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by Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Date: 9618, 91118

tag[s]: homicide notes i.e. is creative thought?, stream analysis (brief), lgbtiq society enforced posits, sexuality rights


Source, citation: Gilmore Girls [which one] disc 3, 6th season


theme: vague


The beginning looks like a murder scene; the only cue besides the mild lock-out and vague zooming around of the lock-out or part lock-out is a match to lgbtiq hate crimes; …

Vaguely, I recall from briefly watching snippets of this sitcom in the past that these two characters uh colloquially speaking: get together at least at some point of the sitcom sequence;

But in any case from the beginning of this motif; it’s clear that whatever actual reality that’s real this criminological [uh, thing] applies to the second appearing character in direct witnessing, was clearly self-and-by the other character identified as being gay. The gender is less clear at this point; despite the depiction of clearly one as male [2nd] and the other as female [1st in direct witnessing]

However, if you have a comparative relation; than [/next: then] perhaps as compared to the 1st character the 2nd is more male [and this is understood to be the case by both] and perhaps the same goes into the sequence of sexuality i.e. as comparatively; but this is only a perhaps …

Accompanying music citation: Tor Miller – Carter & Cash


Part Two. Outside of Sitcom


Unfamiliar people witnessed in other relevancy following individual deceased to work scenarios, and pretending that it is, was normal for them to be present at work scenarios of the deceased individual.

When penetrated by requesting assistance from higher staff at such scenarios, they either were killed themselves by the same group/and-or did nothing to help the primary v: homicide victim of this homicide.

Individual primary homicide victim identified as gay and was male, and had a series of partners that were all serious; then … at the approximate time that things were settling with most recent partner [/present partner near homicide of p.v.], the juxtaposition of this form of unholy toward lgbtiq terrorism took place [stalking veneration as described above]; and partner died during a gender related operation. [GRO] Primary homicide victim in this context: seemed unable to recover from synchronistic grief: and at this point he was killed by the group stalking him to his work scenarios.

[Parallel combat training review: with empathy for actualized clients; differing emotions either of deceit and-or of no entry emotional cognizance toward their perpetrators]


Grocery Store & Post Offices murders

[Perpetrators] They seemed unable to recall his name; and despite not being introduced to him formerly; examples: include translated to this time context reality interaction would be seeing them at the grocery store, repeatedly; and then their appearing at … victim’s work scenarios  [Primary victim seems to recall the stalkers being of/with clearly depicting unfriendliness toward him at the approach of theirs at his work scenarios, especially; in a personal seeming way; which left him feeling nervous to approach work.][Target practices would be enacting non-personal unfriendliness in general society interactional [practice]]

[Generalization techniques: work stress may correlate to such completed attempts seized by the existing entropy of such function in society. Deserves to be uh researched?]


Different Motif Operation Induction

This murder transforms the approach to love crimes : asexual {i.e. non-sexual} and sexual; … utilizing the experiences of lgbtiq deceased victims {unjustly deceased} to enforce the society reality translation of enforcing such attempted homicides [away] from happening altogether, the transposition of utility of lgbtiq such homicide experiences; perhaps needs to be operated on in context, examples; and further levitates the existance of the perpetrated upon victims. [i.e.]


Additional notes personal combat related: those psycho bitches are back at it again; their forms of heinous un-tolerable abuse; under w.y.’s uh “regime” ha. Who is the uh the ?

Accompanying music citation: j. richter at it again





A continuation of certain art notes; not yet posted, huh? Meditation imagination (art) àhow to cope with loss

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A continuation of certain art notes; not yet posted, huh?

 Meditation imagination (art) àhow to cope with loss

The Death Project in the/ for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 9218

original date, approximately: 2.17.17

tag[s]: rape attempts, ordering lists, approximated date changes, art notes, the spirit work at the fictional volunTier project, The Death Project, counseling, publications

[also in this form: fvppostingon9218]



theme: sprinkled chocolate crumbs wipe off paper like chalk on a bored?

  • Fold the foil the two lifted folds down
  • Create a rotating jigsaw [of folds]
  • Open up the tissue
  • Drape over the foil
  • To catch/change greed: imagine that the foil inside is something actually valuable
  • Imagine the scent of the rag/tissue is even more accentuated something you can’t want to [leave] [of folds]
  • Trash the “secured” art piece.
  • [non-offensive] [stupid’s note: as in put in a trash-can]


Part Two. Accidentally left-off from some publication; so not in it, yep; I think so.


The House Shelves


back to this specific temporary art’s piece [the cymbal of d.] you might strengthen it with like nail polish but in this case I’m probably going to let it crumple dry in

for example: convenience of nail polish in the h-less life à in one of the pockets of my bag[s].

photo notes [which photo?]: in the model vase; the petal looks like a striped duck. cited: TAZO tea bottle

for The Death Project

Turn it again and you see a vase [at least] where cut and not fallen it all could have been [others like it!] stored; ‘scuse me held for a while. Art translation[basic]: you could envision slice-ly easily the vase sealed; the flower segments waxed with some substance even make-up and-or nail polish and that would be complete enough.


Temporary Death Art

aside: Cymbals of Death

It noises! A different more cymbal-istic

Noise-sound [in mean! –ing] upon the scrape of letters

The petal is an instruments from public fallen! Flower to torn for lettering

Art cymbal; an of course: symbol

theme: what happens basic re-nunciated inquiry to them when they [flowers in petals & stems & not so much seedings] die

theme lest: the flower[s] still; works as … [open-to-interpretation]

among the h-less knife.

Turn it and you sea a cliff dress cited: the witch goura series on cited: amazon kindle

The Star Glab: Is this fiction

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The Death Project for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

on 82717

theme: scuse, if there are typos the public computer flares orange in its time zone.

Theme music citation: glass animals, black mambo

tag[s]: while you’re short on public computer time because all those “pregnant” bitches need to pretend that they are also in the cited: C.I.A. attitude and that’s why they have that attitude; uh?, fiction building, fashion for deployment activity, recognition of cues; how to get everything across in lingo: communication of combat [no, this is not a conversation, you can have one after comprehension], religion, cited: The Death Project, combat pop notes, political combat

I didn’t have the time to type up this cited: asics thing; and that’s not the pun of the wheel in how I mean cited: asics;

I’ve realized “the obvious” which is what that want; you is; is rather the festering of how you cannot perform in those things; are absolutely cited: tide. Tied to the deployment life; you might wonder that those in advanced militia life; disguised from all of society; until finally seen;

For example: under false arrest by false cops; called on you on repetition because why [only to have your highest militia title announced over-the-phone by them in your uh “arrest”]? Well you’re deployed in the circumstances of regular society, and compared to advanced militia their i.q. well just isn’t. For example, their conception of wealth is laugh-able. What I’m finding out and this almost sounds like it should go into the depth of an addition to cited: The Four Interviews; and what they obviously pronounce; is their belief that is for sure that you can’t afford you own house anymore because your work just doesn’t deserve to get paid in a form of wealth that housing accepts,

{Like they own housing spaces and spacing and space buildings  and spaces; who does? Well a good guess, would be uh, me. Their titles make me laugh. When you have a title it has to go on the side of Above Ownership [yup like fiction]; or else it doesn’t count; it’s a joke to laugh about. And as a hint: even actual thoughts make you uh wealth somewhere in the world and universe it appears. Blink Thought and your wealth is produced.}

As a result, they are convinced that you are a drug addict, a non-reforming criminal on the-run,

 dead ad: living dead?,

mentally ill, and inescapable-ly suicidal, and if not that un-functionally mentally retarded …

[and what if you actually are in one of these categories or more than one?]

How else might one have / be(come) homeless?

And how are the bills really getting paid. {they will say, they don’t the higher bills don’t get paid, the news says we’re always in debt. Uh, … How do you really understand what is being said in this place of Right Now: Injustice, }

Sometimes I want to laugh at their aptitude and a lot of times I know I can just call an execution and fire in; somewhere over the cited: rainbow. But they then start to hallucinate that they really are the cops and fire marshals, even donning uniforms and guns; ha ha, how would you know the difference between militia and what poses as militia, … ha ha and even recently their hallucinations have included that they are in the c.i.a. They even use my first name, and that’s funny.

Can you imagine who would be named such [first, last]. Outside of false royalty; what do we really get royaliz-ed as; if for example … you

[were born a cited: C.I.A. operandi/operative or its actual ilk wouldn’t you be the real form of royalty and not some bitch cheerleading at the high school next door ha ha traditional parental love they’re convinced that my dad didn’t love me because of this and I even have hoax parent names on my legal birth certificate that I carry around Of course me and the actual parent look almost exactly alike and he’s often in uniform ha ha ha theme: wah! Your dad didn’t love you that’s why you were a cited: C.I. A. operandi and now you’re dead [but I’m not] and so you deserve to be homeless; their aptitude if you can call it that asserts that this is why folks become homeless; they don’t actually understand unjust misery and also they don’t understand unjust persecution toward others they believe they created what happens ha ha sometimes that turns into a confession that we can persecute in an actual justice system not tainted by their pornographic dreams of non-welfare what they could do with all of that assistance ha ha ]

are and they are; are they actually as review on that many clouds above you;

and how come they are in the homeless population [cloud who].

Well? Have you spent many years persecuting the homeless, pretending to be homeless yourself [Duh: deployment as approved by? doesn’t count as that form of pretense]  and draining all [of] their resources; have you seen the lines in shelters; I mean it’s not as if the whole country is homeless; perhaps we should try that; and fire all “staff” that I haven’t myself hired {I’m still not that old yet; we could hope I reach 45 one day soon still a wee bit off}. We’ll see how you feel, when they tell you you have to do a job and for [as in referring to] the actual homeless [live a lifestyle] wear where [catch it] you can’t wear these:  [get it, can the homeless actual wear these; why not says basic fashion combat procreation/comprehension] {& how basic}



(Re/seed) Notes for this,

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notes for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar and as typed up on 81918

[sorry no attached form today]

tag[s]: stream analysis, analysis, reading notes, … library science, fiction meditations like, work while begging for ?


theo-class in cited: r& r 72718

cited: recovery notes
what happens when “progress” = “perfection”
crazies “metamorphosis” [sp?]
theme: lust = food [I swear]
accompanying word diagram
lu … street
former me does not equal me now
former me does not equal you
comparatively “heaven’s glorified bodies”
part two. also known as a basic advancement of intellect & its practice through use of public libraries. 0
cited: yeah, like that cited; matt damon movie 
a quick beginning pages of “Hungry Ghosts” (by) Susan Dunlap
only on second read of up-to page 5; top-notch creation of stream esp. water as a qualified meditation “sophie[.]”
“buoy” also is? u-boy
or u, boy! or …
cited: p.7, the way a way water sees? [at the bottom] of pg.
 What if he the protagonist[?] couldn’t exactly remember “Natalie” and instead the waitress took his number; criminally impersonated “Natalie” and then
called him; and had sex with him after possibly killing the people in/near “Cafe Rimon[;]” with digital use of images; would this qualify as rape.
“The Lovely Bones” (by) Alice Sebold on 72818
Again: the first few pages: (again) this notice.
cues: nothing can save you/one/a from murder even if you go to heaven: father, mother, sister, favorite teacher and murder still takes place, …,
Additional citation[s] and information:
Reading List, Recent
Theme: Short on Storage
Ch.1 of “Hungry Ghosts” (by) Susan Dunlap
[analysis on librar- receed/reseed]
This reading diagram combined quickly in comprehension with
“Tikkun” [1st story] from “The Best Place on Earth” (by) Ayelet Tsabari; quickly combined comprehension

Detergents and Cleaners

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 81018

[also in this form: postingforthefvpon81018]


tag[s]: hypotheses on cleaning avenues and functions, … supplements to-or almost additional summary analyses, combat tactics pertained and re-applied also known as integrated, is this sci fi, counseling applications & cited: gr. School training



So in response to this we would either want to review and-or [even supplementary] discover how is “pain” “chronic” diagnosed. If all else fails while in attempt to functioning medical access [if this is or was your case] there is always the handy-dandy of criminology; and

in just your luck: I am a criminologist [not just average performing, either]. It might also be of use avenue to offer any such insights to actual and performing real doctors.  Here’s the article to read more full coordinated with this send in.


Source, cited: [through the mailer list access, too]

[as accessed on 8918, 81018]


Te, beginning; provides intel on how “chronic pain” is diagnosed

The obvious; then; is how to turn “chronic pain” into a functional [ore; more-se experience]

[as a note: avoid e-te typos; and they are of purpose; cleaning]

Using the cheat notes of the beginning summary: …, we have the now of how [as in fashion of utlise’] “chronic pain” is diagnosed

Review note as coinciding with gr. School:

“Chronic Pain” shows comorbidity with
“other health problems” for its experiencers, …


U-ing the diagnoses of c.p. an obvious and even accessible entropy: combat technique is doing those “activities” with easier adaptations; then the insertion of actual medicine would be

The entropy machine connected to the use of those adaptations something like in a control [at least obe/one pill] and then the entropy machine connected to the body [after or something like after] doing the adapted version of those activities [or some segment or sequential additional segment of those activities]

Theme: devices a la entropy machines that spigot out pills [that work!]

Theme music citation: Italo Robo, Summer Visions

Integrating Insights, Medical Counseling Intervention[s]: In assessing potential for drug recovery; first discover if [something like an allegiance to actualized portrayal oath uh what the hell does this mean] the thing that they take [in illicit variety] [doses, substances, et al] actually does have that effect-affect

The usual does it feel good

Do/does they/it work otherwise


That and them, What’s that: what you notice; as opposite to nit-picking what is them

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 73118

[also in this form: forthefvpon73118]

tag[s]: stream analysis, in intel when turned? to cues, counseling interfaces and interpretations, …, family systems interfaced with other systems if even those systems incorporate familial items , and more movie uh es, … and intellectualisms about substance abuse, identity procreation, identity progression, identity definitive-s


source, citation: girlhood, growing up on the inside (by) liz garbus


Notice-ing 1: “… want to get somewhere”

Notice-ing 2: “… family circumstances” determine whether one stays in the … [or not?]

Notice-ing 3: interpreted need, needs are: effective and actualized individuals as role models to provide what might be? examples: comfort, support: as in assistance with realization of goals …

Notice-ing 4: In this specific context and perhaps especially, the education by or perhaps rather information provided by an actual criminologist to the imprisoned atta

Notice-ing 5: along with career counseling interface and/or integration: What would, [applying thinking outside of the box; and applying cue: “society” and the obvious,] be a place where society can use and-or uses the benefit of a person and or persons  that are familiar with murder either or not after they feel under attack [as described thus far in video, by one of the main characters]; as in a like a vocation involving aptitude with uh killing.



Notice-ing 6: Before interfacing the family system of each child: individual, as he/she knows it to be [interfacing] with the system of juvenile detention; have the family systems of each child: individual been assessed for inflicting [uh, unjust] abuse and if such a match is found; have they been integrated into an abuse recovery program [.] & if such a match is found …, has the child: individual been educated and-or educated: informed about such un-savvy behavior [identity].


Ibn clarifications: Coincidence? of incidences in general like dialogue cues; recovery usually means from a substance or from the incidence of perpetration by mal-use of a substance; however here in cues it also implies other forms of soliloquy abuse such as generalized attempted [unjust] violence with or without abusive inebriation of a substance; it also redefines what is abuse inebriation of a substance by the attempt of what it causes another body [outside of self-body] in interaction; the fine line being: a substance may not actually qualify as being abused despite believed and reported “health” mandates since abuse may instead be qualified first and primarily as unjust perpetration upon another [i.e. not self] while or not under the use of any such substance, …

[and left-off at such place in movie, uh]




A new face of torture? [which movie]

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[also in this form: fvppostingon72318]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date of: 72318

tag[s]: brief stream analysis while sleep deprived, analytic themes and to modern translations utilized, … review of upcoming publications, … though provocations; combat analysis from almost “regular” culture and ‘regular’ habitations , systems and system cues


Source, citation: a movie, recent [which one?]


On, the cited: paramount signature, [:]

A way to move; such as a plane.

Already mentioned somewhere? The uniform; an integration of monkhood & regular


Un-raveling of ?[time]

Religious definitions? “universe”

Connected to the mourning of death?

Main motif: “dare”

Connotation to [definitions of] enlightenment implied by “birthday”

Cue catch: mention of severe weather cognition for recognition difference? As compared to

Outside of ship travel

Emotional Corrections in procedure to external progress? With such advancement; might not A One wonder; why not a different form to death; one

Where the deceased might live among the non-such?

How do you know she’s not lying; perhaps In addition to the ship checking [as in locating her ship et al]; verification that

she is actually as she says. To real world combat: militia application [wha-? from the/a movie stream]: verify in the most available and created accurate way-method


Like; as in; [in-in] in real life: Does the “warp” work to locate and grab any … if even there is no “communication” available,

What if there was, are there; is it; walking path[s] from one “planet” to another including the in-between “outer space” theme: what a change of Scene, [is the solution to …]

At this point: [Believable consequence how so verified as actually cause-d, by this action] Wow, crisis response to another, others in aid, requires the group to lose its … ?

Now we finally have an almost real – er version; of “fall(ing) from the sky …” as in like a religious

translation, [from Heaven? … ] to at least watching culture.

Accompanying music citation: delirium ft. sarah mclachlan silence “brokedown palace”

tHen;  … an almost new face of Torture.

{cue integration: with mention of,} The contact between new life; or at least starting life; and ending life; two different? stratospheres

[left off 54:41]