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Pa free

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date started: 63017

date typed up: 7717


nothing almost addresses

the significance

of no; or

almost f



a f : writer;


or also

what is

called; called


Pa-oui – Pa-free


yes; as I

was stating;

with the frequent

mention of “Paris”

one switches perhaps

into adjunct varieties

-eties; variations

of pronunciation :

sounds in bet least

one variety Pa, wee,

Pa, ree, … and

then almost or

quite Pa, free.

Perhaps obvs. what in \

the thus read essay

implies the sound

derivation into the

perhaps spear: of

Pa, free.

essay cited:




Jhumpa Lahiri interviews

Mavis Gallant”

in the source:

“GRANTA New fiction Special 2009 106”


-emotional experiences

-personal geographic histories

-cultural provisional expos

-personal developmental markers; recollections;



and then if there is

an anthology organization

and of the others: ?

– a biographic synopsis

of: work history,   / educational experiences

-familial history including parental, marital,

-publishing history

notes from xx-cont.

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mostly quotations and rapid interpretations, from 61617


cited theme product: nad’s

by goura fotadar

date t-up: 61717

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

in quotes citations from lecture:

“Repairing & Rebuilding”

notes from xx-cont. ;


cited: counseling

“why do you drink due to what happened to you.”

“kitchen hot” metaphor;

“selfishness & self-centered ness”

“the root of our problem”

as cited in the lecture from the big book

based on lecture

metaphors how about:

“the roo[f] of [h]our problem.”

“upset with God” => ?

translated and re-interpreted for these notes and use:

“up [:] set with Go[d]”

“Jesus” sounds like soap

to me;

a “higher power” seams [notice spelling]

like hygiene to me.

career counseling :

distributing hygiene


translated and re-interpreted again; obvious:

& you are “hi[red] power”

or “hi[read] power”

“peace with god”

translated and re-interpreted more:

“p[ie]ce with go[d]”

that is .. is

a piece!

how is it “peace”

“go … ”


“[d]istance …”



as : sets; the existance of crisis,-es

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date typed up: 61017, for date: 6917

by goura fotadar

[rough and rapid] notes of/ lecture from

“a.a.” school

reflection is defined also in “introspection”

-> obvious -> think glasses, specs.

” ” know thyself ” ” -> form of  “introspection” or rather; a form to procure introspection.

In the path of  ” ” know thyself” ” how do you; go about it?

[derived] from : “cave man” example:

play games.

also lecture, states: [an interception and or assertion of something … connected to … is / of or is … ]


as: sets [sorry: but, ha-ha … hahaha]

ad [for]: ” clean and sober”

imagine a mopping broom

“c [] & s[] “

(basic: (or) all the forms or something of c and s: c-1 …. c-infinite, s-0 … s-end)


mop: ping! broom

means past?

mop = is about type

of broom? or both [ad: the title of my new novel: mop is about type broom]

are a type of? ; apply sets? !


sell: fish?

sounds like a cliché

religion’s s’ parallel

to the sect: theology


think : baseball ?

come, bat:  i’v

or: come, bat : iv ?





or what———

they’re called.  [the significance of at least -ever]

those that abuse:

example[s]: paraphrased,

“molesters[-ors] abusing

sinex from the grave”

I think in success of


is  -> among others, “resolve” [as, in lecture, I think; I dun’t know: I blinked for a moment, so; that’s what I think I heard.]

re: cover, y [again and outside of fiction]

re: solve


again, solve => basic:

yet one more soln. :

has what purpose?


oh, my: god!

the work of

“personal inventory”

per/sonal invent or y

|- – – |

sonal is this


per [so each of your ]

feeling […s] [or in more corrected definitions cited: general google dictionary search as of 61017 for meaning of sonal, general and applied: all sound things you are able to hear or here: hear[know, know of]; or just use feelings]


you have to in:vent

or experience

what is y, and


crisis: first come up with

a stable y [1st]

and you know (already) y (you have to) or y[2nd]

theme: y […s] identified

theme music citation: paint it black the Rolling Stones


filled with notes; pardon? the confusion

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
tag[s]: d.v., fashion copy, the death project,
part two posting for the fvp
cited: tradesy dot com mailer[s]

theme: she

theme music citation: how’s it going to be third eye blind

cited: link ,

copy, surplus: you can see her move; and can you move with her; or must you carry her around like she’s stasis.

I find the wallet like “pock …” it particularly stylish in  style ; uhm styl … styl … why; it’s pointe like ; it says “inter …” but I can only see this part of the bag, “pocket” as an attached wallet external. Pardon? the confusion [t i t l e]

and I don’t care what they say or whatever those lyrics are from whatever that song is; how could it not work for more n’ one gende. Sounds like a question’s statement on language translation and its communicative effect.

look at s-cond picture imageto see what I mean about wall, et. [Draw a wall, et]



back to part one of the fvp posting;
as effective and affective the color and label even inside
of this gum packet is
see picture hopefully
depending on filtration level;s and that’s a bit joke
what if it was in addition the traditional color black
and inside it said: to capture death in non-stasis way [what?]
“we’re looking for existence’s little moments”
to turn it it additionally almost criminological art in addition to food-life art:
“we’re looking for death’s little moments”

cited: extra

cited: extra [2][or 1]
cited: extra [2][or 3]

part three for this posting :


tag[s]: homeless art.

filled with notes on 6717


dedicated to m.h.

thematic trash & accompaniment l’arte

tag[s]: food art, too.

filled with gum wads; gum case papers;

food bar wrappers; no longer

necessary; fallen flower petals;

and still internally saturated

in the oil-pesto of the food; it’s a

brief d.v. piece; why because the

obvious what might be otherwise

considered non-artistic waste, musical notes, too,

and be the usual poetic overlooked;

has turned to another trash unison

for the artist – , [or ; ] [which one]each foil

and trash

remnant a

temporary together ness

singing individually as  [oh, divide like a bridge; under imagery ][well marriage is like death; so maybe that’s how]


do each inflicted trauma-

injury ; and together as

a person and-or persons ;

the temporariness assuaging

each slightly prior to it being

too much to complete every.

the outside covere in marker, and added to with ingredients: lotion, and plain lotion

tape floss; and gum wrapping.





It smells well;

good; quite unlike the

cultural full trash sentiment

X is addicted to make- up; fiction inscriptions in non-fiction

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: less cliché “shamanic” aides, studying addiction models past graduate counseling school, uhm.

by goura fotadar

date: 6317


X is addicted to make- up; fiction inscriptions in non-fiction

if you were male and …

you wanted to store a part of make-up;


and you weren’t an actor or something other of a performer occupationally or something;

might you scratch and or ink on its front “energy charge”

then of course it would just be that such aid.

Which one would you pick.


draw it; no actually screen shot the image of the one you pick and with that word over it: no phrase over it


what’s the context of singing … uhm.

for Bums: carry it or store it in your storecase, or d’ storecase moveable?


cited: palo alto city

sing? pt alo

pt alo

pt alo

[or] alo




theme music citation:

Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get over You

part two. The Punt: Y works too much; and this is addiction … X ?

theme contrast: but work, even any keeps us , Y , and us Y, SAFE.

store-safe … ?

the alcoholic proposition;

based on observation during

DINNER : music might cure —->

actual alcoholism.

On why folks thing [think] [thing think you][think thing you] you’re an … when

you’re just [hungry].

more importantly does in

cliché terming “heal” actual

alcoholism[s]. What’s it. Where’s [it].

notes from lecture attendance, semi no slightly interpreted: “above x”

power : Him? or Solidarity;

how to; or should x …

“give up” and “give up” what? [theme: my go[-sh …], give up Solidarity? and lose what it actual is, it.]

background: book, cited: E. Kurtz “Not God”

addicted to work of any sort: why

what is work, define. Using example:

of lecture : “stick a need, sticking a needle” “in arm” is

actual work …

theme: adjunct [or] chin? no, I meant adjunct on chin. Sorry, I have … … as in costume make-up-ry . sounds like a graph; yeah well make-up application is a graph, right. [collegiate culture]

theme, progresses: maybe you just want a different job. or a different translation of that job [action].

Rough notes on ART function.

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for the bladder funeral

remember to include

tag[s]: fictional heritage whilst the non-fiction world is sun spun, art notes, word diagrams


art notes: audiography;

cited: voicethread see link below

slide 19 or: https://voicethread.com/myvoice/thread/8849244/52431651/52155889

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar







as noted not surprisingly

it art box; another

death box came it

become; had to

be quickly in re-formation

together with excess


+ paper & leaves

& a tea – water


then to turn

things fictional :

bury the thing

semi – like

a truck

cover by the

limited height

and this is

the real definition

of height?

of other vehicles

uncover it if [after sum: time]

you have

bladder concerns such as

cancer; or if you care for

someone … s, ; who

does care for just means at

least think politely of

then unbury it

scribble bladder

and rub some

“piss on it”

bury it again;

aiming for complete



non-fiction back to

for this art

notes posting:

The Creativity of Safety

is Sometimes A Quick



b, lad, der

b a ladder

to [b, lad]

does that make sense?

of support



why the “flag of iwo jima” (cited:)


b, lad [d] er

b, lad [d] er   (er -> swing direction)

b, lad [d] er  ([d] -> the thing that helps as b, lad swings direction of the effort?)

[d] is short for


the strong physical ladder

or long for


the metaphysical ladder


|| meta|| physical

apparent apparent

it is; ladder yes!

must mean support

and not just the traditional

singular climb.



Where analyses enters the loose cannon of creativity

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Reading Notes, continued

for The FVP

tag[s]: mailing terms


date : 5.5.17, date typed up: 5.16.17

source, cited text: LOVE STORY by ERICH SEGAL

cited p. 4 : ” “Renaissance polyphony. ” ”

cited p. 5 ” ” What’s polyphony? ” ”

do you want to translate this

to Ingles? [well, more so;]

poly phony  pol-phon [y] (away from the standards for now : poly & phony)

pol-phon [p]

ol-hon [o]


l, no l – nh       live , no live -new hampshire




and the l, nl extraordinaire at least.


consumptive proposition: | [ Well, disclaimer: I’ve already

read this book years ago; and perhaps, read it again;

and obvs. recommend it; but the completed reading was

years ago.] Thus; from brackets inclusion; like some

of us learned in elementary school and past; and

at the public library: pieces of * the book teach

what it’s about in at least gist; and teach what it’s

meant to teach. Thereby; any even reading analysis

at a deep enough level in stasis; example: a popping form from

a storybook of one of its characters; or concepts; and-or

such combinations; can allure you to cited: allure (magazine)

the proxy knowledge of that manuscript; whatever its

level; and-or length. |

-|_ (not quite the matching star) the book as a thing, a conception …

tag[s]: mind channels, book theology, publishing basics, knowledge games where everybody wins.

back to analysis,  :

Live, no live – n.h.

e  a

w m


when looking at the

left-overs of [y][p][o]

and in application : to it

[y], [p][o]


almost seems to

imply think not of

no live – [n][h]

[y]          [p][o]

a p.o. box

address if


don’t live in

new hampshire;

i.e. another better,

arrangement may be/

is in store for you;

and perhaps having a p.o. box address

should be mandatory in new hampshire.


The Basics: Why might one need-benefit justly

extraordinarily in/by having a p.o. box mailing

address? [To Seriously Contemplate.]





The Knows

” “Renaissance … “”


\/ In Ingles? [again][more-so]


re- ? as in re-do?

n/a as in not applicable






to make more sense from an ? -> ec

adding periods: e.c. -> electrocute (periods counting the c. of order ; I mean punctuation as order)

re-do, not applicable, is

s, an / electrocute … d?


tag[s]: almost crimin ologie?

in crime we’d have something along

the lines of:

[re-do] 2nd or more attempts




[n/a] of somebody who had not

likely esp. committed such crime

[theme: when torture is legal …]

hence n.a. is still alive from[is]

is a She[s]; usually this means

in ostensibly gendered genitalia [She];

[an/e.c.] hasn’t told ‘what’ yet as an electrocute … d.

combined with its follower: has a p.o. box

and does not live in; is not from new hampshire?



On Par To:  Graduation Motif/Theme for The FVP

tag[s]; summary analysis, identity form

date for: 51617


Congratulations on finishing / achieving / … considered;

[that accomplishment]

cited: “Emilia (l.c.)Coccinea” !


cited p. 23 from cited Garden Gate

cited: Garden Gate
cited: p.23 from cited: Garden Gate
  1. You might incorporate me into still dramatic art.
  2. Obs. vious. ly from my common name I might-cane-seen an educational symbol.
  3. My usual color-form helps make variation in color comprehendible.

tag[s]: the basics of mind channels

4. I’m a backgrounder; even if you decide to place me in center stage.

cited movie: center stage

5. I am ultra petite; in my conventional form.


Art Concept Arising Meditator:

The Flower as a Seminal

Meaning Informationa,l

Form; how would

it work:

(a) structure of flower,

general perhap.

(b) information provided

as with above … i.e. (others)



of             common           use

Example art conception:

from the doctor’s office ;

doctor actual.


[!] how tall were

you this time

last year


compared to now.

[!] accurate guess

to when

you were planted,


[!] how tall is [r] your haircrosspetals

in the month of your

visit; and what

color difference

since then.


cited, further:

first name:


Last name: