More Notes for the V Blog: Investigation, Self-Conduct; and Venue-Hosting [part one.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project [fxr. note: short on time; so hurried … others need the public computer!]

hurried arte while being threatened!


by Goura Fotadar

started on: 31417

theme: the library’s tampon dispenser ate a quarter and didn’t return a tampon; in-the

women’s bathroom.


arrow down


a common



1st crime notes: in the public library, contn.

exhibiting :

the ethics

of non-violent



if a person[s] continues to salut; and I that’s not what I mean

by salut/salud your body-in-proximity by repeating a continuing

theme: personal idiosyncratic style

4 inch to something small gap behind your chair and despite a large

space of walkway and especially really in any extent of-time; but

especially in any extent of-time, small and-or as an inserted joke

infinites-imally small. (1) The answer to problem: is placement.

citing: [while writing] the witch goura [next one]

Big Surprise! If you can find a spare chair or the ilk

in contrast placement piece; even an old plastic small box, etc.

and place it behind the seat you sit in; i.e., or the application

theme: the

pike turned


of the scenario-crime. Now you’ve conducted the barrier

appropriation of “please keep away from this close-to-me.”

(2)Walk by them wherever they are seated and-or standing

in a similar-to but more appropriate way at-least once

as they had done to you; but only to secure the barrier.

[no violence and no crime.] Conduct these personal

barrier walks until you experience the statement of self-

respect; has been made by you, for you enough.

[emphasis: by, for you




side theme:



how do you [and

What need you might

have to]

pass [through]

[an] advanced

placement, emergency






If you are at a store, and experience for no justice

reason; some apparent discrimination: that you may not

be able to most appropriately report: look for a cue;

to receive at least one business card or more as seeming to

-you appropriate just so you have a knowledge-cover

of potentially associating parties to this solicitation of discrimination.

If you lose the contact info. [s] don’t fret; it’s an act of

producing the voyaging work to ensure that unjust discrimination

can turn toward another, righteous effort.


continued on 3.15.17

3rd crime notes: a tad bit old; dated: the note written on 2.28.17 at approximately

2:30 PM  on a bag from cited: Cafe Venetia


Personal Gumption Report of Heinous Experience in Discrimination : A bus driver

on the cited: Stanford Bus; told me that I couldn’t cross the-street in-this free country.

tags: English vowels as pronouns  tags: career significance & career frameworks

and to make matters more pre-dated I don’t ride the cited: Stanford bus usually; instead it is the cited; vta; that currently transports me from work public space to-work public space; such as : library. I was

so appalled by-the: fact that in this free country I couldn’t cross-the-street to get to my bus at the bus-train station; though certainly one can cross-the-street; as needed for real purpose and not some false persecutory attempt at un-actual chauvinism ; because it didn’t suite and not suit the cited: bus driver’s fancy ; he didn’t want me to cross-the-street; and so I shouldn’t ? when I told him I needed his i.d. [bus] to report him for not wanting, me; and possibly others to cross-the-street;

[t.b.c. when have more p.c. public computer; time]







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