food cultural epigraph

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date: 31917

date, typed up: 32017


tags: petition for enough food, actual wealth, high recovery in haute season

cited, theme: the random art saying book as on cited: amazon kindle

An actual cited: cvs, is excellent;

if you sign up as a member,

and they don’t mess up

your membership;

you can purchase

enough food in $5.00 or so to

fill you up for most, but not

all of a-day. In the tradition:

of haught-iness; astacks

of cited: m& m’s ; kit-kats,

popcorn, and other non-cooked

by you items: coke (cited)

+ a variety of teas. & yes

these are food recommendations;

for those that don’t have

access to kitchen-cooking.

Suches items can fill you-up;

keep you from starve version

of fasting; and give you the

excess energy you need; in-the-actual

homeless scene : to provide non-criminal

Security for at least yourself , work

the excess of non-living-wage

work-producing hours; walk

those long-distances for food

charity & access to safe-enough

work-space public spaces; and

of course provide the energy-support

for other activity : such

as meditation-al personal work.

But traditional haughti-ness

tells you; that it’s high-end fish

you should be eating; so, hope that

you receive that in your food

charity donations.

The intellect of finance

doesn’t necessarily contradict

high-end fish consumption; Why you work

for no living wage : you should be rich; as an elevated even

mainstream niche.

It does however pointe : as in a flip of

the feet in ballet on a bar ; I think

it is ; but if they re-defined it to

something Less since I was 2 ; that would

be hilarious. theme: oh the hills of hum our;

roll our laughs. 

out that stacks-and-stacks of

affordable food are a worth looking

at serious knowledge stream; that

on testing, recommended ; at least

fill you with energy.

And the food wrappers themselves

are quiet an art-form : a cultural

epigraph in art-form.

[jokes but not quite] citing : andy rooney 

on 60 minutes.

[in tone?]


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