A definition of discipline

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for The Fictional Voluntier Project

A definition of discipline

Remember to include photograph of the cited: text;


Non-fiction:-à for the … []

Reference: [cited] “EVERYTHING IS TEETH” by “EVIE WYLD” “[I/B] … JOE SUMNER”

cited: image from source, cited: text

Therapy: Art Reality; the same source Notes

An innovative way to form

Your own reality with what

Already exists; using

Possibly something

[Dedicated to e.d.]

  • – – – – – – – — – –

Such as; control:

Theme: ?

Theme music citation:

Janet Jackson,





— .

“After school he lies

On the sofa, flipping through

The channels, never letting

Anyone get more than two

Sentences out.”


Aside note[s]: what’s the

Difference between a world

And a story.


Notice “channels”

“flipping through

the channels”


Control: how smart! This

Type of it.



Through the

Channels” =>


an existing view of

a world: the t.v.?

world with connections

through “channels” to

other worlds


from t.v.? world

we have t.v. ?

view of

for example :

tarantula world =>


and soon? we

can if we want?

Enter tarantula world =>



Don’t forget man[dated] internally

Non-infiltrating for the

Alive past 1st I-Q

w-r civil [and this

means in how it falls]

c.m.o. [s] the pro-



but in the mean;



“… never letting

Anyone get

More than

Two sentences

Out …”




Is a method to

Yes controlling

That; and those

World[s]; at such time; to

A bee better word.



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