Public Notifications for The FVP; What is-r actual.

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Public Notifications for The FVP; What is-r actual.

by goura fotadar

\ate: 52217, date typed up: 52617

Definitions of Retardism; non-colloquial

theme: books, renewed



There has been an inane

issue of low-intellect

and mis-translation; and

this is not referring to-the;

the functional and even;

high capacity affected

retardisms; for what is [are]

effected retardisms; that

way, much too early

for school children to be

in the library without a

school accompaniment [watching guardian];

and also within the

wrong chender [no typo.]

without the same; too old

for that mistake and too

young to be at it alone; no

paren. type nearby [of it outside far enough away like a lost berry] and one

seated “authority” abysmal in

standard. The “child” ren

also left all the water

running [imagine running feet to capture the effort just in case you forgot that standard]; and refused

to stop stalking outhers.

In truth of definitions no

this is not by comparison

the blessing. of gender

dysphoria; but in fact the

definition despite the looks

the non-matching of

actual childhood,


The beauty of beauty

continues its |ob to


qualify what

Is actual.




The End: See it as an attachment for [you] if it uploads here: I guess it did   [missing period?]



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