Canada hate-crime, continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 6418

tag[s]: basic reporting in segmented briefs, criminology, investigations, … cultural over-comings and under-shadowings

[also in this form: Canada hate]

date: 060118

[part one.]

-regular rumored as cited [in this case: …, as a reference to] LGBTIQ culture

(theme : ) a smile means  … stalking with a group cut-off  leading to immediate even public r-pe

theme music citation: smile like you mean it the killers

-who-ever “mom” is pretends not to notice when-ever “mom” is near but acknowledges knowing about it; & refusing to do anything to stop it. [the cognition from the outside that: you must know what it is, and this seems to imply not talking about it happening or having happened]

-one set of this victim’s initials is/r J.P.


[part two.]

Aside: from cited: lecture [a&a]

terminology: “working addict” versus terminology? non-


[part three. regular intel]

cited: which, what,

Where the

[cue checks] heck is [call it, is possible?] t.c.; it is for sure connected to “s.k.”


Body Space Encompassment et al incorrectly done …

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[also in this form: Body Space Encompassment]

for The Death Project  in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51918

tag[s]: brief notes, entering cited: terminator reality; and existing outside of cited: terminator reality integration, existential homicide; technology and reality; real religious theory: criminology


What does virtual dubbing prevent; is probably a worthwhile question; it is also perhaps even more worthwhile to consider what does virtual dubbing, catch.


First of all, what is virtual dubbing. (I don’t know you figure it out)


What if you were virtually dubbed out … so that, … you could rest while you were especially deployed outside during rest hours … and somebody walked by; not being able to see you; in even a semi-hidden spot; semi-hidden spots …  and trampled on exactly where you were resting and these tramplers were either in “uniform” now or later … and what if especially this took place more than once and in more than one location.


How did they get there? Are they superior psychics; or is it rather something like paranormal theft such as death through unjust homicide, yours:

-I’m not saying you are dead; but you may  be and not have realized in the fragment of your mind prior to death; that prior fragment inculcating you to new actions past your death but limited in fact that you think and are directed by the fact that you are still alive.  So you should verify if you qualify as this version of death; and other versions of death that are not unjust homicide; such as holy living death or whatever that could mean; are at least worthy of knowing about in even regular evidence; like if you level of trauma at has reached certain incidence are you automatically qualified as living or like holy dead;  these versions of other than unjust I should say completed homicide; but (they) are Less relevant in this system of



-next: are you having a harder time than perceivable and despite putting in the work to have a less difficult time, people might point you to jesus; or you can just access new Jesus; which is evidence; if such “folks” are trampling on your exact place of being i.e. your body and head; even as you are dubbed out from their vision:


They are quite obviously living off of the entropy of your body+head i.e. you that produces through uh, stealing from what you have produced even will produce. How does this happen: … in the case of this video, … [where is the video] the lady doing the trampling claims that she and possibly her daughter


theme: no, really; where is the video? I’m referring to.

theme music citation: moby in my heart


The Real Metaphysical through Criminology

are almost like homeless after I reveal that the cited: [who] is deployed as homeless;

Even if she were almost like homeless; that doesn’t stop her from trampling on people’s exact rest-spots who are such deployed to uh Reconcile the Societal and International Societal Issue of Homelessness; even as she can’t see them in their spots.

She seems to; aware of the fact; that my work pays for her way of living; and while she tramples on the deployed’s bodies as though this is her freedom in theft; the problem is that this is not part of the deal in unholy terrorist negotiation; if my work pays for your way; and even if you lie about it; you have to do what I say … because like that’s just the way it is.

In basic cognitions; why she wouldn’t qualify as regularly homeless is because of her attitude of stomping on demarcated though virtually dubbed out bodies of those that are deployed as such; in the basic cognition; her definition of homeless might instead mean using housing like resources that belong to others and are paid by my work; and others like me’s work; for example: those that are virtually dubbed out nearby.

God! I’m tired.

Which Tree Brother: there’s this place I visit; while I’m homeless at least,

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[also in this form: There]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51318

tag[s]: actual identity investigations, image reporting, … , planetary sights on Earth , this time for The Death Project, too; real estate scams


  1. The obvious; of course if you appear in one of these things; it may not be that you definitely knew it was happening; or for other noble-like reasons; but in any case: to find out; this way may not be so pleasant … who was it that portrayed this picture ; like something in the movies: experience edifier: when my brother was missing in-action: p: images appeared with him digitally “enhanced” rather un-enhanced in compromising relationships that he never was in; and-or was never assigned to in operative statusi. theme: which brother. In his case, from the images it was obvious that he wasn’t actually in sic. images that way; from the angles and glances and alignment of the images; like for example, look at the alignment of this tree to the top of the building and compared with uh other trees; it’s as if on the, or rather on another planet the tree?




theme: which tree?

  1. Controlling the future to what is supposed to be [uh, edified through patrol] from the past? Even with digital enhancement of light shadowing it looks like the original is in the ‘50s from light overshadowing … which region in the uh, ‘50s circa ‘50s ; believe it or not to me the situation despite being covered up looks archaic cited: Amish; and not current Amish; so which ‘50s uh if only you could un-enhance the image to really see:

theme: the truth true/through actual patrol







  1. Yearbook Investigations: From a brief glance at the yearbook beginning signatures: Either main character/non-fictional? protagonist does not have many close friends; or the close friends did not sign the yearbook in these early pages:

From what I can read with diminished eyesight,



Cues to look for: despite name is the gender verified? through signatures, what is verified for darn sure:

Main character/protagonist is in-has completed junior year of “high school” and is headed toward senior year,


Here’s an example:

cited: site as accessed on 51318



Then, as a comparison another person’s segment:

Is more about “luck”; but I won’t the pictures include.

in this case, …


In both regards: Lies about sponsorship . . .

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[also in this form: In both regards5618]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 5618


tag[s]: investigation notes, continued … , tiny dots of notes ; progressive expression combat militia cues i.e. another form of patrol cited: a long ago ben-ship at stan. U. ,

like is it counseling, too


date: 5418

C.C. (minutia relative notes)

Toward C.C. : Jokes about


a man—

(they) don’t know

that C.C.

is male

and not deaf [how is the latter possible]: major line (to not know that C.C. isn’t deaf)

-h.s. teacher (one of at least is a problem)

raped C.C. on campus; and his wife knows

(something similar to that movie starring, Charlize Theron: North Country)

toward: Hand gestures that don’t make sense even considering the deaf attack



D.J. (attempt, only)

Pervasive Glaring stares, and vehicle stalking former property shared with one non actual parent, i.e. kidnapped by this “parent”



ineffable: D.J. & C.C. the attempted murder & the murder are connected: (:in both regards: lies about sponsorship and sponsorship derivations)

  • At this point of coinciding intersection does the “parent” of D.J. have a connection to C.C.; since D.J.’s this former home environment seems to be main target of access to attempt, and the only other residing, such there … is the “parent”





C.C./J.R. investigation next part or is it part 4; and something almost connected at first sight of second anyhow

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 42818


tag[s]: criminology of cheating, investigations, reform prisons, movement times and past histories discovered in brief, homeless shelters further dissipated, non-actualized gay cultures formed through plagiarism?, actualized gay culture and actualizing gay culture versus non-actualized gay culture, qualifying for prison militia [r. prison] versus prison non-militia [non r. prison]

[also in this form: CCJRfour]

Date assessed in this segment: 42718


more boyfriend[s] serious show-up in C.C./J.R. life interlude

one asked C.C./J.R.

to not cheat but kept cheating on C.C./J.R.


This cheating left C.C./J.R. in a rage; especially since despite social? habit of continuing promiscuity as usual; C.C./J.R. honored request and didn’t Cheat.

Cheating in this relationship was defined as the usual cultural definition of only; not having sexual relations with other people other than the boyfriend.


At this point: C.C./J.R.’s boyfriend denies that people including boyfriend’s family knows that boyfriend is gay. C.C./J.R. is highly suspect of this; since he has been repeatedly to C.C./J.R.’s house which is farther away for where they are in regular interaction; where the boyfriend still lives with his folks, and C.C./J.R. has many extended dates-interactions at that house with the family there; including sleep-overs. C.C./J.R. believes that boyfriend is primarily cheating with a female now due to the descriptive lies of people not knowing that boyfriend is gay.


metaphysical criminology theme: no time stream interaction with time streams


C.C./J.R. believes he has identified the primary female, boyfriend is cheating with; and has even met her; has described her as an extremely over-weight woman; who looks aged, and uses a  high school bullying attitude toward men; especially younger than her men. She also looks like C.C./J.R.’s boyfriend’s relatives.


This b.f.’s initials are as far as C.C./J.R. recalls C.H.; as of today [when the heck did this happen?] C.H. does not qualify for reform prison.  Here’s a brief synopsis of why … and this is a contributing factor to this crime of C.C./J.R.’s eventual violent homicide qualifying as a “stonewall” hate crime.


This b.f. & C.C./J.R. were engaged to be wed. [obvs. happened before C.C./J.R.’s death] Boyfriend C.H.’s family was Catholic as they identified to C.C./J.R.  C.C./J.R. was expecting and guaranteed certain life benefits through his planned marriage to C.H.; and the cognition is that the boyfriend and-or fiancé and his shown to C.C./J.R. family and the person primary C.H. is cheating with; want to keep C.C./J.R. from such benefits, and of course there may be as earlier described perpetrators in previous phases of investigation that also want to exchange future marriage benefits of C.C./J.R. instead for themselves.

theme: marriage means upcoming death, literally; how do you work this out: the possibility of unjust death out; prior to marriage. And how to use this as a model of recovery for such victimized and such victimized to death.




Additionally; through the experience of this relationship as experienced by, C.C./J.R.; C.C./J.R. is even more identifying as a physical male who feels a she.


Part Two. A Re: Look: At a quick engine search. Past lives, reconnect; uh through criminology




When I was completing the beginning majority of “the four interviews” in person; and collecting uh information; mostly through observational anthropology I met this kid; who I suspected might be lying about his sexuality and gender; but manifested as a conventional straight black male in Hartford, CT; during uh that civilian-like special operations deployment [uh, of mine]. He befriended me; through the shelter system where I was the only non-criminal and non/ not (from the prison system reformed) person staying; and that includes the children even already had non-reforming criminal records; and weren’t even children; the staff were all getting caught for bigger crimes; like really wrong stuff; such as hoarding jews in cavehouses in the northeast for fifty years; and pretending that was just normal, because they’d confess they are family or friends … it was weird. I kept being switched from one shelter to another due to my lacking criminal record; and my police standing; but was given dumb excuses; and that was part of the investigation; in any case right outside of Hartford, I was then transferred to another shelter full of black, chicano, and white people with terrible attitudes who refused to reform from the crimes they committed and that included both the black and white staff. At night like the rumors tell you of prison and not shelters though; the men posed as women; so they could sleep near me; and carried illegal arms; while they made out with each other; and the staff pretended it was their house and their family’s house. Right around that time, that I’ve mentioned before the young kid M.D.P. this person as he was introduced to me; by himself; joined a Chicano gang in the area; and lied about his race; then either he or somebody posing as him killed somebody in another gang or something; this was big news in the area; which is devoid of actual high danger; but full of dumb un-useful danger; I think I suspect M.D.P. started plagiarizing my combat image and just did it very wrong. I grew up in the ghetto as a child deployee it was much more civilized in one manner than that area; but the danger in the Hartford area is a laughing archaic joke. As usual it focuses on the re-establishment of slavery to non-Blacks from Blacks who are pretending they aren’t actually Black; with their Chicano, White, and Non Hasidic Jewish “partners”. I come from a very different cultural semblance in race terms for myself in this country; and it took me a long while; to understand through criminology that these people really believe they can enslave everyone. In any case, M.D.P. had a beginning decent attitude then and his attitude quickly dissolved into who I suspected he was. He had a chance and a job that worked with the shelter system; and then he decided he didn’t want it. Soon, I discovered this matching image of from something I’m currently deployed investigating many years later? Criminology is strange when time is involved. There’s no way the two aren’t the exact same person; and it’s not just a case of somebody looks a lot like another. I don’t know what do you think; and how does that basic test verify uh, cited: DNA markers of unique identity even uh through time.





Compared to: [is it the same person? on cited: DNA identification [through time]]

Name connected to second image-ing identified as: Malcom michaels at birth; and marsha p. Johnson at use at time of death

Along with this image; and this type of image


I don’t know how reliable cited: Wikipedia is; but in any case this paragraph maybe of homicide relevance:




Curbing and Using Real Portal Keys [Rough in version, sort of]

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[and also in this version: Portal Keys for The FVP]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 42618



tag[s]: economics and criminology, crime notes , bathroom barricades with the need to shit and wash your hands



As of 42418, and so on


So it was a strange episode in crime notes a few months ago; or so; there was a man posing as a woman; the usual MO; in a public bathroom: he was very short using a virtual image of a person that I think was identified a long while ago through news … ; in any case She was parked in the largest bathroom stall with her virtual dog; and also had all of her bedding spread out in that stall.

I couldn’t see much since I wasn’t actually in the stall with her and was trying not to notice her business; but that’s what appeared to be the case, from under the door banner.


It was a rainy day; and I had to use the rest-room at the end of the day; before it closed after I got back from the library: my current barely functional local workspace; and took the bus.

When I used one of the other stalls; the man stepped outside of his stall [this by the way, is in the women’s restroom; and there’s a men’s on the other side and no he’s not in terms of safety: gender unified], and started attempting to punch I think me as there was no-one else around. It was a bit ridiculous.

The next morning I returned to the same bathroom, to use it before I resumed my work-day; as has been my regular rough ritual of the usual variety in this phase of the homeless deployment; since there is no other bathroom; for me to use close enough; as I am uh deployed as homeless on the street.

The person was still there; and instead of leaving me alone; started harassing me alone; attempting to get in the stall with me; and describing to me in detail my uh waste; as it dropped out of my body into the flushing toilet. The stall was of course closed by my use; but the woman/man would not leave me alone; and started threatening me with repeated mentions of the “cops”; I suppose for not letting him rape me. In any case, when I got out of the bathroom; the usual barricade that sets up in front of the bathroom for me specifically; they [who is] are convinced that especially in the, current period of my re-enlightenment I am an unholy terrorist on the run … the barricade of many bodied men; whose bodies I have to lift around me with virtually throughout the day; was there calling the “cops” on me as if I had done something wrong.


I am National Police Chief; I should probably mention this; it’s like a real thing; and I don’t wear a uniform [usually] or carry a weapon. The only person I doubt it counts I called about the debacle of the woman/man extended in the restroom was some kind of listed park staff; which of course is another nincompoop that I did not hire. There is a personal problem with the situation; because uhm; I’m the inventor of cited: NATO; and that makes me the owner of all spaces; including parks and housing nulling all titles unless they are in my name and verified that I am myself through levels of cited: DNA tests; I invented cited: NATO just short of my 18th birthday in my spare time when I hardly attended school and worked as many hours as allowed at some local ice cream parlor and then gym near food/with food; before starting a program at/through Westpoint [uh, I guess I have to say the obvious I culminated my bachelor-s degree at UC Berkeley through this same program Berkeley through Westpoint]; Westpoint, for which I recommended myself just after inventing NATO. [it wasn’t invented in the 1920s or something like most people wish; it’s just the invention and its work went forward and backward in time, uh first]

What I did say during this deployment is that if it is raining and there is not enough space[s] with cover where you can rest in the rain; it would probably be OK for you to sleep in the bathroom [when it locks and isn’t use-able by the public anyhow] if you were homeless and couldn’t find a covered roof; where the local “cops” Clops left-you alone. They are supposed to leave you alone anyhow; but they are “cops” and not cops; clops and not actual officers; stalking me on every street corner and side curb; until somebody executes them and-or I put them under public arrest. As I’ve already mentioned;  part of this phase of my deployment has been to assess their failing performance in a job they were never hired in; and how they lent that to other authority roles that were never hired to those. This big wonder might have caused the injustice of the Holocaust.

theme: uh, authority, authority, “authorities”


In any case: here are the stand-out facts:

-The person was posing as a she; and is a he

-Fails assessment to be homeless and to be deployed as homeless; and is benefitting from the belonging protection of those that are actually homeless and-or deployed as homeless; while describing itself as homeless [it used when gender unclear by my assessment]

-Has access to fake cops / or “cops” who support the unjust threats this person makes

–The fake cop / or “cop” that then stalked me; put me through five levels of background check, which the-y themselves on their cited: DNA verified identity could not pass; after yelling at me while the background checks were going on; they disappeared based on my clearances; and were blandished by me; we can only hope such “cop[s]” pay the consequence that society deserves for their injustice and harm toward actual police officers and others

-the threats were so out-of-control and continued for weeks, afterward; and are still going; that I suspect that this person along with its back-up “police force” or fake police force or fake police and militia force have killed many people unjustly



Next; I was assigned? this watch; you may have seen it

cited: youtube as accessed on 42418, and today on 42618





When the “cop” who I had not called showed up; blaring a detrimentally gaudy vehicle; matches this person on the video; I just know for sure. Uh, perhaps you need to validate.


The “cop” or fake cop

Was identified as a

-man in their debacle just described/ here on video is [also] a woman named or calling herself “Julia”

-“Julia” identifies as being foreign to our country: the U.S.A. but living in NYC

-man “Julia” or fake cop is supposedly on Palo Alto “Police Department” which I have officially shut down as of January of this year; due to their illegal citations and heavy illegal drug use “on the job” but who are still parading around; as if none of this happened.

-In the “cop” vehicle which is posed nothing as a regular “cop” vehicle but has been the status look of current majority “cops” in travel: I couldn’t see anything; but in “Julia’s” background there are several children type items signifying that “Julia” has children somewhere if not in NYC; and they are important to her/him; In our modern-day comprehension of important; if the person is not highly elevated: important means the term usage that gets you benefits that you don’t deserve

If the person is highly elevated important in addition to other things is the term usage that gets you benefits that you do deserve

[what about in the middle?]


-In the qualification of entropy: what if cited: Automattic in repeated usage were replaced with something else; a method for “Julia” to ascribe to itself more benefits it did not deserve like “police force” then; of course in try-out unearned; “Julia” would start to lose all benefits that “Julia” did not deserve; so the curbing; would be establishing actual safety and verifying it for a certain period;

The entry would be access to effort of any entropy; how might a person access effort in entropy entry when the effort isn’t the person’s own;

What about a commonly expressed cultural emotion as is identified in title and mentioned: such as, “Happiness”


Imagine that you were attempting to enter a system through an actual portal key; but you might make it, earning even uh more benefits than you already had: [the opposite of the example of “cop”/”Julia”]

You might make up an introduction; such as, …

and then you might change certain dots to enter a specific even rumored to exist system; and using a common even rumored identifier:


So the parameters are change the name of the system; replace a company’s even made-up name for a general system with a location: destination: like, city hall; then location identify Menlo Park City Hall;

But don’t change the parameter of cultured rumor of expression or something such;

For example; you might hear people want money; and lots of money; or they want to be rich;

So you would say,

Your title was Rich [this is the unchanged parameter of culture rumor]  [something mainstream even in desire only, as opposed to actuality performance and or history][as the third parameter]

like dress designer


You’re title is Rich Dress Designer at Company A; and you are expecting to not be a sucker like this fake cop; but to be prepared as you enter the new system; that you want to test and or crave to be a part of, so now your system is City Hall; and you’ve picked a destination Menlo Park City Hall;

You let the title transpose or change as you enter a new system with you gaining wealth in this case because you[r] didactic to enter a system [is] that you are prepared enough for it however; and in this “cop’s” case whenever he doesn’t know something; he like wants to steal rumored culture expressions and emotions such as “happiness’’ et al [and might enter through the experiences that cultivate such]; in spiritual theory: he might be called “Julia” the fake cop and enlightenment harmer [unjust]; how could you from a militia perspective charge this/such.

Mismatching Triggers and History of Time in Economics.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41718 … 41818 … 41918

tag[s]: discussions with self about another self; also known as removed counseling and criminology in high function or to high function

[also in this form: posting41918]

Primary source citation:

as accessed on 41518, 41618, 41718, 41818

Rough first minute notes

Mis-matching triggers : jail for severe mental illness

without put downs, what are the signs of severe mental illness [think native American approach outside’s interactional play with state experiencer.]  i.e. more expanded:  client mentions client’s specific symptoms … what are they as heard.



Start-over; after brief look-over,

Q: How old would you assume the client is.

A: paradigms, parameters: the reason this may be especially important; because unless the image is a severely duplicitous digital image, the person and-or main character client here; character of course referencing the video as a stage setting; and I don’t mean especially staging to put the client in any unjust danger … in any case; despite when it might be that m.i. could start; or has for a specified client and or this one, do you propose that I am stating in the civilization of our time; five years ago, despite still the youthful stage; is too late to be just yet diagnosed; and so it almost places at a time vortex in real life combined with the reality of the stage of this video as setting.

Five years ago or this approximate is too late, to the constant steady of our current period of civilization; so did this person live in actuality in a different time; where modern technology and diagnosis entered their time reflective of five years as compared to today’s roughly accurate here hemisphere date.

Stand-out point: the work of actualized m.i. diagnosis and possibly other such coinciding knowledges; may cause a change in time access to the past and or future? Like the non-fiction (sci-fic) or also known as criminology

Q: In our modern actualized culture, it has been mainstream knowledge in the m.i. field of work, that persecution of crime alongside an actualized experience, diagnosis [in both parameters individually] is non-cooperative and or illegal in a non-reformed variety for those doing the persecuting


A: At approx. 1:48 in the video: “run-ins with the law” after “feeling off” caused the experience of “off” to turn into the actual diagnosis time of entry; “feeling off” when this is accorded by a m.i. diagnosis should not require “run-ins with the law” when we are fortunate we have this through competent militia; but otherwise not so much are we fortunate … and it seems almost anything can become of a client when … has “run-ins with the law” and so it might be important to consider …

Spiritual tool preceptor: competent militia interactions are an actual useful religious interaction esp. for both parties; what defines [as in 5th grade] competent militia; and how so the latter; look above

how what of crime [for example, crime accusations, false crime accusations, or the such] came around at the moment of m.i. diagnosis [time of entry] for this client/character; based on client’s personal observation [of internal to external] experience would require to ask the client; but the hint is the following: “run-ins with the law” perhaps caused back-in-moment or time, “feeling off”

as stated above, depending on the type of “feeling off” including possible psychic premonitions informed by future changes with in this case for example “ … the law” and interactions with it; may be connected back-in-time even more-so with the actualization of the experience of m.i. In health

applications whenever one has “run-ins with the law” that aren’t caused: earned by one … are the motivations of any perpetrators to sick the such one; i.e. to cause the being: becoming, being: become,  interacting non-caused: earned by itself with “… the law” thus way, a variety …  & or debilitating illness[es]. I believe we have a charge of causing m.i. with whoever was interacting with the client during “run-ins with the law” and also whoever was in the moment of criminology [perhaps cues] additionally causing these such “run-ins”

[as a side note; it’s not coherently possible to have an actualized diagnosis meaning an actualized experience of m.i. and have perpetrated unjust crime upon another and or society at larger; so instead the arrest and-or time in prison better be componentized t o a pardon and or time away that the client felt they needed … otherwise there are additional criminal charges for the arresting-penalizing parties and those contributing to arresting-penalizing this client and other such people in such type of circumstance equivalents]

A diagnosis of m.i. at such a time of entry; even if an actualized diagnosis in experience; … at such a time of entry is surely the result of perpetration of non-earned variety by the experiencer of m.i. and toward the experiencer by the perpetrators; so the perpetrators shall, and should be charged for the extent that m.i. of such diagnosis takes from; and then what actualized experience of it also takes from … in the past, present, and future … predictions of such future inculcations ; the experience of the diagnosis changed by such perpetrations


theme: how does it feel like it’s supposed to feel

theme music citation: possession sarah mclachlan



Q: [basic counseling integration] In a coherent state of empathy how could the client’s embarrassment be turned into a larger useful disguise tool of the pill bottle; the client might be able to disguise to how much; at least to the extent of carrying. In addition; what about slipping into the bathroom with the pill disguise bottle; to take the pill; effective this translates to combat cited: self-care maneuver. Mentioned the client’s interest in fashion; might be a cohesive and coherent way to disguise such a pill bottle; in mainstream knowledge the same type of pill disguise might be used for anybody taking pills, and or such of the prescription level.  And would be a sort of trust for the client[…s], person[…s] initiating such a thing. Noticed theme: will society will ever be at the cryogenic theme function; that low-level antipsychotics and such accord might be offered in the over-the: counter section.

Other things to seriously consider; is how pressing it is that a client who experiences severe actualized m.i. may have to go through the process of embarrassment when taking that which medicine they need. It’s a sign of a severely low functioning society as an example for one; and provides low avenue

therefore for functional integration of m.i. actualized experiential development. [Separating out to an actual functional portion of society during work-hours or whenever possible; may be one way to at least attempt functional integration [in portion]].

A: ? [I think , portions of provided right above.][Minutes down the video there is a prescription change answer, …]