Scent notes for & Part two of … Investigation, Self-Conduct; and Venue-Hosting

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for, The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar, ah of course!

on: 4.2.17

rubbing lime on your

body; is also

a good

hygiene ; i.e.

functional enough;

to even be traditional

and possibly ; [dangerous

shower] replacement hygiene;

you might want to try a rub of it on your

clothes, too.


part two. I, S-C; V-H

of course the situation

was to no avail. I tried to remember but under-the-gun of supposed fluster; but at the end-of-the haul I could no longer remember what of his i.d. I had noted; but perhaps

my deep memory might be able to recollect it; upon

probing prognosis. 3,16.17 Nevertheless; due to potential encompassing danger in more likely false authorities ;

severe incompetence implies falsehood and especially in the authority [type] role-, and whether you believe it or-not

decisions about transportation frameworks even in the non-executive command level: are authority roles. The sign says

… “sure” but in addition [so 1st grade!] we shall correctly interpret the sign for oursels. [not selves.]

In any case; the emphatic ‘I’ decided it was l’urgent[e] to

at least note down the severe and bizarre

likely and-or must become limitations illegal;

the supposed bus driver’s fancy cannot

in this bus driver’s case be the

way the world runs! When I

walked into the only place nearby;

to request a piece-of-paper + writing

utensil “so that I could jot

a notes regarding a

report-complaint of the bus driver.”

Of course I wanted to see their

reaction [theories of crime and-all;

intentional volitional infraction attempt

on basic freedom could be-might be

stemming also from …] When I

asked cited: Cafe Venetia for a

piece of paper + … writing utensil

as Identified above; they said:

“they couldn’t hear me,” (and they actually said this, as if I were mute; and let me tell you; yeah; for years as a child I was temporarily mute in speech at least; due to severe violent trauma)

and (they) refused to

comply; until I sternly

and ethically

repeated myself.



Suggestion[s]: That Bus Driver should be

fired [telling somebody where

to cross the street; who is

already across [to the crossed

part of the street, especially]   + Shut Down! cited: Cafe Venetia ]


theme: calling “it” in for civilians   and non-civilians, alike.


4th crime notes: Running stop signs! This is a still yet complex Issue that must not when we’ve passed the basics

of driving be forgotten. Despite what some driving training schools tell you; if you’re perched like a bird on a cliff; and it’s night; dark; and steamy from

aside [hatted the backpack] : pilfering a life in ordered Strive.

tags: the

intellect of

even un-lit

traffic cues.


HP tricks

that nobody


with your


all the danger at the stop’s interacting intersectionals; and

you sea a safe save ; should you ride that wave;

quick enough. Yes. [speed and-or drive safely through

that Stop sign without completing the Stop. You might want

to stumble to an almost STOP for safety before the safe-your-

existence drive-thru STOP.] This by-the-way is absolutely

not illegal. If however you are approaching and-or at a

STOP sign; and you feel like running over others on-foot

or placed otherwise [bicycles, motorcycles, a ship, a caravan

voyager, etc.] un-warrantingly; they

didn’t unjustly kill your favorite being yesterday : don’t !

You are breaking the-law! and commit[ting] serious crime ; something

like un-warrantingly running through a STOP sign changes movement cues until

corrected; I think but I’m not sure all movement: controls danger and-or safety;

how bizo to think of the two; as almost synonymous. [danger is safety? is

quite the question but with the right qualifier in-front

perhaps? Control [danger and-or safety]

[theme : get the energy

from deep in-your mind.]


but do you

have the soph


of intention:

a real purposeful

spiritual philosophy.



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