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Definitions of Surveillance : Another is this fiction or not. \ [part one.][or both.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 11818

tag[s]: civil rights action, …

[also in this form: Definitions of Surveillance]


Date: 1.14.18


In an interesting turn of circumstance I’m assigned? [who assigned me? ] [double question mark directive] to watching this man on surveillance. The incompetent “librarians” can’t be as a whole expected to do a single yes, competent thing.

He’s been using public computers withe shuch [with such] “librarians” miserly [ness] in public yes; way past the required time limits. And I wish I were joking when I said cited: C.I.A. officials he decides with the local? “librarians” he takes precedence over. Just a few days ago, I heard him unfortunately yelling with other unholy terrorists who are currently all wearing a Buddhist? Matching orange; when they can’t steal themselves into militia uniforms & tools that in entropy don’t belong to them … that the cited: C.I.A. is insane, and that he knows much-much more about fire security, policy, and police work, and perhaps even religious ascetic forms of Buddhism [all in its actual form-s].

Mostly he waddles from what he is convinced is reserved seating for him between “his” public workspace and other seating; he also waddles to and fro the bathroom area along with the local? “librarians” yes barricading access to the bathroom. When perhaps the [this generation’s deployed] military complains about this specific barricade; a non-useful hallucinatory version of cleaning people, are sent into the bathroom: man dating any bodies on the toilet to squeeze and push their urine and feces out; this happens especially when the bathrooms have already been cleaned and are still in early process since then: clean.

They use the building in their European stance to anti-freedom as if they ar- its original donor; and are paying for its day-to-day operations, and regularly. The miserly[ness] of the local? “librarians” presumes them to declare based on this criminologist’s investigation that inappropriate lengths of work times on checked out public,

Books,  [or what did I mean instead.]


[Robotic theories synced ]

Computers will get them unearned salaries paid and-or elevate their unearned salaries. [It might be edifying to consider actual definitions applied of elevate and how these may translate to such positions in society et al in function.]


theme: got bust through to comply with public computer use time limits; god forbid, I might zone out for a minute to five, and my work unposted …

theme music citation [again?] Interpol all the rage back home


While cities exist … 1.1.18

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[and also in this form: While cities exist]

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 1318



General militia

Protocol to consider; and not just in developed-progressed parts of the world:

tag[s]: review of course, structural processing



On days of political shut-down:


This includes holiday[s]

To use bathroom and drink hot tea after a brr.

Brr. Cold night; oh knight like lite [ignite] kill the typhoid. [see photograph from x-mas continuation] [tea: sponsored gift]




Consider the closes-t accessible metropolis-city and consider the limitations of not wealth but day-to-day refugee equivalent budget as needed during deployment [for entropy control?] as a one paragraph even until solidified in general and-or circumventing area: wait outside [weight outside] see what you notice; visit at least one museum-like structure if even on just the outside even a church visit qualifies as such; in progressive-d places check out the accessible restroom provisions and guess what might work in less such places …

A reminder from the? [cited:]

Consider immediatereports of

Even past, recent pressing issues:

and-or time to consider new marker issues for later reports; consider variance and-or variants of reporting turn-ins

… what retail-ation

may come up; could be cured like magic by refugee-funding equivalent purchase: so retail [why, or how?]

In the first scene on x-mas: it almost seems like catastrophe has been stuck or rather has struck; and the green jacket left behind. To me the green jacket is a cognizant reminder of fire militia; and another might know why.


And will they [i.e. cities not fire militia-s for god’s sake], disappear: or stop existing in mode; how do you design a diagnosis of this [cities as they]

Consider at last those things; items, spaces, advents that are open




are to the lay-person’s perhaps shock actual [this means real] militia held so by to ensure: access, freedom, hygiene, … work;

example of access:

-[utensible type get in for function Y][of course define other such function y]

example of freedom:  – [limits restrictions that are not necessary]

example of hygiene:  – [more than one space form may alleviate hygiene paucities]

example of work: -[structural ability of work production]

Reflecting on yesterday’s war as if it’s still today’s war: [par- One]

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[also in this form: Reflecting on yesterday]

for The FVP

tag[s]: combat anthropology , geo career counseling

by goura fotadar

date typed up, starting: 1218




-did “we” go off to there[to] stop certain things here; the juxtaposition of basic combat translation from if this wrong thing happened here: why do we go over there to kill it? [or i.e. why does our experience here with it,  ||choose|| us into going there to kill something]

I’ve heard the fit described as such; in the past, and recent past: as we witness those wrongs here; or wherever: we grow hardened to what shall be consequence for such action and like it: actions; this perhaps motivates us to infiltrate such actions with consequences.

Problem is or could be: that we enter places at times far away and at times also foreign to our way of being: and continue perhaps a training of a re=integration process to create consequence there or wherever first; do you think this is because those of us from progressive parts of the world; can’t bear to tank and-or bomb if to the point of even excessive of our own terrain. Or do you think it’s because people instituting or attempting to institute wrong-action in your terrain are actually of another? and so deserve to experience? damage of this closer to them |\ in faceted experience of closer/| and or their place? [and of course if not present might not die]

In either case; or perhaps to some making any, … combat and war chronology usually involves leaving the area with respect to this part of the world; unless of course … ?

And ||back|| when folks were considering going to /into work and-or militia : deploying overseas may not have been something that they were willing to do; so they stayed out of positions that might require such.

Usually, when a wrong action is completed or intended; [this is a side proof for the actual relative age of the elderly generation affecting/ effecting lifestyle quality]; growth enough and the possible ability to restrict that wrong action can fall into a potential militia role.

[even consequence the already completed wrong action]


In relevant militia occupation; we … ; and in review, we … come across something that happened wrong: and somehow: thru a personal report, or report; confirm report on a check of surveillance;


Products of learning

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also in this form: [Products of learning]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


tag[s]: the sponsorship story , is this [a] rough draft the pervert next to me at the public station hopes so because then [than?] he could pretend he’d done more that a lil’ old? Me. [which day of the week and on which year][oh yearnings]



Methods to report, I guess:

From cited: bazooka gum

“who is the tallest” [… slightly re-directed to paraphrase]  “person I know …”

I’m not sure if it’s too soon to say: bu t here missing t was this group the too soon part, perhaps, perhaps not: Who goes around “busting” which I’m not sure qualifies as a bust: homeless people during their rest hours effectively trashing their stuff and the group is often on illicit drugs but in an ode to non-recovering; they also attempt to arrest [sp] the homeless people using rules  such as : this is city property, this is a city park, people have seen you and called us: The Cops, Police.

I’m not sure in truth and under oath if such rules are effectively real: how could it even be close to illegal for a homeless person outside to be resting on city property: it’s already illegal that they are homeless outside, and that part illegality is not on their behalf but rather on the behalf of the people in housing who  …

…    In the query of well so-so owns [buns] their own home: and so-so pays rent:

so this: such-and-such:

Deserves to be

Homeless, outside. [of course, the obvious: ? is this an ethical perspective and what happens if a perspective even one emphasized into reality is unethical]


In donated hot

Tea! And so deserves to be homeless on-the: street.

When such homeless circumstance is publicized  — [of course, the obvious in repetition: ? see ethics]

[The counter-feit of audacity]

  • A group, and-or groups of people housed illegally start showing up on homeless spots, and posing as homeless to the homeless ; whilst calling the cops on them for being homeless; hoping to exchange the crimes they have-are committing onto the homeless [i.e. onto non-crime].


    The Modern Affair [theme: Af Fair/ …] of Homelessness Involves Escalated Risk of False Arrests [sp?]

They then continue to infringe upon homeless services hoping to escape permanently arrest [sp?] and live in a static form of false-criminal immunity.

Of course the cops that show up to falsely arrest the actual homeless are never real cops; and sumTimes I wonder 911 aside: how do they get the call: Is it a personal call the fake homeless make.

As review: being homeless outside is illegal for the rest of society in partitions of housing; not for the actual homeless. [i.e. in the form how it is that they came into their  housing and how it is that they stay in their housing in perspective of are you escaping committing crime by being housed when others are homeless and-or effectively homeless]

IN the scene of actual criminal and likely mostly non-reformed criminal investigation; the place to start isn’t necessarily:

Are they homeless or not; though that should go noticed and observed; but rather: but if you plan to deny that you are causing others to be homeless outside; and such by committing crime; those claiming well it’s not them: whatever that means, because they or are paying for their housing [paid]; deserve to experience the 1st stage  [spelling of name? ]of Elliot Ness-like real estate investigation.

If you own your housing whose initial capital at the zero-point trail was it paid [by] that you have not worked enough at the 60% level while you live in and-or benefit from that property; and if to cover the lacking work-off you pay back rent: is the back rent coming from your own timed work-earnings: i.e. you actually did or are soon enough doing that work.

Back to tall? The usually three-person but to more “posse” involves at least two fake cops based on their arrest attempts records; and one very tall man; so tall: he is the tallest man in the area; to answer the riddle; who poses as some variant militia member; they ostensibly and violently pertain to no homeless rights: as if this were S. Africa and that were even close to acceptable considered culturally ethical; ethique. In any case at least the tall bird shows up at nearly every homeless function in the area; and steals what he can; since he’s not actually homeless or close-to homeless like state which is still as review effectively homeless; and that’s where [wear] you pay attention.

In this free and sided to just country where we are required empathetique for the undeserving blamed underdog and the deserving overachiever; for even the two can be the same; that tall man and his stealing “posse” is have and still are committing non-reforming perjury; whilst the false cops and their “allies” so be it ode to also tall bird [for allies and posse-s must be earned in significance] cackle unlike geese and more like jack-assed buffoons.

I know under oath, the real cops of the generation; now have a witness trauma incidence which may not be recover-able; but re-trace-able and caught: yes, of course. And perhaps this is the meaning of recovery. [New definitions working and having worked for recovering, recovered addicts; and functioning , functional mental illness sufferers. [and others in sin, really? … [See ethical info. Far almost above]  … Recovering, recovery, and even this portion: recovered]]

theme: I have m. health and so I am? I think that’s just knot enough.


Put Up Stand

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[a slightly variable version with more cited imagery available in this form: The front cover though barely having time to read in the heaviness of today]

Dedicated to my b. j.c/a and his father a.


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 122217

The front cover though barely having time to read in the heaviness of today [past, Sunday]; is an image of a cuter than cute baby; without being a zoology expert and not having yet read this; and these I’m sorry must do for me capture the avenue of not committing to being raped or a stand against rape and molestation threats; The pink skin, the shaved new like appearance; and you were thinking I was gonna say “food.” cited pgs. 72-75

theme: which parts were under oath; and my god among bipolar and illicit drug addiction I swear there are supposed bugs, crawling on me.

   Used in adulthood this has gotta be a mask of tyke. Of course close up it looks drawing and for me it would be also perfect for a card any-time of year including on an ordinary [sp?] day and as an art framed or not hanging.

Of course the expression ordinary is also such described here; and in a pun like view: compared to of course the title

[main source,  citation: Tim Flach, More Than Human, Lewis Blackwell][below cited image[s] from main cited text]


[end of cited image[s], for now]

[below bugs on the skin …]

[below more cited image[s] from main source cited (cited text)]




[end of cited image[s]]


And here in confirmed photographed validity is such: validity ; from the inside cover and on cited pgs. 282-283, almost such as proof to the pudding; uh I mean putting?


Part Two. Why would you pick this specific variety; if given a chance.


It’s a more become-ing standard color; one of my favorite colors to wear; people used to mock that ware-color calling it too 1920s to belong in my time; of course it seems more retroactive 1940s in color alone; but what do I know.

So what has now become standard worn color since perhaps I’ve been homeless and unable to exactly “afford” my own clothes. or that seemingly like something.

The next thing of course  is its size; I’m not sure but seems like it’s built roomy whatever actual size it is; and if roomy even gets heavy too heavy to carry; but well, it can still flower in the meanwhile moving everything around, and hopefully all of that carrying all of that everything comes to right use;

And third: usually, it used to be or something, budget was a v’raible or sorry variable; and of course that only meant what [you] could afford to spend or what somebody on your behalf could afford to spend,

The extended third; which a lot of people don’t understand which is a part of budget is how much or how often will you estimate to use this piece; compared to how long will it predictably last; and its such cost, … or something.


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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also in this form: At the non]

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 122017

tag[s]: review, repeating, and new connected info. for security purpose, rambling strategies


Date: 121717

At the non-epiphany of the local librarians; and their assault on humanity: by their wrong-ful belief in this generation’s majority devoid of intellect children; and in a building of my original trust fund: without my consent; these so called “librarians” failing all qualifications of fire safety: every or near every door-way is blocked but surely their incompetent parents believe that especially their child is above economics, and Jesus! In some places of freedom:

Will they stay open and funded? Updates on referrals: The word on the street and actual accompanying street, actual authorities for at least several to many years is that the cited: Y has panel storage lockers for at least but not just the homeless or temporarily homeless [like shifting around used to be college students]; that are not that expensive; i.e. somebody else could easily sponsor you that cost; But being there today to question them, the worker had no idea that this were the case; though I saw such lockers as I walked in; but only a few: like a sampling, and before cited: Planned Parenthood: once told me that they can’t deny anyone at least basic treatment; but my cough as[h] been out of control; I think it’s the ongoing symptom of pancreatic mass; that hurts like a mother f* causing me death-like pain: at least half-the day since I’ve been homeless on the street; they said that if I had insurance that I would have to pay, or else they couldn’t see me; I of course earn no cash; and the few bucks I have on me that people sponsored me, wouldn’t be enough; since I shared the amount with the staff. Next the cited: VTA driver; tried to tell me that the bus stop is wherever is[h] mind picks like he’s the leader of the cited: C.I.A.  and then tried to convince me along with some of these local “librarians” that he and they and their chosen patrons are. I told him that is[i\t] illegal; the bus stop was clearly marked with the next announced arrival/departure times even clearly marked and so digitally; and that getting on the bus at another stop; could put me at risk for all time-y of violent crimes perpetrated upon me; he spent the next hour staring at me in the mirror as if I were his closest sexual lover; and then put on the bus; as if it were pre-announced; I suppose he could have gotten on the phone [I didn’t stare at him back; seriously, he’s just not that important; significant in violent crime; but significance doesn’t always correlate to importance and that should be obvious on observation]the cited: facebook of Al-Qaeda from a place called Turkestan on the covers of  books on non-holy terrorism up-to 11 years ago. This was all in the location of the Alameda in I believe in Santa Clara; and of course I saw more incompetent San Jose Police Officers drive-by; as if I were breaking the law; in sense of impersonation; I’m not sure if they even know i.e. law is.

Without an actualized functioning fire depart-ment and police dept. they would be-headed for their sovereign incompetence and forcing themselves into property action that at this point no dime could earn them to; but instead here in the free United States: the fake cops that I never consented to hire and the same for these librarians; spend crime-fighting and facting finds ticketing actual homeless people while they themselves use illicit drugs and while in somebody’s uniform.

… {uniforms in entropy, too; well on accident person somebody[ies] has worked in this direction; and that’s generated an uniform that’s police like in the world or something metaphysical like that ; but of course it doesn’t have to only be in accident-s}{Your grandma found the uniform with his name on it; and he’s like wait I’m not even a … and she’s walking around with it, saying that she’s going to penalize whoever she feels like she wants to penalize}

Likely they are the gene-donors to such frivolous children. No need for prayer: this is real world heresy: How will it be punished.

In perhaps more significant brief art notes: the man behind me at the store was a huge perv. And as he interrupted my joke to myself his gay lover posing as a woman stuck his buttochs into my anchovies. I wish this were fiction. Do you think I should still eat the anchovies.  I suppose he felt that being a woman entitled him to this perverted food-related behavior upon an innocent bystander.

I came across this art book that I could hardly carry to find a seat in this boring child philanthropy may-hem. When I was a child I was beaten with irons at near cult meetings so the my child kidnapper [and there were more] could she believe support especially future children with her beauty. I grew up and went to Cal-Berkeley; averaging a near straight A’s in my college major: and after I saved several jobs at no lives at one of my lowly paid non-profit job[s] now averaging more than Straight A-s at my supplementary graduate school: the local heroin addict fake cop threatened to arrest me if I either didn’t give her the credit for doing my old job [which one, uh?] ; and-or  turn over my original trust fund and growing? to her and in schizophrenia’s task force: them. I grew up poor, how?

And having no

Access to my trust fund: [E,ye] fled to the shelter system where I wasn’t allowed to stay for too long because they believed my work was too prestigious or just didn’t like me; leaving my neighborhood where I paid rent making up with a new unborn credit record to create safety from the many death-like threats I was now [after a certain point and years of living in that neighborhood, safely] receiving and where I was now being stalked from the outside; my brother’s death recent combat death

[Uh aside: criminological research: combat deaths aren’t normal deaths; they-the people are classified dead as if not actually dead, uh, uh, uh, I think, uh]

and the escalation of his ongoing identity theft.

Our child kidnappers couldn’t understand that just because some of my past paid work also fell in life and death; that we weren’t both non-civilians; hoping to win his DOJ clearances upon each escalated impersonation they court-martial ordered me after having me hostage in one-room mostly for nearly two years: painting to me be some drug-using nut job of the illicit drug variety; and not even the recovering version of addict! Essentially criminological identifying some of their crimes publicly, vividly, and within the legal system. But I won’t explain that more; I have to keep up my new tainted? by them image.

They also hired hitmen to kill m. e I’ve never used illicit drugs, and all of this is stated under oath.

The art significance; as I eat popcorn and this mutilating version of children gawk at me and jeer at me on my property-ownership; but where is the original title? or the non-falsified title?; here without my consent. The librarians keep patrolling me as if they are leaders of the free world; and I’m sure they are sure that their children will achieve more than I uh I guess I have; because believe it or not: I am their main focus; even with uh enlightened people around; uh; they, the only problem of course in achievement is time: I’ve already achieved all of this, … uh what?

The tree itself part …

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The tree itself part …

[and also in this form: The tree itself part]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121617

Tag[s]: criminology, counseling diagrams, … , operational enforced existence styles, … what is approved for charge by who? By whom by … ?

Source, citation: Better Homes & Gardens, December 2017



date: 12617

a crayon or candle of

course is a way to see;

something: it connected

to especially child trauma: may as

a guess represent

an enforcement into

not being able to

express one’s self to

comprehend and see

one’self similarly to the

mirror. In this regard

being forced especially

as a child to not

be able to see one’self

and-or [not: repetition of] express one’self

in ways that are ethical

: seems like some

Type of enforced emotional

Trauma  non-reformed

Criminal charge [at least]

Insinuations that are additional it might be added onto as enforced physical trauma non-reformed criminal charge

Aside Relevant Story:

The younger brother I primarily grew up with from my/an original family; I’m not even sure if this part is possible but when kidnapped [this, one time of this number times …]I recall I believe in Texas our birth certificates being changed; to depict the child kidnappers as our parents. We got to keep our original, legal names, and I got to keep my race; and the

Kidnappers batched/latched

Onto parts of our identity;

I believe it was a

Lady that said she was a cited: C.I.A.

Official and that the

Birth certificates kept

Enough of our identity points to still prove as valid birth certificates.

[define valid b.c.: I dunno; correlate with actual nationality of birth and or equivalent nationality of birth; approximate accurate within a 10 year? age-range in the range of older than regular actual age; actual genital gender at time of birth, … equivalent or actual city or such-type of birth … actual ethnic and or actual equivalent ethnic race][ Lay proof of validation/valid: is a seal enough? ][Is encryption real: when a birth certificate is converted for protection is it encrypted for even more actual en/information?]

I believe she said this was a removed version of the (cited: ? (still)) Witness Protection Program; which I thought was defunct.