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Digital Programs in Militia Roles

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar


tag[s]: martial? reviews & discussions, the economics of intellectualism, & combat , reflections on who should be talking shit*

Date typed up: 7818


Date: 7718

     A review. I was horrified & disgusted when I believe a digital program that has been used & operated before showed up again; this time operated differently: This is where we enter considerations of reporting: perhaps the way it was recently publicly operated a demise from its former operation is the only way to send a report; that is not traditional report; but rather a report of this one operator’s inappropriate interactions during especially somebody else’s militia job hours; while the other is a P.O.W. The assessment: Perhaps it’s time to|actually reverse justice persecute; as in justly persecute P.O.W. holders; i.e. those that held P.O.W.s and [justly persecute them/] to do so in public; instead of in secret hide-outs that nobody, regular knows about.

Reality Interfaces: Reports of Age & Time.

tag[s]: working transgenderisms

Part Two. A supposed, my, I et al that isn’t the author of this; do you get that. Theme: During my work-shift; somebody chose to take me as a P.O.W.; wear my uniform; and move through time in all the crime cues that I would effect posing as me and-or posing as [in] my job; if this somebody couldn’t rape and continue to molest the 1,000 persons this somebody had captive. This is exchange terrorism; and though not un-predicted and not un-planned for; reports are appreciated maybe received and-are not mandatory though: depending on the circumstances. The Levity of Report: perhaps, the report whenever fallen even into unholy hands; has the ability to change the original circumstance of the 1,000 captives and so they can see it; such as, a magical formula. One moment they are captive; and before the next moment comes they are released in and are free; in the middle they are becoming/are they becoming free? Accompanying music citation: U2, stuck in moment;

Even if it the change is …  were a myth; outside of traditional religion: the practice of self-sacrifice should not seem so fictional in the tradition mind term; as it appears in the action of exchange terror-sims.

& perhaps for the general non-lethargic public; it answers the question of:

“Sir, how did it come to P.O.W.s” I’m hardly not a Sir, though of course I am whatever that means, female. It’s one to intellectual transgenderism; how do you study hard & stay female in intellectual statistics: I haven’t worked to answer; and if you don’t try that way: will your intellectualism in practice morph your body; I’m not sure; but the ovaries in my body did swell bizarrely engulfing my form; which is now replenishing itself after surgery; does the entropy say: that women [who study hard perhaps regardless of measure] don’t benefit from ovaries?

   So back to the point: no they weren’t / aren’t weak; incapable of balancing their fears, etc. wasting training wealth; with a bit obscurity: it’s the sacrifice of exchange terror-ism.


Summary Notes for another concealed reading: In such selectivity

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: why the concealer, concealing, or concealment; and summary briefs, and summaries, and content non-blunders influencing group tactics and pertain-ment

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2918

[also in this form: Summary Notes for another concealed reading]


Brief, starting point read; summary:


Hierarchy, actualized to general group selection.

General hierarchy actualized decision about general purposing tools and accessories such as schedules and locations.

Overall voting in actualized general group selection of skew elements that are still proving mostly functional; but skew to less accessibility especially i.e. how to proceed.

Resulting daily impact: highly socialized and well-adjusted expansive group; with filtering contacts [as approved and re-assessed and-or re-evaluated] with a same and-or similar internal-external effect in gradient accomplished equivalents.

b> at this stage review and or start with a working outline of:

why so and so qualifies as a worthy of faith

and then re-visit and test this outline without necessarily unnecessarily involving so and so



review when necessary for whatever purpose and reasons

to include imagining, images



theme: I have to include at least basic art because it makes [actualized] me and actualized us wealthier; wealthy enough to safe haven safety ; what about actualizing m and u





From the extra version of lay: person perspective

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[also in this form: From the extra version of lay]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2818


tag[s]: exhaustion reports; forms:  turn from regulating actualized culture; and or artistic hyperbole, I guess advanced gender studies, I don’t know or something.


!. the local militia, ah regular; and some of at least irregular; I’m not sure of the rest of irregular [and this is all actualized] ; and not necessarily from but present locally at this type, especially; are too tired to crawl countless minutes in repetition on atop of their already required crawling due to the “librarians” repeated banning of not just apparently me; and uh, them too; is what I mean. We can’t all be wrong. It must be on cited: fire marshall warnings; the stalking also by the “librarians’’ who no surprise I can say under oath are for sure part of false militia at cited: at least sjpd; and not local assigned now real militia, ties. When you are too tired to crawl; extra and you have already worked off your crawl; can you turn into a bug; or can you meet your destiny; at your first designated point. The day after the false militia “bans” you for a.c.

Response: Ask my real parents; or my real adopted parents; what they think [but do not ask what used to be my false assigned parents before the self-placed protective order … methods to escape, ah … can be dinge roo]

[really, it’s a real militia secret; well if you can’t find them: here’ s what I think: yeah just go ahead back to the library; and I’ll be pretend humiliated as I’m banned in a drill too; and then; I’ll cancel the ban; because I own the libraries; and I never hired them; and I never consented to your ban, Sorry the crawl-ing has continued the demise of my angles to a [oops, I meant ankles]

Broken strength; so much like cliché but actually useful in regular and irregular application poetry.]

!.. This is also Review:  I was in the two howr “loaner labtop” period looking briefly at this article and I’m not a ? or something? Anyhow: [well when I was done with my first set of problems which of course is now in the less of an hour of left-over time]

Main: what do you think it will be or is: especially, means standard: taken as

Second Main: how can you make normal seeming without even proof but just the strike of sudden tough no thought what it is even if you don’t know; well isn’t the masculine gender [relevant, oui to the article] thought of and still manifested to be the started starting point in gender culture and then anything that doesn’t completely form with this culture perhaps experiences the normal regular version of such this: other [uh, form actual difference] right.

theme: structural thought

theme culture progression: we hope normal means no unnecessary and easily overcome pain; or no pain is it.

Third main: it emphasizes time; uh time, and time again; of exposure is what I would call it; sorry no offense; how long might you be willing to be on such a … ; if even in taken as form. Think other forms you might not mind. [as stand-bys]

Review again; fourth main: if there are actual reactions to it; what’s the basic way to combat these reactions; what else might work alongside that you know isn’t regularly harmful and at least mildly curative. After; when you have time; you can find if the reactions are really that; or is something else happening. In the meantime; an additional exposure at least is when from the perspective of what you might be willing to tolerate; uh the way to go.
Let’s pretend that this is only artistic hyperbole! And it is that also,


The tree itself viewed next more/ will I be arrested again this time for another attempt to give me a criminal record while the “police” swab their behinds leaving a society facing the defeat of upcoming uncontrolled and non-directed chaos of non-reforming criminals[‘?][whaddyou T] faulty logic and catching this fault by blaming all reforming criminals and non-criminals; again, again, and again … : they just don’t want to stop their unjust abuse; and shall they always receive or at all receive the completion of their unjust wants. Does cited: Jesus really say [H]e will fulfill your unjust wants: desires; or does justice count in the qualification of desires: wants.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date, typed up:12318

tag[s]:  real police artistic shamanism, analyzing abstract art and think tank maga … s, practice on matching citations, art’s creation of combat influence [including civil rights] and actual function in society, colloquial culture uses of lingo, confluences of union and circumstantial background banter of hate, religious theology on the actualized militia intellectual front the deep Wons

[also in this form: The tree itself continued]



Date 121617

In perhaps

nowadays in the almost

something as usual sense

sleeping in front of the


*everything that as

described ties you to

the tree: as in it

is the such incorporated

string on brown box;

effectively wedding

you to the tree,

the long-wait/weight

scenario to consider

is: after the box

is un-strung and opened not easily

being able to move

[unless uh cut down]

the resider/ rester next

to the tree: has the option of getting a

divorce or returning

to the state of un-wed

by un-tying them/it/

self from that tree,

even other trees

translating to something

like: not sleeping next to that tree,

and-or trees

in that such as:

beside, framework;

but unless the tree

is cut down theme: ah!

and-or uprooted

and re-planted

theme: is this possible

the tree stays

symbolically like

wed or wed and or

wed; trees then

might also be

symbols of wedding,

union? and perhaps

x-mas is actually or

if you prefer

additionally about

this : wedding.

It also; the article

cited … [please refer to source citation found and listed in past posting serie[s] of this beginning title on this blog]  with demonstrates

at least in symbolism

the societal value of

l’arte; since;

how do we proceed


from wed/wedding:

to, union.

Well in the case of the brown box with “greenery”

untying the present

forever? unweds


to in

this case opener

or symbolic

rest by,-er

leaving actual

room for union;

and also in

the reverse:


So-fa = Couch? The Building of Hypo-thesis

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[and also in this form: So]

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 12118

tag[s]: bizarre abstract beginning comprehensions diagnosed, historical research for the cited: vhp, psychic oddities


source, cited: [again] Vietnam The Real War, cited: p.83


Date: 1.19.18


“coffee table”

artifact like study?

[how accurate from even a biographical book is not the point here, now]

[can it create even an inaccurate-r reality diagram]

[what might be the convening point]

theme: perhaps notes connected to the cited: vhp


[why artifacts and not articles]


“The” “Quiet” “American” where “Q” sounds like “C” and “c”

because they sound start similar [in sound, again] should they be placed near one another.

In almost like a bizarre psychic theory:

if x’s name

belonged to the sound

is it “cu” –like

then x could be near the same sound belongings for what purpose: relic placement/article placement, recreation modeling?


how about reality diagramming

even an inaccurate reality diagram collects the information a hypothesis might;

at each attention directed … ->

An easy start

placed sounds belonging

similarly in at least

one sound bracket

with a minimum

of three article-relic-variables

[including actual persons]



recorded or not, attended

to [as in attention]



The truth of reality and-or the truth of how to design reality comes about.


Examples, that might be cured:

or could be solved:

(examples hypothetical like fiction but art they to wha-s  extent)

When I go to the department store: I look for red chiffon but only find it once per year? So I usually settle for blue and not green.

After “Vietnam”

veterans that came home had to leave housing behind almost immediately: were dropped at the side of-the: road with trash thrown on-them; something like mandated to never [theme: how long is never]

stay in indoor housing and-or shelter too long; a consequence for/of fighting for freedom: and now how many years later other groups suffer the same fate; is it for the same reason? =fighting for freedom


[theme: cited: freedom fighters]

only now any such group is expected to not exist

in any way; and so is repeatedly given unjust legal trouble, such as: repeated citations concerning rest.


Of course in the consequence of mandating non-justice if even by lying about enforcing it or its name; the consequence in entropy of justice peaks up and gears toward the enforcers of non-justice, and eventually all enablers, and then all left-over participants of … t.b.c. ?




The non-profanity of Sunglasses in shape.

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[and also in this form: Onprofanity ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

Date typed up: 11618

tag[s]: the education of cliché writing, and profanity in terms of [expansive] use, racial riots-rites.


theme: it’s an architecture art piece



Date: On Martin Luther King Jr. Day – 2018

cited: an art piece, Triton Museum-SC

Before I saw it, I drew something like it. [it, [saw] this one piece; and not [not ever seeing] any  [other like it:] shape and or utensil like i/t] Of course it’s closed for the holiday; the blue-lamp shade hue points to water and of course light use: dip and swim in: that’s where we get? [this art piece exhibition] cliché swimming recreation even in social familial ties from? The lamp-shade from or shimmer reminds us of the 70s if past the 60s? who knows I don’t have a history book here where we hoped civil rights were already exuberated but regulating stories tell a different fighting perspective.


theme: why don’t [homeless] people have accessible un-indentured storage; is there a shortage of free locking cabinets with basic surveillance and bomb[-proof] like amenities; or are all [the:] local false authorities stealing down to it all, for their unearning selves. Oh shelves. I’ve almost been arrested by groups how many times, petitioning and rioting for small and basic storage that’s free; and handed numerous strikes of legal trouble. Will I head to jail soon, for the same reason as more men and women in “uniform” approach me with batons; and will I receive more court orders for power of authority over my doj clearances? What are they, I’m not even sure of all of them or if they exist.  And when did they start. Can my clearance-s put you in non.reformed. jail forever for approaching me ever in any: way, that I don’t appreciate. That sounds like too much power, I don’t deserve; right.


The two dimples stand together spaced out by the handle-bars a stand; procreation for how-to place swimming and-or dipping pools.

In the vicinity of our habitation; where we might locate the glasses: that tell us where to place our pools and so perhaps in the habitat of our environment: how and when to approach is recreation and-or rest? And what might this have to do with civil rights; & cited: Martin Luther King Jr., Day/day.

Perhaps a reminder that civil rights give us a rest and-or opportunity for recreation … and

[the dimples as eye slots]

Yet until they are perplexed into normalcy we may not be able to seize all the rest and-or recreation: that we have earned. And how is that one knows for sure it is a corrected, correct participant of civil rites.

The tree itself part …

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The tree itself part …

[and also in this form: The tree itself part]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121617

Tag[s]: criminology, counseling diagrams, … , operational enforced existence styles, … what is approved for charge by who? By whom by … ?

Source, citation: Better Homes & Gardens, December 2017



date: 12617

a crayon or candle of

course is a way to see;

something: it connected

to especially child trauma: may as

a guess represent

an enforcement into

not being able to

express one’s self to

comprehend and see

one’self similarly to the

mirror. In this regard

being forced especially

as a child to not

be able to see one’self

and-or [not: repetition of] express one’self

in ways that are ethical

: seems like some

Type of enforced emotional

Trauma  non-reformed

Criminal charge [at least]

Insinuations that are additional it might be added onto as enforced physical trauma non-reformed criminal charge

Aside Relevant Story:

The younger brother I primarily grew up with from my/an original family; I’m not even sure if this part is possible but when kidnapped [this, one time of this number times …]I recall I believe in Texas our birth certificates being changed; to depict the child kidnappers as our parents. We got to keep our original, legal names, and I got to keep my race; and the

Kidnappers batched/latched

Onto parts of our identity;

I believe it was a

Lady that said she was a cited: C.I.A.

Official and that the

Birth certificates kept

Enough of our identity points to still prove as valid birth certificates.

[define valid b.c.: I dunno; correlate with actual nationality of birth and or equivalent nationality of birth; approximate accurate within a 10 year? age-range in the range of older than regular actual age; actual genital gender at time of birth, … equivalent or actual city or such-type of birth … actual ethnic and or actual equivalent ethnic race][ Lay proof of validation/valid: is a seal enough? ][Is encryption real: when a birth certificate is converted for protection is it encrypted for even more actual en/information?]

I believe she said this was a removed version of the (cited: ? (still)) Witness Protection Program; which I thought was defunct.