A Different Odd: Lessons on Racisme’ to match fiction, today’s [posted] & of good sentiment?

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A Different Odd: Lessons on Racisme’ to match fiction, today’s


& of good sentiment?

For The FVP


By Goura Fotadar

[in brief of the 1st of April 2017]


Abstract: The Watering Jug; and it’s [it is] color fluidity; and its c.f.


Part 1.

When you think of interesting conceptions of the basic thing such as a watering jug;

First note the sting in interesting; I’ve just now graphed a basic abstract image of the water jug;

Many I’ve seen but I can’t say all; are close a kin to the color central of plants; it’s a child’s knowledge game: of watering what the jug matches; like the beginning of culinary school; and the know of cutting boards.


Part II.

The less abstract of us; but still reformed may fear that this is a cultivator of racism; and this is why I said less abstract. How odd to convene that the color of objects even tool-objects as surely the jug is; if even tool-ized into a decorative symbol to for example: so with jugs we can connect plants, perhaps and for example; but not people for example. And this is the abstract of difference between I suppose being a plant ; waifing there on their fill; and the human jugging you and or inventing and pulling a sprinkler system into your fill. Perhaps those of us in the outdoors are should be thankful for the rain. But then lying in the rain; is work isn’t it similar to lifting a heavy jug of water; or even a medium heavy; and or even a small jug; refilling it with that liquid; and then perhaps wish: oh bless these plants: as if they are your most beloved of your children. How certainly odd it is to be abstract; but perhaps not odd enough to be racist.


Part III. Pardon the skit-ish; it was done very quickly.


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