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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 5517

from source, cited, text: Monuments America’s History in Art and Memory Judith Dupre

cited: The main image see photograph of … [a photograph?]

from source, cited: text as identified above

“Oklahoma City National Memorial; ” Is

a reminder of: The word “Oklahoma”

pronounced * here as something like:

Oak -> as in tree-type

lo’ as in Lord;

home – a —–> a – home;

=> * based on bay area : Cali-fornia


a – home: Lord; Oak tree

[to get :] a – home;

be … to Lord;

and like an Oak


good to Lord;

and sturdy?

like the

Oak;  =>

r, study.

[a- home: ] to


| get

be good to L, rod [if not spiritual religious]

and [it is that and-or become such that] you are [a] study.


What’s L, rod:

long, rod => strength ; so be good to

strength; and be a study;

that’s all | to get a-home!


[for personal study use: Define functioning to functional variations of home.]

[the junk? of timed-pressure art?]



][shaky but with some little more time ignoring pressure; theme: footsteps on the head.]]




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