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date, typed up: 3717

{about photograph to perserve confidentiality; my finger just [ cant can’t to ] click fast enough} the scene of venue-istic danger; a new hypocondr …


Research Reading on Poverty for The FVP


cited source text : Address Unknown Kathrine Kressmann Taylor [right beneath book back]


arrow to on Reading Diagrams

Unfortunately : the book appears mildly broken

arrow to relative  book check

tags: research for the cited: vhp;

the fvp, obvious; the sophistication of reading comprehension; aptitude accounting

from a quick flip to : p. 77

theme: we must? cure poverty. [acts of social justice and sacrifice cited: lasallian methodology: a no choice of action ]

theme music citation: go deep janet jackson



“You speak of the poverty there. Conditions have been bad here this winter, but

of course we have known nothing of the privations you see in Germany. ”

(2) Art + poverty  ? from p. 115 look at the diagram

{Draw so far a common motif of telegram, and a foreign-language translation.}

the diagram of the short telegram :




“Cousin” -> “2” (new, assumed?) “boys”



“success” -> “as” the next major -comprehension diagram


almost doesn’t


“delayed” -> “difficulties”












“final” -> “discretion”



“God” -> “hand”


Part Two. It’s a translation, duh!



editing eye-i;

the reader’s diagnostic ‘i’


More, of : it’s in a completely foreign to me script: but

of course at even the Kg level it’s important

to see what can be seen before the translated

more text is re-looked at:

Cultural Art Comparisons


(1) The cover is imaged in a way that is also of strong connection to thispresent

as in (the geographic location I am in) culture; but there is


a war’s art connection to the cliché patriotism mimcry-in-sync affect to:

[look up spelling, again]

and then of course there’s the cultural clash asserting itself: there is on-this

cover a clear reversal of the connection to crucifix … [spelling, continued]





theme: the tow , two lines meet perhaps from; cited:

the flag of  & cited: jesus crucified on-the [cover]


cited: the source text this is as described, identified above


[more to come?]




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