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Art Project: Birthday Funeral Procession

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The Death Project in / for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 7.13.18

tag[s]: death art & trash art, and homeless/housing rights


on: 07.12.18

dedicated: to donater & donaters et al

The empty birthday tissue box sprayed with scenter; lined roughly with current relevant meeting material; theme: such as; meat. ; cited: respite meeting material [reminders]

While recovering from surgery; theme: looks a cup in art-form: photograph; at this point; anyhow; theme; such as gift-wrapping in practice. Hammocks carried covered in sleeping straw; sprayed with cited dry shampoo; correlating to difficulty with hair coiling to dreading while homeless on-the-street [hint help: recently chopped hair.] Notice the mist of d.s. Stuff in box. Cover with tissue as donated so box art can be still witnessed; a way to “bandage” [[wrap]] trauma. Use donated injury tape; for former injury connected to surgery recovery to secure roughly tissue box. Seat on plastic platform a sentiment to childhood militia [plastic] and more visible though covering of trauma. Spray with scent and lotion materials & litter with notecard torn. Cited: [that scene] from cited: love actually. Rub in roughly to create “quality”; after rip up & recording find a way to tie; and trash. The beginning of the cited: metta, urn [all pictures not included due to the f.b. and his/her “crew” harassing me on my property. [huh]]

To do some more of the urn part: saved paper towels & shaving cream [cited brand] after a major spraying of shaving cream; and a repeated rubbing; the 2nd; beginning of a modern [cited: metta] urn

[See card description]

cited: voicethread, slide 46









Aside: dealing with the nonsense; wish it were nonsense

The fat bitch on my property illegally under wayne stone’s false order; a side disturbance who won’t let any work get done; and confesses to posing as a police officer; i.e. is a fake police officer in at least/for sjpd.

Jeez; is Wayne Stone leader of the c.i.a. or is it? The more obvious, person; uh, me. Uh, since birth.


This is also a federal/domestic-international report on the following: g.c. , Trinidad/Mathew, ria-reah or however that enemy proponent spells name [also using name/initials y.t.], and the person posing as “c-y” in especially the homeless, lgbtiq, mental illness based on diagnosis only [false diagnosis included], and recovering drug addiction populations;  these named perpetrators are as severe perpetrators of unjust violence and such including false arrest/imprisonment to these populations,

This includes these people [yes, digitally changing and stealing others’ images] and posing as police officers and other militia members [i.e. they are fakes and a danger to …]  She also attempted to [what does this mean] digitally steal my phone charge[r], can you believe it.



Make-Up: A way to write (poetry)/ I love it: the flower petal, seen; in not exactly a new form.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 61118

tag[s]: tirade[s] & art, sort of breaks from other *work in this *works

source, citation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aY4VuFXos4 as accessed on 61118

[also in this form: I love it]

  1. Imagine like the doctor’s office or the doctor’s set; you’ve been sick for a really long time; or just sick; ad: the sometimes occasion; can also be the all times occasion: as you need [it].

& in addition to taking internal medicine or remedy or that type; you can also uh apply external medicine; you know like that medicated version of make-up; or just make-up; whenever you feel like it; or rather, whenever you need it medicinally, …

  1. What would the make-up look like; personally, I’d want to have it caked on my form, face: and least some of the time, … or some days of the week/month/year like medicine that smelled good and healed me, … or something; healed … so much of it that I never worried about its effect: medicinal disappearing [the new version of holy (un) vanity & translated; how we became to start with; not addicts]

Untitled23. Against this sad; story [from the video, the video …] is definitely an art form: had you noticed without this clarification?

[Against the sad] is the Geisha; that you see; and another meaning to the cultural enforcement of something else [so against the sad = Geisha]

and what would you see;

Well, there is/r the masked lips:

Or here they are my favorite, the masked lips:

[a symbol for what? Voice>]

  1. The flower petal; in an almost spray paint type of conceptual look; a metaphor for/or actually like:

[Geisha [against the sad], masked lips [Voice], the flower petal spray paint look [=?]]

  1. The catch of Geisha Untitled6




  1. \ The complete Geisha: a new masked lips [color = class]
  2. The summary uh, poetry/ the summary poetry:

[Against the sad] is the Geisha; [see] the Geisha at first by its masked lips; unified by its Geisha-group Voice …

[Understand] the Geisha through its flower petal sprayed I-s

The Catch of Geisha; that it is Geisha is the glisten of its nostrils and that Such.

See the class of your surroundings by the Geisha’s new masked lips



A house is a baby. [Part II.] [and other stuff … ]

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[also in this form: sorry about the typo: parttwo]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4318

tag[s]: housing combat/militia, existence militia/combat, forced abortion theories, and I’m pregnant due in like six years?


It starts to generate its own worth throughout time; and you own what it generates and-or you own a stake in what it generates. At the time you are born; you now own a stake of and-or own the worth of your future work in some portion; and that portion of your work is already complete in the future [at the time of your birth inheritance or not you are no longer poor as a baby.]

A few years ago, it was too obnoxious for me to tell the greedy jews collecting the rent; that my original family own this; and likely don’t want or need me to write a rent check.

It’s funny because I didn’t give them much thought th[a]n;

I was deployed here in my home country as most operatives are; even when in a foreign land doing possibly additional deployments; and in a hint of quantum physics: maybe this is linked in time mutation before I knew them back in time like before I was born.

I was thinking then that all the money I was spending on rent was/would be just better invested in the young

As most people I wasn’t home very much then ; because I then worked outside of the home; and my home was a crash-pad where I spent most hours recovering then from my bizarre work hours …

I of course didn’t want any children; but even at some reduced police discount rent that was provided through my job then without the greedy [jewish] neighbors I think being aware; it’s one funny thing because my original family [ who I didn’t give much thought then those of the older generation because of my deployment enmeshments and let’s just be honest their severity] is culturally among other things the ‘real version’ Hasidic jewish; [I doubt that would hurt their feelings; they’d probably just be proud]

I think I remember that. {is this a joke? See mind channels}


But my intention was pretty strong; I was hardly ever home; me and my dog could have slept, showered, and change-d somewhere else.


The rent money of years, and years before could have gone to a next generation of children a-or young; even their resources; and or to other supernatural causes!    …


[Mouse horses] Most houses look like mirrors; and the obvious melodrama would be like one of my favorite poems mirrors can be I guess lines of connection to personal and-or external societal development or society’s development

They kind of splurge out of the ground and-or into reality much like a baby’s birth; I suppose we don’t usually want to part with housing; that it’s almost non-disciplined-ly more convenient to have and use it, ourselves: because our good-ness doesn’t want

babies to die.

But perhaps staying with a house, and or housing isn’t the best translation of … a child, children’s development; rather the house is a;  forced into birth?

Mirror tied precariously into our reality; it might want to be hung [used] differently; and … it might even want to move.

It seems part of the point is helping houses/ housing recover from disability; and the easiest way would be extensions in any of the traditional to our reality directions: (— — — — — — —- X -à

/\ | y






Then the


Would have


To that



What if

Buildings that were

Housing started out already extended;

Wouldn’t they be considered by

The level of extension as already

Non-disabled; I

Hardly imagine this definition

Of disability would be a regular

One for humans; perhaps an irregular one.


In quick working preferences:

If I had to re-construct housing

Using the same needs; that seem enlightened because on this sphere

They don’t go away: I’d have a fully covered [yes with a hint of at least air] external bathroom; an outside kitchen with some roof-[ing]; an outside covered sleeping room; and only an inside office and-or living room.

theme: wouldn’t the food be cold as soon as it started to cook? Well, …

Temperature control

But I’d still have a lock-key with the open-roof area [impossible] or very difficult to jump into.

Primary sources, cited: my childhood inventions and Coldwell banker from cited: palo alto weekly, 3, 23, 18

Part two. How do you become a cloud, in at least a virtual way.

tag[s]:  metaphysical climbers, lower heaven establishment definitions, art theory, computer science theory

How to become a cloud. a paragraph is it from one of the recent postings is or can be shaped like a cloud. How else might it is it like a cloud.  …

Create a paragraph [shaped like a cloud] with an explanation and or description of you and or else someone that you want to be in cloud: entropy: and then virtually rise it above to “regular cloud” level at some place. Check [when it’s out] the next cited: soul pieces; for the heavenly regular height version;  and or heaven: entropy [cloud or such] and review from my synchronized lecture.


Cloud: entropy as a game almost

Parameters: [infinity regurgitating -y, infinity regurgitating y, null x, null x]

A wizard likes to code is really ethical with math; which is the same as letters and

Hides a poof of smoke under its non-limbs; the poof always smells like something you can’t quite place

Flowers, candle wax, cigarettes, or soap and some liquid: tea, … the fervent appearance of mental illness is in this case vase not; a cracking of prayer which is of course a coarse almost forgetful chanting against every memory it usually places first …  or zero when that is pre-amble

theme: cloud shapes and first grade reviews

theme music citation: sarah Brightman eden


Part three. The Book report, continued

p.130  please connect to fish article that you, goura saw on 11.3.17

  1. 156 in a counseling strategy, perhaps: stop or pause the dating process for a-while to ask the main character to outline reasonable reasons for desiring marriage or romantic union


book report diagram-

tag[s]: ,,, book reports like 5th grade, and finally! again: basic mind channels


“puppy” is of “surgery” but not in the way you think (likely) more like connected to un-reliability of “surgery” and the un-sighted

cited: danger zone

theme music citation: danger zone

un-reliability of

“surgery” can

Cause a forever in heath I mean health issues; perhaps cited: heath, and then the reverse arrow: below,


so “surgery”

= no cure  ,




Art should look

like this: … AHG!

I’m going

to the


… but I suppose

It’s obviously important

Who r that doctor[s].


theme citation connection: [did it used to be] … doctors


cited: Mennonite in a little black dress, Rhoda Janzen


Cue tones for notification: uh, counseling.

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[also in this form: Cue tones for notification]

tag[s]: for connected , connecting to “purplement”

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar


Date typed up: 4.1.18


Primary Source, citation: youtube.com as accessed on this date right above, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BmX3CGDTnk

  1. So when asking about “parents” in any case [of experience “parents”] demonstrate more and or empathy. How so [i.e. how do you do this].
  2. Don’t forget crime cues: a good way to insert yourself into the situation; and a reminder: that it’s still outside of the inventory of it; but recall that they may not be able to and or feel comfortable actually describing how it be [gun, gan]; and if comfort is not the problem; what other method would you use to get some summary out of the[m]; I think the hint: is movement, positioning
  3. So for sure we know something like rape happened right away; as an advanced and advancing investigator you really want to ask if the person was raped: and then guess before you check surveillance. [theme: the point is we are not going to have you watch their privates; those items in itemization code would be blocked out; how so.]
  4. Check audience: what is the consented to audience of the confessor […s] of the events and or describer[…s] of the events; and how do you evaluate if they deserve the audience in perhaps witness that they request [i.e. how do you actually evaluate that that is a useful audience for this circumstance creation [for them]].
  5. At … in this version … at around 1:01 we have an almost confession of more of the truth; at the insertion of a possible uncomfortable question connected to personal fear: a summary she, the … victim? “… knew him.” If even corrected or re-distributed in cover; likely this is the first very important confession. At this point actualized militia needs to evaluate all connecting surveillance to evaluate if she did “kn(ow) him” and how so; before the … : either the rape and-or something very much like rape.
  6. We have a secondary extended possibly made-up confession of how she “knew him’’ you need to verify and evaluate what this means; at this mention of her “father” it could mean either her father protected her from being raped; and or has raped her; and or evaluate how many times; and or does she have more than one father; and or is he her father. All this is now evaluated outside of potential victim direct interaction; and rather through surveillance videos. By the focus of the potential victim on the second questioner you might want to size-ably presume that she knows this questioner and does not trust the questioner as she is expressing such; she might know the questioner in another face front; how so …

[and we’re going to leave this evaluation here for now.]


theme: personal fears

theme music citation: atlas shrugged if so

Derivations of l’arte

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Derivations of l’arte


Date typed up: 21218

5th grade basics

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

[and also in this form: Derivations of l]


tag[s]: event translations or attempts at translations uh


Date: 21118

“design” : how about just flowers as units

“how  to … carry out” : each complete even bud

theme: a complete bud

used as the / an ingredient for something.

“draw a graph” :


“label” : your hands, perhaps your sense of smell, your eyesight,

theme: what if you were disabled to this regard /\ |


close similar known with different “fingers” and could be for the disabled especially adapted with a  something like a one-push button or its equivalent:

cited: the sewing machine

Instead of the last three, translated to another utilisability

using, the first prop: [or source, citations upcoming in titles, names:]

access -> location

announcement -> the postcard

what will happen there -> details of event.

of source, texts:

p.96 from (2) from “Head First’’ “Physics” (Heather Lang, Ph.D.)

(1) postcard of “Wafu School of Ikebana”


Part Two. I can’t get here for appointments, anymore.

Wednesday/11:15 AM, 9.27, 1885 Bay Rd., [Ravenswood Clinic]

Try: [cited: googlemaps or something I think]

Menlo Park Library-> Ravenswood Clinic.

  • Head s.e. on Alma St -> Burgess Dr.
  • Slight left to stay on Alma St.
  • Left onto Willow Road
  • Slight right to stay on Willow Road
  • Same as [4]
  • Continue straight to stay on Willow Road
  • Right forward Saratoga Ave.
  • Turn Right onto Saratoga Ave.
  • Left onto Bay Road.


Part three.

Significance markers:

[message to “postmaster”

With another location]

[“free admission” but with suggested “donation” amt.] è implies not fee, r.

personal connections

[art, artists]

[location familiarity and past regularity to location sphere]

[incident history of being denied public service at this though location and such like locations]

[can’t miss those days of my work schedule]


On/of the front of postcard upside down:

Like some recent made/post-ed art, and a past posting; connected to: this is the basic where you might be, is where is the vase

A tunnel up to this spread of flowers,

Stars in mass sky and-or it is constants, …

How long they

Will stay like

That without plummeting

To their it is here dried

Breakage and or being

Trashed on the level of

Where you are

Habitually/ you? Might

A temporary incomplete

Fix be to dried breaking [take]

flowers from the/a  plane/planes as in flying variety if even beneath stars still at least at sky; [and to do what with them at that level? Deliver, dump out, freeze or some: form ?]

In any case: think vases as pregnancies perhaps your womb/ i.e. such it, is like the sky, stars, constants;

a longer pregnancy?

the longer the baby[ies] stays[y-] star-like?






From the extra version of lay: person perspective

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[also in this form: From the extra version of lay]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2818


tag[s]: exhaustion reports; forms:  turn from regulating actualized culture; and or artistic hyperbole, I guess advanced gender studies, I don’t know or something.


!. the local militia, ah regular; and some of at least irregular; I’m not sure of the rest of irregular [and this is all actualized] ; and not necessarily from but present locally at this type, especially; are too tired to crawl countless minutes in repetition on atop of their already required crawling due to the “librarians” repeated banning of not just apparently me; and uh, them too; is what I mean. We can’t all be wrong. It must be on cited: fire marshall warnings; the stalking also by the “librarians’’ who no surprise I can say under oath are for sure part of false militia at cited: at least sjpd; and not local assigned now real militia, ties. When you are too tired to crawl; extra and you have already worked off your crawl; can you turn into a bug; or can you meet your destiny; at your first designated point. The day after the false militia “bans” you for a.c.

Response: Ask my real parents; or my real adopted parents; what they think [but do not ask what used to be my false assigned parents before the self-placed protective order … methods to escape, ah … can be dinge roo]

[really, it’s a real militia secret; well if you can’t find them: here’ s what I think: yeah just go ahead back to the library; and I’ll be pretend humiliated as I’m banned in a drill too; and then; I’ll cancel the ban; because I own the libraries; and I never hired them; and I never consented to your ban, Sorry the crawl-ing has continued the demise of my angles to a [oops, I meant ankles]

Broken strength; so much like cliché but actually useful in regular and irregular application poetry.]

!.. This is also Review:  I was in the two howr “loaner labtop” period looking briefly at this article and I’m not a ? or something? Anyhow: [well when I was done with my first set of problems which of course is now in the less of an hour of left-over time]

Main: what do you think it will be or is: especially, means standard: taken as

Second Main: how can you make normal seeming without even proof but just the strike of sudden tough no thought what it is even if you don’t know; well isn’t the masculine gender [relevant, oui to the article] thought of and still manifested to be the started starting point in gender culture and then anything that doesn’t completely form with this culture perhaps experiences the normal regular version of such this: other [uh, form actual difference] right.

theme: structural thought

theme culture progression: we hope normal means no unnecessary and easily overcome pain; or no pain is it.

Third main: it emphasizes time; uh time, and time again; of exposure is what I would call it; sorry no offense; how long might you be willing to be on such a … ; if even in taken as form. Think other forms you might not mind. [as stand-bys]

Review again; fourth main: if there are actual reactions to it; what’s the basic way to combat these reactions; what else might work alongside that you know isn’t regularly harmful and at least mildly curative. After; when you have time; you can find if the reactions are really that; or is something else happening. In the meantime; an additional exposure at least is when from the perspective of what you might be willing to tolerate; uh the way to go.
Let’s pretend that this is only artistic hyperbole! And it is that also,


Manifestation, from a virtual reality. Jewelry from the field.

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[and also in this form: Manifestation from a virtual reality]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 2618



tag[s]: art notes, jewelry sightings,  computer frame notes, computer science: art, product provision conceptions, plumbing


theme: rings in reflection.


I saw this figment spark of art; while I was near a field; I doubt it turned out in the picture; but I’ll include it anyhow; the picture, I think anyhow. [a picture, of]


The lights in sequence framed within one light branch together to other light branches started at least that night a reflection which looked like rings for each light singular incorporation; rings that you might select to be given and or have earned. I think you know what I mean.


In any case can you imagine the function of reality: where normal things; such as lights in the environment might provide you with the option of choice;

Such as; the basic:

>Prompt: you worked what’s evaluated as 12 hours today, and every such day last week an average of 10 hours/per day.

>Prompt: would you like this ring, either for yourself or for another purpose/being.

Assessment theme: how secure are delivery boxes; well it depends on where they come from? What they pass through? Where they land? who collects the output? A shoot or something like that, in the sky; I don’t know. Otherwise; there is the grab and drop entropy shift. Whatever that means.