a taste of rum planes

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p.145-46, etc.  source, text (cited) : REAL SIMPLE meals made easy 

image 1 from cited: source text above 
image 2 from cited: source text above


real food’s

art notes


cited, theme: rum’s theory of course! (amazon kindle)


I was looking at the

Image of the salad on p.144 [see above for cited images]

and this may be obvious but

looking – examining it from the planar – view

the thing-eating item looks jungle ; a place

to sleep in the outdoors ; but you would

want more dry long-term plate upon

your back; and there’s the contrast of


the two perhaps once we moved into the

depths of perspectives ; in your mouth

the moisture on the jungle is bene’ ;

but at rest in the outdoors; excessively long

and upon your back isn’t so much. It’s then

the key ingredient external; not ignoring knowledge

that the greens hold their own : internal moisture.

At close look alse [editing note: no typo why the ‘e’] the salad looks almost sea;

the chicken also shrimp; and then turns Land: bacon.


the key whet;

looks oil; and not

soy; or vinegar (arrow down to) or even the ginger’s juice


would surely




That’s   the solution to

comfort in the outdoors;

rest, especially:

if it must be wet;

make it oil that falls from the sky.



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