: I’m gonna build with my mind a new world ; like a stable-blue-volcano 

theme, death for? : any closer to my back seated in a public chair with that many repeating; is a hate crime waiting to happen. [to who, again; because I don’t commit crime. even if you lie about that. it hasn’t actually happened.] [can we call a justice clause.]


it doessmell

good.  { I don’t know are cushions supposed to smell good; ? rather I was talking about the scent implying death-like life; hence something [like] if not same as exi-stential experiential states of non-being in its case}

The spread of nail polish ink

in the outdoor storage

of backpacked

compartment ; if even

covered in the rain :

is a sign of either disease

fiction, theme: a friend is a friend regardless of its species if even you are same species; unrecognized it still shows stage non-fake of friend. {or different] }

arrow down from sign to   in art

in art   or life or

diseased life ; but

certainly even death by disease

theme : and his name was …

disease …

he thought that was

a … compliment 


theme : it’s always ?

              greek and latin 

aside -theme:    in reverse 

                                  & upside

                                down [?]

[upside down, will have to draw it at some point question mark] is hi?; 

no perhaps 

better is

[;] [. ,] [but the comma reversed][ is that also a mirror?] [is a mirror also] be?

for this assigned reference 

here, anyway,.

The thing [art tin, see creature appeared indoors, deep indoors]: has given

birth to life,



like it (sails) on water ( (or) ) sails like it on water

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{More} notes from a, this; source, text; more reading notes for the Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up: 2.2317

Source, text (citation): “She’s Come Undone” (by Wally Lamb)

where left-off for last set of this / from this text:

p.487 theme: high school

define “flagellate”

another definition of : “Noxzema”

p. 489 cited, theme : The Gray Room

p. 490 wow; so you also become another

person when you die.

theme: dice

theme music citation: Toad the Wet Sprocket Something’s Always Wrong & Fall Down

p.503 cited: theme: Shut Up! … ! {arrow to}

fiction drama play : On a bench;

(for this posting, v blog)

we’re praying; and you

should have known!

then, further down;

{arrow following:} she aborted his poem?

p.509 theme: {wrong applique / applicating / application of Life-Save}

{explain, more?}

p.522 define “swatch;” and a not enormous

art piece can be “home.”

-also; an aside: the pop-culture fiction review

p. 555 of the “van” lettering ; could

you draw it .           [v]  [[[[[[[]]]]]  [a]  [[[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]  [n]

                                                [[[]]]                        [[[]]]                          * *          ***

p. 557 {define “Polack”}  arrow to Polack

p. 564 {define “jai alai”}

p.573 & I thought that was referring

to his illness / the deceased’s illness-

p.589 the weather conditions sound

like the observations of an

outside sleeping homeless


p.590 “chance-” = “paycheck-”

double arrows to (=> but pointed down), with question mark (?)

deal with book renewals!         [synaptic: deal: book renewals! ] [] = the closet almost hidden ‘with’]

theme: in no rain ; reign;

park/reading lights

p.590 it almost sounds like she’s communica        |    ting

ting, door-bell



in a portrait

with him


his death.                                             (

                            (      ‘purple cloud (face) ‘               )


p.591 From-since “Dante” I’ve almost

forgotten the main character’s (char-a-ater: on mis-spellings)

mother was an artist-painter.

(bottom of p. 591)

sounds like a cloud machine

theme : “purple” clouds

“purple glow”(from 591) sounds like

highlights (i.e. in your hair, in the sky, on your skin, and maybe even in the cited: magazine of that name, for kids .?.  ooh freckle are you a highlight, too. )

p.592 I forgot to notice name : Thayer

(like) cited: Thayer medicine  [arrow with diagram after cited then (like) with a back reverse fishing pool arrow to right before cited]

P.600 abstract thought : perhaps

“whales” (wails!) don’t exist.

========== ======= oooooooooooooooooooooooooo============ ========                like it (sails) on water


Notes from : cited text; as identified above.

P. 235 Look up cited: Valley of the Dolls





Doin’ the dishes … more notes for

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book diagnosis for the FVP,

tags: literary frameworks

tags: fiction writing education, too

by Goura Fotadar

date of this one: 11.29.16

Source, citation, text: “She’s Come Undone”

p.293 near bottom of this text, source {previous, other? writings, too}

It sounds like they’re doing the dishes. also theme: on homelessness (when do you really see it?)

also note on the same page: the gender twist trigger.

p. 294 So in the main character’s main mind: she knows exactly who she wants to do the dishes.

{Draw doing the dishes}

p.302 top of descriptions of candy with a contrast perhaps to how the main character perhaps not necessarily sees herself; but says of herself.

theme: main pipes

and with the conception of how-to candy; we would hope not that one makes the other.

{uh, I guess under book writing research; for purplement: there’s a thing that a man falsely accused [sp?] and served time completion for a crime: child molestation; must know a thing or more about / of the Truth: maybe it’s different for a woman.}

p.304 (top of) a real police’s question is killing tank fish in such a circumstance of near-rape: considered a criminal action.

P.309 and have we forgotten about “Heidi?”

p.318 interesting art conception  arrow to in a tunnel form: On Suicide Growth for (cited) The Death Project

“Post cards, suicide notes.”

p.321 define ” “pinochle””

around p. 340 : finally! and how-to per/form psychotherapy.

p.353 So instead of college a psych house; whatever that could mean ; and while she’s (young) she’s almost done.

{so cliche’ but draw a psyche house?}

[side notes to use for fiction writing too: opening up the mind in parallel experiences, if affordable?][please define affordability (more exactly). Hint: I can’t go into the psych house for intrapersonal research; I have to finish my sophomore year! Gosh now I’m never gonna get enlightened.][Speed Speed cited: (the movie) Speed]

college or psych house or college and-or psych house; how indelible how deliciou-si

P.354 (top)(of) that’s a good question ,

and perhaps it is political; and it is

certainly about leadership.

p.361 “chasm” define the commonly used.

p.363 “Tepid” (s) the citing: The Death Project of The FVP

as an aside: new shelter situation

tall walls partial roofs, no open

windows in tall walls

arrow to like the



patio of





theme: I’m allergic to



back to the “Tepid” (s) – interesting personal self-

therapy idea

theme: think about applying?

p.372 (top of) The power of art!

p.375 (bottom of) a definition of happiness

aside : Query : question & answer : How to Avoid Being Situationally Hostage

what happens if you accept

a career-directed

job that doesn’t

provide any

wage – compensation?


what plan of personal

welfare – would

you enact?


p.376 we’re at a pivotal point in

the book.

try the exercise on yourself?

What do you get? (share)


p.382 Is Vermont mentioned a-lot in novels?

esp.                              cited:  (in text, source “”) White River Junction


aside, intel’d self notes: just as a f.y.i. : Go to cited: Fair Oaks Community Center in Redwood City for cited: SamTrans bus passes check-mark done on 12.5.16 second check mark: received on same date

p.420 (at the-bottom) So “beauty” is a way of becoming; –  poetically . . . “twirl” perhaps has to do with becoming.

and she has thus become.

p.424 Is swearing that bad?

-p.424 at that age: are teachers allowed to dance  with their students?

-on the bottom of p. 439 – the abortion she didn’t quite want :

theme: oh quiet : turned into hatred for “him” ?

– p. 442 of course one of the developed not from start stand-out themes

is: baby. { as quickly outlined on this page.}

p.444 (top of) when did they move into the same apartment?

p.445 theme: ties to real life

                           should be a drawing

p. 446 theme: on tracking / (perhaps they haven’t moved into the same apartment)

p.452 Theme: The solution

                            to the housing situation.

even with a “normal” “”house”” there’s something

geographical spiritual about the situation . ” … the abyss.”

p.454 so it’s the imaging ; and sounds like theme:

neutron physics

p.459 {define “shellacked”}

p.467 theme: dangerous?

p.468 I hardly remember the “Fickett”s

but I remember “Tepid”

p.472 but wouldn’t he be in jail?

art; theme: in the plastic-glass? {no camera}




a double of top and side

and then another double two more vector horizontal shifts; perhaps I’ll draw past the note-paper sketch again, pu.



Why would you

care; reading notes?

p.480 define

“whipping girl.” {accultural concept.}

for fiction {art statement, fiction; performance art}

your romantic skit with yourself

p. 483 So the main character has inferred that her current husband is suicidal ; accurately, so?