Leaves are the cleaner [part a]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 7917

worked on from: 6617 onward,

notes of effect …


[see photograph][not yet up, so see it later]

source, cited: discussion attended with flyer last month?

fact recovery:

-there was a semi-recent housing crisis; and in personal experience if even entry into it were sooner or later; it’s on-going, still

-didn’t recall or

another word for remember as know: that banks may receive internal loans for themselves;

-“false personal information” is another motif for pertinent identity theft. and as usual there are almost no consequences.

-this informational banquet seems to answer the quandry [or sp: quandary]; that perhaps there are almost no consequences for identity theft; due to “housing crisis” attempt banked caught.

-this brings up a really interesting question in perhaps not only; bet pertinent financial criminology; how to further catch criminals before you let them know and only when this equals just punishment.

-so as the informational flyer highlights; and what should be usual practice:

-do more thorough and actual “personal” identifying checks

notice; this an interested list in fact recovery.

–based on the information facets, provided: the usual “personal” identity check involves:

“income;” and where there is no “income” there is / or should be list-able compensation and-or trust funds.

[nd I wasn’t referring to this one, or two ]





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