The E.L. Game: Don’t Blame Diane!

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The E.L. Game: Don’t Blame Diane!


A fiction exercise but the technological application of an adv. Think’s tank. Vroom vroom.

[The Explanation of Work.]

[Rough Draft; a follow-up of a high school’s juxting computational program]

Subtitle[s]: Higher Dumb. Hires: Dumb.

dedicated to: e.l.

cited: ender’s game

cited: conversations with brainstormers et al [no punc.]



  • Identity Protection. {With Virtual Programs Running About; and yet in support of the accuracy of actual technology} Don’t blame Diane!

As a soda note: you never have to touch a computer; or even have touched of technology; and those problems alone make you a technologist; as long as you think about one-line of one of them alone [a one and a one [of them]].\ But you can touch technology; later or before or while if you so choose: for this section; touching technology or the thought of it; is called: Diane.

Don’t Blame Diane!



  • I saw somebody that told me it was you; and or strongly implied through clear implications that it was you; but when I looked closely; it wasn’t you; and when I listened closely it wasn’t you of course I’m not traditionally blind and deaf; but it seems at first sight: I am traditionally blind and [deaf =] dumb. In this game, if there is only I and the other nearby; not you: I and not you: then first sight is blind and deaf; and-or a new version of dumb; the re-definition of dumb: not actually dumb; and there’s nothing wrong with dumb, efforted. A prognosis of changing dumb; to higher dumb.

cited: those [tradi-] fairytales.

Just like efforted dumb; maybe; I first start dumb, efforted: blind and deaf; and I can’t tell it’s not you. I trust the word: which is also a demonstration of the not you: telling it is you. But then at second through effort: I become not dumb; and it is clear to me that it is not you. It doesn’t look enough like you: the hair is too different: and I’m not talking about the perspective of vanity or transformation which are not equal; or the color of the eye; even the eye itself; and the voice; the very things I can’t see are now seen. [A complete moment.] It isn’t you. But what is not you: the other; is demonstrating you?



  • Don’t Blame Diane! A Line of Cues. So Basic. What belongs in sight and hearing or something; is it belonging into quality: vanity?

At first cue in Don’t Blame Diane! [After first sight; and before second sight] called cue: informed sight.

We are discovering the definition of vain.

1st Cue Informed Sight: Do you wish to be and-or become vain:

To I and You [You is outside of game]

When result returns from You;

It is combined with result from I. [Below in this case-scene. I and You [the sequence format] the Identity of Other]

No and No; means it’s not you.

Yes and No; means it’s me.

No and Yes; means it’s you.


2nd Cue: Knowledge of Definition of Vain.

Suppositions past knowledge of identity in sequence:

  1. It’s not you. \/ decision framework: building knowledge of identity possibly and-or claimed.

2nd Cue a) query: What’s your name [data storehouse]

Response to cue: no response, matching response to your [not I name] name; matching response to some other name.

How to acquire matching response: retrieval from data storehouse in || comparison of letters only where numbers are also letters from translated version of announced name;

No response = /

Matching response to you name [your name] flash from data storehouse name matching and image stored compared to first sight image = this is a loop to second sight


— a left-off


Side Notes:

So we have:

1st Sight: Efforted Dumb

Informed Sighted [Prior to Actual Second Sight]

Cue A [for example] : Don’t Blame Diane!

Cue B [for example] : Knowledge of Definition of Vain.

2nd Sight: No longer deaf and blind; and-or dumb: Is a Test: of no thinking; theme: I’ve efforted enough blind and deaf and-or dumb (efforted) have I reached the truth and is it helpful in general [worldliness, existentialism[s], crisis, crime, knowledge streams other, and the etc.] theme music citation (again): Lady Gaga You and I



— end of cues where left-of for now causes: freeze in reality [this one and likely others connected or becoming connected; this reality’s name is : Identity Protection: I’m The REEL deal]




Translation from Derivations:

Hi My name is E.L. I’m 6’4’’ but sometimes I look much shorter and wider than I am. I am female; but sometimes I am mistaken for male; I am 40 years old; but nobody ever thinks I’m younger; they if anything think I’m older. I think I look about my age. My favorite hobbies are memorizing artifacts; and playing the game gizmo. I am fluent in five languages; and none of them are English. I have no college degrees. My hair and eyes change colors; like many others; and I hope to live to next year!

[Can you tell when it’s actually me. Or are you interacting with somebody else posing as me. Maybe it’s because my sister hates me! I dunno.]


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