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Forests, everywhere

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 01/28/23; date worked on: 02/28/22

cited text: [Bridge to Terabithia (by) Katherine Paterson]

grade: Perhaps review from 5th

[cited pg. 2]

“Of course he was going to run. He had gotten

up early every day all summer to run. He figured if

he worked at it — and Lord, had he worked– he could be the fastest

runner in the fifth grade when school opened up. He had to be the

fastest — not one of the fastest or next to the fastest, but the fastest. The very best.”

/ \



[why.] “run”[1] “run”[2] .

“runner” [1] .

“fastest” [1] “fastest” [2] “fastest” [3] . }a

“fastest” [4] “fastest” [5] .

“worked” [1] “worked” [2] .

forests, everywhere: “of course” “early” “every day” .

“all summer” “school opened up” “very best” . }b

answers one at [why.]

order b preceding a

order b, a

(cited pgs. 6-7) [To notice a flower/flowers]

“His body was begging him to quit,

but Jess pushed it on. He had to let that puny

chest of his know who was boss.”

“his” “body” un-ordered 1

“begging” corresponding [sp?] order 2

“Jess” un-ordered 3

“pushed” un-ordered 4

“puny” “chest” un-ordered 5

forests, everywhere: un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 3

corresponding order 2, un-ordered 4

un-ordered 5 half

un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 5 half

forests, everywhere: “his” “Jess” .

“begging” “pushed” .

“puny” . everywhere (a)

“body” “chest” .

forests: “to quit” identifies “it on” ordered (b)

“who was” ordered

considering switching order to b, a

[cited pg. 11] using flowers as index:

“Ellie jabbed her with a spoon. Jesse saw

that look Brenda shut up her whine halfway

out of her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth. She

wasn’t as smart as Ellie, but even she knew

not to push Momma too far.”

forests, everywhere: shape: “a spoon”

such as expression: “that look”

such as, characteristics: “her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth”

such as distance: “too far”

unordered 1 ordered 2 ordered 3

everywhere: “spoon” “that” “Rose Lustre lipsticked” —

“too” ordered 4 | (a)

forests: “jabbed” such as to appearance — ordered 1 —

“whine” such as to noticing | ordered 2 | (b)

— —

so here: b, a

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The Fishing Diagram again basically useful

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[also in this form: fvppostingon2720]

for The Death Project in the/for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

on 01/06/20


tag[s]: reading notes, reading analysis, identity procreation


|| more notes on the cited: vhp, for the fvp. ||


[source, citation: cited: is ask …?]

[2 sets; each set represents life]

1st set

F M L – the sequence

what catches

the attention

most may be ordinarily

difficult to seize;

but in this referred to set;

the last letter in

the sequence grabs most possibly relative attention. Such as

a relational cue; here knowing the relational cue from the brevity

[of what?] how to share it; but concealed. I’m not sure but perhaps this is review as developing from traditional representation of traditional gender.

So perhaps now it’s time to jump to the next relevant cue in the lines of this set so diagram model



-Identifying sets

-name-ing a relevancy sequence in identified sets

– examining sequence per set for relevancy; outstanding cue: then aligning outstanding cue with relevant loop? filler in lines of set.

In this case of cultural history application; considering criminological time cues as actually in variation from referenced time  numbers and-or digits; notice any fittings into loop-hole grabs; perhaps as such


Most Noticeable


through a tie of cultural historical mentioned cue verified only at the level that it has been mentioned repeatedly. Example description  of how-to identify the fit:

What is sometimes to oftentimes mentioned connected to tradition of traditional gender

1st set



So let’s call what goes into the loop-hole the usual x [as burgeoning for growth] So L has been able to



into loop-hole and now what the actual ideation belonging as L in meaning is furthered in explanation

Now a trajectory of

the life is explained by the sequence’s content end especially latching to get.



developing from traditional

representation of traditional



(system that is considered tradition + positive of traditional gender)





One commonly brief and thorough examination

is; calling every person such a

last item in sequence term if not the

exact same term [as much as possible] and

then a more fair chance may take place by the, this

mutating system per individual in set representing life.

rumored example …  every person in a class referred to as “officer” in a military training period; the hope that … exposed to this system with such reference mutates to completion + activity by being accessed through such content term: “officer” i.e. mutating also hopes to have the prognostic of access through time + non-time. In hope.

Another important fact to consider; is that this source demonstrates an intellectual adept brazenness; which is an attempt to qualify a life stream however than through knowledge of mutation accessing it from the present at different points of for example: time, non-time; (what else …) trauma significants? … and such on.

And so hypothetically; if we wanted to start to access trauma significants through the same sequence and mutative action; we would examine the correspondence


and perhaps

the middle in this sequence

connected to something such as

cultural trauma; such as: crucifixion

so then we look for a similar

type of hook:


has found the end point

as stated of the life stream. So we have

something such

as crucifixion  of Jesus

(point where someone else can no longer continue on, conventionally)


[and then what; what next …]

The Task[s] of Words [part two \] (a rough draft, continued)

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for The Death Project in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up on: 122719


tag[s]: as already described … reading notes, criminology, computer science, literary research, mind channels

[source, citation: Valerie [by] Sara Stridsberg]


cited p. 13? [about]

cited page approx..?


Consideration of replacement turns to a hurry, hurried adjunct.

Since discovering un- verified that “Valerie” may-be a “whore-“ “and” even a “junk(-y)”; we might replace these with experimental and-or experimental verifying-potential terms of the text.


“NARRATOR: What sort of material do we have?

Valerie: Snow and black (non-) despair?


Valerie: The (not) crap hotel. (A) Last  stop for (un-)dying (folks) and (those)(that are high quality). The An last epic (non-)humiliation.”

Then perhaps leave an/an (art-type) marker of the change; additionally.

“I am. Valerie. I always wore rose-pink lipstick.”

(hypotheticals: change-ing the color once; creates a marker of the earlier especially adjuncted changes.)

“ Valerie:  I am. Valerie. I always wore (panda) rose-pink lipstick.”


Add’l possible

cited: mind-channels

Related citation: (book)

Lipstick jungle


Connecting objects

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[also in this form: fvppostingon112719]

by goura fotadar

for The Death Project, too in The Fictional VolunTier Project

date, worked on: 112619

[Source, citation: Wake Up Little Susie (by) Ed Gorman]

tag[s]: reading notes, analysis, art analysis, for cited: The Death Project


skim, reading the first few pages


cited p. 9 “Henry is a duck, and as far as I know he’s been a duck most of his life, though sometimes you have to wonder, the very human things he does.”

cited p. 8 “She pushed the cone at me before I could say no. Being her slave, I took it.”


“duck” + “cone” connected by objectification:

article: object;


both can experience

death; etc.


In the more ordinary sense: do “cone”s inform

one; people to “duck” in irregular

sense; the two connected start to consider meanings

of esp. “duck”

witnessing a “cone”

on ground will one; you;


consider bending at the

knees a little

as a form of “duck”

to I’m not sure

be more careful

with the slippery

possible floor?


Incorporating the

Potential of

Death from this

art type of symbolism

The head piece [ex: “cone”]

of a grave

converted to a marker

of how-to avoid injury,

and even death.



Dead Skin in Nails Part … (2?)

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[also in this form: fvppostingon91919]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 91919

tag[s]: verification, summaries of roughs, rough drafts, testing worths, policy changes from combat, policy changes from deployment, hygiene fronts


See flow in c.s. with spare c. -> connected to h-less condition

[“heal” ailment by being i. an extra hour-or so ] , skip for as long as possible: second morning b. use ] -> cultivation of actualized function in health

< tab of health increases to function overall recognizing a short-age of necessity [b. room]; controlling use when accessible controls and adapts health over-all through the tab

theme (isn’t): don’t go to the b room.

But theme (plus last report): is wait even if you have to go until at place in the sequence when you have to go more.

[especially, especially]

Consider, applications out of state homelessness; right now especially but not just, informing the current state of esp. h-less-ness

The Willow-er

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 82619

tag[s]: cited: creative thought, recordings, space-time

[also in this form: fvppostingon82619]

First the reference to “community kitchen” is much different than current time. It’s a place of walk distance where a persons, a person whether from a different distance or the actual neighborhood can go and wash up even entirely & there is no shortage.

On slightly deeper thought the term may be referring to persons soon to come-to-be murdered as is common in that culture of rampant murders. The stemming off time is approximately the 1810s. A strange happening is that there are houses, homes near one another in modern style placement; but many households live in differing time realities from one another. & for some at least attributes of one time, reality transplaces and-or swaps, with other time-realities.

Then there is the problem of dump bowls or pots. The scene displayed of dumping out piss + fecal matter as a term I’d at least read about. [example: is in (citation: ) Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes] The dump bowls and dump pots are emptied in a high walking area around this specific property. [The re-enactment of dumping water instead is the point to enter at on a hygiene call; easiest option is a charcoal burn required on the mound about x2 a day but it’s worthy considering other options]

theme:  [The other thing that was something I forgot to mention was that : t]

Another depiction of noticing; are a certain depiction of drab clothing that doesn’t fit general nuances of drab; such as drab may refer to … nuns’ and-or monks’ clothing but despite the tradition have a certain type willowing type of quality usually.

These clothes of drab quality are missing the willowing nuance; and the clothing is worn by what appears most of visible society; depictions of drab but in traditional clothes of shorts, cropped pants, socks and t-shirts all of them have-ing an uncharacteristically drab quality; such as exposure to a certain compound in-the environment. If such a thing could be; and-or perhaps there are other reasons for this drab quality. Certainly it is a marker worth investigating to comprehend what it pertains to.

[A simple uncontrolled experiment with built entropy would be to don similar clothing and note and as  necessary investigate the note-s]

The other exuberance here that should be marked down is contact from the different time-realities with a neighborhood religious community which somehow is related to the initials of a neighborhood school in present time where portions of the recordings are displayed [in public and are almost interactive]. Are the meetings in a religious community building during certain sequences of date, year/ no year; and are all such meetings happening at only assigned dates, years/ no year. If so this is the modality/ a modality of time-travel through art criminology. How-so one might manifest such an exchange. Look out for in your space-time.


A, Summary “senator”

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[also in this form: fvppostingon72419]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up on: 072419

tag[s]: word break-downs, reading analysis, editing funs, and alms (almost criminology)

accompanying music citation: public enemy, he got game

Using the definition ?

it’s a bit strange perhaps; to consider:

sen ate

is like … short for seniors eating as in the elderly then

sen at or

So it becomes a way to conceive the schedule of the elderly as rumored which is eidher meal consumption or something else what if it were always else. Well [then] obvious … would starve and so could die [ a method to control death and death-like equivalents] and in the mean-time replacing at some stable point mealtime with another medium once proceeding from the elderly in some way would likely stasis the age-ing process when meal time were finally reintroduced it would of course collect youth

[theme: oh my god, r this is so hard]


Source, citation: When Life Gives You Lululemons (by) Weisberger, Lauren, p.95 [?] (on cited: Amazon, Kindle (version)), Location 987-987, on Sunday March 31, 2019  from “senator”

Meanings of Indentation [sp >?]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date posted, on: 42319


tag[s]: story blurbs, civil rights innuendo

also in this form: fvppostingon42319


Reference, Source citation:

as accessed on 31719, & on: 42219, 42319



[reasons to consider, fiction theme: I knew I was special when one of my brother’s name was legitimized in entropy; without anybody really name-ing him regularly, to God. It was a good, time to be born, Since I had now an older brother[s] named God, Sun God, Jesus, and it was first or third or fourth or tenth: Yahuwah, Wait; they said your name went back in time: Yahuwah; they assumed you were male; now that’s special; and it’s only one of my many legal names!

The ninny says: You’re pathetic Yahuwah!

Uh. I say, I hate W.S.

Theme, accompanying music citation: James Hype – More Than Friends (ft. Kelli-Leigh)]



So in one sense a review of traditional medicine; effects and affects such as allergy and allergy-of reactions; and as possibly summary term: biocompatibility [sp?], is not just a reminder of the terse-ness of mixing body with other type material; and it is also a sense of radiological [sp?] check such as those items of material that are planted into for example our teeth and or jawline; as being quite common in this hemisphere of uh population; so one might want to consider and out of region especially in horizon income goal as depicting difference of hemisphere; and whether there is a controlled entropy deficit allergic e/a ffects in a what may be termed a sustainable region/hemisphere.


In like mutant medical combat: one might in this specific context, hope; that either that those don’t match in income [wedge into jaw and/or tooth for a certain period of elongation; uh the deeper definitions of dentistry are perhaps to make us suitable per body less toxically and or tolerably allergically a/effected ]

theme accompanying citation: t.j. maxx (shoes) ‘wedges’ as accessed on 31719

but how longer perhaps in elongation due; do they make us more suitable to recovering from allergies and or sustaining allergy like reactions that exist in general [as in outputted on the entire uh cosmic populous]


it might be a pertinent review: that to consider this basic perhaps out-there comprehension such incisions into our bio-bodies are likely such as might have been described in 10th grade, to again; uh control the health mis-givings in general and to do so by perhaps uncomfortable forms of allergy reaction; if the control is severe enough; than likely the long-standing result eventually stabilizing will be uh well functional health.

In any case; those that don’t match this uh income thing; can perhaps by some type of mutant theo-physics be inserted into the a stabilized era of the past; and implanted with such opting for achieving sustainable to health compositions,


examination question: why use dentistry as an example, from the vantage point of the modern uh civilized world.

the general principle is uh well perhaps among the common people uh four fillings is only a small percentage of the body; but it is body supposition different than the body alone; transcribing the way possibly disease and-or other health adversities enter even on a small scale the body; the premise likely is that usually if they were to enter at a high and-or large scale the body wouldn’t be to make it to the point of fillings and or other type of non-body implantations to the teeth/jaw line. In even more bizarre hypotheses; can such type of body indentations revive the dead whether through / via conduit disease-illness and -or in some other way

the key comprehension in marker might be; when disease is seen in those believed other forms/causes to death are being erased; in any case,

then in reverse deficit; the placing of such indentations in the already dead; perhaps can have the reliable effect of reviving them on some form of death function in the entropy equivalents of the body, dead corresponding with the indentations.


Recollections from the Media, Scenarios to Consider (part one)

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date type on: 102418

[also in this form: fvppostingon102418]



tag[s]: stream analysis, combat / militia counseling tactics, society’s culture, conceptions further on stream technology, criminology


Discussion Cue Notes


Reference Source, citation: * Kept Private?



“airports + …” (preferences for …)

focus on photographs by parent

looks ill in especially earlier pictures; what does ill mean here? [entry of medical prognosis point check in prior to time cue of death/ and after time cue of death]

missing recollection of mine from the media; has something like a sibling in the home environment [forgot and-or didn’t hear yet in time cue this detail]


description: set up the opposition: fine, but based on a homosexuality model: they are both the same specific gender; and so any opposition in persona manifestation should have felt at least null; is parent actually saying, that … was straight; and something else happened.



Scenarios to consider already: you are in an assaulting unjust violent family, and you start seriously dating a girl let’s say that … you haven’t done much that’s sexual yet; and the girl confesses that she is really a guy, … your parents forbid you from breaking up; and instead ascribe to you the factoid that you are or should become gay in sexuality; what does gay mean here in actuality —> the use of intellectualism in sexuality


Parents are sure that “…” “… had an awesome childhood” is there a way to ask victim of homicide this, there [through] inter-time technology: (where he feels safe; from his mannerisms it is expressed clearly that he does not feel safe (at the time they are referring to); you might ask from a combat counseling and actual militia perspective what are his conceptions of what makes him feel safe; and-or what safe means to him) and also what he qualifies as “awesome” and if he believes his beginning days were qualified as such (to the best of his recollection; and then proceed to do a match size-ability between his (actual) beginning day experiences and his workable definition of “awesome”),

Be wary of: the witnessed non-actualizing white non-cultural perspective; of the attitude we provided you with this, and so now we get to retract such-and-so from you even at the cost of your uh life and-or existence.


Be aware that this above line connection to this investigation is necessary also to developments of society actualizing comprehension of actual meeting facto of trust.


Mutual Experience Visceral

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up on: 101318

tag[s]: reading notes, and art symbolism further utilized for welfare basic modeling


Source citation: Louise O’Neill, Asking for it



In this ya novel; the discovery of being good at something is improperly comprehended; where severely un-pleasurable translates to one being “seen … again.” cited p.102

So as a use resolution if one could somehow experience the lack of pleasure in eidher a continuum or some other way it would be [pe] possible to control when and if “seen … again.”


cited p.147 : “…, matching her cheap pink blazer.” This observation on its own is not necessarily useful unless to ascertain something of utilizability in this case of use it seems to comprehend us to deeper l’ombat knowledge of the liking obvious; which might be “cheap” or not such things are incorrectly used against (as) (others)(who-ever) to (unjustly) perpetrate onto.

As a note: *Emma seems not (in a quick flush of a read where certain details can be missed) necessarily described as comparatively poor to the onto-her: now (at present placement of the novel) but she is in often need of transportation as compared to for example her family that she lies among.

92918 cited: p.179 “ … I want to mark it, put a big black X on the date.”

Finally an explanation for “… X” ; the marking as an art symbol for supporters support —- meaning actual empathy & its translations & manifestations can imply social empathy: as in (in some way) we all went through it