The Cognized Scent

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Psychic Tools in non-fiction semblance;

tag[s] : the cosmos architecture is texture; union magic


i.e. fiction – training ;

y not.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


y knot or why not because or why knot.

it could might be

used as a worthy yet

un-expensive union

to-become heirloom.


a lot of times; or much of the time:

things are stuffed up;

like closed windows when un-necessary

to be closed; or the opposite?


theme: textures of union

Draw a window

with flowers

in the window texture.


and we might in a “psychic”

sort of matter; assume that things stuffed because


we can’t smell them directly;

stink. [at least some of them.]

For the setting of this posting:

psychic is what you “imagine” that

you definitely smell.


so : psychic sense [here][for now]

= “imagine” + definite belief


this is for the time being the

new or a translated definition:

of a non-sequitur [for this

posting the definition and-or translation of]

non-sequitur is psychic sense which is

defined above.

How then might you; can you; convert that which

you in non-sequitur braking what else might

you be cognizing and breaking into it.


The window o-pening and closing

is depending on its location ; a model

tag[s]: safety procedures

for a braking; or breaking;

a non-sequitur in traditional

sense not quite; but the

new present definition likely;

that does not qualify itself into

breaking an entry; necessarily; so how to convert

the psychic sense / new definition-translation

of non-sequitur;

of a break ; into a definite: not breaking

an entry into your states of head/mind/and

the related.


Art : imagine in action

the creation of something pent up that

seems in psychic sense to stink;

and re-translate it into real sense

of something pent up; that will not likely

ever stink.


art theme: at least you/you … in

union : the cage of;

won’t stink.

theme music citation: Brokedown Palace Soundtrack’s version of Deliver Me.





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