The Bath Seen

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theme: how to storm and not stomp your feet; think a shuffle


tag[s]: rapid briefs of rapid copywriting , ad

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 61417

Part Two. cific, incomplete notes of storming 

Spe cific

Why today;

Con, nected to a publication that’s not yet done or is done but not done enough.

Is nectar done or not done enough.

How do you spe nectar

Ad: why is it nectar

And cific

Sounds like a wave of an ocean wave or something or sum, thing[s]

It’s also a near double repeat [cific]

S, p.e. [too]

Other notes; of not completed supposition to note here;

While I pertain in ‘agony’ over conflicting eye movements also known as meditating in the form: of proofreading; and how accurate does it have to be?

ago, ny pertaining to fiction for the day, when it’s posted or: ago: ny

Part One. U Tub

non fiction to consider posting:
u tub, cited: youtube

the mesmerizing moments of cited: johnson’s baby oil
u, tub.

they said about it; it’s not good for your hair; it does something wrong to it; that I can’t remember;

but whenever I use it

my hair is shone as in seen in a whole new … way? feel.


The fallen rose bottle, continued

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the 10, June, 2017

tag[s]: death project art + culinary floral art.

In preparation for

[what and rest-safe;]


cited theme advertisement:

preparation H

[and again?]

DownloadsDanger zones of unrest

after a few days of festering

in the non-disease way;

the bottle continues:

with plans of donated

coffee + a few parts

of other dried and

collected flower-things

as photographed;

festering rose pieces + flower diorama


+ coffee

cited: Donut Shop Classics

once opened; inside the bottle: the dead








for additional

supplement: and only! ? what if this were

also a sniff bottle. Once coffee was opened

the bag was tea like so decided to

drink it; and instead use fragrant

and encase-ing wrapper + sugar prior

to flower additions.

on specialized foil theme: of space travel

theme 2: when

trash takes a

vapid futuristic


seal and sugar; sugar the coffee,




two simultaneous ; cookings

meaning preparations;

the stalt of preparation [y]

as an aside: In my tap-water is

the cited: coffee bag;


green tea bag; kirkland

signature ; and sugar.

sorry for the blur?


after the sugar and foil in the

fallen rose bottle tear; no; pilfer

apart the drying flowers in

bag: flower diorama [sp?]

adding drinkable tiny pieces to the c-t-s drink, also.

also I have collected a few spare sticks for

other art ; that I might additionally [be]

inserting into the bottle of rose[s]

or such pieces;

as the flower pieces are pilfered; insert

semi-attentively into bottle and give

the insides a salad twirl grabbing the

lid; at this stage: the fallen rose bottle

is something like an ensulated/insulated

magic scent, wide-stick.

and, that’s where we’re

at now.

– ——————————————–


theme: it looks like grass; out in/from the doors

The Bathroom Reaction; A Fire Hazard Proof of Ethics of Development.

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The Bathroom Reaction; A Fire Hazard Proof of Ethics of Development.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

subtitle: A Rough Soda Gimmick.

by Goura Fotadar

date: 4817


theme: he’s just faking it in a black coat.

Theme music citation [again]: future islands (seasons, etc.)

The basic idea- ology: what is c. what is a.

Level: 6th grade to college and-or 11-20; and also above

For real children; diagram c, a. [again]


Location in-front; is ideal I think for the c.

Since the a. can stand to walk further into buildings, public to get to bathroom.


Past Location in-front; hence here: un-achieved.

Repetition: of holding

The door-open;

When p.s.

Staff = inept

[tradi-def.] what might inept = staff cause [see below]

[a sea below is c.]


In this case

Door open for “real” parent-

Parent-become [stages of development]

Parent of opp. Gender -à


In case no specialized bathroom for c; [but c is not a d; is i-e staff or something like a.]

Then & no in-e staff

C goes with “real” developed-parent [i.e. – parent, parent – like; p, p.l. must pass specific apt. test]


Case query: what happens in

Location [in-front] with

Virtual c.


Specifics: ( a) example; c alone; with virtual [unreal] c in bathroom for c.

  • example further elongated: virtual [unreal] c tricks c , c-s into … ? [harm]; with location [in-front]; so any gender p, p.l., accompanies c into bathroom for c location [in-front]; to open up room for a in a bathroom.


Soda note[s]: cut-off for c is 14? As a guess.

c wait outside for a [as label a and not an] outside of a bathroom under virtual surveillance to extend security of protection; when a goes to a bathroom for alone use. [rough rough, rough]



Art Theory Modern Combat; Its Charge: Charge Them with; Crimes Against Freedom

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Art Theory Modern Combat; Its Charge: Charge Them with; Crimes Against Freedom
Tag Modality: CAF


By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


date, roughly formalized on paper, digital: 4517 [but uh, it’s still going.]


I, comprehend; that calling others a racist term; unless it’s in repetition of what they said, just said, and-or ever said-called you of and-or the such; is a crime against freedom; I understand as an authority figure/prescribed staff/and-or posed dictated staff [even self-depicting self-dictated]; that not stepping into defense and-or offense [real, only] of those against with racist slurs, are-is a crime against Freedom. I, understand that mis-defining others race on purpose against real knowledge of their race; is a non-sanctioned crime against freedom; and that it wilts to qualify in traditional criminal systems; which are supported by progressive and-or reformed ideals and those their works. That these crimes against Freedom are heightened by defining such mis-names in any form of legal document and-or posing legal document. This precludes house-ownership, city-ownership, and city-property ownership.

House-ownership, city-ownership, and city-property ownership, I comprehend; when precluding those that are all such deserving and-or higher deserving by actual outstanding interpersonal and-or works;

of actuality; and not pre-emptive and assaulted plagiarism; in such scopes of housing and public spaces is a heightened crime[s] against freedom; treated by direct reproduced high-capacity assault; and it is from where we receive all “clears” of actual modern combat and its militia; By any such accurately governing leaders.  I understand than; that the “legal kill” is quite and such different in a free-society from an assaulted and criminal, traditional attempted kill; and-or kill; and I understand that it that is still different from a crime of freedom attempted and-or kill. I understand those these qualifications are magnified in consequence in a free governing society; where those living without housing and-or recently and-or relatively recently produced work; are in jurisdiction to provide themselves with heightened legal kills; as long as they are actually living without housing; and not [just] posing as such. Specialized and leading accurately under-covers of pose; are approved on a case-by-case basis and if qualifying do not meet the crime against freedom; and will not so be charged; it is hoped that only such can be earned by those who will never trespass upon charge; unless charged as such: undercover; and this only again meets with specific and highly attuned approval.


Non-Conceptual Non-Traditional Definitions of No Housing in a Qualified Free Society, are-is:


Imprisonment in reformed and-or progressive ideals [actual] prisons

Long-term institutionalization in a mental health facility

Sleeping outdoors; outside in non-prescribed given shelter

Being held hostage in any housing or not-situation against your own consenting will … and the others that may come up.


Other connecting basics:

Repeating hateful speech and-or movement toward especially but not just those that have directed such to you and such-identified by you; is legal non-criminal and civil rights; prohibiting such is crime against freedom

There is no choice despite your position in society to step-in and stop racism; but how you know its racism and not the right above is?

Locations are heightened factors; racist slurs and threats of assault while compiling work-knowledge in free and-or deemed free knowledge streams are depicted directly as high level low capacity uncaught criminals ; and are all their alliances either directly participating and-r indirectingly participating; these criminals do not qualify for progressive and-or reformed prison/prisoners’ rights.



I comprehend that repeated staring un-warranted at others is illegal in specific capacity and that I shall expect such staring back when so assaulted; I comprehend that turning your head away from others as they continue their own walk down a public space; and the other; is a crime against freedom and is qualified as heightened racism; I understand that not accepting somebody’s either sponsored and or work-compensation pass; is a crime against freedom; and that there is no choice but to accept an acceptable passable form of pass for example food, clothing and-or transportation in a free society; otherwise, I understand that I and the such never qualified for a job in such society; and will be penalized by a code of crime against freedom conduct review. I shall expect immediate imprisonment and circumstantial immediate and permanent any work-production loss. Essentially, I will have no work rights regardless of work or not compensation for divulging such racist heighted acts in codes of crime. I understand that in terms of combat these are considered higher assault than beheadings of violence for example; because they assault the high non-criminal populations, in particular; those that greatly and most contribute to our and all societies by their high-performance and their high-performing ideals.  Note then; non-crime is considered on exception high-performance; and especially with in the disclosure of crime un-stoppable if such existed then; or when; in society. What then is defined as un-stoppable then, when crime.

Further; I understand-comprehend that use of any virtual programs connecting to militia, academia, and the such; for any purpose is considered an assault and felony on freedom; when I myself am a low capacity criminal not earning prison of reform and progression; especially; I understand that this may qualify me for military intrenchment in supposed foxhouses; and held such by actual military if even former personnel. I understand my treatment in these such locations are expected to be mainstreamed in and publicized in a free society; and immediately. I understand-comprehend: that using any such virtual realities, and programs; and the such for falsifying my appearance with my consent against security, safety, and the identities of others; is considered a heightened crime against freedom; and spreads outdated acts of violence such as hate crimes; limiting the progress of the word as time goes on. I am then charged with a crime of freedom: world violation; and will be penalized even physically as such.


Un-Stoppable Crimes May Include; Then, When; Specific Incidences of Trauma:

You were a child under the age of 6 and couldn’t stop your … the other children from being grabbed

You were a child under the age of 18 and couldn’t correct the false use your identity with the knowledge of such false use.

You didn’t know as an adult or otherwise; the lies that others were spreading about you that were absolutely not true.

[and the so on.]


NOTE, the OBVI; so far this art project is not complete.

Other basic thinkers: what is your comprehension: I comprehend … that this is what means by term-phrase: free-society

connecting, first graders: charge them now!





How Children, Real; Function: It’s a gift. On gender derivatives.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project




by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 4217, date written: 4117

tags: criminological l’arte


on p. 501 [cited] see photograph

cited P. 501 as described above from cited: text, (again) Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator.
Do you think this work; does not; capture

a truth?

labelled as an : [“advertisement for …

Life Insurance

… “]

that children perhaps; real

children mean to some;

and not some un-lessonable bizarre

un-truthful virtual reality of

children: Low class;

so beings with children, actual are

not deserving of rites; rights. If for example:

“Life Insurance …” is a catcher of such:

rights. Then a child paradoxically such intelligible:

may try to fix the situation. A girl phasing a woman:

a boy a girl to woman; and such on : a girl

a boy to man; a boy a man —>


and such forth.

Of course we might look for that specific to -> phaser

or those specifics : to find out:

why them. In this sketch:

the child is already clearly by

the tilted guarded blanket stand

of a gazed welcome: worried;

perhaps about the entirety

of “Life” as seen in

the mirror: scene. the

shoes too big; make the

feet look too big; which

is a cliché lack of beauty

for girls; and perhaps the consumer [sp?] outfit

is too long; clearly for the child. The outfit hardly

seems as the sketch is dated: “1955” but rather

something like 1855; so we are pointed to:

a long-time of this conceptional-dramatic fix

[italics]. Why can’t the parentals fix it? It seams [no

typo.] a bit traumatic; and perhaps this is

the actual definition if truth would exist it: of low

class; albeit it is of no effort : the child and-or ones

like the child must show the effort ; and the low

intellects might tell us : no it is the child that has

surfaced you low-class! Trapping the child into an

untrue class-ism; until perhaps with gender’s phases

it might/will be fixed.

theme: gender is like the moon.

so surely it is art; duh, is that the sketch.


Part Two. But is the also art ? –> [photograph train inci.]


cited: incompetence 1
cited: incompetence 2
cited: incompetence 3
cited: incompetence 4
tags: incidences of public trauma within realm[s] intersection: crime & injustice

[anew almost summary of what it’s about]

complaint filed then; early this year [2017]

[Rendition Summaries: As perhaps described previously …] They didn’t want us to store any of our [us, our] stuff near any trees; and the other extraordinary; which they are now attempting; esp. since then to cut down? and so we had to toss in the trash all of the stuff we needed, day-nightly: extra clothes, food; and sleeping materials; and hygiene products. I’m not sure; but it isn’t it; indirect turned to direct theft. J-Geez, I’m homeless outdoors; and as I work for nothing [eh, what is that]; you provide me with no work compensation in terms of storage. As we shivered through [the rest of] winter in the outdoors; and they smiled in schaudenfraude at the deceit of their;




Main Source Citation:


Norman Rockwell

Artist and Illustrator.






A Different Odd: Lessons on Racisme’ to match fiction, today’s [posted] & of good sentiment?

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A Different Odd: Lessons on Racisme’ to match fiction, today’s


& of good sentiment?

For The FVP


By Goura Fotadar

[in brief of the 1st of April 2017]


Abstract: The Watering Jug; and it’s [it is] color fluidity; and its c.f.


Part 1.

When you think of interesting conceptions of the basic thing such as a watering jug;

First note the sting in interesting; I’ve just now graphed a basic abstract image of the water jug;

Many I’ve seen but I can’t say all; are close a kin to the color central of plants; it’s a child’s knowledge game: of watering what the jug matches; like the beginning of culinary school; and the know of cutting boards.


Part II.

The less abstract of us; but still reformed may fear that this is a cultivator of racism; and this is why I said less abstract. How odd to convene that the color of objects even tool-objects as surely the jug is; if even tool-ized into a decorative symbol to for example: so with jugs we can connect plants, perhaps and for example; but not people for example. And this is the abstract of difference between I suppose being a plant ; waifing there on their fill; and the human jugging you and or inventing and pulling a sprinkler system into your fill. Perhaps those of us in the outdoors are should be thankful for the rain. But then lying in the rain; is work isn’t it similar to lifting a heavy jug of water; or even a medium heavy; and or even a small jug; refilling it with that liquid; and then perhaps wish: oh bless these plants: as if they are your most beloved of your children. How certainly odd it is to be abstract; but perhaps not odd enough to be racist.


Part III. Pardon the skit-ish; it was done very quickly.

Before Gender Strikes! [almost 3]

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From : The Wave written on 7316: I have a boyfriend and he stinks [the repeating of fiction added-to notes?]

{edifying basic question: when is this moral non-fiction to say; and is so then moral-ethique’}

by Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


date typed up 32817

below: already posted, earlier in the blog, this blog? if so refresh-her.

Back to Notes on, further  “The Female Man”

Source, text: The Female Man by Joanna Russ (check spelling)

citation, next, text: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (OZ SERIES BOOK 1)

by L. Frank Baum as available for-free

on the Amazon-Kindle


From: “Introduction”

“Modern education includes morality ; therefore the modern child seeks only entertainment in its wonder tales and gladly dispenses with all disagreeable incident.”

(1) “morality” to consider

(2) does “dispenses with” have the

same equivocal meaning as “dispenses”

; because “dispenses with” almost sounds the opposite of “dispenses”

my guess without the obvious basic definition as commonly used;

is     parts with

so parts with (with) another “with”

parts with with


“dispenses” roughly equals parts with

and “with” equals with

notice the sounding of “with” to “width”

as akin-to/similar in sound (the two of)

where one might now add

parts with width

or parts width width

in closer translation: (a possible , of) : (The) width parts width



as an aside: what is width, really. and not quite in definition: wi’th’ perhaps most easily: will, the. [without d to make it personally significant worth try? that way.]

( to continue from the past to present; at another public computer standing, soon.)