Security in through Art

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posting for the FVP

by Goura Fotadar


date: 41717-|1817

additional to the fvp of

soon-to-come, postings:

In the cliché conceptions

of perhaps traditional all nationalities

of race: White art; how might

you see a lockit: scuse me

in jewelry : locket upon

number in a path: as its setting STAGE.

Why a walking path; or

entry path perhaps because

most if not the majority: a voting scene [basic] is a lockit;

locket, too; and don’t forget the things shaped locket

without the locket actual

such as the [old school] non-stigma

-tizing heart be-friends necklace




fri                   ends

be fir, st[.] ends.

[almost to prove

the point]

[I once received for a birthday; cited: Sanrio [from]]

–> special application: for the jail-reform, progressive popu.

unless on p.p. don’t have lockits;

what would happen in your art’s

-gaze: if you walked on a

path that wasn’t necessarily

p.p. and saw sum, many

lockets; and uhm; you

noticed them.


Art to Stolen and-or Missing

Property: Insert thoughts

and-or psychic premonitions

+ signs on what you see;


if in truth: you notice the

locket and-or lockets and feel

safe picking it-them up;

[The Housing Model] examining it.

[remember: the hush of singing



ur, ch-ch[?]

or u, r, ch-ch]



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