Art Project; The Ballet of Emergency Response

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Art Project; The Ballet of Emergency Response


[Big Surprise: A Rough Draft! In the hurry of producting persecutions and not productive persecutions; a definition working of false attestments.]

By Goura Fotadar

Artistic Theme: Don’t you know; I’m the one who approves the hire of all “officers” and all the such.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

To post; 43017

[Log; updates; for a non-worker? Hardly in the U.S.A.][to come later, we can hope I have the time on a public computer.]

  1. Accosted last night by person-people on private property against an actual police order; them.
  2. Reported stalking from an officer; likely false (officer} of cited: sjpd; to both 9-1-1 and the actual department who denied the officer existed despite submitted surveillance of the officer ascribed and confirmed to that police department; likely false police depart. (ment)
  3. New protocol in security and safety: all functional homeless people are expected and required to dial 9-1-1 whether conversing or not; whether reporting or not; at least 3- to infinite times per week. No joke. In accord; report to yourself; in note-taking your purveyance of the aptitude of who answers the 9-1-1 call/ the 9-1-1 mandate is not planned for debacle annihilation in security procedures.
  4. When delineated to cited: SJPD their theft of my work; and lies of my identity; and a court martial order enactment of my work; despite my only civilian status; they hung up on me. I am officially thus firing them; again. I have however in required legal mandate asked them to never ever and their accompaniments non-approved come anywhere near me in a non-civil liberty non-prestigious r.o. Example vernacular from them and their accompaniments: she , Goura Fotadar; claims to have published work on amazon (cited); Below in un-necessary due to public evidence please see the link to my independent with cited: amazon publishings of my work:

In escalated danger; with hope of not: I have a new publishing come-ing up; and the threats of violence and rape have only advanced but with loss of the threateners from roles of and-or accompaniment to false authorities.

  1. In response to the latter portion of number 3; in the event that “things” have escalated past 9-1-1; turn in-to somebody of worth and warrant; an actual perhaps even weekly brief summary of what your belief and evidence is of what occurred during the 9-1-1 call; prior-to: immediate; and such forth in days, months, and moments afterward. Status: Procuring the efficacy [more effective to past history of it] of 9-1-1/ for primarily but not just the U>S>A; its translation then furthered for other parts of the world of populous achieved and-or hoping to achieve in actuality of Truth; as in under Oath; functionality.

Side gauges: define an effect ive  yet rudimentary ultra modernistic modality of 9-1-1. Define an appropriate and functional terminology of yes the repetition “functional”. Do a flip to turn this into an activated ballet; jokes aside[cited: a flyer-postcard spotted at the public library]; the link as you may likely have it to the cited: amazon site. ;  M[m]y definition of a 9-1-1 emergency response to identity theft[s] and attempted repeated assaults; one-of.  Define a working and elongated definition through active brainstorming of “volunteer” work.

Modality Theme: Your denial of somebody’s [bodies’] work[s] existing does not actually mean that it [,those] does [do] not exist. Your perspective of what happened; may not be accurate not just enough; but at all. Your skew of faulty evidence; does not qualify as evidence. Perspectives upon recommendation are unskewed by facts of reality and actual warranted as in worthy evidence.

Side Crises: SJPD (cited) and their accompaniments are now responsible for an additional functional homeless population of est. 400 locally within a 70-mile radius; including academics and many, many non-criminals; but also including reformed criminals who would have otherwise qualified for housing; and or did; working off their crimed debt to society. And this is not the number including tertiary connected effects. Which is estimated at much longer; larger. SJPD (cited): through evidence charge supports hostage situations of the illegal and unjust nature; and so we can estimate that there is a coinciding number of folks hostage under such non-capacity. SJPD (cited) as a public resource and its accompaniment must be asphalt: ended/ as in terminated from their faulty perspective positions of hire-higher [notice pun: meaning] than actual hierarchy. All such faulty non-qualifying authorities must also be removed from their faulty roles.

Other Non-Assuages: Charge them with identity theft; violation of espec ially American freedoms; such as lies of education, work, performance and nationality and ethnicity and health statuses based on the faulty weight of false and not real police work. Based on these evidences they simply have not and never will meet the protocol of being badged authorities. They then are incompetent falses who attest false accusations and enact longstanding waged threats on especially functional members of primarily but not just American Society; post-modern to ultra-modern; societies; et al


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