Sterling Dark circa age 13 part one.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 02/04/23; date worked on: 08/10/22

body – maxes / maxes – oout

hits time

[consider how to hit non-time/should be review]

time can order chaos

what might be term above chaos; sterling light and-or dark; but sterling

dark has option of stability instability marked by death and such [h, r, etc.]

that shows up in light; would blend in dark.

So Sterling Dark (chosen)



chaos and-or ordered

chaos (Ordered via time)

[sp? this how]

jug-alar [considering something analogous [sp?] to order]

sterling dark [curiosity is to get to higher meanings possibly of time & non-time]




reference jug-alars might be for

review. example: [cited: other (my, of and such et al) publications] stars, clouds, rainbows, even hearts, etc.

consider also light stars compared to dark stars and time stars versus higher-time* stars, and so on.

[have a complex problem with these 3 victims]

we could just try jug-alars sterling dark

consider [in as review]

formulas and-or starting

formula even review

summation (i.e. consider as formula)

sum_of harm_to_these_three —>

sum_of_harm_to_these_three_as_victims—> sum_of_dark_magic —> sum_of_transistor_dark_magic : jug,alar_sum_of_sterling_dark (at_measure_cited_spirit_indestructible_updated_to_dark_magically_turn_around)

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