Aside, in this Case: platter

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Aside, in this

Case: platter

[also in this form: aside]

by Goura Fotadar


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Date typed up: 11/15/17

Connected Source, Citation: Lotus Magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017, “The Tortilla Curtain”


tag[s]: group sanctions, aside for poetry analysis and such et al, nuanced transportation rights i.e. civil transportation


As an aside an almost such as the: library

“Billboard … “

COMMUNITY is almost a comprehension


O MC [from latter] cited: muni?

(and variance meanings of

‘muni’) cable









com per hen is on ->

and what is

com, o, mc

o, mc? and in

reference to hen as a mc


2nd split

The first part matches above [I think]

Series [as in before the,]




you have to give up

your speak albeit

temporarily (o, mc) to

escape the regulare

schedule of cited: muni

to cable; in order to enjoy,

benefit from the library;

where “The Billboard-“

is hung; even if you (silently)

watch cable like types at





[after above line of: reference to hen as a mc



o mc per hen is on

[makes a lot of sense]


[comprehension makes a lot  of comprehension]


aside, platter cont.:

(watch cable like types at

) the library;

and how might you come

to the actualization

of the notion: of opposing

communicable and

where from COMMUNITY

the actual label of

“The Billboard-“ well

In the aside context of

“The Tortilla Curtain”

It is of a more sense.

To avoid disease in

a group hopefully not at

the mark yet of community

in size you might

want to consider

what seems to sanction

Itself in community-

Like size i.e. what

might be communicable

Esp. in the context of

This poetry with food-like

Ability? Or rather

Vulnerability for/of

Contagion; and of

Course apply the

Opposite. [as has

Been done thus

Applied, in the




pgs. 6-7

On second-overall

Reading, or is it third:

The differences

in “Curtains” are

Also perhaps differences

Of; variations of

Cultural identities in

“American” heritage; i.e.,

perhaps obviously.

Then if only “the

hungry animals” and

“the poets” survive to

the surviving “American”


We see a-new

past [in the anew,

Studied look at the

Stanzas] what

Might be a description

Of the cited: Great

Wall, the

Continuation of scenery

from one-looking vortex

To the other; and we

Might now be at

American landscape;

At the time of birth;

Before you might achieve?

Your own “passport-“

and where in

this country, then; and

Really then as in next

might you most

likely or rather in

Context of time, see:

“The Tortilla Curtain”

Perhaps the

Hint is: a cultural,

Now locative type

Notion this line

And its subjunct:

“From white bread

and Hope”

and is the

famous location

in Arkansas

or Oklahoma;

worth looking up.




The Arrow Circle

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[and also in this form: Brief cited]

theme: why’d you do it.

Brief cited: Recovery notes for non-addicts, too, non-addicts, regular also

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 111317

tag[s]: v.v. rights asked me to me. In the more modern era; criminology accords all models of … all making models of …




date: 111017

cited: moral injury

{applied outside of cited: recovery notes} { uh, eh for non-drug/addicts, too; was it worth it; how would you re-make reality, modify reality to improve cited: moral injury}

Not-corny examples from eh, uh childhood to adulthood:

They thought it would be inappropriate for me to call my mom a bitch; when she banned me from speaking about the transgender movement and held me situationally hostage for at least my brother’s identity; and at least that identity’s identity rights. I didn’t feel guilty [about … calling her … a]  because she’d beaten me up too many times as a child, when she was experiencing supposedly, stress. I’d never grown to experience stress like that. Instead I got and kept getting new forms for me in experience of cancer and cancer-like amalgamations; no matter how healthy my habits.

Not-quite evidence: {External} Where are the scars. {Response} /\ | here they are.

Externalized Example {For Others}: What about what … motivates you to enter the field area of career: killing. Ah, uh, one of the prime examples of experiencing, cited: moral injury. Define prime.

One to three points are enough of a response; but it [the response chronology ] can be  [even a lot] longer.

[Side Note. Modifications to Ramifications and Constructions to cited: moral Injury]

[Secondary Side Note. Now?, easily applied to addict cited: recovery, from where it was whence gathered, in this cornerstone note: that is a circle]



Wedding Memorabilia with Museum Studies: Topic; Building a Derelict Business-style

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[and also in this form, in addition please see here for additional as referenced photographs:topost11117 ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date, typed up: 111117

Dedicated to one of my brothers, l.t.f.


On date: 111017


cited: Kelley Park [or something] [how you ever, spell that]

Happy Veteran[‘s][s’][?][about ‘][location]

Day, Veterans!

(and their actualized loved ones)


On the seeming hurry!

after postal photograph

|| After postal photograph ||

beginning art Project

fallen petals;

get it;

like petals in the


Pick a photograph

Connected to possibly

The pre-phase, but

Doesn’t have to be;

Pre-phase derelict


Pick similarities;

other than

the one-set

Of shoes are these

They, the type of clothes

You, one might wear

In the homeless lifestyle,

being style. The door

symbolizing both the

loss or without traditional

housing rites [no typo]

: office environment,

storage, and …

freedoms et al.

But also the connection

of the maybe pre-

phase derelict lifestyle

To actual h. shelters.

The subject of this

photograph … captures

possibly the troubling




conception of “romantic”

relationships and

Housing scenarios

For even derelicts

On-the street

With other: wise

Occupations; and

How such scenarios

May be; my god!

“permitted” to commence



In such spiritual-like


Terms; by those

Hoaxing the existence-style and-or other: wise

not “permitted” into


In addicion; of

Course the capcion

Of the photograph

cited: and

re-captured : is

A standing cause for

l-q rights

beneath (the) (these referenced) two photographs; from cited exhibit montage thru kelley park


Next, of course

There’s been an unedu

Cated crowd; and I

Am not referencing

Tradicional or non-tradicional educacion;

Here; I mean

Only those not interested

In such expanding

Reaching topics.

Back to subject

Matter: we want to on

The side connected matter

Consider all infringe-ments

Like “farm-working”

Connected to the

Derelict and


Derelict life/style:

For example extenuating

Performances in action

Of social hygiene while

Actually fulfilling

Requirements for the

De/mand of given

  1. shelters; some I

know from personal

experience are un-able

to meet such post,

regular physical

demands; others of

course become injured

in: process.

Now, look for

Stand-out images;

When is allowed of time;

In loud though sequestered now almost stalking crow[no typo.] to a la exhibit

  2nd-step inventions

On-the side: internalizing

Images from the expansive

Experience outside to

Tell your such-like



[so an interruption and uh, how we comprehend items]

[such like images]

[in cited for the next kindle cited publication]

Provide a brief

Description of

p-e  2nd-step;

(below series of four images from lay-out in cited: exhibit)

Reality Interruptions and Interpretations Personal –to-External Stories, A picture personal-to-external story: disclaimer: almost disconnected from those photographed: of regular cleaning day to keep from getting beaten up; and or beaten up less; with those (who) actually cleaned: the actual kids; and those that pretended to and even publicly,  adults: the kidnapping adults

Reality Interruptions and Interpretations , A picture of one of the only other girls that was an actual little girl who was boyish enough despite long-hair appearances to survive getting beaten up to deflect beating up like things, activities from others, and even deflected  enough as like a “protector” compared to the boys.

Reality Interruptions and Interpretations, The other kids in the neighborhood started being impersonated; one such impersonated was my main brother in that household growing up in, and sometimes his imposter looked pre-genically older than him; and would flash *things while using his identity; and such the etc.; older seeming for example as a teenager when my main brother was seven or something

Above, To copyright further, the images from this book, lay-out used for this reality comprehension and interpretation exercise

next; of course

the stand-outs

on the brief run

of look-write-up

the first caught:

on rapid glance:

of course with

perspective matching

an almost then?




(below two photographs: from cited exhibit)

and the second


(below (the next) two photographs: from cited exhibit)



Theme: who do

You suppose who

Lives next door.

really capturing

The connection of

The spiritual derelict

Almost emblem;


of faith system


and interruptions

The two united

not just

By exhibit

But also by movement

Uh, of grocery

i.e. changes in contraptions

of grab:


  • – –IMG_20171110_124744

then a brief almost

finishing of the rose “orange soda” bottle; clean crumpled up

toilet papeur cover

+ a spill of

Almond milk

On a rocking steel? Metal table

and now it’s a



Theme: who is uh, getting wed

Theme music citation: D-12 Fight Music




To Notice, Part Two. [Cue Review, Contin. [uh, in slight rough draft version]] the press-key of HOME on terrorism, catch cues.

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[and also in this form: cuereview]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 11517

tag[s]: counseling in speech patterns, criminology and examinations of basic access, combat science, cues and the fun



-Cue Self-Other History, continued. General Example, Brief Outline:  “I have a long history of … (for example, practicing swimming), my neighbors have a long history of … (for example, sprinting on cliffs)”

Cue Hint: How would you know if these self, external, etc. history shares are true or aren’t; and why, scuse me when might it matter. Perhaps the second point here is where to start. So, when might it matter if these examples of self, other history et al forms of hit-sory: scuse me, history are lies.

Theme: whater

Theme music citation: Kate Bush Cloudbusting

-Cue Incidence: Notice or even count? The number of repeated mentions of variety.  (If there are repeated mentions.) Then diagram it, them to inform the meaning of it, them.  General Example, Brief Outline: “I really like water, I mean not just for consumption and hygiene; but like the feel of it. I don’t know, water makes me feel special; like at peace, special; I guess water makes me feel calm. Or I guess water makes me feel at peace, and calm. What’s the difference between calm and peace. See, this is what water does to me; or rather the affect it has on my emotions. Oh there is one more thing, I started swimming like to investigate the effect water could also have; no I mean e and not a; in this latter sense.”

Cue Hint: when counting incidences don’t look for terms of use in speech: such as: like, that, etc.

But instead look for ideas, items, even people’s names,  etc. et al [that type]\

So as example review practice from just above: on the quick: repeated mentions of the word: water, and I think more than two mentions of: peace.

Water, and peace. In basic criminology, it could just be: look for water in the supposed area; and either a place of or without peace. (I think, anyway). And now, even if the person/being hadn’t told you, you have their connective location. If they had told you, you have the ability to verify. (and that’s something)

Cue Differentiation:  The being’s ability to separate what is them, and what isn’t them at a specified enough effective level. The being’s ability to separate what is theirs, and what isn’t theirs at a specified enough level. Example and General Brief Outline: Simpsonal A uses Public Library F everyday, and on Wednesdays his schedule lets him into the bathroom at 1:40 instead of his usual 1:00 pm bathroom break; Librarian Dimwit notices this change, and calls the local ‘fake’ cops. The local ‘fake’ cops show up and knock on the door at 1:50 on a Wednesday, Simpsonal A is about ten minutes from completing bathroom break use; because there are many stalls; Simpsonal A doesn’t hear the knock. The local ‘fake’ cops break into the bathroom; and start peeking underneath stalls; as people exit. Finally Simpsonal A says from the toilet, flushing it; “I’m sorry can I help you.” “Yes,” they respond (like fiction but not), “Are you Clarese Witherspoon.” “No, “ Simpsonal A, says, “I’m Simpsonal  A” “O.K.,” they say, “ We’ll believe you if you hand us your i.d.” Simpsonal A hands him/them/her his i.d. They call it in, murmuring to the phone, and each other.  “O.K.,” they say, “Mr. A you’re off the hook this time, but if you we see you in the bathroom again; we’re gonna put you under arrest; the Librarians don’t want you in the restroom: They believe you are disobedient.”

Simpsonal A announces to the public or whoever, that he now believes that the Librarians own the bathrooms in public libraries since that’s what the police enforced. He also announces that he believes that he and everybody else except for the Librarians and the local (who he doesn’t know somehow are fake) cops (due to their uniforms especially) have to hurry when using such bathrooms. But he’s sure it’s no big deal; I mean everybody he announces can just catch up on bathroom use at HOME.

Cue Hint: Simpsonal A on a graded scale of P/NP where a P is good enough effective level would receive a NP. A NP means a being, is not qualified to enter a Public Library, any of them, including the bathrooms in such a library.

Cue Hint: Paradox of Conundrum Criminology in spectrum Justice: When not actualized as qualified to enter Public Libraries and their Restrooms; how might you actualize to qualify to have a place to live with bathroom: also called perhaps: HOME.





“D-F” [in reference to M.C. also]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

and in this case also for The Death Project as part of the FVP

date: 10.26.17

by goura fotadar

[and also in this form: D]

poetry from source citation: notes from the dragon-faerie song on p.15 of Lotus Magazine

Issue No. 2 -2017

from source, citation: as identified above as of 102617

For this analysis: labels: as photographed and included above from citation: bracket: what might be the 1st stanza

bracket: what might be the 2nd stanza


I believe it’s about


why first it uses

the word

second: you/one

might brake-break

from the “whistle”

of life; in

your version

of “  “

what might be the

1st stanza, see

picture: declares

how to be?

or what it’s

like to be on

break from

the “whistle”

of external

to your version

theme: versions of rest [housing, not housing, …?]

theme music citation: adam ant wonderful & Madonna this used to be my playground

of “ “

the what might

be 2nd [see picture]

stanza describes

what is

this working

version of

the poet’s  “ “ [disclaimer: if even if derived away from actual reality/ experiential reality of real]

perhaps a side

consumptive notification

might be howis this

a both, a


D: “leaves”





F: “words?”




“more than vanity”






The trap-box II.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: surveillance q’s

date typed up: 102417

[and also in this form: thetrapboxnextset]


The trap-box model as I connected with it that day: was full of four people other than myself. Besides the precarious food dish: I had to throw out some trash; and there was-is no trash bin in the trap-box; I decided the trash was too much to bear [not b-e ?] [no, I mean too much to not bare] and walked out of the trap-box; with my stuff still in it: (other than the trash): I was gone nearby and briefly but had the opportunity: to use the trap-box’s surveillance to view my belongings inside it; I watched as nobody within the trap-box at that point of surveillance changed faces, and none approached my belongings; briefly gone, I returned to the trap-box, and to my belongings: I reflected on what had been my hypotheses and guesses, and how these might be useful for further; and solidarity; and

rest spots.


10.19.17 The financial real value “trust”

I decided at first-second, to reflect on the other four-as a trust exercise. Who did I “trust” enough to stay in the trap-box near my belongings; that was already there; and in this context: box; near means without me/my moving my belongings as I briefly threw out my trash while watching  scapegate.


[An image of “scapegate”]

cited: coca-cola and t-j’s [dark chocolate] pbc


5th grade exercises: The Phone and The Ring. Form fitting. {Rough Draft}

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

Date: 101617

[and also in this form: Form fit]

tag[s]: emotional therapy with objects, notes for “purplement” in brainstorming, a criticism of marriage as a side a-chance, identity analysis, abstract art, crisis counseling

Form fit; old phone perhaps to ring

theme: in paining torture oh the boils of non-fiction

theme music citation: Melanie Martinez sippy cup

remember those old style hand phones; that hung up on a platform I was thinking about how they identify in form front; scuse me; form fit with a ring for example; and was reminded of such from today’s [date I think] fiction posting.

The image of such a phone might be useful; to examine; even a rough drawn such image.

The phone handle of such a phone sits on a display or something of the sort;

The ring sits if worn on a finger; so the opposite might be implied.

If in use= the phone is held by the hand; presumably; also known at hang-up at least as the phantom hand. It’s instead held when in rest on the phone, a different part itself; of course a ring has no other part but itself. In copywriting it should be either a one part or a zero part item; the ring i.e. So when in rest; I suppose it is held by a platform it is placed on. Which again or instead isn’t exactly a part of itself.

This then unites the handle portion of the phone of this image phone with the entire ring itself. Since both deserve to rest on something, apparently.

One rests on itself; and the other rests on another.

These are compartmental comparisons of one and other in objectifications or of objects.

[Again:] Such phone type, rests on itself

Such ring type, rests on another.

When worn, the ring is not in rest. {As defined here}

When in use = effective worn in comparison, the phone handle is not in rest.

Both usually in these types involve the hands.

and of course this is a reminder of those with hand or hand-like disabilities.

The ring on the finger/of hand; or the ring on the hand; is identified usually as ring-wearer: here called you; the ring itself: in use and not in rest as defined for this context; and the other[s]: that see[s] perhaps the ring.

The phone: is used by you:  and on the hand/finger/or with the hand; and when used it is interacting with the other; in a way like seen or even scene: hint: scene created by phone use interaction.

A phone might be used such predominantly in such form especially by one at a time; and the same with ring; but both are exchangeable to others; even those others (when speaking of the same phone and same ring) who have seen, scene, and witnessed each with each you.

theme: ha, ha! I have your phone and am using it; the same for your [that one] ring

Neither the phone nor ring; need you and neither may want you; if we could only emotionally objectify the those [things] enough to find that out for sure; but you need at least one, usually; and might want another; both in thematic and more conventional ways.

Same may apply to others; but perhaps better with the case of the ring; in the case, the others might become a you that wants and needs those things.

Do you suppose that the ring and phone; and rings and phones, resent you for needing and or wanting them.
Do you think the phone desires to be (w)rung; and do you think the ring desires to be un(w)rung. In the case of needing and or wanting the first; it might be easy to fulfill the first; and in the second; how about: most might guess; that un(w)ringing the ring; might be to let it rest on another thing, unworn; but how might you know for sure.

In either case; in regulated culture; the actual ring in name-title-rather; perhaps classification is tied to the phone; and both exemplify thus through chronological connection to the phone [even with more modern/a-o type variations] the difference between rest and not-rest; and a possible connection to placement with these two variations: rest, not-rest


Would you like me to also add; will you marry me.  Shall I call you on a phone; and then ask you this question to the scene-seen-witness; and then respond further to you by providing you with another type of ring. And in the advent of object variation to real philosophical turned promiscuity; turn asexual perhaps at least some of the rings as a thing of abstract cultural ethics; because in some manifestation in the abstract sense: the response to every ring-type is a consent to the cliché tradition of marriage; unless it’s definitely some other version of ring in the highly abstract sense. The phone and the ring then are also perhaps obviously delineators of research to identity efficacies and developments; and their practices.

The higher assignment seems to translate the worn ring into an additional and definite non-romantic marrying ring.

Conversation Cues:


Hi is this Goura.

Yes, it is.

Would you like me to give you a ring tomorrow. You sound busy.

Uh well, tomorrow might not work.

How about the next day.
The next day may not work. But thank you for seeing that I sound busy today, and right now.