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Derivations of l’arte

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Derivations of l’arte


Date typed up: 21218

5th grade basics

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

[and also in this form: Derivations of l]


tag[s]: event translations or attempts at translations uh


Date: 21118

“design” : how about just flowers as units

“how  to … carry out” : each complete even bud

theme: a complete bud

used as the / an ingredient for something.

“draw a graph” :


“label” : your hands, perhaps your sense of smell, your eyesight,

theme: what if you were disabled to this regard /\ |


close similar known with different “fingers” and could be for the disabled especially adapted with a  something like a one-push button or its equivalent:

cited: the sewing machine

Instead of the last three, translated to another utilisability

using, the first prop: [or source, citations upcoming in titles, names:]

access -> location

announcement -> the postcard

what will happen there -> details of event.

of source, texts:

p.96 from (2) from “Head First’’ “Physics” (Heather Lang, Ph.D.)

(1) postcard of “Wafu School of Ikebana”


Part Two. I can’t get here for appointments, anymore.

Wednesday/11:15 AM, 9.27, 1885 Bay Rd., [Ravenswood Clinic]

Try: [cited: googlemaps or something I think]

Menlo Park Library-> Ravenswood Clinic.

  • Head s.e. on Alma St -> Burgess Dr.
  • Slight left to stay on Alma St.
  • Left onto Willow Road
  • Slight right to stay on Willow Road
  • Same as [4]
  • Continue straight to stay on Willow Road
  • Right forward Saratoga Ave.
  • Turn Right onto Saratoga Ave.
  • Left onto Bay Road.


Part three.

Significance markers:

[message to “postmaster”

With another location]

[“free admission” but with suggested “donation” amt.] è implies not fee, r.

personal connections

[art, artists]

[location familiarity and past regularity to location sphere]

[incident history of being denied public service at this though location and such like locations]

[can’t miss those days of my work schedule]


On/of the front of postcard upside down:

Like some recent made/post-ed art, and a past posting; connected to: this is the basic where you might be, is where is the vase

A tunnel up to this spread of flowers,

Stars in mass sky and-or it is constants, …

How long they

Will stay like

That without plummeting

To their it is here dried

Breakage and or being

Trashed on the level of

Where you are

Habitually/ you? Might

A temporary incomplete

Fix be to dried breaking [take]

flowers from the/a  plane/planes as in flying variety if even beneath stars still at least at sky; [and to do what with them at that level? Deliver, dump out, freeze or some: form ?]

In any case: think vases as pregnancies perhaps your womb/ i.e. such it, is like the sky, stars, constants;

a longer pregnancy?

the longer the baby[ies] stays[y-] star-like?







From the extra version of lay: person perspective

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[also in this form: From the extra version of lay]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2818


tag[s]: exhaustion reports; forms:  turn from regulating actualized culture; and or artistic hyperbole, I guess advanced gender studies, I don’t know or something.


!. the local militia, ah regular; and some of at least irregular; I’m not sure of the rest of irregular [and this is all actualized] ; and not necessarily from but present locally at this type, especially; are too tired to crawl countless minutes in repetition on atop of their already required crawling due to the “librarians” repeated banning of not just apparently me; and uh, them too; is what I mean. We can’t all be wrong. It must be on cited: fire marshall warnings; the stalking also by the “librarians’’ who no surprise I can say under oath are for sure part of false militia at cited: at least sjpd; and not local assigned now real militia, ties. When you are too tired to crawl; extra and you have already worked off your crawl; can you turn into a bug; or can you meet your destiny; at your first designated point. The day after the false militia “bans” you for a.c.

Response: Ask my real parents; or my real adopted parents; what they think [but do not ask what used to be my false assigned parents before the self-placed protective order … methods to escape, ah … can be dinge roo]

[really, it’s a real militia secret; well if you can’t find them: here’ s what I think: yeah just go ahead back to the library; and I’ll be pretend humiliated as I’m banned in a drill too; and then; I’ll cancel the ban; because I own the libraries; and I never hired them; and I never consented to your ban, Sorry the crawl-ing has continued the demise of my angles to a [oops, I meant ankles]

Broken strength; so much like cliché but actually useful in regular and irregular application poetry.]

!.. This is also Review:  I was in the two howr “loaner labtop” period looking briefly at this article and I’m not a ? or something? Anyhow: [well when I was done with my first set of problems which of course is now in the less of an hour of left-over time]

Main: what do you think it will be or is: especially, means standard: taken as

Second Main: how can you make normal seeming without even proof but just the strike of sudden tough no thought what it is even if you don’t know; well isn’t the masculine gender [relevant, oui to the article] thought of and still manifested to be the started starting point in gender culture and then anything that doesn’t completely form with this culture perhaps experiences the normal regular version of such this: other [uh, form actual difference] right.

theme: structural thought

theme culture progression: we hope normal means no unnecessary and easily overcome pain; or no pain is it.

Third main: it emphasizes time; uh time, and time again; of exposure is what I would call it; sorry no offense; how long might you be willing to be on such a … ; if even in taken as form. Think other forms you might not mind. [as stand-bys]

Review again; fourth main: if there are actual reactions to it; what’s the basic way to combat these reactions; what else might work alongside that you know isn’t regularly harmful and at least mildly curative. After; when you have time; you can find if the reactions are really that; or is something else happening. In the meantime; an additional exposure at least is when from the perspective of what you might be willing to tolerate; uh the way to go.
Let’s pretend that this is only artistic hyperbole! And it is that also,


Manifestation, from a virtual reality. Jewelry from the field.

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[and also in this form: Manifestation from a virtual reality]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 2618



tag[s]: art notes, jewelry sightings,  computer frame notes, computer science: art, product provision conceptions, plumbing


theme: rings in reflection.


I saw this figment spark of art; while I was near a field; I doubt it turned out in the picture; but I’ll include it anyhow; the picture, I think anyhow. [a picture, of]


The lights in sequence framed within one light branch together to other light branches started at least that night a reflection which looked like rings for each light singular incorporation; rings that you might select to be given and or have earned. I think you know what I mean.


In any case can you imagine the function of reality: where normal things; such as lights in the environment might provide you with the option of choice;

Such as; the basic:

>Prompt: you worked what’s evaluated as 12 hours today, and every such day last week an average of 10 hours/per day.

>Prompt: would you like this ring, either for yourself or for another purpose/being.

Assessment theme: how secure are delivery boxes; well it depends on where they come from? What they pass through? Where they land? who collects the output? A shoot or something like that, in the sky; I don’t know. Otherwise; there is the grab and drop entropy shift. Whatever that means.



Romaine Lettuce: Freedom uh, Works

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[and also in this form: Romaine Lettuce]


thag[s]: no mistake h, federal I federal reports, outlines of function, criminology, recovery connaissance, humanitarianism, fire alerts

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 2518


Thought / Wide Conception The Pay-felony: Instrument: component public payphones, work unpaid; no mystery.

Reforming D.A.s and future Reforming D.A.s are treated without assistance.

Non-reforming D.A.s are given their unearned benefits; leaching onto functional and soon to be functioning parts of a la societe.

Factual theme: my things and not just mine; are tearing apart from the carrying of heavy work-related loads; that are used as sediments to compose work.

Charge: No respect for the earning of work.

Consequence of Charge: you figure it out.

Other theme: heads as rose buds

Other a theme: I hate most roses.


For nearly a complete two years; I have been a on waiting list; for storage locker; free to save hold my work such belongings without theft.

In the process of this terrorism: [which one, uh]; the local “authorities” have stolen two libraries and almost three; all shelter provisions; and outside rest spots including rest spots even organized belongings; repeated parks, transportation systems, police vehicles; more police and militia uniforms and weapons, ticketing processes and non-criminal records, criminal immunities, served prison time i.e. also as of ; benefits of reforming criminals and non-criminals, college degrees in heresy; … and the list goes on; homeless and needy provision centers; handler interactions; reporting procedures, educational materials, emergency response …, church sponsorships … banquet benefits; and the naming of identities of others for themselves, qualifications for work jobs

theme: this isn’t 1960; uniforms that say on them: cited: Top Gun, uh? are they confessing to have tortured cited: P.O.W. s

Thinker Floats: What if all of these things especially the funding and building structures were from one private sponsor; with three levels of following sponsors; and almost none of as are reported to belong to false sponsors’ generous donations and efforts. For example what if every non-actually sponsoring body pretending to serve your donated? Food, was being moved around by your entropic effort; you having to lug their weight around along with all of your materials for countless hours per day; how would you charge that once you had confirmed proof of such mis-haven.

For one accord, the obvious: you might have to move somebody’s body if they are at risk for unjustly harming another … and for another and as review: they can’t just steal all rights because they want to commit unjust harm; that’s just not how freedom,




On other news; at least me and my cousin are being stalked by one “librarian” nearly three hours away from that library who smiles arrogantly and with vice perturbing all domestics in his unjust stalking exhibition. He finds it humorous that anybody would complain about him stalking them for hours per day; and he pretends to read; though I know for sure he is illiterate. Though this is not the version of disadvantage resulting in long-term illiteracy; he is old very old. What if this weren’t exactly a personal luggage stalking only; what if, my cousin and I were at least cited: c.i.a. operatives; can you imagine how idiotic the false bus-driver would look in defending the “librarian” while he works out of our properties without our consent; and then stalks us during our work transportation hours. Yes, the commute is really that long.

The cited: o.c. thinks this is fabulous; they expect that operatives will keep paying their salaries; while they deny all those deserving including operatives anything they have earned in their own keepsake. Sure, donate your earnings; but they can’t have it all! First of all it’s not theirs. Second of all I never consented to their hiring.


Do you think the “librarian” has more victims perhaps those that have been less fortunate and likely less vocal not escaping his wannabe pretention at being; cited: x marks the spot; and-or cited: deadly weapon zero.

He along with so many others in “authority” roles around are worth seriously investigating.


theme b: do you think romaine split apart with your ands the water drizzled to this friend; works best with that whitish creamish old cheeses variety more pepper please; or do you prefer it with another: cheese, … or and ?



The tree itself viewed next more/ will I be arrested again this time for another attempt to give me a criminal record while the “police” swab their behinds leaving a society facing the defeat of upcoming uncontrolled and non-directed chaos of non-reforming criminals[‘?][whaddyou T] faulty logic and catching this fault by blaming all reforming criminals and non-criminals; again, again, and again … : they just don’t want to stop their unjust abuse; and shall they always receive or at all receive the completion of their unjust wants. Does cited: Jesus really say [H]e will fulfill your unjust wants: desires; or does justice count in the qualification of desires: wants.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date, typed up:12318

tag[s]:  real police artistic shamanism, analyzing abstract art and think tank maga … s, practice on matching citations, art’s creation of combat influence [including civil rights] and actual function in society, colloquial culture uses of lingo, confluences of union and circumstantial background banter of hate, religious theology on the actualized militia intellectual front the deep Wons

[also in this form: The tree itself continued]



Date 121617

In perhaps

nowadays in the almost

something as usual sense

sleeping in front of the


*everything that as

described ties you to

the tree: as in it

is the such incorporated

string on brown box;

effectively wedding

you to the tree,

the long-wait/weight

scenario to consider

is: after the box

is un-strung and opened not easily

being able to move

[unless uh cut down]

the resider/ rester next

to the tree: has the option of getting a

divorce or returning

to the state of un-wed

by un-tying them/it/

self from that tree,

even other trees

translating to something

like: not sleeping next to that tree,

and-or trees

in that such as:

beside, framework;

but unless the tree

is cut down theme: ah!

and-or uprooted

and re-planted

theme: is this possible

the tree stays

symbolically like

wed or wed and or

wed; trees then

might also be

symbols of wedding,

union? and perhaps

x-mas is actually or

if you prefer

additionally about

this : wedding.

It also; the article

cited … [please refer to source citation found and listed in past posting serie[s] of this beginning title on this blog]  with demonstrates

at least in symbolism

the societal value of

l’arte; since;

how do we proceed


from wed/wedding:

to, union.

Well in the case of the brown box with “greenery”

untying the present

forever? unweds


to in

this case opener

or symbolic

rest by,-er

leaving actual

room for union;

and also in

the reverse:


So-fa = Couch? The Building of Hypo-thesis

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[and also in this form: So]

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 12118

tag[s]: bizarre abstract beginning comprehensions diagnosed, historical research for the cited: vhp, psychic oddities


source, cited: [again] Vietnam The Real War, cited: p.83


Date: 1.19.18


“coffee table”

artifact like study?

[how accurate from even a biographical book is not the point here, now]

[can it create even an inaccurate-r reality diagram]

[what might be the convening point]

theme: perhaps notes connected to the cited: vhp


[why artifacts and not articles]


“The” “Quiet” “American” where “Q” sounds like “C” and “c”

because they sound start similar [in sound, again] should they be placed near one another.

In almost like a bizarre psychic theory:

if x’s name

belonged to the sound

is it “cu” –like

then x could be near the same sound belongings for what purpose: relic placement/article placement, recreation modeling?


how about reality diagramming

even an inaccurate reality diagram collects the information a hypothesis might;

at each attention directed … ->

An easy start

placed sounds belonging

similarly in at least

one sound bracket

with a minimum

of three article-relic-variables

[including actual persons]



recorded or not, attended

to [as in attention]



The truth of reality and-or the truth of how to design reality comes about.


Examples, that might be cured:

or could be solved:

(examples hypothetical like fiction but art they to wha-s  extent)

When I go to the department store: I look for red chiffon but only find it once per year? So I usually settle for blue and not green.

After “Vietnam”

veterans that came home had to leave housing behind almost immediately: were dropped at the side of-the: road with trash thrown on-them; something like mandated to never [theme: how long is never]

stay in indoor housing and-or shelter too long; a consequence for/of fighting for freedom: and now how many years later other groups suffer the same fate; is it for the same reason? =fighting for freedom


[theme: cited: freedom fighters]

only now any such group is expected to not exist

in any way; and so is repeatedly given unjust legal trouble, such as: repeated citations concerning rest.


Of course in the consequence of mandating non-justice if even by lying about enforcing it or its name; the consequence in entropy of justice peaks up and gears toward the enforcers of non-justice, and eventually all enablers, and then all left-over participants of … t.b.c. ?




While cities exist … 1.1.18

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[and also in this form: While cities exist]

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 1318



General militia

Protocol to consider; and not just in developed-progressed parts of the world:

tag[s]: review of course, structural processing



On days of political shut-down:


This includes holiday[s]

To use bathroom and drink hot tea after a brr.

Brr. Cold night; oh knight like lite [ignite] kill the typhoid. [see photograph from x-mas continuation] [tea: sponsored gift]




Consider the closes-t accessible metropolis-city and consider the limitations of not wealth but day-to-day refugee equivalent budget as needed during deployment [for entropy control?] as a one paragraph even until solidified in general and-or circumventing area: wait outside [weight outside] see what you notice; visit at least one museum-like structure if even on just the outside even a church visit qualifies as such; in progressive-d places check out the accessible restroom provisions and guess what might work in less such places …

A reminder from the? [cited:]

Consider immediatereports of

Even past, recent pressing issues:

and-or time to consider new marker issues for later reports; consider variance and-or variants of reporting turn-ins

… what retail-ation

may come up; could be cured like magic by refugee-funding equivalent purchase: so retail [why, or how?]

In the first scene on x-mas: it almost seems like catastrophe has been stuck or rather has struck; and the green jacket left behind. To me the green jacket is a cognizant reminder of fire militia; and another might know why.


And will they [i.e. cities not fire militia-s for god’s sake], disappear: or stop existing in mode; how do you design a diagnosis of this [cities as they]

Consider at last those things; items, spaces, advents that are open




are to the lay-person’s perhaps shock actual [this means real] militia held so by to ensure: access, freedom, hygiene, … work;

example of access:

-[utensible type get in for function Y][of course define other such function y]

example of freedom:  – [limits restrictions that are not necessary]

example of hygiene:  – [more than one space form may alleviate hygiene paucities]

example of work: -[structural ability of work production]