The definition of Pretty

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

To support the next cited: The Witch Goura [ the next one] on cited: Amazon Kindle

date: 32917; date, typed up: 33017

and also a closer

examination on the-

shelter problem

before more possible-





are posted

from source,


PICASSO Indoor and outdoor landscapes

on cited: p.73 ; cited: painting [35?]



from cited: text as text identified above
from cited: text as text identified above
the blur:

what a presumptive-ly

“common” word

of the presumed

something like

housing pieces

in indeed the

cited: Landscape;

and the

envoy to that

which I’d been

sinking ;


Are you keeping … ; from reading?

Perhaps this definition of illiteracy is considered criminal.

[aside : crime notes; 1



with a 2nd men’s bathroom

walking close-distance;

and the women’s [but only

one of] mysteriously

posting “out of order”

there has been a lot

men influx into the

bathroom ; with people

talking loudly in this labelled

“quiet area,” in the last

7 minutes.

crime art; aside crime notes sort-of 2 [crime art theory, and the death project art]



in the background the first box is kind of a major piece of art; either from what I can

see placed in front of a cube and or with cube; and with the rotator shade view; it reminds us how to move; and also what we see might be cubed in a varied perspective we don’t have yet a formula for; uhm yeah. I’ve by looking at this briefly; what an art piece! formulated a basic diagram for the / a hate crime.


first it’s just a half box; or something like an expanded half cube. You get to the incident; and-or scuse me to avoid fear; being x gets to the incident: the hate crime; then; if even after death; and so I suppose this is also the death project art; x gets to the place: keep going

the line in between is mimicked by me in a parallel; so that x could essentially cross the-street from the parallel to get to it; the point being: that it might be safer to get to the parallel before the actual line to get to place: keep going; and-or location: keep going.

It’s a worth of thought: what happens on the parallel to the main line; and what x could/can (plan-to?) expect on the main line to get to keep going; and could x build an easy cross-walk to cross the street to the main-line: almost like the bizarre of palmistry.

theme: hate depicted

theme music citation: frou frou hear me out


(back to main-segment of postin’ : g)

which is classism

in housing-art;

and esp. false

classism. How obvious

of a sinker. But besides the pretty of

the view ; and of course this must be why

it’s pretty; a definition of pretty : the blur of

the housing structure modifies its helm against

the environs ; making seam bush with ; tree with it …

and with still a covering roof above ; we

are un-walled into homelessness ; it’s

almost as if saying: it’s going to

come to you: sooner or …


But the roof above is certain;    ——

a protection from the drop-

down hardship of elements; —-

| when-needed implies more than one

and when we translate

that word into this painting

the elements are:

the trees, the plants

the roofs ;

even    the windows

every thin g  else

almost is a blur;

even with the peaks, in

sky’s back : and

perhaps this blur   of

wall to outside  is a method

to sleep in the outside. Rest, pretty.

& is it if

your housing


is appropriately

depicted in


and-or art;

than classism [ signifier: art than classism; as opposed to art then classism.]

becomes real; and you have the ample

opp. to escape its false and now former

clench : farmer-to-prisoner; can

withstand the roofed blur?


theme: wrapping [protection in the vain]






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