The Drip of Art Abstraction Continues: Whilst [the other] work gets done!

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The Drip of Art Abstraction Continues: Whilst [the other] work gets done!

by Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tags: time consumptive time work management


Date: 42017

Dedicated: to curing issues of basic needs; and this includes: work needs for all those that are such deserving.


  1. Pre- Warrant; Citations

cited: a specific piece of under-work out material by cited: calvin klein;

some version of it appears briefly in a cited: lady gaga video [judas]

also being used for; the next cited: the witch goura, publication [as it comes forth.]

[Include Image from Video]



  1. How to Build Scenery with-Through The Fashion of Clothing: The Shirt is A Building Path-Cave; or it Can Be?

Theme: How to Utilize Basic Art Artifactual Objects: Like the Shirt for Larger Pictures of Sight/Invention

Theme Music Citation: The Cave/Mumford & Sons

Words that may be heard; no words that may be hard; to read in the diagrams/art diagrams:





-no letters

-no path print

-wood referring to both non-fun clichés about gender form; and also such other working clichés: such as old rickety wood stairs/in fiction or theme and-or theme: and-or stares





[aside[s] The Drip: does this applique to all phones? If no cellphones; than no correction in emergency? Shall we charge the library staff with a crime? The Argument against cellphone use in the library is too dumb to corroborate here in rendition; and what is dumber is the not comprehension of cellphone use when exactly necessary; such as necessary means; and how do you stay out of jai ‘l but not for all jailees; which is which? Just ask the Library Staff. They no! [not a typo.]]

Theme: cues

Theme music citation: Boys Don’t Cry The Cure



a. Reflective color or not in the ribbon of under arm drip; in this case: plain white and black in the drip: and material in satin; as that remember piece: was made of; or mostly made of.

b. What’s the purpose of the drip: draw a diagram, more; besides you know just that you like the shape of the drip and in that context. [the reflection color or no color; is both reflection; theme-izing like 10th grade; the reflection of the drip in this art use]whoknows



  1. Other connecting fabrics: cited: voicethread; slide 17 in set; barely heard:



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