Notes on the cited: D.F. [s]

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Notes on the cited: D.F. [s]


for The FVP.

By goura fotadar

Date: 7.30.17, typed up: 8317


theme: in which order

tag[s]: abstract summations; religious theology.



A. Evidence

of sanctity

if not cliché

popular; than wide-stream;

specified evidence

[then; or].


B. An actual; machine: engine

a sort of sub-set

of deux [de/es] machina

propelled by Order; to move [next].


C. Visit the Heritage, real;

or directed to voice

real of for example: skateboarding




And after practice;

How you,

One …


Influence the Heritage

Of for example [again]:



Image to draw: (Large D followed

By period) D.


theme: entropy

with progression




D. Have the expectation

of gear; don’t expect

the gear to change

but expect it to be

renewed. If it

does change; expect it

to advance into the

next Order: (machine)

engine move.




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