A Sailor’s? View [part one]

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A Sailor’s? View [part one]


Work more on,

“the three incestuous sisters” by “A.N.” [source, reference cited text]

[no photos provided in this posting of the reference text; and also as with yesterday]

Date posted: 72917

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar


This page:

“The house … “  is

Obviously ;

A ship; and on

ship you must

still be able to


Don’t forget to look at the portrait

to the right of this, page:

and describe its art-display;

and in thematic: cited: soul pieces

The words on this page;


or better def. of

re; additionally

interpreted: (at, least 1st line:)

“T’he hou’se mt-us b[e] s’hut …”



T: he, how, se[a] mt-us



Mountain, -> us b               s [as] hut


Might …              2nd use

or something

as such derived.

Hence; we in reverse

almost proof:

the ship

from the


and as sub-standard review:


[a] use; house.

[b] use; ship.


and in construction theory:

Describe the: [a] to [b]

and the how; and you have

at least the metaphysical phase-shift.


Now describe portrait.


It’s flat panel-ed

like a dio-[a]-rama; I’d

want to hang it up;

applying the cited:

CAKE-O-ATE or however it

was spelled [I spelled it]; [acronym example]

you would at least turn it

Upside down

The bird-cage of course becomes

Even more cognizant as

A ship motif specific-ably

. . .




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