To post 3517 aside: today’s basic criminology, preventative only partially report

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[ video observation notes see third picture below; the timing is way off;

arrow to video and traffic notes: videos-pics, more of; not included at this point; to maintain legal confidentiality; perhaps the photos will be telling enough for now. People only included despite many of them attempting to force themselves in when in “authority” roles if even guessed false authorities and-or not guessable for the average p; of who they are.



compared to the timing is on;

and at/through cited: McDonald’s the timing is just approaching [correct]


through, traffic lights?

& why might this woman’s vacuuming activity be suspicious  [this referenced woman not included at-this point, but above [photos 1,2 or 2,1]  a car waits for extended period of time with lights on approximately around where the timing sequence is off near hidden? vacuum woman[; … and likely at least dangerous if not also seriously criminal]

against the off-timing of this street’s sequence; i.e. car movement? [photo from top 3]





other asides: a less discrete portion of a discrete area of where some functional, in majority func. homeless-folk sleep [not everyone who has slept here or claims to/claimed to is func. but hopefully the majority of the populous I’m referencing is]; housed and non func. h-less people feel the need to call the cops whenever they see a blanket and a bag of clothes or them-func. h-less asleep; they also feel the need to “run” at all times of day/night to ensure the disturbance of potential sleepers. The connection between not all but many housed people and non-functional homeless people, continues.


also this is not cited: Kuwait no offense Kuwait but why is there a person [s] varying shift parked in person near the rail-road tracks; in military-like gear; and so close to ware-where functional homeless people sleep in safety [on other days-week]  until they are nearly assaulted by not real but fake police officers.


another aside: people in white vehicles continue their false “man-hunts” img_20170304_1634041

these folks were stalking me both on foot and vehicle for nearly an-hour; (i.e. right above); whilst I purchased food from cited: whole foods by a cited: mine, ebt card.




again; not able to include the specified videos for this set, yet or ever? [jokes about the ever]  due to confidentiality limitations; but the sequence of this street is way off at least [at] this time of night; from this line of view.




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