Before Gender Strikes! [1,2]

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a one-date, written: (put together) 70316

Brainstorming Explainers! 

for The FVP


Theme: “soul Pieces … “

[The Log Exercise.]

theme 2: there’s no pique

in studying.

cited: “Dryad My Pans” as available on-the Amazon Kindle

1st column ————————–> 2nd column

zoo o logy



y log

(a question)

Y, Log?

(a question


Y (to the ) Log?

(in direction)


(side column from 1st column)

zoo … ?

what is housed in a zoo.

o, 0z.           also o, O+Z = Z -> where o is effectively zero.

oh, oz!          also oh, (letters, 0-Z)!

Oh, Oz!

ho Oz!        (Oz in/around Christmas


cited: Christ, Christmas, 

                        … Wizard of Oz. 

(this would be a “good” opp. to look up the

actual definitions of 0/oh/o)

7.04.16 Theme: 

Maybe to Brake the Pattern,

I should keep going

past the plan? (On:

Why brake the patter when

it’s good.) 

theme music citation: Grimes, vowels and time, (on) visions 


(2nd column)

[sp? check why the

extra o]

actual checked spelling

as checked against

google search of zoology

on 7316 is


so; why not

the cross-out

of the;

o – as in

olde English;

as in 0, oh

a connector

between zoo and logy;

Where in this

contemporary / modern time:

assignment: might, and how you

might use “oh”


|thoughts : of exclamation : oh!

| (upon for example the sight of

|    something , its appearance)



(and all of the de-lineations of such)

but, then; on definition what

does/do ‘0’ or ‘oh’ mean:   (among a personal framework)



Notes, further so, on/about/


with regard, to  “The Female Man”

citation: google books as

made available on : “The

Female Man ” by Joanna Russ

and as accessed again on 7.3.16


picking up on “Janet Evason”

  1. Mannerisms of the conservation of “female” provision : a safety tool :  theme : Don’t Slip on the Skirt as-you “climb the ladder” :  (from the text) :  theme: the career’s gender ice cream  “Twice she had [had?] to tuck her skirt above her knees and climb the ladder to the higher-up books; …”       theme music citation: Sarah McLachlan Ice Cream from Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (1993) as listened to at first in (jun-hi) cited as listened to again recently on 7.3.16 via youtube  comments of theme creation from song-text: almost seams [no msp; i.e., sp intended her in s – s ] a code to remember to include not just meditation but closed-eye meditation into it … life. your experiences, etc.   . (from song    “just close your eyes dear”   (editor’s posting notes: will continue when I have more time on a public computer, … )

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